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💳 | au PAY, food delivery takeout application "menu" available

Photo Procedure for using the "menu" mini app in the "au PAY" app

au PAY, food delivery takeout application "menu" available

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You can also use "Ponta points" when making payments, and you can earn 1% of Ponta points by making payments with au PAY.

On October 10, KDDI will benefit from the "menu" mini app in the "au PAY" app provided by the company. → Continue reading

 BCN + R

The website "BCN + R" is a specialized online media for people who sell or make things, who understand "now" and "tomorrow" of digital products and home appliances in Japan.

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au PAY

KDDI > au > au WALLET / au Pay

au PAY It is,au brandExpandKDDI,andOkinawa Cellular PhoneProvided byQR/Bar code payment.

Once2014 (Heisei(26 years) Started service in JuneElectronic moneyIs a serviceau WALLETIs also described.prepaid cardAu WALLET prepaid card,Credit cardAu WALLET credit card,retailAu WALLET Market,Point serviceThe au WALLET points program, consisting of:

au WALLET card

au PAY prepaid card

ConventionalauWALLET points were given instead of au points provided to users so that WALLET points and cash could be charged.prepaid cardIs a service that issues[1].

In system configuration,Web money-Credit SaisonIn collaboration withMasterCardUsing the prepaid payment system, it has become possible to use it not only in conventional online payment but also in real stores.[2].

In addition, on the cardNFCCorresponding IC chip is embedded,FeliCaNot compatibleSuicaEtc. is not compatible with electronic money.

Real-time charging function added from April 2018, 4[3].

From February 2020, the brand name has been changed from "au WALLET" to "au PAY". Since the issue application was completed after the same month, the “au PAY prepaid card” is being mailed in sequence, rather than the “au WALLET prepaid card”.

Issuance qualification

It is limited to the individual service contractor below. Only one is issued per au ID.

*Subscribers other than au must meet the following conditions: "Get an au ID that is "carrier-free" in the summer of 2019" "Open an au Jibun Bank account for the purpose of identity verification" For example, an au PAY prepaid card will be issued. You will need an ID that "links" your bank account when you apply for issuance.


  • WALLET points (→ Ponta points) ・From au points (1 WALLET points (Ponta points) = 1 yen, 1.2 au points = 1 yen, but users under the age of 20 cannot charge from the points)
  • Jibun Bank
    • Until December 2014, 12, 31% was added to the charge amount[5]
  • au shop
  • au Easy Payment (Not available when paying for the phone with some credit cards and bill payment at convenience stores, etc.)
  • Credit cards (Master brand cards, andSaison card-UC card
  • LawsonAll stores (can be charged at "Natural Lawson" or "Lawson Store 100" stores)
  • Seven BankTMJ
  • Lawson BankATM (from October 2021, 10)[6]


  • MasterCardDealer
  • WebMoneyHandling site
    • Enter and use the prepaid number printed on the back of the card

au PAY card

A credit card issued by au Financial Services Co., Ltd. (formerly KDDI Financial Services Co., Ltd.) under the VISA brand or mastercard brand, which conducts its own screening (credit grant) using the payment status of au charges, etc.

au users (including au Hikari) have no admission fee or annual membership fee.

au PAY Gold Card

This is a higher version of the au PAY card, and in addition to the services of the au WALLET credit card, it provides a generous service related to points and travel.

  • Annual membership fee is 10,000 yen (excluding tax), first family card is free, after the second family card is 1 yen (excluding tax)/card
  • au coupons that can be used when purchasing au smartphones/tablets up to 10,000 yen are given each year
  • Up to 11% point reward for payment of au charges (normal point 1% + gold card privilege 10%)
  • 100 million points will be awarded when using 500 million yen a year, 150 points will be awarded when using 1,500 million yen, and 200 points will be awarded when using 4,000 million yen.
  • Free domestic and overseas (Hawaii) airport lounges
  • Domestic/overseas travel insurance (up to 5,000 million yen)
  • Delayed departure/canceled overseas flights (up to 2 yen)
  • Shopping security insurance (300 million yen per year)
  • 5% discount (1 yen discount only for the first time) by first-class hotels and inn special services (Relux)

au PAY Market

Comprehensive shopping mall operated by KDDI (Online mall). It can be used even if you are not an au user, and payments other than au PAY can also be used.

OnceDeNA Mobage"Mobadepa", which was operated as an official shopping site, and its subsidiaryMobaokuThe origin is the "au shopping mall" that was jointly operated by KDDI and KDDI.

