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💼 | A program for working mothers to support the launch of parallel carriers "Parallel Career Chare ..."


A program for working mothers that supports the launch of parallel carriers "Parallel Career Chare ..."

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Through this, we are also aiming to build intangible assets called "companies" who will pursue parallel careers together.

Petit de Gachi (registration ...), a non-profit organization that operates the child-rearing generation learning community "MBA with children" → Continue reading


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Intangible assets

Intangible assets(Mukeishi-san) does not have a physical realityAsset.. For examplePatent,Trademark,CopyrightIntellectual property such asEmployeeHaveTechnology,能力Human assets such as, and infrastructure assets such as corporate culture and business management processes are regarded as intangible assets.Since this is an asset without substance,AccountingIn principle, it cannot be recorded as an asset under the system.Converselycash,Securities,Products,Real estateAssets that actually exist are called tangible assets.

As the economy becomes digital, the current tax system is not enough to supplement intangible assets.From the perspective of responding to expanding finances and fair taxation, how to supplement and evaluate intangible assets is an issue for the future.

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Parallel carrier

Parallel carrier(English: Parallel career)Peter DruckerProposed in his book "The Ruler of Tomorrow" etc.社会One of the ways of life in.Having a job other than your current job,Non-profit activitiesRefers to participating in.


According to Peter Drucker's book, for the first time in history, humans have lived longer than organizations, necessitating people to start a second life separately, rather than relying solely on organizations.One of the second lives is a parallel career.

In recent years, the tone of parallel careers often refers to creating relationships with the outside, with the focus on the company of the main business, conscious of connecting to the main business in some way even if it is an outside activity.This is the reason why I do work that has nothing to do with my main business after hours.Side jobIt is different from.By recommending parallel careers, companies can save employees the cost and time of training and equip them with new skills.

WebsystemMediaIn some cases, articles that mention parallel carriers have been posted, and the idea of ​​parallel carriers is gradually being spotlighted again.

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