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👶 | How often do you change bath towels? What are the answers chosen by 6% of moms ...


How often do you change bath towels? What are the answers chosen by 6% of moms ...

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It turned out that the majority of households said that they change bath towels every day.

Bath towels that are difficult to wash and dry.How often do you replace it?This time… → Continue reading

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Towel(British: towel) IsTowel clothTextile products with a pile structure called (Terry toweling)[1].. It can be classified into face towels, bath towels, beach towels, sports towels, etc. according to size and use. AlsoblanketAsTowel blanketThere is.

Towels are specialized in water absorption and touch, so most of them are fabrics with loop-shaped fine threads (Ranna) protruding from the surface, and the base fabric is generally coarse and highly breathable. Is.There are differences in the thickness of the base part depending on the application, but the number of raised parts isMmThe total thickness is 1CentimeterMostly within, but there are also products such as towels that have long brushed parts or have reduced brushed parts to increase the texture and luxury.About the nature of the fabricTowel clothSee.


It is also used to wipe wet things, or to wipe off dirt by wetting it. In particular, it is used to wipe the human body because it feels good on the skin, and various products are distributed depending on the application. Cheap products can grow and twist after a few washes, but especially oftenWashingTowels as hygiene products that are supposed to be used have a strong base, and the texture is not easily impaired even when washed.In Japan, towel-based products are used as a tool for washing the body when taking a bath, but in Europe and the United States, they are available.SoapIt is common to wash your body with[2].

Also, in Japan, it is cheap and easy to use, and it can be used in any home without getting in the way.movingGreetings around the beginning of the year, internal celebration,Year-end giftUsed for things to be handed over to, or used for corporate advertisingCrudeIt has become a standard item. Although it depends on the product, the price is low and it is easy to design, soPrintThere is also a towel with a name written by, and a thing with a company name by adjusting the raised part,Hotel,Japanese innSuch ashotelThere are quite a few places that use custom-made towels with names. CompanynoveltyThere are also companies that distribute high-quality towels with elaborate designs.

J-POP,LockThere are many cases where artists who specialize in selling towels as official goods. The intention isLIVEBy unifying the design of towels worn by the participants including the audience at the time of the event, it is intended to create a sense of unity in the venue. In addition, when playing uptempo-tuned songs at a live performance, the audience all swing around the towels at a high position like propellers, indicating that they are enjoying themselves, and a sense of unity and good atmosphere throughout the venue. There are uses such as promoting.

boxingThen, the second of my own team who decided that it was impossible to continue the match,ringWhite insideTowelThrow in to declare the game abandoned. It is written as TKO on the record,knock outTreated as a loss (see detailsknock outSee section). Not only boxing,Muay Thai,KickboxingBatting martial arts such as総 合格 闘 技Most of the martial arts that have hits such as, have adopted the system of abandoning the game by throwing this towel.

In addition, used towels may have raised hair and pop out, or they may be washed and exposed to harden the fibers, and the texture may be impaired.RagSometimes used as a material. I used a towel againStuffed animalTheHandicraftSome people make it in. Towels discharged from homeRecyclingFinely cut byrecycled paperIn addition to being used as a raw material forWaste clothTo remove dirt from products at factories, etc.machine,toolUsed as a cloth for cleaning etc.


Many products use towel cloth. However, what is called a towel and is called a towel is a square and simple piece of cloth. There are several distinct names, from square to rectangular, or in size, or depending on the nature of the toweling.