"Mobadepa" is2012 The company's in SeptemberAuction siteIntegrated into "Bidders", a brand (operated separately from Mobaoku)[7],2013 May 1Renamed to "DeNA Shopping"[8]..The auction function, which was equivalent to "Bidders" before the integration, has been reduced.2014 May 3Will be abolished.2016 May 12"DeNA Shopping" and "au Shopping Mall" were integrated and the business was transferred to KDDI.[9],2017 May 1To "Wowma!"[10],2019 May 7Renamed to "au Wowma!"[11] Through2020 May 5More current name[12].

au WALLET Market

au Commerce & Life (LUXA, Inc. and KDDI Commerce Forward2019 May 4A shopping site operated by (established by merging with) where you can purchase "little good things" that enrich your daily life.2015 May 8Started service in[13].

As a general rule, KDDI sells products directly and is not in the form of a shopping mall, and au's communication service contract is required for use, which is a big difference from the au PAY market, and it is a completely different site operated in parallel. ing. "You can easily buy it both in real life and online", that isWebsiteNot only nationwideau shopHowever, the feature is that you can order products while receiving guidance from the staff.

au point program

2020 In March, it shifted to a stage system according to the use of each KDDI service.There are four ranks, regular, silver, gold, and platinum, which are converted into points by using the services of KDDI and its subsidiaries, and affect the Ponta point return rate and long-term preferential points when using the au PAY market.[14]..At the same time, the name has been changed to the au point program.

Target services and scores are as follows[15].

  • Launch au PAY / My au app --1 score each once a day
  • au PAY (code payment) ―― 3 scores at a time (count up to 30 times a month), 5000 scores for every 10 yen spent
  • au PAY Prepaid Card (au WALLET Prepaid Card) ―― 3 scores at a time (up to 30 times a month), 5000 scores for every 10 yen spent
  • au PAY Card (au WALLET Credit Card) ―― 3 scores at a time (up to 30 times a month), 5000 scores for every 10 yen spent
  • Auto Charge-10 scores per month
  • au PAY Market (au Wowma!) ―― 9 scores for each purchase (up to 30 times a month), 5000 scores for every 30 yen spent
  • au smartphones, mobile phones,UQ mobileContract-10 scores on contract
  • au Smart Pass / au Smart Pass PremiumContract-10 scores for subscription
  • au smart valueEligible--10 scores with discount applied
  • au Denki・ UQ Denki ・ BIGLOBE Denki Contract-20 scores for subscription
  • TEPCO Gas / Chubu Gas / Kanden Gas / Hokuden Gas for au Contract-20 scores for subscription
  • au jibun bank ――10 scores when the deposit balance is 10 or more

Converting these scores for 3 months, the total score is regular up to 199, silver 200-299, gold 500-799, and platinum 800 or more.

To be integrated into Ponta

On December 2019, 12, KDDI and Royalty Marketing (hereinafter referred to as "LM") announced that they will enter into a capital and business alliance agreement. KDDIMitsubishi Corporation20% of the LM shares owned by LM are used by LM as well as au WALLET pointsTipIntegrated as of May 2020, 5[16][17][18][19].

au PAY

KDDI2019 QR/bar code settlement service started in April. In October 4, the number of registered users exceeded 2019 million.[20] Besides au PAY member stores,RakutenBy agreement withRakuten PayIt can also be used at member stores.

The balance and points are shared with the au WALLET prepaid card, and can be used properly depending on the store (au PAY for stores that support QR payment, prepaid card for non-compliant stores). It is a common standard for QR and barcode payments.JPQRHave also participated in.

From February 2020, the name of au WALLET application will be changed to au PAY application, and the name of each service provided by KDDI and group companies will be changed to the one bearing au PAY as follows.[21].

  • au WALLET prepaid card → au PAY prepaid card
  • au WALLET credit card → au PAY card
  • au WALLET Gold Card → au PAY Gold Card
  • au WALLET smart loan → au PAY smart loan
  • au Wowma! → au PAY Market

CM character


  • Kenta Kiritani -Appointed as au WALLET from June 2015, 6.Urashima Taro(Ura-chan) Appeared as a character.
  • Nanao -Appointed from June 2015, 6.OtohimeAppeared as (Oto-chan).
  • Suzuki Rio -As au WALLET, only CMs for BS digital/CS digital broadcasting stations have appeared since July 2015.
  • Ami Kikuchi -Like Rio Suzuki mentioned above, only CMs for BS digital/CS digital broadcasting stations will appear.



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