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🛋 | In the past, the 5th floor and below were the mainstream ... When did the condominiums become high-rise? | Condominium trend analysis


In the past, the 5th floor and below were the mainstream, but when did the condominiums become high-rise? | Condominium trend analysis

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Until the first half of the 2010s, it was popular just because it was a high-rise condominium, but recently, even super-high-rise condominiums have become unsold.

When condominiums first appeared, they were mostly 5 stories or less, but now they are 20 or more high-rise condominiums ... → Continue reading

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High-rise apartment

High-rise apartment(Choukouso Mansion) is a conventionalApartmentFor residential use that is significantly higher thanHigh-rise building OfCommonly known..From the form of its appearanceTower Mansion (Tawaman)Also called.

There is no legal definition for high-rise condominiums in Japan, but the "Condominium Encyclopedia"Building Standard Law Article 20"Height is 58mIt is synonymous with "buildings that exceed" (including over 18 floors, which are about the same height)[1].


World's tallest high-rise condominium

The world's tallest high-rise condominiumList of high-rise apartments in the worldchecking ...

The United States of America

ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クWell, as soon as20st centuryfirst half·Great DepressionThere is a high-rise apartment building rush before and after[1]..At the same time, the cityCentral ParkAlong the west side of, "The San Remo" (1930 , 27 stories), "The Eldorado" (1931 , 30 stories), mainly "The Century Apartment"ア ー ル デ コBoth styles are twin tower styleApartmentHas completed a total of 5 facilities.These apartments are still preserved as historic buildings andstatusIt is sold at a high price as an ultra-luxury apartment equipped with.

Second World WarLater, the cityマ ン ハ ッ タ ン OfMidtownInnumerable high-rise apartments have begun to stand in the area.In Europe and Americahousing complexIn the living style ofVeranda,バルコニーThe appearance of those buildings is not neededoffice building,HotelIt is often difficult to distinguish from such.

2001 , Eastern Manhattan,United Nations Headquarters BuildingCompleted in front of the real estate kingDonald Trump"Trump World Tower" (262m, 72nd floor) owned by1990 eraAnd laterWestern hemisphereIt is the highest height for a skyscraper built in.It is still the highest-rise building in the Western Hemisphere as a residential building.On the first floor of the same buildingJapanese cuisineIn addition to moving in the storeJapaneseMLBIt is also known that the players live there.


In Europe1960 eraPeaked inUKExplosion accident etc.1970 eraSuppression tendency is conspicuous,Public housingGenerally, they do not have a very good image, such as being associated with[1].


TraditionalDetached houseStrong commitment to living in a homeownership, disaster (Earthquake-火災In Japan, where there was a strong anxiety about high-rise residence from the aspect of), high-riseApartment houseMaintenance did not proceed.Also, it can be used for high-rise buildings.Fire truck(High-performance pump trucks, high-rise ladder trucks, etc.) have not been deployedMunicipalitiesThere were many (currently on the 11th floor and above)Sprinkler equipmentInstallation is mandatory).

However1974 (Showa 49),Kashima constructionOwnCompany housing"Shiinamachi Apartment"[Annotation 1](Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 18 stories)RC structureIt was proved that it is possible to increase the height of the condominium by constructing it in.afterwards,1976 (Showa 51)Sumitomo Real EstateIs Saitama prefectureYono City(CurrentSaitamaChuo-ku) With 21 floors and a height of 66mCondominium Completed "Yono House", which is considered to be the first high-rise condominium in Japan.at first,Floor-area ratio,Right of sunshineDue to such problems, a large land is required to build a high-rise condominium, and it is easy to acquire land.Suburb,RiverThere were many cases where it was located alongside.

