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🛋 | Is the 24-hour ventilation system basically left on?How much does the electricity bill cost?


Is the 24-hour ventilation system basically left on?How much does the electricity bill cost?

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Air is constantly circulated when ventilated for 24 hours, eliminating unpleasant odors that tend to occur indoors.

Houses built in recent years are equipped with a 24-hour ventilation system. With a 24-hour ventilation system, electricity ... → Continue reading

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ventilation(Kanki) is a specific space空 気EnvironmentMaintain, orimprovementIn order to do this, the outside air is taken in and the internal air is discharged (replaced).

the purpose

For the purpose of ventilationPeople OfHealth・ For the purpose of comfortHealth ventilationとindustryprocessForIndustrial process ventilationThere is.

  1. Health ventilation: Health and comfort of residents,workMaintaining efficiency
  2. Industrial process ventilation: Maintaining an air environment suitable for industrial processes, maintaining facilities, properly storing machinery and stored items
  3. combustionFresh air supply needed for things
  4. Flora and fauna OfRearing,Cultivation

Health ventilation

Staying in a space where air is not replaced for a long time is a user's身体Not desirable forBy breathingcarbon dioxideDischarge,oxygenBesides taking inwater vapor·heat·body odorThe indoor air environment changes from moment to moment.Building materialsincludeFormaldehyde-Acetaldehyde-tolueneThe harmful effects of harmful substances such asSick house syndromeKnown as.again,excretion-smoking-調理-MealSuch actions are also factors that significantly change the air environment.

Normallycarbon dioxideIncreaseoxygenRather than the decrease in breathing hindering breathing, heat, humidity, and odor were transmitted to the occupants before that.headache,nauseaBring.Health ventilation is used to prevent this phenomenon and protect the health of people.

The required ventilation volume per person is30 m3 / (h / person)However, this is the hygiene management standard value of the Building Sanitation Law (CO2 concentration: 1000ppm or less), It is a value calculated from the CO2 concentration of exhaled breath (0.02 [m3 / (h ・ person)]) and can be calculated by the following formula.

Q = M / (Ci-Co) = CO2 concentration of exhaled breath / ((indoor concentration-outside air concentration) × 10 ^ -6 [m3 / m3])

=0.02[m3/(h・人)]/((1000-350)×10^-6[m3/ m3])≒30 m3/(h・人)

* Since the calculation is based on the assumption that the CO2 concentration in the outside air is 350ppm, the required ventilation volume is different in the current situation where the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere exceeds 400ppm.

It is one of the risk factors in infectious disease control."Closed space with poor ventilation"Is considered to mean that it does not meet the standards for the air environment of general buildings.In that sense,Building Management Law StandardsVentilation volume required to adapt to (30 m3 / (h / person) =CO2 concentration: 1000ppm or less) Satisfies, it is considered that it does not apply to "closed space with poor ventilation".[1].

Industrial process ventilation

For health ventilation performed for the purpose of maintaining human health生産・ For storagequality managementWhat is done for is industrial process ventilation.

Precision mechanical equipmentIn factories such as, fewdustWill reduce the quality of the product, and in high temperature and high humidity conditionsFood Ofcorruption-paper,PlasticIt leads to deformation and discoloration of.combustionWithProcessThen,消费Be doneoxygenAlwaysSupplyVentilation is essential as it needs to be continued.again,製造If a large amount of toxic gas or dust is generated in the process, simply replacing the outdoor air is sufficient.Contaminate the surrounding environmentTherefore, special purification measures will be taken.

Ventilation type

For equipmentmachineDepending on whether or not to useNatural ventilationとMechanical ventilationIt is divided into.When using both togetherhybridIt is called ventilation.

Natural ventilation

Natural ventilationDue to natural ventilation and air temperature differenceStack effectTo usePassive ventilationAlso called.Sometimes written as type XNUMX ventilation, but completeMisuseIs.Compared to mechanical ventilationEnergy ConservationHowever, it is not always possible to secure a constant flow rate.

Wind ventilation
door-windowProvide two or more vents such as, and use the difference in wind pressure.
Temperature difference ventilation
Stack effect・ Gravity ventilation: When the air in the room is warmproportionTake advantage of the property that becomes smaller and rises.

Mechanical ventilation

Mechanical ventilationIt is,Ventilation fan,BlowerIs used for ventilation.Forced ventilation,powerventilationAlso called.

First-class mechanical ventilation
Those that use a blower for both air supply and exhaust.In order to keep the pressure in the room constant, it is necessary to equalize the amount of air supply and the amount of exhaust air.
Type XNUMX mechanical ventilation
Air is supplied by a blower and exhaust is performed by a vent, and the pressure inside the room is positive.Operating room-Clean roomIt is used in places where it is necessary to prevent the inflow of contaminated air.
Type XNUMX mechanical ventilation
Air is supplied through vents and a blower is used only for exhaust.Negative pressurebecome.kitchen-Toilet-wastePlaces where odors are generated, such as processing rooms, combustion equipmentHazardous MaterialIt is used to prevent air from flowing out from places where toxic gas is generated, such as handling places.general住宅In, type XNUMX mechanical ventilation is used.

Ventilation technique

General ventilation (diluted ventilation)
It replaces the air in the entire room.
Local ventilation
Near the emission sourceFoodA shroud or the like that discharges polluted air before it diffuses.
Replacement ventilation
Contaminated air with air supplydensityThose that rise or fall due to the difference between the two and discharge.

Legal regulation


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