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🛋 | [2021 Edition] Introducing smart home appliances that make your life more enjoyable and comfortable


[2021 Edition] Introducing smart home appliances that make life more enjoyable and comfortable

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The infrared remote control on your smartphone can be remotely controlled from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Corona illness has changed the way we work, and it is not uncommon for families to continue working from home while raising children.At home ... → Continue reading

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Everyday events begin one day. Various articles useful for "living life" such as interview articles that are useful for finding a home, mortgage columns by FP, news about housing and news that can be used for living are being delivered every day!

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Remote control

Remote control(It seems like you’re in the middle,Remote control(Remote control), for shortリ モ コ ン(RC)) iselectoronic signalsTo operate a device/equipment, etc. from a location away from the device/equipment. Factoryプ ラ ン トOperation ofTrain OfCourse controlEtc.

In addition, the remote operation performed from the farthest distance,Planetary probe.TelRemote control by is called "telecontrol".

Railway example

(1) One placeSignal officeAt several adjacent stationstraffic lightsとTurnoutIs a method of controlling the RC device. SmallCTC(The operation is manual).

(2) When trains are running, the train isMotor vehicleControl all or all vehicles (motor vehicles,Accompanying vehicleRegardless of) operating the brake,Push-pull trainでLocomotive Passenger carWhen driving in the form of pushing, drive the last locomotive at the driver's cab of the forefront, or both the locomotive head and the passenger car front are forming at the forefront locomotive / passenger car cab Operate the brakes of all passenger cars and locomotives.


A device that is remotely operated via a telephone line is called a telecontroller. Call the telephone line to which the telecontroller is connected from the telephone you want to control, and in most casesTone signalIs controlled by sending. The control target isAir conditionON/OFF, open/close electric lock,computer,server OfReset,electricshutterThere are many things, such as opening and closing. This telecontroller was produced by San Denshi, Sanyo, and Panasonic, but production has ended. CurrentlyMatrix electronProducts are on sale from. The company's products include a telecontroller that works not only via the telephone line, but also by connecting to the earphone/microphone of a mobile phone. For mobile phones, the basic monthly charge is cheaper than the telephone line, and for SoftBank prepaid mobile phones, you can use it for only 3000 months for 14 yen if you only receive it.携 帯May shift to.

Remote-controlled drone

Engage in dangerous work by remote control. The operator makes judgments and operations from a distance, so it is suitable for applications that require advanced judgment. In the case of a wired system, not only communication but also electric power can be sent to enable long-term activity without depending on the capacity of the storage battery.

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