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🎁 | Amazon Fire tablet supports new Disney +.Campaign too


Amazon Fire tablets now support Disney +.Campaign too

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, from those who followed Disney +'s official Twitter account (@DisneyPlusJP) and retweet the target campaign, a campaign is underway to present Fire HD 5 etc. to 10 people by lottery.

Amazon Fire tablet series renewed video distribution service "Disn ..." on October 10 → Continue reading

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If there is no explanation, there is no corresponding item on Wikipedia.

Official Twitter account


Twitter(Twitter)The United States of America-CaliforniaSan FranciscoHeadquartered in Twitter, Inc.Social networking services (SNS) (Information service[15][16]).

Called "tweet"Half size280 characters (Japanese,Chinese,Korean TheFull widthText, images, videos, within 140 characters)URLCan be posted.In the WestRedditLess utilization than[17].


2006 OctoberToObbias company(Now: Twitter) startedWeb service.. Of service nameTwitterMeans “tweet/excitement”, “useless story”, or “people taunting/riding” in English[18].. "Tweet", which refers to a short post on Twitter, is "(I.e. OftwitterMeans "sounding"EnglishAndJapaneseIs translated as "tweet" (muttering), and at least the speakers of the same languageuserIs established between[Note 1].

Loose "connection" (Human relations[20]Occurs in a broad senseSocial networking services It is sometimes said to be one of (SNS)[21], Twitter itself stipulates that it is a "communication network with social elements" (communication network), not an SNS[22][23].. As of November 2017, TwitterCEO OfJack DorseyDefines Twitter as not an SNS and defines it as an “interest, networking and service”[24]Also, as of June 2018, the CEO of Twitter JapanYu Sasamoto"We think that it is not a network service but a place to know what is happening, a place near news media," said in an interview.[25].. In addition, some mass mediaMini blog'[21][26] "Microblogging"[27]Although it was sometimes classified into such a category, Twitter does not define it as such.

2016 May 7Although the number of users at the time reached 3 million worldwide,[28],2018 October3 million as of[29]And the growth is sluggish. As of April 2019, the number of users is 4 million.[30].

board of directors

  • Omid Cordestani (Twitter Chairman)
  • Peter Charnin (Founder of Charnin Group)
  • Peter Curly (President, Curly Capital)
  • Jack Dorsey (Twitter co-founder and CEO, Square Co-founder and CEO)
  • Peter Fenton (Representative Partner)
  • David Rosenblatt (1stdibs.com CEO)
  • Marjorie Scardino(MacArthur Foundation Chairman)
  • Evan Williams (Twitter co-founder, Medium CEO)

Japanese subsidiary

Twitter Japan Co., Ltd.(Twitter Japan Kabushiki Gaisha)The United States of America OfTwitter, Inc.CompanyJapan OfLocal corporation.

Development in the Japanese market

2008 May 1Found the future of TwitterDigital garageGroup invests in Twitter and announces support for Japan expansion[31], 2008May 4ToUser interfaceHas been localized into Japanese[32].. further2009 May 10ToMobile phoneWebsite for[33],at the same timeWILLCOMRegistered as the official content of[34].


2020 May 5Of a female professional wrestler who died suddenly inKimura flower OfAccountIn the same year, 100 citizens wanted to promptly delete the slander and discriminatory posts to individuals on Twitter about the fact that many slanderous tweets were made and operate it so that it can be used with peace of mind.May 6, Protested in front of Twitter Japan headquarters. The company commented to the media, "We will strive to create an environment that can be used with peace of mind and will focus more on providing more healthy services."[35].

Functions and terminology

To post a statement on TwittercomputerAnd mobile phones,SmartphoneLog in to your account with, etc., enter the content within 140 characters (280 characters in the case of half-width characters) in the box at the top of the screen, and press the "Tweet" button to complete the posting.Also, in the past it was possible to post by mobile email.[15]But,feature phoneIt is currently unavailable due to the termination of the target service. This post can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection[36].. In case of PCInternet Explorer 7If you access it before, it will be transferred to the address for mobile phones (mobile.twitter.com)[37]However, after June 2015Internet Explorer 9Has been raised to before. In addition, after November 2016, no images were displayed when accessing with Internet Explorer 11 or earlier.

When you log in to Twitter, you can see your posts and the posts of users who have already "followed" in chronological order on the "Timeline" of your own page "Home". By posting, and sometimes other users talking to it,IMCompared to, looser communication is created. On the other hand, when a “keyword search” is performed, a timeline of “posts containing keywords” is generated, and groups connected by “posts containing keywords” naturally occur. You can also join a group by posting posts that include the same keywords. The "trend" allows you to know the "keywords" that are being posted frequently. There is also the ability to narrow the range of trends by country or by major city.

In addition to posting and browsing on the official website, you can also use various useful functions.client・Client web services,iPhone,AndroidFor smartphones such asAppsMany have also been released, andUbuntu Since 10.04, Gwibber of microblogging client is installed as standard, and it can be used in various environments, such as being integrated into the desktop environment.

As a method of classifying communication media (communication media), there is a method of dividing into “synchronous type (no gap)” and “asynchronous type (with gap)” depending on whether there is a gap between the timing of transmitted information and the timing of reaching the receiving side. But[Note 2]In the case of Twitter, in principle, it is used asynchronously (there is a time lag before one user's tweet is read by another user), but it is used temporarily synchronously (that is,チ ャ ッ トIt can be said that this is a medium in which synchronous and asynchronous types coexist because communication is performed almost in real time. Sometimes referred to as "selective synchronization" in the sense that the user can choose to perform synchronous communication as needed.[38].

Profile/account related

Settings related to your profile and account are made from the settings page on the official website. To registerEmail AddressPasswordIs necessary. Some features of the mobile phone site are limited.

