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🛋 | "100 yen coin savings" that saved 500 million yen in XNUMX years set a new record!I will show you how to do it


"100 Yen coin savings", which is 500 million Yen in XNUMX years, is a new record! I will show you how

Anyway, I was a spender and had nothing to do with saving money, but it has been four years since I started saving 500-yen coins. Save 100 million yen in XNUMX years ... → Continue reading

 re: sumica

A home is a place where you and your family can feel most like yourself, and it is also a place for communication that creates family bonds and memories. "Re:sumica" is a web magazine that conveys various ideas for making our home a more comfortable and enjoyable "family power spot", examples of interior coordination and renovation, and new information related to living at home. ..