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👩‍🎓 | Ueno Zoo's twin pandas will be named and released to the public by January next year

Photo Twins (left # 1, male, right # 2, female, 103 days old)

The names of the twin pandas at Ueno Zoo will be decided, and the mother and child will be released in January next year.

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The specific schedule will be announced separately based on the growth status of "Xiao Xiao" and "Ray Ray".

Ueno Zoo announced the names of the giant panda twins born on October 2021th and June 10rd, 8.The male is ... → Continue reading


The educational environment, university entrance examination reform, and the environment surrounding children are undergoing major changes. Amid the changes of this era, parents' interest in the education and career of children is only increasing. Risemum will transmit accurate and useful information centered on educational information, as a medium that is close to the hearts of parents. We will promptly deliver information that parents are interested in such as education reform, international education, examinations, educational events, STEM education including programming.

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Railay(Lei-Lei, Lei-Lei,Pin sound:Lèi lèi, Hsien-Ko in the foreign version of Japan)Capcom2DCompetitive fighting game"Vampire] A fictional character who appears in the series.The full name is Xiao Lei Lei, Pinyin:Shào Lèi lèi).


From the second series "Vampire Hunter" (hereinafter "Hunter")DonovanAlong with the setting of "Dark Hunter" who hunts "Dark Stalkers", he appeared as the main character of the same work.

Morrigan,FeliciaIt is the third female character in the series following the series, and there are many opportunities to perform as a guest in external works with them.

Character settings

A hermit girl who became a dark stalker by abandoning herself as a human being by hermitage to save the soul of her mother who died and was captured in the darkness.Its principle of action is to save the soul of the mother captured by the demon, and that is the only point, and it became a monster because of selfishness.Lord RaptorAnd unintentionally possessed by the cursed armor and started to commit murderBishamon(Before "Hunter"), and a dark hunter with the same power of darkness, but distinctly different from Donovan, who hates the very existence of a dark stalker.In contrast to Donovan, who also had a mission to hunt darkness, turned himself into a monster after continuing to fight on the basis of hatred, they have a bright future in which they will be reborn as humans after a deadly battle. I'm following.


Twin sisters, Lin Lin (Suzu Suzu) and Ray Ray (Nagi), born in the Xiao family, who have handed down hermitage in China.However, the day before his 16th birthday, the village was attacked by dark inhabitants and ghosts resurrected from the tomb, and two mothers, who are also masters of hermitage, repelled them in exchange for their own lives.Ray Ray and his friends know how to change the soul of the user into a soul that cannot be saved forever in order to save the soul of the mother who has been wandering in the darkness due to the reaction using the forbidden technique. "The technique of deformed transformation" is applied to one's body.Then, believing that it is the only way to save her mother, she goes to battle with the "dark inhabitants". In the ending of "Hunter", the flames of life are extinguished after the final battle, and the two are reincarnated as new lives by the soul of the mother who was cleansed and saved by their battle.

In "Vampire Savior" (hereinafter "Savior"), the two who celebrated their 16th birthday after reincarnation woke up to the power of hermitage.JedaIt is judged to be a valuable soul and summoned to the demon dimension.For this reason, the two who do not remember the memory of the previous life will fight while being puzzled by their mysterious ability.At the ending, she is saved by her mother's soul and returns to her parents after reincarnation.

Appearance and features

A girl with blue skin reminiscent of the dead, a red circle make-up on the cheeks, sideburns and a bob-like hairstyle that spreads sideways.ClothesKyonseaA unique feminine design has also been incorporated, such as a round hole in the chest and a large ribbon on the waist.MagentaShe wears color-based clothes and a hat.A yellow bill transformed from Rinrin is stuck on the front of the hat.The most distinctive feature is the long sleeves that extend to your feet and the six claws that come out of them.hidden weaponFight by making full use of.In addition, the clothes are made of a special material, and the sleeves and hem can be slipped through due to the effect of the deformed transformation technique, and the limbs can be exposed.


