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👶 | Is mom waiting time a secret time?Relaxing in the interaction between the two siblings in the bath ~ | Higashi Kirin's relaxing ...


Is mom waiting time a secret time?Relaxing in the interaction between the two siblings in the bath ~ | Higashi Kirin's relaxing ...

If you write the contents roughly
I had a cute face with a high five and got out of the bath!

A secret only for two people?High five in the bath Until I get out of the bath first and do various things and pick me up in the bath 2 ... → Continue reading

 Mama Square

"Mama Square" is filled with daily thoughts such as troubles, worries, fun, relaxed feelings, and things that we solved in this way.
I would be happy if it could be a clue to solving troubles to everyone reading it, empathy and hints for childcare

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Good face

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High touch

High touchIs the action of two people hitting each other's palms together at the height of their faces and heads.It is also a bright greeting, a scene to convey self-praise to others, and a gesture to share praise and congratulations.It has now been replaced by Goo Touch.

High touchJapanglishAnd in the English-speaking worldHigh five(English: high-five), And sometimes calls out "Give me five", "High-five", etc. during operation.


In Japan, there are various shouts and a high-touch, and even if one or both hands are called, there is no distinction called a high-touch, but in some parts of the English-speaking world, one hand is high-five, and if both hands are high-ten ( High-ten) may be distinguished along with the shout.

1980 years,Oxford English Dictionary1980 Represent a high touch on a platenounHigh-five is described as1981 In the editionverbWas described as. Prior to this, neither the expression of high five abroad nor the expression of high touch domestically existed, so afterwards, the origin of high five is that they were in the NBL official game on October 1977, 10. ,Dusty BakerArgue[1], In Japan, although there are several other similar claims, on August 1973, 8,Yuka Enatsu No hit no runThe origin of the match is uncertain, for example, in a game that remains in the history of ball decided by Sayonara's own home run, and Kouka was home-in while making a high-touch. Speaking of high touch in the English-speaking world, it mainly means high touch (high touch), and because it means "person involved in the business," etc., high touch (high touch) is described as Japanese-made English in English-Japanese dictionaries in Japan.

1983 years,EPO Released the album "HI・TOUCH-HI・TECH". High touch is described as HI TOUCH instead of high touch.

2013 years,BAPIncludingK-POPArtistsThey will hold high-touch events such as exchanging high-touch when welcoming fans at the venue and seeing them off, and exchanging high-touch with fans when they tour Europe, America and Asia on live tours. Around this time, high touch in English-speaking countries began to be gradually recognized as "The High Touch".[2].. In addition, slang that points to high touch on SNS etc. will spread as Hi touch. Made this yearKCONBoth the High Touch display and the Hi Touch display can be seen in topics related to the 2013 high touch event.

Around 2015, events such as high-touch and high-touch events held in English-speaking countries, and slang representing high-touch tickets will shift to hi touch centering on SNS.

Around 2016,MONSTA X,ikon,TWICEOverseas artists have emerged, and when they hold events such as high-touch events during world tours, their understanding of hi touch will spread, mainly in English-speaking SNS.


  • Even if you raise your hand for a high-touch (or handshake), it is intentionally ignored by the opponent and ends in a missed swing is called left hanging.[3].
    • When you hold your hand low and want a touch, it is called low touch (low five), and you continuously ask for a high touch and a low touch with the shouts "Up high!" and "Down low!". Sometimes[4][5]Also, there is a culture of pretending to ask for a low touch and actually making fun of the opponent by making them left hanging, and the person who set it up says "Too slow!" And gives a punch line, so "Too slow" Called.
  • 1989 On September 9, he hit a home run in an official baseball game.Hiromitsu KadotaWas greetedBoomerIn response to his high touch, she dislocated her shoulder.
  • 1991 MovieTerminator 2』By John ConnorT-800There is a scene that teaches high touch (high five).


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