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🎁 | [Special feature] Living Shimbun 50th Anniversary x Housewife Holiday Plan "Gourmet to Go" Present!

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[Special Feature] Living Newspaper 50th Anniversary x Housewife Holiday Plan "Gourmet to Go" Present!

If you write the contents roughly
You can choose from a total of 4 types, including "Meatloaf and Hokkaido Cream Cheese Mustard Sauce" (right).

The Living Newspaper advocates "Housewife Holiday".To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the publication and the housewife holiday in September, all readers ... → Continue reading

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Local / outing information site in the Tama area in western Tokyo, such as Tachikawa, Hachioji, Kunitachi, and Kokubunji

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  1. Western mustard, a seasoning made by mixing mustard with vinegar.Details will be given in this section.
  2. General "mustard" in English.

mustard(Buddha: mustard,alone: Mustard,British: mustard) IsMustard(Yellow mustard and brown mustard, scientific name Brassica juncea) AndWhite mustard(White mustard, scientific name Sinapis alba,synonym B. hirta or B. alba)ofseedAnd its powderWed,vinegar,Sugar,Wheat flourEtc. and kneadedseasoning..The flavor of mustard and the acidity of vinegar are the characteristics.


Western pepperAlso called.In addition to serving meat dishessandwichUsed for such as.Mustard has manydressing,MarinatedIt is used for seasoning.

JapanSo basically, "mustard" is North American yellow mustard, orFranceRefers to grain mustard.Yellow mustard is used like ketchup or mayonnaise because it has a mild taste and is almost non-spicy.At fast food restaurants and street vendors, mustard is often set in a pair of containers with yellow and ketchup in red.Grain mustard is mainlysausage,Pot-au-feuUsed as a condiment such as, fold and open the container in combination with ketchupDispen packIt is also sold in the form of.

WarashiIs oriental mustard in english[1]Or Chinese mustard[2]Is called.Mustard is also a term that refers to the mustard greens of the plant, and depending on the context, the above plants[3]And its seeds[4]It may also refer to.When compared to mustard, the flavors are so different that they cannot be used as substitutes for each other.


There are many unique mustards in the world that contain various herbs and spices.

The types shown below are those that are well known in Japan.

Yellow mustard
Also known as American mustard,The United States of America,カナダIt is used daily in North America.turmericIt is colored bright yellow by, has almost no spiciness, and has a mild acidity.Hot dogIt is an indispensable seasoning for such things.
Dijon mustard
France OfDijonMade according to the traditional recipe of.
grain mustard
Brown mustard used as it is without being ground into powder.sausage,Pot-au-feuIt is preferred as a condiment such as.The spiciness is modest.
Honey mustard
To mustardhoneyIs added.chicken,HamUsed as a sauce for meat dishes.


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