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👶 | People born on January 1st | What is your fortune in 1 on your birthday?


This person was born on January 1st | What is your fortune in 1 on your birthday?

If you write the contents roughly
Urabe Tsubasa / Captain Tsubasa
Orpheus / High School DxD
Guido Lucion Deviluke / To LOVE-Ru
Shin Kirishima / Tokyo Ghoul
Daikichi Koyuki / Eyeshield 21
Autonomous Thinking Fixed Gun / Assassination Classroom
Sephiria Arcs / BLACK CAT
Kako Takafuji / The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
Karin Domyoji / The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
Han Juri / Street Fighter IV
Fuchoin Kazuki / GetBackers-Recapture Shop-
Might Guy / NARUTO
Alexandria Meat / Kinnikuman, Kinnikuman II
Belldandy / Oh My Goddess
Dia Kurosawa / Love Live!

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