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👶 | [Gugugu ...! ] 1-year-old brother supports his brother with salt! ⇒ The reason was one word from my brother, "The cool eldest son is still sweet to his family today."


[Gugugu ...! ] 1-year-old brother supports his brother with salt! ⇒ The reason was one word from my brother, "The cool eldest son is still sweet to his family today."

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Hika-kun, who used to be salt-friendly to Chii-kun.

Ao's eldest son, Hika-kun (3rd grade), pretends to be cool and is actually super sweet to his family !? → Continue reading

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saltyMeans "salty" and "salty"dialect(Kanto dialectSuch).

Also, by diversion, it is used to mean "pathetic / embarrassing," "miserable," and "disgusting."


"Salty" is a transfer of "boiled" (shiohayushi, wrinklehayushi).

By diversion, it has been used in a specific industry to use it like "He is a salty guy", "Don't say so salty", "Make a salty face", "Salty work" as described later.Secret word(Jargon).


Originally,Grand SumoIt is an adjective that implies "weak", that is, it is just crawling on the ground where salt is sprinkled.Later turned from sumo wrestlingRikidozanBywrestlingIt has come to be used in the world.

In the case of professional wrestling, it is mainly lacking in games that are not enough to satisfy the spectators and performance ability to satisfy the spectators on and off the stage.Professional wrestlerIs evaluated as "salty". While there are wrestlers who are gaining popularity due to the goodness of the game and the fun of the microphone performance even if they are weak in the game, even wrestlers with skills and wrestlers with many winning stars have a monotonous game and the appearance of the technique is sober. In that case, the audience may buy a wrestler as "boring", so unlike the original usage of sumo wrestlers, it cannot be said that "salty = weak".

In the lines related to this term,新 日本 プ ロ レ ス OfAtsushi Hirata"I'm sorry for the salty match" that he released with a microphone (SG Tag LeagueAfter the IV final:1994 May 10/ New Japan Pro-Wrestling Ryogoku KokugikanTournament) is famous. The industry term for wrestlers, "salty," was the beginning of what was said in front of fans.

Professional boxingAlso inDaisuke Naito Xiong ChaozhongWithWBC世界FlyweightAlthough he suffered a down in the fifth defense match of the throne, the defense was successful, and he left a comment "I'm sorry for playing a salty match" in the interview with the winner after the match.[1].

"SaltedThere is also the word. The meaning is that the spectators are calm after being stuck or in a matchmaking state for a long time during a match such as martial arts. In particular,総 合格 闘 技Then the other partyTakedownAnd the state of suppressing from above continues[2],KickboxingThen, it means playing a game that lacks excitement without letting the opponent show their characteristics.[3]It is widely used.

Diversion in the entertainment world

Salt compatible
Used in the above senseColloquialism"Salty" was originally a word in the professional wrestling and martial arts world.[4], Comedians since the 2000sMitsuyoshi UchimuraThey have come to be often used in the entertainment world.Furthermore, the word "salt-friendly" was born from this slang word "salty".
For example, of an idolHandshake meetingAt the same time, the idol's casual response to the fans is "salt-friendly" (salty gesture, turning cold)AffectionMeans no correspondence)[5].. In 2014, formerAKB48 OfHaruka ShimazakiBecame widely known as a salt-friendly idol[6][7][8].
"Yu Can New and Buzzword Award"Salt correspondence" became one of the 2014 words nominated as a new word / buzzword of the year in November 11, and was reported in the form of referring to Haruka Shimazaki.[7].. 『Basic knowledge of modern terminology』Posted the explanation of" salt correspondence "from the" 2014 version "released in November 11[9].
God correspondence
On the other hand, sincere response and overwhelmingly wonderful response compared to others"God correspondence"と 呼 ば れ る[6].


  • Supervised by the Japan Sumo Association "Hakkiyoi! Sekitori-kun Waku Waku Grand Sumo Guide" 40p


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