User name (screen name)
The user name is the ID label on Twitter. Available characters are half-width alphanumeric charactersunderscoreUp to 15 characters[39].. The user name is managed individually by the system, and the same user name as the existing one cannot be registered. The username indicates that it is a usernameAt sign(@) is added to the beginning. The user name mechanism is an internal ID (a number that is automatically and randomly assigned at registration and cannot be changed by the user), so it can be changed after the fact. A web page https://twitter.com/(user name) is assigned as a screen to post the account's tweet history and profile (described later)[Note 3].
https://twitter.com/(ユーザー名) のWebページには自己紹介情報として、名前、プロフィール画像、バナー画像、自己紹介、Webサイト、場所、誕生日などを設定できる。これらを総称して「プロフィール」と呼ぶ。
There is no limit to the maximum of 50 characters and characters used. Required setting item.
profile image
Images displayed on the profile screen and each tweet. You can register any image, it will be roundtrimmingIs displayed. If not set, the default unisex person icon is displayed. Optional setting item. Before June 2017 it was square[40].. Also, the default icon is the same as the Twitter logo until 2010, "White bird on blue background", from 2010egg, Became the current unisex person icon from April 2017[41].. : As of August 2020, for square images before trimming saved on the system, the square image icon can be displayed by setting on Tweetdeck or some third party clients.
Header image
You can set any image in the landscape area at the top of the profile screen. Unlike the profile image, it is only displayed on the profile screen. If it is not set, a monochromatic display of an arbitrary color is displayed. Optional setting item.
Any text can be set up to 160 characters. Optional setting item.
For websites related to your accountURLEnter. Optional setting item.
Enter the place name etc. related to the account. Optional setting item.
Date of birth can be set.The disclosure range can be set separately for the year of birth and the date of birth.However, the year of birth within 18 years cannot be disclosed.Optional setting item. : By setting, "Happy Birthday" will be displayed on your profile for 24 hours on the day, and you can actually break the balloon. Click (tap) this message to raise colorful balloons. An animation is displayed. : Also, due to the revision of Twitter's Terms of Service from May 2018, 5, the account may be locked if the birth year is set to be under 25 years old at the time of registration.[Note 4].
Keep your posts private (private). The profile screen of the user who made this settingpadlockIcon is displayed, and all tweets can only be viewed by the user and their followers. You must apply for follow-up and get permission to read posts from protected users who are not following you. In the case of non-public, even if you comment on a post that is not a follower, it will not be displayed, but only a number is added to the comment column.

Post related

A sentence of 140 characters or less posted by a user, and a unique URL is assigned to each.There is no distinction between half-width and full-width characters.Previously it was written as "tweet" on the Japanese version official website, but it was unified to "tweet".Originally, there was no character limit, but since there were many posts using the SMS function of mobile phones, the specification is set to limit the number of characters by subtracting 160 characters for the user's name from the character limit of 20 characters of the SMS function. changed[Note 5].
When browsing tweets from the Twitter website, you can only browse the latest 3,200. If you take the trouble of directly connecting to the URL of individual tweets, you may be able to browse tweets up to 3,200 tweets.[42].
The maximum number of tweets (including retweets) allowed per day is 1.[43].
Reposting another user's post.You can show the tweet to your followers. Often abbreviated as RT.It is also called an official retweet for the purpose of distinguishing it from the informal retweet described later.In response to the spread among users of unofficial retweets, it was simplified by incorporating this as an official function, and the tampering problem described later was solved at the same time.
Trial implementation in November 2009 for some users of the English version[44].. It has been added to the Japanese version of Twitter since January 2010, 1. When the original tweet is deleted, the official retweet is also deleted. Tweets from protected users cannot be retweeted.
If any of the people you follow retweet, those posts will appear in your timeline, even if they're posted by someone you don't follow.
From April 2015, 4, it is possible to retweet by inserting the original comment of the user who retweeted. You can enter up to 7 characters for the comment. If you retweet with a comment, it will be in the form of a quoted tweet, and if you retweet without a comment, it will be the same as the previous retweet.[45]..In addition to using the retweet button, it can also be realized by pasting the URL of the tweet.If you paste multiple URLs, the last one will be treated as the citation source.
A screen in which the posts and retweets of the people you follow are displayed in chronological order. Sometimes abbreviated as TL. The newest posts are displayed at the top, and old posts flow down. Another timeline is displayed when using the list or search function.
User Streams
An API that allows you to obtain timeline information in real time by streaming.2018 OfMay 8(Japan time) API was completely shut down and abolished[46].
Also abbreviated as Lip.A post addressed to another user with a mention added to the tweet. If you post in the format of "@username (content you want to post)", it will be treated as a reply to that user.You can check the posts addressed to you on the list page.If you post by entering the @username at the beginning of the tweet, it will not appear in the timeline of third-party users who are following only one of the posted user and the alleged user, but they are following both It appears on the user's timeline.On the other hand, if you post with @username in the middle of the tweet, it will also be displayed on the timeline of third-party users who are following the posted user, so I dare to put "." In front of @username. Or, there are cases where two "@" s are overlapped.Unlike direct messages, replies are less private because anyone can see them by opening the page of the user who posted the post.
The reply has a function to add the information of the reply source tweet[Note 6].. You can also use this to display the flow of conversation in a thread format.
From March 2017, the specifications have been changed so that users who only browse can read the reply without logging in.
Unofficial retweets
Copy and paste another user's post and post it in the format "RT @ username (content posted by the original user)".Originally, retweets pointed to this, but since the appearance of official retweets, they are called in this way to distinguish them.With an official retweet, if the retweet source deletes the tweet, the retweet will also be deleted, but the unofficial retweet will be recognized as a normal tweet and will not be deleted. In some cases, the retweet user's own comment may be placed before "RT", or a hashtag not found in the original tweet may be added.Since it is just a copy and paste, it is easy to tamper with, and there is a problem that it can be made to appear as if there was a post with contents different from the original tweet.Also, if multiple users officially retweet the same tweet, only one same tweet will be displayed on the timeline, but in the case of unofficial retweet, duplicate tweets will be displayed, which is important information. Is easily buried.Due to these harmful effects, it is deprecated by Twitter and the use of official retweets is recommended.[47][48].
A slang term that means copy and paste another user's post and post it as is, without displaying the original author's name. Abbreviated as Pakutsui. Informal retweets display the original contributor's name, while puck retweets pretend to be posted in their own words.[49]That is, the difference is that it is plagiarized.
Posts that disappear in 24 hours.Instagram,FacebookIt was a function equivalent to "Stories" of, and was a function only for iOS version and Android version.[50]..You cannot see the posts from your computer.This featureBrazil,イタリア,India, South KoreaIt was released as a test at2020 May 11Added to the Japanese version[51]..The fleet is independent of the timeline and you can post using photos, videos and text.When you post a fleet, the poster's profile image becomes an icon that appears at the top of the timeline (icons appear side by side), and you can tap it to see the fleet.A ring indicating whether or not the icon has been read is attached to the outside of the icon. If it has not been read, it will be blue (light blue), and if it has been read, it will be gray. Twitter explained why it added this feature: "Tweets are so open that they remain unerased, so hesitate to post with momentum," retweets "and" likes. " Some people say that they feel the pressure to get a lot of money. "" So we have been looking for ways to relax and share the events and feelings of the time. "[50]..It's been less than a year since the service started, but "it didn't lead to as many new user posts as I wanted."2021 October3 daysAbolished in (US time)[52][53].