Her background is serious, but Ray Ray's personality is not so dark, and she speaks brightly and cheerfully like a 16-year-old girl, making her a character with a human expression.Also, Japanese people tend to hugStereotypeHe also speaks words such as "Nihao" and "Ayer" that are typical of Chinese people. "Super Puzzle Fighter IIX(Hereinafter "SPFIIX") and "NAMCO x CAPCOM(Hereinafter "NxC"), "~ al" is added to the end of the word, but this is different from the "Vampire" series. "MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3(Hereinafter, "MVC3"), the first person is "I".


Ray Ray's twin sister.Bright yellowTaoist priestA girl with straight brown hair, dressed.Rinrin transforms into a bill and sticks it to prevent the runaway of Ray Ray, who is the body of Jiangshi.According to the setting, Rinrin transforms into Ray Ray in the pre-match intro and sticks to Ray Ray, and in the victory pose etc., the expression appears as a bill and you can move with that figure.

After "Hunter" and "Saber", the design of human clothes is slightly different.In addition, the production of Ray Ray jumping out of the casket before the start of the game in "Hunter" has been changed in "Saber". When you activate the dark force "Ferocious Soul" that can be used in "Saber", it becomes a human figure and dances in the back.However, in the "Ferocious Soul" of "MVC3", it becomes huge as it is in the form of a bill.

There is no characterization of her in the "Vampire" series, and her character is unclear, but in a later published novel version, she despises the villagers who are frightened by the demons and try to rely on their power as Daoshi. It is depicted with an intelligent and cold personality.

OVAIn "Vampire Hunter", like the original, it transforms into a bill to suppress Ray Ray, andPylonWhen fighting with, he uses swordsmanship in the state of a person, not in the form of a bill, and fights in cooperation with Ray Ray.

In "SPFIIX", it is not attached to Ray Ray's hat, and shows various actions while wearing a comical bill at Ray Ray's feet.In the arcade version, it appeared in human form with other characters at the ending of hard mode, but it could not be used[1]..Later, when it was transplanted to home use, it was added as a hidden character and entered the war in the form of "Ofuda".

"Pocket fighter(Hereinafter, "PF"), unlike "SPFIIX", it rides on a dent on Ray Ray's hat.Rin Rin in human form appears in the ending of Ray Ray.In both parody-colored works, Ray Ray seems to be a little dissatisfied, saying, "Your sister is having a good time."

"Marvel Super Heroes], In addition to appearing as a special victory production when a certain number of wins is reached during a match,AnitaIt is also summoned by the special move "Suzu Suzu Summon", and appears in the form of a human and makes an electric shock attack.


"Senjutsushi" is a general term for people with special abilities, and refers to those who exercise their excellent power for the benefit of society and organizations.One of them is the small house from which Ray Ray and his friends came from, and my mother used the power of hermitage to help with fortune-telling, prayer, prayer, and treatment of illness.It is said that it is customary for a small family to perform a ritual to give a "technical book" after undergoing rigorous training in order to become a formal hermit, and at that time, to convey the supreme hermitage called "reincarnation technique".Among the few hermits in the world at present, this technique is now only transmitted to small houses.It was strangely 16th birthday that Ray Ray and Lin Lin accepted the ceremony.After the mother's dispersal, the remaining "technical book" tells them about the "art of transformation".

The technique of deformed transformation

As the name suggests, it is a technique to change one's existence into a strange one and gain power that is not human.There are various possible forms and abilities depending on the level of the surgeon.It is a dangerous technique that consumes a lot of vitality, and it is strictly prohibited to use it as a forbidden technique in "Senjutsu" because it is not possible to control one's own body with half-hearted ability.The fact that the souls of those who use this technique are trapped in darkness and cannot be saved forever is also a factor that makes them hesitate to exercise.

Ray Ray and Rin Rin's mother used this technique to protect the village from the dead spirits, and after turning into a golden dragon and rejecting the dead spirits, they died.

