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🎁 | Also for Christmas gifts!A smart sensor mirror with a light that reproduces natural light "Gala Mirror" 47 ...


Also for Christmas gifts!A smart sensor mirror with a light that reproduces natural light "Gala Mirror" 47 ...

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The gala mirror with a full-field ring-type light can not only reproduce 95% of natural light, but also the color temperature and illuminance can be set according to your needs.

HI ・ BELLA (operated by ORANGE VIEW LIMITED), a brand that develops beauty equipment development business, is ... → Continue reading


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Color temperature

BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

Color temperature(Color temperature, temperature, temperatureEnglish: Color temperature) islight sourceIs emittingLight OfColorThequantitativeIt is a scale (unit) expressed by a numerical value.unitToThermodynamic temperature Of K (Kelvin) To use.


The color temperature isPerformanceThe color of the light you are trying to change to a certain temperature (High fever)ofBlackbodyからradiationCorresponds to the color of the light that is made, and the black body at that timetemperatureIs the color temperature.

All ofmaterialIs thattemperatureVarious depending onwavelength OfLightTheradiationdoing.thisHeat radiationThat is.The color varies from substance to substance and from temperature to temperature.Thermal radiationNormal temperatureIs weak, but for example鉄Such as金属When it is heated, it emits a visible amount of light.Initially orange, gradually as the temperature riseswhiteIt looks brighter and brighter.

Color temperature unit

idealAssuming a typical blackbody, the light emitted by the blackbody at a certain temperaturewavelength OfdistributedCan be derived.Dark orange when the temperature is low, and as the temperature rises黄色It becomes tinged white, and when it gets highertagIt becomes close to bright white.In this way, the color white can be expressed by the temperature of the blackbody, and this temperature is called the color temperature.

(thisColor chartIs a schematic diagram, and the color temperature is not calculated by specifying an object in particular.About the theoretical formula Planck's law checking ... )

Asahi,Setting sunThe color temperature of is about 2000 K, which is normal.SunlightIs 5000-6000 K.Clearplateau OfOur Sky Ofnoon OfLight of the sunIs said to be approximately 6500 K.These are considerably more yellowish than commonly thought white.The blue color of the light that actually illuminates the object (light other than direct sunlight) has a considerable effect on the color, and at color temperatures higher than 6500 K, it feels "white".

Color reproducibility

写真,tv set,computerMonitor (display) Etc., color temperature is important for accurate color reproduction.

In the photoス タ ジ オphotograph OfLight(Photo·moviesuseTungsten lamp) Is assumed to be 3200 K and the sun's rays are assumed to be 5500 K.the film(Tungsten type for long exposure and daylight type for short exposure) are designed to achieve optimum color reproduction under illumination at this color temperature.

Then, "Standard lightD65Is the currentDe facto standardAnd this is a color temperature of 6500 K.America'sColor TV(NTSC), The color temperature standard is 6500 K, and the color temperature standard of Japanese TV (NTSC-J) is 9300 K, which is quite bluish.

9300 K is the mainstream for personal computer monitors, but 6500 K (excluding extremely low-priced products)sRGBMode) and can be changed to 5000 Kgraphic designYou can choose an appropriate color temperature for your convenience.Also, by changing the sharp pale 9300 K setting to a mild 6500 K or 5000 K, the operator'sfatigueFeeling (stressThis feature is also useful in situations where) is softened and color accuracy is not strictly required.You can also adjust the color temperature of your computer with software.

Color temperature and vision

There is no proportional relationship between color recognition in human vision and color temperature.Therefore, as an expression closer to how people feel, the color temperatureReciprocalThere is a way to use the reverse color temperature.The reciprocal color temperature is the reciprocal of Kelvin, K−1Not (every Kelvin), but multiplied by 100 millionMired (M) orEvery mega kelvin (MK−1) Is used (the names are different, but the size is the same unit).

indoor照明Widely used asFluorescent lightIs mainly classified into "bulb color", "warm white", "white", "daylight white", and "daylight color", and are about 3000 K, 3500 K, 4200 K, 5000 K, and 6500 K in that order.These are 333 MK each−1, 286 MK−1, 238 MK−1, 200 MK−1, 154 MK−1 And all the differences are 40–50 MK−1 The color changes are felt to be constant before and after.This is the reason why the intervals on the high color temperature side are wide and there are not many fluorescent lamps with a color temperature in the middle.Of the above, "bulb color", "daylight white", and "daylight color" are currently on sale to the general public.LED lightingAlso follows this.

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