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👶 | My mother was excited and flew to space!Thank you for loving my son! !! !! | Popo Mama ...


My mother was excited and flew to space!Thank you for loving my son! !! !! | Popo Mama ...

If you write the contents roughly
Popo Mama We will deliver a child-rearing manga that has a little habit and makes you laugh.

Popo Mama (@po_po_ch_an) draws childcare cartoons and childcare picture diaries, Instagram and blogs ... → Continue reading

 Mama Square

"Mama Square" is filled with daily thoughts such as troubles, worries, fun, relaxed feelings, and things that we solved in this way.
I would be happy if it could be a clue to solving troubles to everyone reading it, empathy and hints for childcare

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Childcare comics

Childcare comicsWhat is (Ikuji Comic)?JapanInComicOne of the genres of.ParentingDealing with the subject matter and having childrenFemaleIs assumed as the main target.mainlyPregnant woman,乳 幼 児A comic that was serialized in a childcare magazine for mothers with a limited readership. Also called "childcare cartoon".


Tajima Milk"I angel you devil"(1992 ),Takako Aonuma"Mom likes Poyopoyo Zaurus"(1993 ),Yoko Takahashi"Yoko Mama's Parenting Atafuta Diary" (1993)1990 eraIn the first halfWomen's Life CompanyThe manga serialized in the childcare magazine "Petit Tan Juan" is said to be the forerunner of this genre.Also,Kei Ishizakaof"Baby came'[1](1993)Asahi ShimbunIt was serialized in and spread the genre of childcare comics to the world.Mako Takaha(My husbandYoshiyuki Sadamoto) "Tatakae! Mom" ​​(1997 ) Is also well known for this genre.Some of them contain advice and information about childcare, and the library may have a corner for that purpose.Aichi prefectureTakahama OfKawara MuseumThen, December 2001th-January 12th, 6 "Mako Takaha & Takako Aonuma, Manga Original Drawing Exhibition, Takae !! An exhibition of childcare comics was held under the title of "...".

The author is often a woman and cartoonizes her childcare experienceEssay cartoonStyle is common.However, some of them put the theme of childcare experience at the core.Home dramaCompleted as (Marimo Ragawa"baby and Me”, Etc.)SF,FantasyIntroducing the elements of (Mika Kawamura"No! No! No!"Ryuhei Tamura"BeelzebubEtc.)fictionIt can also be seen.

Typical childcare cartoon

Childcare cartoonist

Works are mainly published in childcare magazines, etc.manga artist.. Order of the Japanese syllabary


Or row

Sa line


Na row

Is line


Ya line

Ra row

Wa line

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  1. ^ To be precise, it is not a manga with frame division, but an illustration essay format with illustrations attached to sentences.


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