Follow related

To add users to your follow list so that others' tweets can be displayed in your timeline. Being a follower of the other user. Depending on the setting of the other party, you will be notified that you were followed. If you set the tweet as public, you will be followed immediately, but if you follow the user who made the tweet private, if you set it, you will send a request to the other party and the other party will approve It will be a follow up at that point. Even if you follow a protected user who is following you, you need approval from the other person.
Other users you follow. It is sometimes called “Following” in English.
Other users who are following you. Celebrities tend to increase the number of followers from a standpoint.
To unfollow a specific user. The post of the unfollowed user is no longer displayed in their timeline because it returns to the state before the follow. In Japan, it is also called "remove" or "rim" for short, but it is not an official name.
To refuse to follow certain users. A blocked user will not be able to follow the blocked user, like or tweet/retweet the user's tweet ("You cannot follow this user because it is blocked" is displayed. Also, you will not be able to see the profile page of the blocked user.[54].. Even if you were following before blocking, follow will be forcibly canceled at the time of blocking. Even if the blocked user is set to receive direct messages from anyone (see below), blocked users cannot send direct messages to them (and vice versa).
Implemented from May 2014, 5[55].. Prevent specific users from displaying their tweets in their timeline.
If you mute the user you are following, the follow to that person is not canceled and continues, and when the person is following you, that follow is also continued. In addition, the reply from the other party is notified.
If you mute a user that you don't follow, you won't receive a notification when that user replies.
Unlike unfollowing (remove), it is difficult to confirm that the other party is muted because the other party is not informed of the fact that you have muted. It is also possible to cancel the mute state.


By searching, posts containing keywords are displayed in real time on the timeline. Search terms can be saved and updated at any time.
The words that are posted a lot now are displayed by region. Initially, only European words were displayed, but now Japanese is also supported. The target areas are "Japan", "Tokyo", and 2012 cities, "Sapporo", "Kyoto", "Fukuoka", "Osaka", "Sendai", "Nagoya" since February 2, 2.[56][57], As of June 2012, "Takamatsu" and "Okinawa" have also joined. From June 6, the trend display has been personalized (by analyzing the users who are following and displaying words that may be of interest) (can be disabled)[58].
Post with # before the keyword so that posts on a particular topic can be viewed in a list from the official Twitter search. PreviouslyJapaneseincludingMultibyte characterWas not compatible with2011 May 7Now available from[59].
Sort users by named list. You can set it as public or private, and set it as a list that only you can see. However, you can create up to 1 (past 1000) in one account and up to 20 (past 1) in one list.
As a further condition, the list name must be 25 alphanumeric characters or less and cannot start with a number.
In the past, I was able to add myself to my list, but now it's no longer official.
Like (Like)
You can add likes (♡) to the posts you like. It used to be a favorite, but it was changed to "Like" on November 2015, 11, and changed from "Star (☆)" ​​to "Heart (♡)". It is a remnant of when I was a favorite, and is sometimes called "favo." You can display a list of posts with likes.
Search memo
A function to save a search you want to see many times as a memo. If you search on Twitter, you can register from "Save this search" displayed in the upper right.


My homepage. Your timeline and posts from your followers are displayed as a timeline.
Direct message
Ability to send messages that cannot be seen by third parties to specific users. Often referred to as DM. If "Receive Direct Message from anyone" is enabled by setting, you can receive direct messages from users who are not following. If it is not enabled, you cannot send unless you follow each other.
Direct messages, like tweets, had a 140-character limit, but since August 2015, 8, the limit is gone.[60].
As a special application example,Metropolitan Police DepartmentMinistry of CommunicationsThere is a method of operating a public investigation exclusive account of the Traffic Execution Division (cf. The article).
Via information
Information about the client used. Provide a link to a page containing the name of the application and information about the application in the form "via ***" (such as "via Twitter Web App" for official clients).Previously[When?]The link was not provided only when posted from Twitter official.
Bot (bot)
A program that automatically posts. Those that regularly post news and information, those that imitate the lines of characters such as celebrities and cartoons, animations, novels, etc. for the purpose of play, posts that imitate a real human as their own character There are various bots, including those that do. Some bots respond to a specific keyword captured by an automatic search for posts, post content that includes the keyword, or reply to replies or unofficial retweets.
Fail whale
When access was concentrated on Twitter and the function of the site stopped, it was displayed with the error message "Twitter is over capacity." (Twitter is over capacity).A whaleCharacter. Designed by Australian female illustrator Yiying Lu[61].. Official goods such as T-shirts and mugs have also appeared.[62].
2011 Features added in November. A system that visualizes who you follow, retweets, likes, and who you follow. Some of them criticize because their actions are also cut off.[63].
Report for spam
See belowUnsolicited TweetsFunctions for dealing with. Clicking "Report Spam" will block the user and notify the spam research team on Twitter. If it is determined to be malicious according to the terms of use, the account will be frozen (forced suspension) and the account will no longer be usable.
Konami command
When you enter the Konami command (up, down, left, right, left, right BA) on the keyboard, the blue bird logo turns.[64][65][66].. Currently, such behavior cannot be confirmed.
Twitter Bird
TwitterImitated the birdLogo icon.. The old name "Rally" of this icon is a former basketball player.Larry BirdNamed after[67][68][69].. The color after September 2021 was black, and until August 9 it was light blue.
Twieet Activity
Reaction of my tweet (ImpressionAnd the total number). Unlike the above activity, only the person who made the corresponding tweet can view it.
Tip Jar
Tip function that allows users to send money from user to user.The remittance itself is not done on Twitter, but via remittance services such as PayPal and Cash App.In fact, apart from the conventional website URL description on the profile, it is a link setting function for receiving chips.[70].