1997 (Heisei9 years),DeregulationAs part ofFloor-area ratioUp to 600%Shade regulation"High-rise residential guidance district" to be exempted from the application is voted in, and corridors, stairs, etc. are excluded from the calculation of floor area ratio.Building Standards LawAmendment was approved.As a result, the construction of high-rise condominiums has increased rapidly, TokyoCity centerDue to the large supply of housing in the Gulf region and other areasReturn to the city centerIt also caused a phenomenon called.After that, in the suburbs of the big cityTrainAlong the lineProvincial cityMany high-rise condominiums have also been built.

Currently, the highest-rise high-rise condominiums in Japan areOsakaChuo-kuof"The Kitahama(54 stories, height 209m).The highest-rise plan is the "Toranomon / Azabudai Project West Wing" (64 stories, height 262.89m) in Minato-ku, Tokyo, which is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

Tower condominiums also have sales activities aimed at child-rearing groups by developers, and many residents are families.[2]..In the case of large tower condominiums, there are more than 1 units per building, which can be said to be a town, and there are areas where large-scale condominiums and tower condominiums occupy the chome.[2]..Various stores necessary for daily life have opened in the surrounding area to form a compact city, but in the early tower condominiums, the number of nursery schools tends to be small due to the aging of the residents.[2].

Current high-rise apartment

2020 (Reiwa2) The ranking of the heights of high-rise condominiums over 6m nationwide as of June is as follows.

