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🎁 | Buy aibo at the Sony store and get a butterfly tie as a gift. Until 22:1 on January 11, 11


If you buy aibo at the Sony store, you will receive a butterfly tie as a gift. Until 22:1 on January 11, 11

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Also, since it may hinder the movement of aibo when playing with accessories such as balls and dice, we are instructing you to remove the butterfly tie.

The Sony store is aimed at people who newly purchase the dog-shaped autonomous entertainment robot "aibo". → Continue reading

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Bow(English: bow) orA bow tieIt is,ClothingAs a term,body(first,waistEtc.)stringAnd elongatedclothBoth ends ofBowWhat I did.

band,Tasuki,tie,ribbonEtc. are tied to the bow.

clothesAs another technology to fastenボ タ ン,fastenerHowever, the history is longer than those.Other than that, purelyDecorationUsed as.Because it looks gorgeous, women's clothingAccessoriesEspecially often used in.

Tie to the bowtieTheBowtie Called (bow tie, bow tie).This is a type of tie and is a men's fashion.It may be sandwiched under the collar.

Bow type

Since bows have a long history, there are various types such as the following.

Bow tie (bow tie)
Pearness Tie (Clip On, Pre Tide)
There is a knot from the beginning, and it is fastened with metal fittings, velcro, etc. on the side and back of the neck.
Tsu Thai (Bat Bow)
Tie a long string-shaped object into a butterfly shape by hand.
Butterfly tie
It looks like a butterfly with its wings spread.For formal wear.
Club bowtie
When tied, both wings are in a straight line.
Square bowtie
Club bow ties with a width of 3 cm or less.
Chibi Thai
A very small club bowtie.
Pointed end bowtie
A shape with a triangular tip.For parties.
Charmant Bowtie
Cut and tie with scissors according to your size.

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