Search operator

When searchingoperatorYou can search using. Each operator can perform a search applying the function of each operator under a predetermined grammar.

The search string input with the operator is shown as [search string].

  • [Search string A] [Search string B] or [Search string A] AND [Search string B]
Perform a weighted search.
  • [Search character string] | [Search character string O] or [Search character string A] OR [Search character string O]
Perform a join search.
  • "[Search string]"
Usually, the search character string includes different notations, a character string in the search character string, or a divided search, but only a character string that exactly matches the search character string is searched.
  • @[account name]
Search for tweets to the account.
  • : )
Search for positive tweets.
  • 🙁
Search for negative tweets.
  • ?
Search for interrogative tweets.
  • exclude: / include: --Exclude / include the following from the search results
    • retweets-retweets
    • replies-Mention
    • nativeretweets-official retweets
  • filter: filter:
    • links-contains URLs.[Note 7]
    • images-Contains images.
    • videos-Contains videos or youtube links.
    • replies or mentions-mentions
    • hashtags-Contains hashtags.
    • news-News tweets.
    • safe-Tweets that are not inappropriate.
    • verified-Tweets from verified accounts.
  • min_replies: <number> --There were more replies than the number of times.
  • min_faves: <numbers> / faves: <numbers> --Like more than the number of times.
  • min_retweets: <number> / retweets: <number> --Retweet more than the number of times.
  • from: <account name> --Tweets by account.
  • to: <account name> --Tweets sent to your account.
  • source: --Tweet source client name.However, the operation is unstable.
  • lang: <2-character country code>- ISO 3166-1 alpha-2See.
  • since: --After the date.
  • until: until: --Until the date.
  • near: <place name> --The location information includes the place name.
  • within: <distance> --Used together with near, it has position information within the specified distance radius from the place name.

Related services

As a feature of Twitter, it supports almost all functionsAPIThere is. Many related services that use this have been released, which is one of the causes of the spread of Twitter.

URL shortening service

To tweetURLSince it is difficult to reduce the length to 140 characters including, it automatically transfers from a short URL of about 20 characters to the original URL.URL shortening serviceIs used everywhere[71].. Originally, "Tiny URL" "BitlyExternal services such as "have been used. Some clients have a function that works with a URL shortening service to shorten the URL on the client or automatically shorten the URL when posting.

2011 From now, Twitter's official shortening service "t.co" has been used for all URLs[72].. It is automatically shortened without setting it by the client or the user himself, and it is automatically expanded and the original URL is displayed except for some clients on the timeline. Using external services would be double shortened.


Many companies and individuals have published a number of clients for browsing and posting through dedicated applications without directly accessing the Twitter official page. In addition to being available in a style that meets the needs of users,Mobile phone,SmartphoneIt is also used as a means to post from any portable terminal anywhere.

Web service type
Access the web page and post as you would on Twitter. There are those that can be used on a personal computer and those that are for smartphones.
Desktop application
A type that starts as a standalone application on the desktop.Adobe AIRUsingCross platformThere are also types that work with.
Application for each terminal
Mobile phones and smartphones,TabletType that operates as a dedicated application such as.
Browser addon
Firefox OfExtensionFor example, a type of application that acts as an additional feature of a particular browser. The operating environment depends on the browser.
E-mail posting type
You can post by sending the content of the tweet to the dedicated email address. Many functions such as timeline billing and retweet can be used as if sending a normal email, so it is easy. It should be noted that since there is an example in which an address change mail is mistakenly sent to this dedicated address due to the use of the broadcast system, and personal information is sent to the whole world, it should be handled with care.

Tweet button

Embed a button on a web page and call the Twitter posting screen directly from that pageSocial buttons.. The title of the embedded page,URLSince the account name of the person who installed the or tweet button is automatically embedded, you can easily introduce the page on Twitter and encourage follow-up of related accounts.[73].. In addition to the buttons officially provided by Twitter, some news sitesSocial bookmarkThere is a Tweet button along with a registration button for.

Posts from the Tweet button are treated as if they were posted by the client, and the via information is displayed as "Tweet Button".

Web Intense

Service officially provided by Twitter. By embedding rules-based links in your web pages, you can reply to tweets, retweet, like and follow your account directly from that page. Similar to the Tweet button, you can operate Twitter without leaving the web page[74].

Word-of-mouth advertising

There is a service like word-of-mouth advertisement on Twitter as well as blog advertisement, and there is a system where you can earn ¥5-up to 990 yen by tweeting.Takafumi HorieAlso uses it, and tweet on specific keywords on TwittersponsorThat you may get money fromHiroyuki NishimuraRevealed in a dialogue with[75].

Image posting service etc.

