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🎁 | Kuki Kaidan and Kaerutei's original pumpkins are on display! "Mugendai Halloween Campaign 2021" held


Exhibiting original pumpkins such as Kuki Kaidan and Kaerutei! "Mugendai Halloween Campaign 2021" held

If you write the contents roughly
22 pairs of Yoshimoto ∞ Hall's signature entertainer "Mugendai Regular"
Iron Head, Urutora Boogie's, Oswald, Kaerutei, Snail, Air Staircase, Cotton, ZAZY, Sunshine, Spike, That guy, Nature, Daitaku, Diamond, Men's Blanco, Dumbira Mucho, TEAM BANANA, THIS IS Pan, Nelson's , Gentle Zu, Yuniverse, Rainbow
* On September 9th, THIS IS Pan was newly added as a regular member.

The hottest and most notable young entertainers in Shibuya, Tokyo, who have been performing for more than 9 years in Tokyo Yoshimoto, are playing an active role ... → Continue reading

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