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👶 | How about this? ??A XNUMX-year-old child exploring the bad line of his older sister XNUMX years old by playing with clay | Royko's XNUMX sisters diary


How about this? ??A XNUMX-year-old child exploring the bad line of his older sister XNUMX years old by playing with clay | Royko's XNUMX sisters diary

If you write the contents roughly
I'm drawing 4 childcare frames on Instagram.

How about this?Earthworms are bad and ladybugs are OK? I'm the youngest to play with my older sister, who is six years older.No longer ... → Continue reading

 Mama Square

"Mama Square" is filled with daily thoughts such as troubles, worries, fun, relaxed feelings, and things that we solved in this way.
I would be happy if it could be a clue to solving troubles to everyone reading it, empathy and hints for childcare

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Instagram(Instagram,Abbreviation: Instagram)Meta PlatformsAmerican photo and video sharing owned bySocial networking services(SNS)(English edition)と(English edition)Created by October 2010iOSThe service was started at. In April 2012AndroidLimited functionality in November 2012 after the version was releaseddesktopInterface, in June 2014Fire OSApplications for October 2016Windows 10Application has been released.


With this service, users upload media that can be edited with filters,hashtag,GeotaggingCan be organized with.Posts can be published or shared with pre-approved followers.Users can browse other users' content and trend content by tag or location.Users can like photos and follow other users to add their content to their feeds.

By being run by Facebook, Inc,FacebookIt has a strength in the function of linking with and has a mechanism for sharing user data and the same targeted advertisement as Facebook.[4].. Instagram co-founders Kevin Cistrom and Mike Krieger left Instagram in September 2018[5].. There are some major differences from Facebook, and in principle, Facebook allows individual users to register with their real names, but Instagram allows anonymous registration as with other SNS.

Kodak OfInstamaticandPolaroid Ofinstant cameraIn consideration of the above, Instagram posted images are basically square[6].


Brief history

San FranciscoKevin Cistrum and Mike Krieger with Baseline VenturesAndreessen HorowitzThe Instagram group was launched with financial support from the two companies.Burbn The original project, named, had a number of features.After Krieger joined, the team focused on mobile features, and what remained was Instagram.[7].

August 2010, 10,Apple OfApp StoreAppeared in[8]Instagram has 12 million registered users by December of the same year[9].. By June 2011, the number of registered users exceeded 6 million.[10]By September of the same year, the number reached to 9 million[11].

In October 2010, Josh Reidel joined as community manager shortly after Instagram was announced. In November of the same year, Shane Sweeney joined as a technician, and in August 10, Jessica Zolman joined as a community evangelist.[12][13][14].

2011 year 1 month,hashtagIntroduced, making it easier to find photos[15].. In September of the same year, version 9 appeared on the App Store. This update has new icons with live filters, instant tilt shift, four new filters, high resolution images, optional borders and one-click rotation.[16].

In July 2011, Instagram announced that 7 million images were uploaded to the service, reaching a total of 1 million in August of the same year.[17][18].

In October 2012Android It corresponds to devices with 2.2 or later and a camera.

The number of users worldwide exceeded 2016 million on June 6, 22.[19].

August 2016, 10,Microsoft Windows 10Corresponding to[20].

In September 2017, it announced that the Instagram story will also be published on the web version.It was also announced that it will be possible to post stories from the web within a few months.[21].. Same month,Unauthorized accessHas announced that the user's private personal information may have been stolen.Hacker groupAccording to the claim, about 600 million people have acquired[22].

In December 2017, the hash tag follow function was added. You can now browse regular posts and story posts with hashtags you follow.

On October 2021, 10, it became possible to upload from a web browser for desktop.[23].

Dissemination in Japan

January 2014JapaneseAn account has been opened[24]、日本の月間アクティブユーザー数は2015年6月には810万人、2016年3月に1200万人、同年12月に1600万人、2017年10月に2000万人に達している[25].. Over 2019 million at the end of 3000[26].

Dentsu Media Innovation LabChief ResearcherAmano AkiraIs, based on the fact that SNS such as Instagram is changing to a place for search behavior for shopping and store selection, the encounter with information is mainly for young people.GoogleFrom tagging (hashtag search + coined word for handing information)[27].

Instant movie

Means good-looking, suitable for photos posted on Instagram,写真In 2017, the word “insta-look” means that it looks good and is suitable for photography.Yu Can New and Buzzword AwardWas selected for the annual grand prize.なお、この年間大賞はThe annual grand prize isfashion magazine"CanCam] Reader model 3 people have won[28].. Also, as a negative name,Instagram flyWas also born.


Instagram is photogenic in countries other than Japan (English: photogenic)[29]Was called and became popular. In Japan, the above-mentioned "Instagram" is more common, but when expressing the meaning of "Instagram" in a creative work, avoid the name of Instagram, which is the product name, and use "Photogenic" or "SNS". Use a name such as "Photograph".