Hand towel
Also called wash towel, handkerchief towel, towel handkerchief.handkerchiefSize towel. Besides being used as a handkerchief, it is also used for washing the body. There are many elaborately designed products, which are also used for gifts, and many towels are relatively solid. The cheaper the fabric is, the weaker it is, but it is still difficult to stretch and twist due to the weeding.
Face towel
So-called"WashbasinTowel".Facial washYou can use it extensively by washing your face with water and rinsing it, and then wiping your face or wrapping it around your head. Especially for face towels, special products that have a special soft brushing and can be wiped without irritating the skin of the face, and have high water absorption can be seen. Size isTowelIt is about 30 cm wide and 75 cm long, and although there are some variations, it is similar in size, and when folded and stored, it fits in about the same size.Inexpensivemass productionAvailable, it is easy to obtainCrudeThis size is also used as.
Body towel
A towel to wash your body. The size is about the same as a face towel, and it is used with soap or body soap. The material is mainlyhemp-cotton-silk-NylonSuch. Depending on the material, foaming and washing comfort may differ.
bath towel
It's much larger than a regular towel, and when wrapped around the body, even an adult can hide the body. There are several sizes, especially products with a long raised and soft texture. Also used for gifts, luxurybrandSometimes it is embroidered. Even cheaper products use relatively thick toweling.
Sports towel
Products that are slightly larger than general towels are mainly used, and hand towels that do not have brushed parts on both ends (mainly margins for printing as a rough product) do not have that for sports towels. Although there are no elaborately designed products, the thick towel cloth is woven and dyed firmly,motionIt was bigSweatBecause it is also for wiping theWashingBut it's hard to fade and stretch, so wash wellcleanEasy to do.
Beach towel
It's like a bath towel,æ°´ æ³³It has a character similar to that of a sports towel when used when doing, and is also a little thicker because it can be laid under the body.
Wrap towel
On a big bath towelrubberSew on both endssnapMade to attach and fastenSkirtsShaped towel.
Muffler Towel
A sports towel that is half the length is generally used, and has an elongated shape like a muffler. Used as support goods for sports and live concerts.
Towel blanket
It's a towel cloth, but it's not for cleaning your body,Going to bedYou can get a good night's sleep by quickly absorbing the sweat you sweat. However, since it is a well-ventilated towel cloth, it cannot be expected to retain heat in the winter. There are various types of hair, such as long brushed and dense ones, and thin, highly breathable ones, and various shades.
Towel mat
Rather than wipe your body, use it by pulling it on the floor. The nap is short and dense, and the fabric is solid.BathroomIt is laid in a dressing room, etc., and when you wipe your body, it absorbs the droplets that hang down on the floor.Modular bathな どWCWhere the bathtub and are together, the floor is basically not a place to flush water (there is a drainage outlet for collecting spilled drops), so it may be placed on the unit bath floor.
Art towel
A product in which an artwork is printed on a towel cloth. Some are suitable for hand towels and face towels,TapestrySome of them are sold completely as interior products, such as large-format ones used for interior decoration.

In addition to the above, according to the Osaka Towel Industry Association site,FranceIs about 15 cm wide and 20 cm wideMittensIt is said that there is a bag-shaped towel that you can use by inserting your hands like. This towel is for bathing and is called "Gan de Toilet" and is used for washing the body. According to the site, it has been reused as a rag to "wipe away the dirt on the washbasin."

Again in JapanNaraHas a "marathon towel" that children wear under gym clothes. In the coldmarathonSoak up the sweat, and pull it out from the back side after the end. Many are handmade by parents[3].


Generally widely usedcottonIs. In addition, in those with improved water absorption,Nylon,polyesterIs used. Further, there is a product in which nylon or polyester fibers are specially processed to further improve water absorption. Besides thiscaseinThere are also products that specialize in water absorption using special materials such asFemale,乳 幼 児Some of them are made for people with delicate skin.

In addition, for medical/nursing useNon-wovenI have a towel.

Production area

The origin of the towel cloth islight industryConcentrate on a thriving area.


米 国Then.mass productionThere are many products that conform to the above, but there are many products with thick fabrics made by the technology cultivated in the production of cotton products,ChugokuAlthough it is mass-producing and supplying products that are a little thin and extremely inexpensive, there are also products of the same quality as those made in Japan, produced by manufacturers that have gained technical skills through technology licensing and partnerships since the 2000s.


