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👩‍🎓 | [Junior High School Examination 2022] Akita Prefectural Junior High School Entrance Examination, Examination is 12/25… Recruitment capacity 220 people

Photo Reiwa 4rd year Akita Prefectural Junior High School enrollment selection guidelines

[Junior High School Examination 2022] Akita Prefectural Junior High School Entrance Examination, inspection is 12/25 ... Recruitment capacity 220 people

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The selection of enrollees will be comprehensively conducted by the junior high school director of the applicant based on the admission application form, report, and selection materials based on "appropriate examination," "composition," and "interview."

On September 2021, 9, the Akita Prefectural Board of Education published the Akita Prefectural Junior High School Enrollment Selection Implementation Guidelines for the 21th year of Reiwa (4). → Continue reading


The educational environment, university entrance examination reform, and the environment surrounding children are undergoing major changes. Amid the changes of this era, parents' interest in the education and career of children is only increasing. Risemum will transmit accurate and useful information centered on educational information, as a medium that is close to the hearts of parents. We will promptly deliver information that parents are interested in such as education reform, international education, examinations, educational events, STEM education including programming.

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Aptitude test

Aptitude testWhat is (Kiseikensa)?Occupation-SchoolworkA test to determine how suitable a person is for a particular activity.


Occupational aptitude test, entrance aptitude test, music aptitude test, etc. can be raised. In particularIntelligence test,Achievement test,Personality testThis is a test to check the aptitude ability for a specific purpose such as schooling and employment by combining elements such as athletic ability test.

Role of aptitude test in recruitment activities

  • in Japan,employment,Personnel changeAptitude tests may be performed in. In the case of recruitment activities, many job seekersentry sheet,ResumeUnderstand the contents ofinterviewIt can be difficult to do so, in which case aptitude tests are used as the first screening. Widely used in recruitment activities in JapanRecruitment OfSPI2 (SPI)Japan SHLThere are GAB etc.
  • The content of the inspection varies depending on the type of industry. Generally, language (national language), counting (mathematics), common sense (society, science,Current eventsQuestions will be given in the genres of economics, English) and personality.
  • The reason why companies conduct general ability / common sense tests and personality tests is that it is difficult to measure personality only by interviewing.Lower academic abilityIt is sometimes to measure common sense and counting / language ability based on the above.
  • For the convenience of job seekers in remote areasインターネットThe number of aptitude tests using the above has increased since around 2002. Examples include SHL-JAPAN and Recruit. This form of aptitude test revealed that a so-called "replacement test" was conducted in which another person used the ID and password. Therefore, Recruit Management Solutions, an affiliated company of Recruit, has decided to open test centers in various parts of Japan and carry out written tests and aptitude tests that adopt a format to confirm the ID of the examinee.

Types of aptitude tests in recruiting activities

Paper test

Web test

Aptitude test for enrollment selection at national and public junior and senior high schools

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, it is stipulated that academic ability tests (examinations) should not be conducted when selecting students for enrollment at public junior high and high school integrated schools. "Aptitude test" is carried out. Therefore, not taking the examTake an examinationIs written.

"If a junior high and high school integrated education school becomes a so-called" examination elite school "that provides education that is biased toward examination preparation, or if the competition for entrance examinations becomes younger, it goes against educational reform. This is because it is based on the idea that "it must not be".

The implementation format is the so-called paper test method, and there is a view that it effectively compares the academic ability of applicants for admission while avoiding the name of academic ability test (examination).[1].. Due to the increasing popularity of public junior high and high school integrated schools in recent years (mainly in metropolitan areas), we will implement examination preparation courses specialized for public junior high and high school integrated schools.Cram schoolIs also increasing[2].

According to the testimony of the parents of the children who passed the test, the aptitude test of a public junior high and high school integrated school asks all the ways of living at home. There are examples such as "creating an opportunity to ask children and investigate", "creating a" reading time "every day with the whole family", and "getting into the habit of writing an exchange diary and letters between parents and children"[1].

Features of questions in aptitude tests at national and public junior and senior high schools

  • No calculation problem with a specific value as a solution[1].
  • The process of thinking leading up to the solution is more likely to be questioned than the final solution.[1].
  • Questions that are not limited to one correct answer are often asked.
  • Questions will be asked asking the viewpoint of the phenomena around us[1].
  • In principle, the knowledge and information necessary to think about a certain problem is presented as materials such as graphs.[1].
  • Questions that directly ask for knowledge (memorization questions) are not given.
  • Emphasis on thinking and expressiveness rather than knowledge in writing and interviews[1].


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