Instagram grammar

On Instagram, people with many followers and strong influences (Influencer) Is called Instagramer (English: Instagramer) and is bigPropaganda-AdsIt has an effect. Against this background, SNS marketing services such as "INSTA LIKE" that increase the number of followers at a monthly pace of about 1,000 are also appearing in order to increase the power of transmitting personal and corporate accounts. Since the latter half of 2019, regulations have been entered by Instagram, and many such tools are no longer effective[30].


On March 2010, 3, Cistrom finished raising $5 in financial support as a source capital from two companies, Baseline Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. At that timeHTML5Check-in app Burbn Was working on[31].

August 2011, 2,Series A roundHas announced that it has raised its funding to $700 million. The participating investors areventure capital,Jack Dorsey(twitterCo-founder),(English edition)(Investment through Lowercase Capital),Adam D'Angelo(QuoraCo-founder)[32].

2012 year 4 month,FacebookAnnounced that it will buy Instagram for $10 billion. Operated independently after the acquisition,TwitterIt is said that cooperation with services that compete with Facebook will continue as before[33].

Filter function

There are 2011 types including the filters introduced at the time of updating "Instagram 9" in September 2.0.

The list before update is all 15 types "X-Pro II" "Lomophi" "Early Bird" "Apollo" "Pop Rocket" "Inkwell" "Gotham" "1977" "Nashville" "Lord Kelvin" "Lily" " The names were Sutro, Toaster, Warden, and Heffe, but the names were changed because Apollo, Pop Rocket, Gotham, and Lily were abolished. The abolished "Gotham" had a clear tone with a black-and-white effect similar to the continuous "Inkwell".

"Instagram 2012" was updated on February 2, 10, "Lomophi" was renamed to "Lophi", "Sierra" was added, and there are 2.1 types of filters. It became possible to select whether or not to have a border when updating "Instagram 17" on March 3, 1.


Changes to Terms of Use

In December 2012, the following terms were added to the Terms of Service[34].

"To help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions, you agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any associated metadata), and / or actions you take, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you.'

The word was interpreted as "the user's photo is arbitrarily used as material for corporate advertisements", and severe criticism spread. Prior to January 2013, 1, users will stop Instagram from providing their personal information to third parties (opt out), there is no other way than to delete the account, some people have deleted the account due to the change of terms of use[35][36][37][38][39].

"It's not intended to sell user photos," CEO Kevin Cistrom said in a blog. The added terms of use were meant to inform users that "I want to experiment with innovative ads that I feel fit for Instagram," but the terms of the terms were misleading and were announced for deletion.[36][39][40].

In response to this change in the Terms of Use and user opposition, there is a trend for competing photo sharing services of other companies to advertise and pay attention to privacy considerations, and there were services of other companies that drastically increased users.[41][42].

On December 2012, 12, Instagram announced that it will revert the advertising section of the Terms of Service to the 20 version[37][43].

The VergeThe original terms of use mean that Instagram has the right to use your photos in advertising for almost any purpose at any time, "place such advertising and promotions on the Instagram Services or on, about, or in conjunction states that there is a phrase "with your Content"[34].. An arbitration clause has also been added in the update of the terms of use[44].

Negative comment

Due to user harassment and negative comments on photos, Instagram has improved to give users more control over their posts and comments. In July 2016, we announced that users will be able to disable comments on their posts and technically control posts with words they think are offensive, and for celebrities to implement in August, Subsequently, it was implemented for the general public in September. In December we started introducing the ability to disable comments and removed followers for personal accounts[45][46][47][48][49][50].. In June 2017, it announced that it has developed artificial intelligence that scans words in consideration of context to detect and eliminate bad words.[51][52].

Instagram fly

People who became famous after using Instagram appeared,Instant movieIt has become a business to provide food and places where you can take pictures. Therefore, followersHow nice!People who buy fashionable food, take only pictures and throw them away, and do social harassment or etiquette violations for the sake of photogenicity are referred to as "shining".pestof"FlyThe word "insta flies" was born. According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, residents around Shin-Okubo, where many people are asking for a Korean-style American dog, "Huttogu," are troubled by littering of paper plates and skewers. The Yomiuri Shimbun is a nuisance tweet by Twitter.Butter”And is evaluated as appropriate as a critical expression[53][54][55][56][57].. Dangerous acts intended to look good on Instagram may be performed,Irabu OhashiAn accident in which a tourist man fell from the railing of a bridge and died[58]An accident in which two male tourists jumped into a waterfall and died at Oshiraji Falls[59]Is occurring.

Negative impact on mental health

2017 BritishRoyal Society for Public HealthConducted by 14 people aged 24 to 1,479不安,Depression,孤独,BullyingIn a survey of the impact of SNS on body image, Instagram showed thatmental healthThe result was that it had the most adverse effects on. Instagram said that a safe and supportive place for young people is a top priority[60][61].

