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👩‍🎓 | Motherhood of female mice who have not experienced childcare is rapidly developing by living with mother and child.


Rapid development of maternity of female mice that have not experienced child-rearing by living with mother and child Confirmed child-rearing guidance

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Further elucidation of the social transmission of maternal behavior via oxytocin is expected in the future.

Through joint research between Azabu University and New York University, mother mice raising children are taught to raise children by female mice who have no experience in raising children ... → Continue reading

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Maternal behavior

Maternal behavior(Boseikoudou English:maternal behavior) IseggIt refers to the behavior of protecting newborn pups and feeding and raising pups.The term maternal behavior is used not only for females but also for males.It is one type of.


Continuous care for eggs or pups is called maternal behavior.They areInvertebrateからmammalianIt is an act that is observed up to.



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