External image posting service adapted to Twitter, such as shortening individual URLs (TwitPic, Lockerz, Yfrog,Photo warehouse,Tsuippuru PhotoEtc.) are actively used. Images can be automatically displayed depending on the client. Since 2011, Twitter Photo (which is the official Twitter image posting service)Photobucket(Hosting) was started.

Existing video sharingYouTubeIs often used, and easily linked with TwitterStreamingLive video streamingByAnd so on.

Account analysis tool

There is a tool to analyze the posting time of one account and the relationship with other accounts from the necessity due to the characteristics of Twitter such as the anonymity of the account and the closure of Twitter itself.[76][77], Free version, etc.[78], There are many tools.

Other main related services

The following are all unofficial related services.

  • TwitLonger-Post a string of over 140 characters. The posted content is created as a separate page, and the URL of that page is displayed on Twitter.
  • favstar-Show popular tweets.
  • togetter -TweetSummary site.. You can select and arrange tweets from various users and display them all on one screen.
  • OnSay-Make free calls between Twitter accounts.2017 May 11Ends the service.

Account form

BOT account

As the use of Twitter expands, various account forms are emerging. The users of Twitter accounts are not limited to humans,muzzleIn some cases, the program is posted by an auto-speaking program called.

Official account

There are "official accounts" of companies, organizations, individuals, etc. that pay attention to their influence.SpoofingTo prevent this, a special badge called a certification badge (white check mark on a light blue background) is given to a well-known user who has been confirmed to be genuine on Twitter, and it is regarded as an "authenticated account". This authentication badge will be displayed on the user's profile page. However, there are also malicious users who embed the mark in their profile image and make it look like an official account.[79].. In addition, if you imitate an authenticated account and display it illegally on Twitter, you can take measures such as permanently freezing the account[80].2017 The guidelines were revised on November 11,White supremacy OfjournalistIs(English editionAuthentication such as[81].

In addition to the "verified account" function, Twitter is an official method of checking the authenticity of user accounts online.WebsiteSays it's easiest to link to your Twitter profile page[79].

There is a problem of spoofing by an account that impersonates a specific group/individual name or a name very similar to the group/individual name.

Account freeze (lock)

Accounts that violate the Terms of Service such as spam, camouflage, offensive tweets and behaviors, use under 13 years old, or accounts that have been hijacked or hacked are suspended (locked) or locked There is[82][83].. If your account is frozen, you will not be able to post from that account, nor will anyone else be able to see tweets from that account.

At Twitter,ISISWe are promoting the freeze of accounts that promote terrorism activities centered on2016 In addition to the announcement that it has frozen 7 accounts that suggested or promoted terrorism in the past 12 months[84]Announced in August of the same year that it had frozen 8 accounts that did the same.[85].

2017 ToAnti-racist action groupPresidencyNoma Itsutsu Of[86],Also2018 Of the lighterKanno KanTwitter frozen[87],2019 OctoberTocolumnistYamamoto IchiroAccount is temporarily frozen[88],ofDonald TrumpAccount was created.

2020 In June, it announced that it had suspended more than 6 accounts involving Chinese government officials for violating the company's guidelines.It is said that it was used to spread information close to the Chinese government[89].

2021 year 1 month,Chugoku Of(English edition Uighur mass slaughterAbout, "ChinaUighurAs a result of curbing religious militants, women were no longer a'child-bearing machine'and were released." Twitter not only deleted the statement as a hoax, but also turned the account itself into "humanity." Frozen as "the one that kills"[90].

There is no explanation from Twitter about the reason for the freeze, and the company refuses to answer. However, it is also pointed out that the standard for freezing accounts is that an arbitrary and lazy management attitude does not lead to an increase in the number of users. There is too much BOT processing, so a false judgment is made.[91]It is said that there are many things that are done.

When accessing from an account that has not been frozen, the texts "The account is frozen" and "Twitter freezes the account that violates the Twitter rules" are displayed.


Adverse effects on the brain and mind

Several academic institutions have warned about the negative effects of using Twitter on the body.

Sterling universityDr. Tracy Aloway on TwitterWorking memoryI am worried about the adverse effect on[92][93][94], "Although Twitter continues to receive an endless stream of information, the content is too concise, the brain does not have to process that information, the span of attention to information is shortened, and the brain It makes it difficult to rotate and blunts the connection of ganglia. "(Working memory is the ability to temporarily pull out the stored information when using it, and those who have excellent working memory Answers received at interviews, etc. tend to be smooth and excellent)[92][93][94].

University of Wisconsin-MadisonAccording to Professor Joan Canter, Twitter evokes a variety of emotional stimuli in just 10 minutes, and touching an unstoppable wave of information is like a concussion-like blow to your head. Yes, it says that all information will be flat[95][96].

Sacro Cuore Catholic UniversityThe research team of Professor Jean Paolo Barbetta and others from 2016 to 2017 is a Nobel Prize in Literature writer for about 70 students attending 1500 high schools in Italy. Luigi PirandelloI conducted my research after reading the novel "Living Pascal (original title: Il fu Mattia Pascal)"[97][98][99]..Half of the students used Twitter to conduct online discussions, quoting novels, expressing their opinions, and replying to other people's tweets.[97][98][99]..The other half of the students took the form of teaching in the classroom as before, and finally conducted a test to confirm their understanding of "living Pascal".[97][98][99]..As a result of the test, the group using Twitter was negatively affected overall, and the average score of the test decreased by about 25-40% of the standard deviation.[97][98][99]..In particular, students with excellent grades, "female," "born in Italy," and "higher baseline test scores," had a more pronounced tendency to decline in grades.[97][98][99].