Relationship with other characters

Although the process is different, he is also fascinated by Zabel, who is also a corpse dark stalker, and in the pre-match intro between Ray Ray and Zabel, a special production in which a heart pops out of Zabel's eyes is inserted. In "Hunter", Ray Ray's own reaction and impressions on this point are not officially drawn, but in "Saber", Ray Ray said, "I'm a little troubled, but I don't hate hair." Is said to be[2].. Appears in "Hunter" compliant settings[3]"NxC" and "PROJECT X ZONE』Although a hot love call is sent, here it is treated as an evil without dealing with the other party at all.

In "PF", the travel expenses were exhausted during the journey to find the Dark Stalkers.ZangievJoined the Russian circus troupe as a part-time job of "3 meals with a nap and 2 hours of actual work", which is an advertiser, and suddenly became a flower-shaped star.By that time, I had forgotten about getting rid of the Dark Stalkers because of the fun.

In "NxC", he seems to be on good terms with Felicia, who lives in harmony with human society, and is called "Felicia-chan" in a friendly way.On the other hand, Morrigan shows a blatantly unpleasant expression like Felicia at the time of the first meeting in the work.Also with MorriganDemitriWhen he got together, he said, "... I don't care about it anymore ...", but the specific reason for each is unknown.

Game features

Although it is based on Chinese martial arts, there are many attacks with weapons such as dark weapons.In particular, the "dark cannon", which is a projectile with a dark device, is characteristic, and from under the sleeve, "Great demondoll""VallogClaws of""Chun-LiThrow items with a strong parody color, such as "Bracelets", which are based on your own character.In addition, it has a dash that disappears from the screen for a moment (a completely invincible state where it is thrown and the judgment disappears while it disappears) and an aerial dash, and although it has some quirks, it is an excellent character with long reach and speed.

Explanation of the technique

Special skill

Aerial dash
If you enter a dash command back and forth in the air, it will run in the air at the height you issued.Only normal techniques in the air can be used, and techniques are performed while drawing a parabolic trajectory.
Random iron
Lever front + middle punch.Take out a thorny iron ball from the sleeve and attack.It has a long reach and can be used for anti-aircraft, but the attack judgment is only for a moment, and there is a big chance after that. After "Savers", the judgment has been changed to the middle row, and crouching guard is not possible.
Fang Fang / Lol Beast Fang
Activated by lever front + strong punch.Fly the claws connected to the chain diagonally forward and upward.It is mainly used for knocking down opponents in the air at long distances and for chasing down in the air.It's slow to come out and there is a lot of chance of skill, but it's powerful if you don't make a mistake in the timing of putting out.In addition, the attack power of the technique is the highest at the time of appearance, and decreases after that.
It is also used as a lever front-insertion punch in "PF", but this one has the technique name "Laughing Beast Fang", and the operation is the same, but instead of claws, two animalsPandaTo fly.
Cutting saw
It is a strong punch in the "Vampire" series, but in "PF" it is used as a lever front kick.Attack with a saw in front.
Thank you
Dash punch in "PF".OkamoriHit the opponent with.The clothes become cooking clothes.
Hot noodles
Dash kick in "PF".The ramen on the tray is served from Okamochi.The clothes become cooking clothes.
Vampire dash
Special operation in "PF". Like the "Vampire" series, it makes a dash that disappears while driving.Together with the original, this dash can slip through the opponent and turn to the back.

Throwing technique

Ghost / Ghost
Throw the opponent straight up.
In "Chronicle", the motion until throwing is fast.
In "PF", the technique name is "freedom", but the contents are almost the same.
Unleashed / Zanpa
Throw in the air.Grab the opponent, fall as it is, and hit it on the ground.It is not possible to catch up after the technique.
In "PF", the technique name is "Zanpa", but the contents are almost the same.It is completely different from the down pursuit attack "Destroy" with a similar technique name.