高 さ
Completion date
1The Kitahama (Kitahama Tower)
The Kitahama Tower & Plaza.jpg
OsakaChuo-ku209.4cm54 floor2009/3
TokyoShinjuku ward208.97cm60 floor2017/7
3Park City Musashikosugi Mid Sky Tower
Park City Musashikosugi Mid Sky Tower.JPG
Kawasaki CityNakahara203.45cm59 floor2009/4
4Cross Tower Osaka Bay
OsakaMinato-ku200.4cm54 floor2006/8
横 浜 市Naka-ku199.95cm58 floor2020
6City Tower Hiroshima
Hiroshima citySouth ward197.5cm52 floor2016/8
TokyoChuo-ku193.5cm58 floor2008/1
Chuo-ku, Tokyo,193.5cm58 floor2008/1
9The Park House Nakanoshima Tower
The Parkhouse Nakanoshima Tower IMG 0346-3 20180311.jpg
OsakaKita192.93cm55 floor2017
10Kachidoki View Tower
Kachidoki View Tower 2012 Tokyo.jpg
Chuo-ku, Tokyo,192.2cm55 floor2010/8
11Tomihisa CrossComfort tower
Tomihisa Cross Comfort Tower.jpg
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo191cm55 floor2015
12Shiodome H block skyscraper
(Acty Shiodomeother)
TokyoMinato-ku190.25cm56 floor2004/4
13City Tower Kobe Sannomiya
250117152701-City Tower KOBE SANNNOMIYA.JPG
Kobe CityChuo-ku190cm54 floor2013/2
14Osaka Hibiki no Machi The Sanctus Tower
OsakaHibikinomachi The Sanctus Tower.jpg
OsakaNishi-ward189.5cm53 floor2015/3
15Owl tower
TokyoToshima ward189.2cm52 floor2011/1
16Toshima Eco Muses Town
Toshima Ecomusee Town 01.jpg
Toshima Ward, Tokyo189cm49 floor2015
17Capital Gate Place The Tower
Chuo-ku, Tokyo,187cm53 floor2015
18Elsa Tower 55
Kawaguchi elsa tower 001 cropped.jpg
SaitamaKawaguchi city185.8cm55 floor1998/7
19City Tower Musashikosugi
Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki City185cm53 floor2015
20Cielia Tower Senri Chuo
OsakaToyonaka City184.92cm52 floor2019/2
21Okawabata River City 21-
Century Park Tower
Chuo-ku, Tokyo,180cm54 floor1999/3
22Park City Toyosu
Tower A at Park City Toyosu complex.JPG
TokyoKoto Ward179.96cm52 floor2008/3
23Park City Musashikosugi The Garden Towers East
Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki City178.90cm53 floor2017/12
24Park City Musashikosugi The Garden Towers West
Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki City178.90cm53 floor2018/11
Chuo-ku, Tokyo,178.78cm53 floor2016/11
26Park Tower Harumi
Chuo-ku, Tokyo,178.49cm48 floor2019/2
27W Comfort Towers East
Tobus fukagawa-dept.jpg
Koto Ward, Tokyo178.48cm54 floor2004/8
28hitoto Hiroshima The Tower
Hiroshima cityNaka-ku178.08cm53 floor2020
29The Tower Osaka
大阪 市 福島 区177.7cm49 floor2008/6
30City Tower Nishi-Umeda
OsakaFukushima177.4cm50 floor2007/1
Chuo-ku, Tokyo,177.3cm52 floor2015/9
Chuo-ku, Tokyo,177.3cm52 floor2015/9
Koto Ward, Tokyo175.01cm52 floor2012/12
34Grand Front Osaka Owners Tower
Grand Front Osaka Block C.jpg
Kita Ward, Osaka City174.2cm48 floor2013/4
35Makuhari Bay Park Sky Grand Tower
ChibaMihama172.4cm48 floor2020
36Park Axis Aoyama XNUMX-chome Tower
Minato-ku, Tokyo172.39cm46 floor2007/3
37Mikage Tower Residence
Mikage tower regidense.JPG
Kobe CityHigashinada Ward170cm47 floor2010/3
The highest transition in height in Japan
  • 1976-1987-Yono House (66m)
  • 1987-1989- Bell park cityBuilding G (115.95m)
  • 1989-1991- Okawabata River City 21River Point Tower (132m)
  • 1991-1993-East Court 3rd Avenue (140m)
  • 1993-1998- Orc Prior Tower ResidenceNUMXm
  • 1998-2004 --Elsa Tower 55 (185m)
  • 2004-2006 --Acty Shiodome (190m)
  • 2006-2009 --Cross Tower Osaka Bay (200m)
  • 2009 ~ --The Kitahama (209m)
The highest transition in Japan for the number of floors
  • 1976-1987-Yono House (22nd floor)
  • 1987-1989-Bell Park City Building G (36th floor)
  • 1989-1992- Okawabata River City 21River Point Tower (40th floor)
  • 1992-1993 --Sakuramiya River City Water Tower Plaza (41st floor)
  • 1993-1998- Orc Prior Tower Residence(50st floor)
  • 1998-2004 --Elsa Tower 55 (55th floor)
  • 2004-2008 --Acty Shiodome (56th floor)
  • 2008-2009 --THE TOKYO TOWERS (58th floor)
  • 2009-2017 --Park City Musashikosugi Mid Sky Tower (59th floor)
  • 2017---The Parkhouse Nishi-Shinjuku Tower 60 (60th floor)

Under construction / planning

The order of heights of high-rise condominiums under construction and planned is as follows.