Doctor Takayoshi YoshidaSays that if you keep tweeting badly on Twitter, it will have a negative effect on your brain.[100].. Writing bad words on Twitter is an act of "punishment" that causes damage to the other party by saying bad words at the same time as spitting out your own unpleasant feelings, and you may feel "clean" on the spot, but for a long time Thinking in a nutshell, there is a growing desire to blame for taking the means to speak badly in the back account, and these feelings work to create anger in the brain.tonsilIt is said that it has an adverse effect such as making it easier to feel dissatisfaction and malicious intent with the other party because it stimulates more.[100].

Writer Nicholas G. CarAccording to the report, touching only tweets on Twitter becomes a net brain, and over time, writers also tend to start publishing books in shorter formats, which loses much of the richness of literature. Talking[101][102]..If the vocabulary and syntax are eliminated, no one has time to think about complicated things, and no one has the ability to concentrate on reading esoteric things, the writers will eventually. It is said that it will not produce esoteric works[101][102]..The less I think about it, the more I rely on search, and the more I rely on it, the less I remember it, and I'm told that one day I'll be emptied, and I have to think about things in my own mind. He also relies on external computer-based affairs, saying that the richness of thought comes from the connections in his brain.[101][102].

YouTuberAccording to Asap SCIENCE, 5-10% of Internet users have no control over how much time they spend online, which is a "psychological addiction" that lies diagonally to material addictions such as caffeine. A scan of the brains of people who are psychologically addicted reveals brain damage similar to that of drug addicts, and the white matter of the brain involved in emotional processing such as attention and decision making. Deterioration has been confirmed[103][104]..This is because SNS is a mechanism that rewards immediately with a small amount of effort.Pavlov's dogI condition myself like this, and like drugs, I seek neurological excitement and repeatedly seek rewards (see SNS).[103][104]..SNS also says that multitasking filters the ability of the brain, making it difficult to remember new information.[103][104]..Due to its relationship with dopamine, dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel better when released, and as a result of MRI scans, SNS users are looking at their own page rather than other people's SNS pages. It says that sometimes the areas where the brain feels joy are activated and more dopamine is released.[103][104].

Account freeze for unknown reasons and vague response to it

Twitter prohibits offensive acts[105]But,2017 OctoberTomosquitoA Japanese user who posted a post such as "Stab in many places ... Die!" Was frozen in the account as "Posting content including threats".[106].. Otherjournalist,Illustrator,Hollywoodactress[107]While his account has been suspended, he posted to the actress "I'll kill you"Freezing does not occur for intimidated users[107]Such as inconsistent correspondence,Freezing is being done while it is unclear which post will violate the rulesCriticism gathered on things[107].

2017 May 11ToPresident of the United StatesIsDonald TrumpAccount suspended for 11 minutes[108].. Initially, the cause was "a careless human error by an employee."[109]However, later, the employee who was in charge of customer support did it on the last day he came to work and changed the claim to proceed with the internal investigation.[108].. On the contrarySome anti-Trump people praise employee behavioron the other hand[109]And this employee is a contractor, and if Twitter's claim is true, one part-time employee has a great power to question[110]Or from Twitter(English editionSome say that the measures are insufficient.[111].

September 2021, 7Okayama Prefectural PoliceThe official account of (Okayama Prefectural Police) was frozen and could not be viewed until it was canceled on the 9th of the same month.The Okayama Prefectural Police said, "Just before the freeze.Aid"Or"Daddy"such ashashtagUsing (search word)Children OfSex crimeHe wrote an enlightenment to prevent damage, and said that this post may have violated the usage rule "freeze accounts that promote sexual exploitation of children" set by Twitter.[112][113].

Tweet with location information

GPSWith the rapid increase in users of smart phones with functions, there was concern about privacy issues because users would easily post tweets with location information. To date, no major incident has been reported due to location information posting, but software that calls attention to users has been released, which is becoming a major social problem.[114].. In addition, even if you do not add location information, if you post tweets such as "(place name) Nau" and "Now going home", if you have a large number of posts, your daily lifestyle and behavior style will be clear. become,Empty nestIt was feared that he might be involved in such crimes.

Due to the above problems, the official app will replace the location information acquired by GPS when adding location information with "City" or "District" in large cities and post it. If you set "Post accurate location information" to "ON" for each post, you can post with the GPS coordinates as usual. In addition, it is possible to remove the position information from "Post with position information" from the setting screen.

Unsolicited Tweets

spamSimilarly, advertisements may be sent to individual account DMs indiscriminately and in large numbers. There is a "Report for spam" function for reporting.

Abuse of hashtags

As mentioned above,"hashtagAllows you to search and view a list of posts on a particular topic, but some malicious users may abuse the feature and abuse hashtags for tweets that are unrelated to the particular topic. In addition, "Twitter rules[115]", the above actions are considered "spam actions", so spam reports are possible.

Hoax spread

Information that is uncertain about the source may be disseminated, or a spoofed user may intentionally lie.April FoolBy a user who truly receives a tweet such as a tweet, retweet,Chain mailThere is a case where erroneous information is diffused as in the case.

In Japan,2013 OctoberToLINEA case in which this was disseminated by tweeting the content that ``LINE will terminate the service'' by an account disguised as an official account, and the official account led to denial[116]and so on. In South Korea in July of the same year, some agents of Lotte Nanase Beverage accused me of spreading it by retweeting an article saying that light oil was mixed in shochu of other companies, and after searching the house of the police. is recieving[117].. In March 2013,NEWSAs a result of the postponement of outdoor concerts in Japan, a large amount of hoax spreads among users, and users who take it as swallows take action in various places.Pana's caseThere was a riot called[118].2016 IsOsaka UniversityA professor from the Faculty of Foreign LanguagesHanshin TigersThe student made a deception tweet that if he wins it, he will give me credit.Mental distressReceived the lawsuit and filed a lawsuit against the student.[119].