Whirlwind dance
Extend a chain with a weight from one hand sleeve and fasten it to the top of the screen, move your body sideways while hanging in the manner of a pendulum movement, and make a round trip in the screen while chopping with a blade that rotates the other hand with the other hand.Since the attack judgment is delayed, it is easy to be guarded, and the judgment is not so strong, so it is easy to be crushed.However, it can be put out even in the air, and the technique can be canceled by pressing the kick button in the middle, so it can be used for surprise attacks when changing the trajectory of the jump.The number of hits increases by firing the punch button continuously, and it is automatically canceled when the movement of the pendulum reaches the edge of the screen. "Saber" supports guard cancellation.
The ES version usually has one round trip and two round trips.It is the same as normal in that it is easy to be guarded because there is a gap on the way.
Dark artillery
Throw various things from your sleeves.The orbit changes depending on the button pressed by weak, medium and strong, "weak falling in a short distance at low altitude", "while falling in a hollow and far away", "strong falling slightly in front of the point where the high trajectory was drawn and breaking the lower guard" Can be used with different strategies.
The weapon to throw is斧,knife,Shuriken,hammer,boomerang,Kunai, Chun-Li's bracelet, Sakichi (star), Tal, Balrog's claw, rock,bonsai, Akuma doll (does not appear in the initial version of the arcade version), Yashichi (windmill) 13 types.The five types of hammer, sakaichi, tar, rock, and bonsai have the effect of stunning the hit opponent (they will never come out if they are weak). In "Hunter", Yashichi and Akuma had a low probability of throwing. After "Saber", Yashichi and bonsai have been deleted, and the order of throwing is decided by weak, medium and strong.After the Akuma doll appears, always throw a dark device that has a stunning effect. In "Vampire", Ray Ray is the only one who has the skill to stun the opponent other than directing.
The ES version changes to a completely different specification, rolling three iron balls in a row.There are no consecutive hits.
In "PF", it is a special move for leveling up (red). Throw 1 LV1, 2 LV2, and 3 LV3 parabolas at the same time.The orbit is close to that of the "Vampire" series.In addition, it is possible to accumulate by holding down the button at the time of activation, and the weapon to throw is randomly selected from a maximum of 2 types depending on the LV of the technique and the length of the accumulated time.In any LV, weapons that stun will always appear when accumulated up to the third stage.
  • LV1 (1) --Sword, Balrog's claw → Ax, Akuma doll → Hammer, barrel
  • LV2 (2 pcs) --Shuriken, Kunai → Chun-Li's bracelet → Hammer, Rock
  • LV3 (3 pieces) --Boomerang → Small iron ball, Pico Pico Hammer → Large iron ball, Sakichi
biggongSounds and emits sound waves.It has the effect of repelling or offsetting the opponent's missiles.Can be used even in the air.However, the first helper of Felicia's "Please Help Me" andSasquatchNot valid for "Big Freezer" etc.Rigidity time is long. In "Hunter", guard cancellation support technique (ground version only).
In the ES version, the number of shock wave hits increases to 3 (sometimes 4 hits), and the flight distance and time to disappear are also extended.Normally, the sound waves disappear when Ray Ray is attacked by both ES.
In "PF", it is a special move for leveling up (blue). In LV1, one short-range shock wave is skipped, and in LV1, the number of hits of the gong remains once, but the flight distance becomes longer. In LV2, hit the gong four times to shoot four shock waves.
Unleashed attack
Command throw.After throwing it in a ghost motion, the body is rotated like a top and the claws are chopped up like the blade of a mixer. There is no ES version. In "Hunter", it was a powerful command throw that has high power, a large amount of gauge increase, and if you decide to destroy ES after the technique, you can do a lot of damage. In "Saber", the power has decreased, and the catch-up is no longer confirmed.
The content is almost the same in "PF", but the occurrence is delayed because it is a charge throw.
A down pursuit attack as a system of the "Vampire" series. Ride on the opponent and chop it upside down the rotating motion of "Attack".Multi-stage hits (4 hits), but only 1 hit in "PF".
The ES version doubles the number of hits to 8, and the power is greatly increased.
Highly selfish
A command throwing technique that is treated as a special technique of "PF". Although the height of the "selfishness" thrown up has been increased, it is possible to chase down in the air with a heavenly thunderstorm after the technique.
Haunted sword
At the same time as driving both claws into the ground, a huge sword is continuously ejected from the ground from the side of himself to the side.
In the "Vampire" series and "MVC3", EX Special Moves and Hyper Combos will be described later.
In "SPFIIX", it appears as a normal "special move" in the production, and in the following "PF", it is treated as a normal level-up special move (yellow) instead of a gauge consumption move.
The performance is also very different.In LV1, the first sword extends from behind you, in LV1, one sword in front and behind (2 in total), and in LV1, 3 swords in each (3 in total) in order. come out.

