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👶 | Enjoy playing “with” kids room at Yaei Civic Center

Photo Children playing in the kids room "Komorin Land" opened at Yaei Civic Center

Have fun playing "muffled" Kids room at Yaei Civic Center

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A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held by local children celebrating the start of use on the first day of the festival.

On the XNUMXth, the Yaei District Town Development Council (Chairman Toki Takahashi) of Ichinoseki City held a kids' room "... → Continue reading

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First day of the festival

Tape cut

Tape cutIs newrouteSet a time just before the opening of the facility or the opening of the facility,ExecutiveAnd the guest cut the tapeEvents.JapanglishAndEnglishThen.ribbon-cutting ceremony[1].. "Cut tape"cut the ribbonIt is expressed as.

TrainRibbon-cutting ceremony at the opening of a new line,stationOpened, new modelvehicleIn various situations such as the introduction of the company, executives of the company participate in the event just before the first business is held.


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