Generally Japanese towelsloomThe technology is excellent, and small lots such as elaborately designed products are also available.


EhimeImabariAroundSaijo City,Matsuyama CityIs produced inRegional collective trademarkIs "Imabari towel". Imabari cityImabari Towel Industry AssociationHas been installed, and as of 2016, 110 companies have joined, and the production volume is 12036 tons.1960 It has overtaken Quanzhou and is the largest towel producing area in Japan.It has a share of less than 6% of domestic towels.

1894 Heisuke Abe remodeled the cotton flannel machine and started producing towels.1918 Nakamura Tadashiemon introduced the jacquard loom to Imabari for the first time, changed the conventional manufacturing method of "weaving → bleaching → dyeing", and made use of Imabari's abundant water resources, "bleaching → dyeing → weaving". Established the manufacturing method[4]..Furthermore, the characteristics of Imabari towels that enable free expression with woven patterns were created by the technical guidance of Toshiaki Sugawara, who was assigned to the Ehime Prefectural Industrial Training Institute as an industrial engineer in 1922.[4]..Even now, it is a characteristic of Imabari's towel production area that it specializes in "pre-bleaching and dyeing" and techniques for expressing complex and delicate patterns.

Utilizing high technology1970 eraOEM production of towels from famous overseas brands has increased, but in addition to the bursting of the bubble economy,ChugokuDue to the influx of cheap products such as1991 After peaking in Imabari, towel production began to decline.1995 Imabari's production quantity was reversed to import quantity,1980 eraThe share of imported products, which was about 1% until2000 eraAfter entering, it rose to nearly 8%, and Imabari towel makers were forced into bankruptcy and business closure one after another.[5].

As the production area faces a crisis of survival,2006 ToMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryAdopted by "JAPAN Brand Development Support Project" and started "Imabari Towel Project".To be a general producerKashiwa SatoWe are proceeding with the branding of Imabari towels.Products that meet the standards set by the Imabari Towel Industry Association are given the "Imabari Towel" brand mark, as well as exhibiting at trade fairs in Japan and overseas and opening the Imabari Towel Minami Aoyama store.Towel sommelier qualification testEfforts such as implementation are being carried out.

Due to the effect of branding, the production of towels in Imabari2009 Turned to increase after bottoming out at 9,381 tons[6]. AlsoShikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and IndustryAnd according to a survey by the Imabari Towel Industry Association, the awareness of Imabari Towel increased from 2004% in 36.6 before the start of the project to 2012% in 71.[7].

2015 Of the women's majors held fromANA inspirationThe robe given to the winner of is made by Imabari.


OsakaIzumisanoAroundSennan city,Kumatori TownProduced inQuanzhou towel". The Osaka Towel Industry Association was established in Izumisano City, and as of 2016, 95 companies have joined the company, producing 8583 tons. It is the birthplace of Japan's towel industry and has a market share of more than 4% of domestic towels.

1887 years,Enjiro SatoiDevised a launching machine by Terry Motion and started towel production. A post-bleaching towel that is bleached after weaving.

As a domestic production center, it is in a difficult situation due to the influence of Chinese production, but as a result of continuing efforts to commercialize towels that use almost no chemicals, due to its high quality, production for corporate gifts etc. Is increasing. In 2006, it was certified as the first JAPAN brand development support project in Osaka prefecture.

Most of the towel looms that are the basis of towel production use looms manufactured by Tsudakoma Kogyo Co., Ltd. There are also rapiers and shuttle looms, but many are air jet looms such as ZA207Ti, and the latest air jet looms called ZAX9100 Terry are being introduced recently.


Towel production started around 1904, and was the second largest nationwide in terms of production by 1920 until Senshu, but the cottage industry mainly failed to establish a mass production system and dropped out. Currently, it is the third largest producer in Japan after Ehime and Osaka prefectures, and with its high technology, it manufactures the towels that the times have demanded. The Hokusei Towel Industry Cooperative was dissolved in 2.

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