EX Special Move (Super Special Move)

Tenrai Destruction
Button forward press command technique.After dropping the weight and causing an earthquake, a large number of iron balls are dropped over a wide area.The weight also has an attack judgment, and because of the middle attribute, crouching guard is not possible, and for earthquakes, the attack judgment is on the ground and standing guard is not possible (standing guard is possible in "Savers").If the forward push command itself is issued from the close contact state, it will be connected as it is, and it will also be a continuous technique together with this technique.Very powerful technique including being difficult to be guarded by the opponent.
Only this EX Special Move can be used in the Vampire type of "Chronicle".
"Pocket Fighter" has almost the same performance, but you can create a link that is almost impossible to guard by combining it with throwing or guard crash at the edge of the screen.
In "Project Cross Zone", it is adopted as multiple techniques and drops iron balls to multiple enemies.This iron ball does not hit Frank who is forming a pair unit in this work, but at the end the basin falls and hits it (but it does not affect HP).
Haunted sword
A huge blade is pulled out from the ground in order from the front to the front.The blade has the words "Edict Shoryuken" written on it.It comes out slowly and has a long rigidity, but if even one sword comes out, the technique will not be interrupted even if Ray Ray is attacked.If you put it out from the edge of the screen, up to 6 swords will come out, so if you hit it from the root, you will get 6 hits. If it does not hit, it will only deal damage equivalent to a weak attack.In addition, this technique has the attribute of continuous hits in the air.
Chinese bullet
EX Special Move added from "Saber". Throw a time bomb with a shout of "Yes!".There are two types of bombs, a 9-count black bomb and a 6-count red bomb, and which one comes out is random.When it hits the explosion, it burns and suffers great damage, but this explosion also involves Ray Ray.In addition, guard is possible.When you hit a bomb, you can blow it in that direction.Bombs that have disappeared off the screen can be recalled in front of Ray Ray by a heavenly thunderstorm.If one of them goes down while the bomb is appearing, the bomb becomes unexploded and disappears.
Power up during the Dark Force of "Saber 2" and "Hunter 2" and throw two at a time.
Ferocious soul
A technique added as a dark force in "Saber". It does not exist in "Saber 2" and "Hunter 2".Rinrin of the bill hanging on Ray Ray embodies in the form of a person and separates, and Ray Ray's power goes out of control.When activated, instead of being unable to guard at all, it will be thrown and the judgment will be lost, and it will be in a hyper armor state where even if it is attacked, it will not be rebelled at all.During activation, the performance of normal moves will change significantly, throwing moves, special moves, ground dash, and aerial dash will not be possible, and all movement motions will be the same as normal aerial dash.When released, Rinrin will return to Ray Ray as a bill, but if the distance between Ray Ray and Rin Rin is too far (the time it takes to return), the gap will increase, and on the contrary, two people If they are in close contact with each other, the gap will be almost zero.
When it appeared as a hyper combo in "MVC3", there was almost no risk as mentioned above, and it became a technique to simply make it hyper armor.In addition, Rin Rin becomes huge in the background as it is in the form of a bill.
Coming ball
Mighty combo of "PF".AnacharisIt becomes the appearance of a panda when it eats the "royal judgment" of, and crushes the opponent on a huge ball.
Mighty combo of "PF".Poke with an umbrella and turn the floating and falling opponent with an open umbrella to damage it.
MA attack with "NxC".For Regina, Blues, and PhoenixAssault rifleOr a flamethrower to attack.As a fall, he accidentally throws a heavenly thunderstorm at his allies.The blues comes with an extra basin.

