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👩‍🎓 | Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics National Online Championship Winner is Inhai Champion, Okayama / Ibara High School!


The winner of the Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics National Online Championship is the in-high champion, Okayama / Ibara High School!

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Ibara High School won the championship with undisturbed performance.

A national competition for high school boys' rhythmic gymnastics was held online.From Okayama prefecture, he won the 2021 Inter-High ... → Continue reading

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Okayama Prefectural Ibara High School

Location of Okayama Prefectural Ibara High School (in Okayama Prefecture)
Okayama Prefectural Ibara High School

Okayama Prefectural Ibara High School(Okayama Kenritsu Ibara Kotougakko)OkayamaIbaraPrefectural in Ibara-chohigh school.1902 (MeijiIt is a historic school that was established in 35 as a supplementary course to the Ihara Women's Normal High School. Abbreviated as "Idaka".

The school grounds are the north school ground (former Okayama Prefectural Ibara High School) and the south school ground (formerly Okayama Prefectural Ibara High School).Okayama Prefectural Seiken High School) Is divided.

Okayama Prefectural Board of EducationIn the "Prefectural High School Education System Development Implementation Plan" formulated in 2018, it is planned to eliminate multiple school districts in the prefecture. It has been decided to consolidate in the north school area[1].

Installation Department

  • North school ground
    • Full-time course Regular course
  • South school ground
    • Full-time course Gardening / Home Economics


  • 1902 (MeijiMay 35-Attached to Ihara Women's Normal High School as a supplementary course (advanced course).
  • 1903 (Meiji 36) December-Established Ibara Girls' School (main course / advanced course) in Ibara-cho, Shitsuki-gun.Accommodates high school graduates.
  • 1912 (Meiji 45) April --Renamed to Ibara Town High School for Girls (Main Course / Advanced Course) in Okayama Prefecture.
  • 1929 (Showa4 years) April-Transferred to the prefecture and renamed Ibara High School for Girls in Okayama Prefecture.
  • 1948 (23) April-Established as a high school due to school system reform, renamed Okayama Prefectural Ibara High School (4-year full-time regular course).
  • 1949 (24) August-Reorganized into coeducation based on the ordinance.
  • 2003 (Heisei15) October-Ceremony held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the founding.
  • 2006 (18) April-due to high school reorganizationOkayama Prefectural Seiken High SchoolTo integrate.
  • 2019 (31) -Start recruiting nationwide within 5% of the capacity of each department (the number of regular courses combined with 5% outside the school district).
  • 2020 (Reiwa 2nd year) -The nationwide recruitment quota is planned to be expanded to within 10% of the capacity of each department (the number of regular departments is 5% or less outside the school district).



  • Isao Oshita(Mayor Ibara)
  • Hideaki Kaketani(Engineer)
  • Isao Watanabe (Former President of Tokyu Corporation)
  • Akinori Takamura (President and CEO of Cyber ​​Buzz Co., Ltd.)


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