There are also cases where the information about a lie is plausible. May 2018,NaganoAzuminoThere is an account that calls the udon restaurant "Kabatei" inprivate university"International Shinshu Gakuin University"StaffFor a banquetDotacanWhen I tweeted to the effect that it was done, it was a situation where nearly 5 retweets were made by users who sympathized with the udon shop, but in reality, the university is a fictitious one that does not actually exist anymore. There is an "official homepage" at the university, but this was originallyUniversity entrance examination center examinationBefore and after, with the aim of "establishing a fictitious university and catching studentschannel 5It is a malicious act that started fromUniversity student co-op OfBlogIncluding the opening of the university on Twitterlibrary-Extracurricular activities-マ ス コ ッ トIn addition to the above, accounts that gave names to faculty members, students, OBs, OGs, etc. (of course, these are all fictitious) also appeared one after another. Regarding the account of "Bairei-tei," which further appealed for the damage, we posted many tweets (of course fictitious) that many students of the university have been using the store on a daily basis since the operation started in April of the same year. In addition, the account that tweeted that he used the store as a regular customer, and after the "incident" was detected,Social departmentAn account that claims to be an application for coverage at the store (this is also a fictitious one,Shinetsu BroadcastingSuch as irrelevant to the existing broadcasting station in Nagano prefecture). In other words, regarding the university and the udon restaurant, even though it was a fictitious one, a big community was formed on the net, and for those who do not know the situation, the above tweet is a true lie. It is thought that it was extremely difficult to understand that it was information of[120][121].

other,2011 OfGreat East Japan Earthquake,2016 OfKumamoto earthquake,2018 OfNorthern Osaka Earthquake,2019 New CoronavirusEven in such cases, the spread of hoaxes due to the earthquake and the spread of infection is regarded as a problem.

Crime confession

On TwitterDrunk driving,Unlicensed driving, Underage drinkingsmoking,theft,Steal, Paid software[Note 8]Such as illegal download ofcrimeA bad ride that can not be called an act or a crime[122][123]There is a continuous number of tweets that expose themselves, and the person who made such a tweet is the real name or school.personal informationMay be posted as it is, or it may be posted in another place or information that can be easily specified. I found these tweets2 channelSuch asNet vigilanteAlso called[124]Being seen as the same personmixi,FacebookSearch for such pages, identify personal information, and thenCompany,Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular,PolicemenThere are many cases of notifying and protesting. In addition, murder notices and indiscriminate murders that name famous people, "In ○○SarinAffect others.Crime noticeThe number of tweets is increasing, police are dispatched, and arrests are also issued[125].. Therefore, Twitter on the Japanese netIdiot detector,ButterMay be ridiculed[123][126][127].

A little less than 200% of the students (research target: 1 college and vocational school students nationwide in Japan) commonly use "Bite terrorAlso calledPart-time jobEmployeeThe fact that it allows for posts such asNikkei MJIt was revealed in a survey of "," and it seems that the background is that the importance of tweet being connected to the whole world has not been recognized.[127].

Tweet advertising service

Users can get advertising money by pretending to be a certain productStealth marketingThere is an advertising system similar to. A single tweet can be a few thousand yen, and if you tweet three times a day, the annual income will be 3 million yen. The content of the tweet is decided in detail with the advertising company. A user who has a certain number of followers of 1000 says "I get 23,000 yen for one tweet", but I do not want to lose the trust of the user, so I do not do it for that amount of money, I feel very scared.[128].

Account takeover

maliciousURLWhen you connect to, other people will be deprived of the authority to freely operate the Twitter account such as access token[Note 9]There are cases. In most cases, the URL will be sent as a DM along with an English sentence such as "Did you see this pic of you? lol", and a similar DM will be spread to followers of the hijacked account.Chain mailIt has the same mechanism as. In addition, recently, URLs have been sent in addition to Japanese, and the means of crime have become more sophisticated.

Twitter is taking steps to improve the OAuth authentication method.

2020 May 7, The accounts of several celebrities were temporarily hijacked. On the same day, Twitter announced that it is currently investigating and will take steps to correct it. After that, on Twitter, "While dealing with this situation, you may not be able to tweet or change your password."[129][130].May 7The company stopped tweeting and password resetting for many users[131].


Like any other SNS, on TwitterSpoofingThere is an example of.

For example, there is an example of creating an account with a celebrity name, using a picture of the celebrity as an icon image, and pretending as if the celebrity himself is tweeting, and there are cases where fans are cheated. .. Some are trying to entertain the fans, while others are as bad as degrading the celebrity. As a countermeasure, the office calls attention to fake people on the official website, or the celebrity himself creates an account.

Even if you are not a famous person, an impersonation account may be created by a third party for the purpose of harassment. In June 2017, a woman residing in Saitama prefecture spoofed someone and created an account from which the woman actually exists.AV actressThere is an example in which a tweet was posted as if he were the same person. This womanSaitama District CourtHas been applied for provisional disposition and the order to delete all the impersonated accounts has been handed to Twitter.[132].

In addition, some users impersonate someone other than a real person. As an example, when a suspect of a heinous crime was arrested, his (woman) fictitiousPeerThere is a person who is faking as an acquaintance and tweeting, and it is interesting that the media seeing it makes an application for coverage.[133][134].

Slander and slander to entertainers and celebrities

Since it is easy to communicate on Twitter, slander and slander against users, especially entertainers and celebrities, has become a problem. In some cases, the person's account may burn up. The contents written are basically released to the whole world, but if a user who has slandered is against the user who wrote itEgosearchThere are also cases where they are called back.

Celebrity and celebrity privacy violations

On Twitter, you can upload images along with your tweets, so some people upload photos of celebrities and celebrities you see in the city without permission. Also, when a celebrity visits a store privately, a salesclerk of the store may tweet that the celebrity is visiting the store, which may cause a problem.

As a representative example,EugeComplained that he should keep his manners[135].

Mass account creation/illegal creation

インターネットSweepstakesThere are cases in which many accounts were illegally acquired for the purpose of improving the probability of winning[136].