Special damage motion

Midnight Bliss(Demitri)
Ray Ray and Rin Rin in nightwear.Ray Ray is wearing a nightie and Lin Lin is wearing pajamas, and the two of them are sucking blood together.
Royal Judgment (Anacharis)
A small panda with a soccer ball with a Ray Ray-style hat, a ribbon on the obi, and a tag like a name tag.
Toga neck bleached (Bishamon)
Ray Ray and Lin Lin dolls.
Sangue-Passale (Jeda)
The hat swells hugely.

Appearance game work

Voice appearance

  • Araki Kae("Vampire Hunter", "Super Puzzle Fighter IIX")
  • Michiko Neya(Since the Vampire series "Saber", "Pocket Fighter", "NAMCO x CAPCOM")
  • Saori Hayami("MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 Fate of Two Worlds" Japanese voice, "PROJECT X ZONE", "Onimusha Soul")
  • Hunter M. Austin("MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 Fate of Two Worlds" English voice)
  • Yuko Miyamura(OVA "THE ANIMATED SERIES Vampire Hunter", drama CD "Vampire Hunter The Animated Series")
  • Aya Hisagawa(Drama CD and Cassette Vampire Hunter "Vampire Night-Festival of Comedy Night-", "Darkness Mission-Special Butter Soy Sauce Flavor-")
  • Michiko Neya (after Vampire series "Saber")
  • Kae Araki ("Pocket Fighter")[Source required]
  • Maya Okamoto(OVA "THE ANIMATED SERIES Vampire Hunter", drama CD "Vampire Hunter The Animated Series")
  • Satomi Korogi(Drama CD and Cassette Vampire Hunter "Vampire Night-Festival of Comedy Night-", "Darkness Mission-Special Butter Soy Sauce Flavor-")


  • The character name has been changed in the foreign version of Japan, and the name in the game of Ray Ray is "Hsien-Ko".This is the setting "The name when Ray Ray and Rin Rin are in the state of Jiangshi who are performing the technique of deformed transformation".The name of Ray Ray in the setting alone remains the same, but Lin Lin has been renamed to "Mei-Ling".However, there are also works in which the single Ray Ray is described as Hsien-Ko and Lin Lin is also described as Lin-Lin.
  • The surname "Xiao" is also used as a character name in the novels "Vampire Hunter Gaiden Ray Ray Hen-The Endless Spring-", OVA "THE ANIMATED SERIES Vampire Hunter", and "PF".
  • After "Saber", if you win two or more games in a row with the player, the dialogue in the winning poses after the third game will change.
  • In the provocative pose of "Saber", hold the bill (Rinrin) and blow on it to make it flutter.This provocation continues until you release the button.There is also a technique called "No Motion Tenrai Destruction" that uses this provocation, but it is almost impractical. In "SPFIIX" and "PF", hold the dark device in one hand and throw it lightly like a beanbag (no attack judgment).The dark equipment that appears at this time is completely random.
  • At the time of the victory pose that the two people issue at the same time as "Apologize", there is a 2/256 chance that the timing of the two people will shift.
  • The home stage is a Chinese graveyard in "Hunter" (looks like the place where the Zabel stage was arranged). After "Saber"TogenkyoWas used as a motifInk paintingStage like "Vanity Paradise".
  • On Capcom's paid mobile site "Capcom Party", a puzzle game "Ray Ray's Magical Hammer" featuring Ray Ray was distributed.Also for smartphonesLINE CorporationThe puzzle game "LINE DROP Spirit Catcher Ray Ray", which also features Ray Ray, also started service on July 2013, 7, but this service has ended on April 11, 2014.[4].
  • According to the development staff, there are opinions such as "How about Jiangshi" and "One wants to be a girl" as a new character proposal for "Hunter", and Ray Ray was born together.
  • In "NxC", the company's work "Gun Survivor 4 Biohazard HEROES NEVER DIE』I am partnering with the phoenix bell.Also, in "PROJECT X ZONE", the same company's work "Dead rising』I have partnered with Frank.


  1. ^ For this reason,"ALL ABOUT In "Super Puzzle Fighter IIX", it is described at that time that "there was a hoax that Rinrin could be used."
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