University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA) asked young people aged 13 to 18 to use an Instagram-like SNS and examined their brains at that time. Young people who see their photos like "like" have extensive brain activation, and are considered to be the brain's pleasure centers.Nucleus accumbensThe part of the striatum called "" was active. SNS like Instagram is in the brain of teensた ば こ,gamblingSuggests that it may have similar effects to[62].

Trading illegal drugs

It is illegal for users to sell on InstagramDrugHas been released and has been criticized. In 2013British Broadcasting CorporationPosted a photo of the illegal drug and tagged it with a specific hashtag WhatsAppSuch asInstant messageBy using the app, I discovered that drugs are being bought and sold. Instagram blocks hashtags used in transactions and is hired by the BBCSpokespersonHas a clear rule that Instagram is not just a place to buy and sell, it is simply a photo and video sharing experience. I commented that I would like to report if I find illegal content or inappropriate content[63][64].. However, new illegal drug trading cases have occurred since then.[65].

Censorship Request

In October 2013, Instagram was a Canadian photographer Petra CollinsI deleted my account. she isUnder hairOf the lower body of the underwear that protrudedSelfiePosted. Photographer Q. Sakamaki, Petra Collins is a jockey of "Pink Culture", a style or movement that has emerged in the photographic world, a writer with both aesthetic and message characteristics, and a female in the lower body selfie He said he had intended to blame the prejudice of the male-centered society that "the hair must be kept out of underwear and swimwear". Collins claimed it hadn't violated Instagram's Terms of Service, and there was no basis for deleting the account.[66].The Daily DotAudra Schroeder says that Instagram doesn't allow pornography or posting of sexual photos, but who knows what it is, Collins has more sexual photos on the site, which women say. femininity" (feminineIt's just because it's a place where I'm used to accepting and presenting such aspects.[67].

In 2015, he posted an account of the Australian fashion agency Sticks and Stones Agency's with a picture of pubic hair protruding from a bikini, and in March 2015 a photograph of a poet with a menstrual blood cloth.Rupee kaurYour account has been suspended. With FacebookTumblrThe account is "We will not be censored"censorshipDo not) "and collected more than 1 shares[68][69].

On Instagram, photos of female nipples are regulated, but posting of male nipples is fine. Even if a woman's nipple is visible, it is said that "it is not limited to the case where it is posted for the purpose of education, humor, and satire," and the problem of who makes the judgment is pointed out. In response to the above incident, Instagram protested to delete photos of female nipples, the "male nipples" are allowed to be shown in public, and the society that women do not have "right to put out nipples" A "Free the Nipple campaign" was held to cast doubts on the double standard.Miley Cyrus,Chelsea Handler,Naomi CampbellPosting a photo with a visible nipple and protesting Instagram regulations, knowing that many celebrities and celebrities will be removed[70][71].

Instagram hasn't said much about the movement, but CEO Kevin Cistrom said the strict restrictions on nude photos on Instagram were to clear Apple's guidelines and remain an app for ages 12 and up. There is. However, other apps on the App Store have content that exceeds the guidelines, and Instagram's inconsistent response to male and female body photos has led to doubts about whether this statement is correct. Are[72][73][74].

Hidden porn

In June 2016,Daily StarReported that a blogger found 100 million apparent pornographic videos posted. Users uploading videos that explicitly violate such guidelines escape the discovery by using Arabic hashtags[75].. SpokespersonThe SunSaid it would invest in technology to detect pornographic content and quickly remove offending accounts and content.[76].

Timeline algorithm

In April 2016, the order of photos displayed in the user's timeline was changed from chronological to algorithmic. Instagram says it's designed to prioritize the photos users like, but it received a lot of negative feedback. The company tweeted confusing users about the prospect of change, but didn't back down the app or provide a way to get it back.[77][78][79][80][81][82][83].

Shadow van

Around mid-2017, it announced that it has begun to take measures against users who use many unrelated hashtags and who pay to obtain a large amount of engagement. This measure, commonly known as Shadowban, removes the account from the search results (hashtags) and the explorer section of the app, which means it's banned. Instagram was a now-deleted Facebook post that wrote when developing content to focus on business goals rather than hashtags[84][85].


  • February 2011- Blog site"Tech crunch』" 2010 "best mobile app" in a short time[86].
  • May same year-Monthly magazine ``(English edition)In the magazine's 2011 Most Creative Business Person 100, CEO Kevin Cistrom was named 66th.[87].
  • May same year-Monthly magazine ``イ ン クCo-founders Kevin Cistrum and Mike Krieger are among the "30 under 30" in the magazine.[88].
  • September of the same year-Weekly magazine ``(English edition)In the "SF Weekly Web Awards" magazine, "Best Local App Award" won[89].
  • May same year-Monthly magazine ``(English edition)In September issue, the cover was decorated by Cistrom and Krieger and featured in the 9 The Hot 2011 issue.[90].



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