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🎁 | Ainori ・ Introducing the gifts that Momo's husband and wife gave on the anniversary of their dating "You can see them all the time"


Introducing the gifts that Ainori and Momo's husband and wife gave on their dating anniversary "You can see them all the time."

If you write the contents roughly
If you have a pair of sneakers, the embarrassment of a pair look is thin, and it's just right. "

Blogger Momo's husband, who appeared in the popular love variety program "Ainori" (Fuji TV series), has his own candy on the 27th ... → Continue reading


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Matching(Matching)[Note 1]Is owned and worn by a personclothes,shoes,Belongings[Note 2],タ ト ゥ ーThe situation where the color / pattern of, etc. is the same as that of a specific other person.[1].

Abbreviationas,It's about timeThere is[2].

Twin outfitIt mainly refers to girls who are close friends going out in matching clothes.[3].


At the destination, as a memorial, two people (or more) are the samegiftMay be purchased.Also, for brothers, sisters, couples, etc. who were answering machinesMatchingMay be bought by another family member who went on a trip[4].

Brothers and sisters(GeminiSome households wear the same clothes (including).There are various reasons, but there are also voices such as "If they are different things, they will have a fight" and "Measures to prevent lost children on the go".

Even if the same product has different colors,MatchingIt may be regarded as.IdolIn groups etc.MaleFemaleFor each member, regardless of■"Red"■tag■Image colors such as yellow (Member color) May be fixed and different colors may be worn[Note 3].


When this is unexpected when you encounter someone who wears the same clothes or has small items[Note 4]Or if you are unwillingWear(Wear / Cub)[5]There is also a negative way of saying that.Also,batting(Butting)[6]There is also a metaphorical expression.

さ ら に,perfumeAnd fragranceSoftenerSome people also use these expressions for such things.

Unless it is one point (for example)Limited editionEven if the possibility of wearing is not zero, even if the clothes are completely different and the impression received from the total coordination is the same, it is said to be worn.I feel that this situation is bad[7][8]Some people dislike it[9](Not only everydayHalloweenEven in situations like disguise[10]).

In the case of acquaintances"The side being bullied and the side being bullied"[Source required]"Boss (senior) and subordinates[11][12][13]It is possible that fogging may occur between two parties who are in opposite positions.Also, check each other's clothes to avoid fogging before working together.Female playerThere is[14].

ペ ア ル ッ ク

Especially lovers and couplespairThe clothes owned and worn byペ ア ル ッ ク(Japanglish: Pair + Look,British: Matching outfits) Called[15].OnceJapanThen hand-knittedsweater,Scarf(MutualinitialThere was also a time when it was popular.[Source required]

About coordination that links only some items, colors, patterns, etc.Link coordinationWas also born[16].

For small itemsペ ア ル ッ クAlthough not called, the following pair of character goodsPair goodsThere are also lovers and couples who use it.


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