Toranomon / Azabudai Project West WingMinato-ku, Tokyo262.89cm64 floor2022
Toranomon / Azabudai Project East BuildingMinato-ku, Tokyo237.20cm54 floor2022
Nishi-Shinjuku XNUMX-chome West District RedevelopmentShinjuku-ku, Tokyo235cm65 floor2026 Every time
Minato-ku, Tokyo221cm54 floor2020
Tsukishima XNUMX-chome District Type XNUMX Urban Redevelopment ProjectChuo-ku, Tokyo,199cm59 floor2025
Park Tower Kachidoki SouthChuo-ku, Tokyo,194.95cm58 floor2023
Umeda Sonezaki PlanKita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture193cm56 floor2022/3
Hamamatsucho XNUMX-chome C district redevelopmentMinato-ku, Tokyo190cm47 floor2021
Tsukishima XNUMX-chome South District Type XNUMX Urban Redevelopment ProjectChuo-ku, Tokyo,190cm50 floor2024
Toyomi District Type XNUMX Urban Redevelopment Project East BuildingChuo-ku, Tokyo,189cm56 floor2025
Toyomi District Type XNUMX Urban Redevelopment Project West BuildingChuo-ku, Tokyo,189cm56 floor2025
Nippon Medical School Musashi Kosugi Campus Redevelopment Plan C Block N BuildingNakahara Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture188cm50 floor2023/8
Nippon Medical School Musashi Kosugi Campus Redevelopment Plan C Block S BuildingNakahara Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture188cm50 floor2023/8
Yokohama Station Kita West Exit Tsuruya District Type XNUMX Urban Redevelopment ProjectYokohama city Kanagawa ward180cm44 floor2021
Toyosu district 1-1 blockKoto Ward, Tokyo180cm50 floor2021
Harumi 5-chome West District Type 5 Urban Redevelopment Project XNUMX-XNUMX BlockChuo-ku, Tokyo,180cm50 floor2024
Harumi 5-chome West District Type 6 Urban Redevelopment Project XNUMX-XNUMX BlockChuo-ku, Tokyo,180cm50 floor2024
Higashi Takasima District C District BuildingKanagawa Prefecture180cm52 floor2025
Minamiikebukuro XNUMX-chome C district redevelopment north wingToshima Ward, Tokyo180cm51 floor2025
Minami Ikebukuro XNUMX-chome C District Redevelopment South BuildingToshima Ward, Tokyo180cm51 floor2025
Nishinippori station square district urban redevelopment projectArakawa Ward, Tokyo180cm47 floor2026
NAGOYA the TOWER[3]Nakamura-ku, Nagoya149.1m42 floor2023/4


Possibility of resonance with long-period ground motion

SkyscraperNatural vibration OfcycleIs longer than low-rise buildings,EarthquakeRecently, it has been pointed out that there is a possibility of resonance with the seismic motion of a huge subduction-zone earthquake with a long motion cycle.The history of skyscrapers in Japan is short, and since there are no skyscrapers that have experienced a huge subduction-zone earthquake, empirical predictions cannot be made, and simulations are the only option.Seismic control method,Seismic isolation methodThere are not a few high-rise condominiums built in Japan these days, but in any case, a huge subduction zone earthquakeLong-period ground motionFixing furniture is recommended in case of resonance with[1]..Furthermore, there are concerns about the occurrence of "high-rise refugees" in which residents on the upper floors lose their means of transportation when the elevator stops due to an earthquake.[4].

Difficulty in managing the management association

High-rise condominiums are large in scale and have a large number of compartmentalized owners.In addition, the view is one of the points that buyers of high-rise condominiums place importance on, and the price gap between the lower floors and the upper floors is generally large (it can be seen to be several times higher).[Annotation 2], The size of the income / asset disparity between compartmentalized ownersManagement associationEasy to affect operation[1].


Study the effects of the environment on the human bodyTokai UniversityFaculty of medicineFumio Osaka states that living on higher floors increases the rate of miscarriage among women and makes children more susceptible to hypothermia and allergic diseases.[5][6].

Educational aspect

Of the prestigious association presidentNoriyasu Nishimura"In terms of average academic ability, I think that children living in high-rise condominiums are probably higher than children who do not."[7], "Because the stimulation to the five senses is overwhelmingly small, it is not possible to train enough when the physical sensation should be naturally trained.[7]"It is a fact that the tendency is that things cannot be imagined due to lack of actual experience, and it tends to take time to understand.[8]"It has said.


Housing complexAnd super high-rise condominiums differ in the year of completion and the shape (structure of the building), but they have the same problem in that a large number of residents increase in a short period of time. As of 2016, the aging of residents has already begun in the early high-rise condominiums, as in the former housing complex.Some say that even in popular areas of the city, the rapid aging of the population will face the same problems as mountain villages, such as whether medical and long-term care facilities are sufficient.[2].

Works set in a high-rise apartment


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