On Twitter, multiple accounts and large numbers of accounts are tolerated unless it is illegal such as automatic generation. However, if you acquire a large number of consecutive account names, it is likely that measures will be taken to freeze the accounts.[137].TokyoIn some cases, Twitter account was frozen[138].. This case isTokyo Metropolitan Government OfIP addressIt is said that the cause of the freeze is that multiple accounts starting with "tocho_" were created in a short time.In addition, the official Twitter website has an objection page.[139].

Twitter scandal

2009 May 7, TwitterGoogle AppsThere was an incident that the in-house document that was managed above was sent to multiple blog operators and media.[140][122].. Although the user information of Twitter was not leaked in this case, the reason for the leak later was that the Google Apps password was "passwordIt was easily guessed and stolen.[141].

Underage kidnapping case using Twitter as a contact point, conversion of suicide applicants and murderers into a matching site

Kidnapping of a runaway girl[142]AndZama 9 murder case[143]Serial murders of suicide applicants like this are happening through Twitter. In some situations, Twitter has become a matching site for runaway minors and kidnappers, and suicide applicants and murderers.Regarding the abduction of minors, Twitter Inc. prohibits the use under the age of 13, but when starting to use Twitter, strict age confirmation such as confirming the date of birth by presenting the ID card is not performed. ..On the other hand, after the murder of 9 people in Zama, the rules were revised so that tweets and accounts could be frozen for posts that hinted at suicide or self-harm.By two doctors of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patientsALS patient commissioned murder caseBut Twitter was used as a matching site[144].

Follower seller

As with other SNS,There are situations where the more followers you have, the more influence you have.. With that in mind, the act of using influencers in corporate advertisements is being carried out, but there are also people who buy followers and inflate them.[145][146].. Those who follow bots semi-automatically, and those who manually comment on human tactics and follow (so-calledClick farm) Etc. There are various methods, but the former is said to be easy to break when inflated, and the latter is said to be difficult to break.In addition, the account hijacking mentioned above may be related to follower sellers, and some vendors have articles that implicitly lift customers not only to increase the number of followers but also to make them as influencers.BuzzFeedIt provides a very elaborate service such as letting you write on the Internet media such as.In Russia, there is a service called Pundit, through which you can order not only followers but also likes and positive text posts.There are also companies that offer services that allow you to find out more about your followers.

A hotbed for the black-and-white trading of psychotropic drugs

Anxiolytics and sleeping pills that require a prescription are illegally bought and sold on Twitter at a higher price than the drug price.[147].

Interference with the presidential election

Democratic Party running for US presidential electionJoe BidenTwitter restricted the display of a US newspaper article about him and his son without giving a clear reason.Not only the Trump camp, the ruling party and the Republican Party, but also Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey criticized the company's response as "unacceptable." [148].

Usage situation

Number of followers

For the first time, the number of followers exceeded 100 millionAshton KutcherThat was April 2009.[149].. It was the first American female singer to exceed 1000 million.Lady GagaAnd in JapanSoftbankPresident'sMasayoshi SonBroke the 2011 million mark for the first time in April 23[150].

Accounts with a large number of followers (as of May 2020, 5)
English version for details up to 50th place List of most-followed Twitter accounts See
RankAccountuserNumber of followersOccupationCountry
1@BarackObamaBarack Obama1 billion & 1800 millionFormer President of the United StatesUnited States flag The United States of America
2@justinbieberJustin Bieber1 billion & 1200 millionミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンCanadian flag カナダ
3@Katy PerryKaty Perry1 billion & 900 millionミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンUnited States flag The United States of America
4@rihannaリ ア ー ナ9700 millionミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンBarbados flag バルバドス
5@taylorswift13Taylor Swift8600 millionミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンUnited States flag The United States of America
6@Christianク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ド8500 millionsoccer playerPortugal flag Portugal
7@ LadygagaLady Gaga8100 millionミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンUnited States flag The United States of America
8@realDonaldTrumpDonald TrumpCapitol raidFreeze in8000 millionFormer President of the United StatesUnited States flag The United States of America
9@TheEllenShowEllen Degeneres8000 millioncomedianUnited States flag The United States of America
10@Ariana GrandeAriana Grande7400 millionミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンUnited States flag The United States of America

Number of likes

The tweets with the most likes areChadwick BozemanTweeted that it died of colon cancer on August 2020, 8, now with more than 28 million likes[151].. 2th placeBarack ObamaOn August 2017, 8VirginiaCharlottesvilleIn a case where a white supremeist group and an opposition clashed with a large number of casualties (2017 Unite the Light Rally"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion..." (A person who hates others because of their skin color, background and religion No...) with 436 million likes[152].Nelson MandelaQuoted from the autobiography of The Long Road to Freedom[153].. Second place tooKobe BryantObama's post-mortem tweet with 411 million likes[154].

English version for details up to 20th place List of most-liked tweets See

Number of retweets

The tweets with the most retweets are on January 2019, 1ZOZOPresident'sMaesawa YusakuHas reached 100 million times by the deadline on the 100th, with a tweet of a plan to "give 7 million yen to 554 people"[155].. The world record until then was April 2017 when high school student Carter Wilkerson of Nevada ``Wendy'sWhen asked to the official account of ``How much retweet will you get one year's chicken nuggets for free?'', there was a reply of ``1 million'', ``HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS'' and Twitter users About 1800 million tweets were asked for help. It didn't reach 360 million, but Wendy's gives a one-year coupon for the nugget[156].

English version for details up to 30th place List of most-retweeted tweets See

User segment

Overseas survey

New JerseyRutgers UniversityA study of Twitter users shows that there are two types of users, "Informer" and "Meformer."[157].. An informer is a person whose main purpose is to inform others of something, communication activities are active, and the number of followers tends to increase. On the other hand, a meformer is a person who speaks out about one's actions, thoughts, and feelings, followers are limited to people who are very close, and communication is inactive. Of the more than 3,000 tweets surveyed, 80% were made by me-former users. According to a Pear Analytics survey conducted in August 2009, the content of tweets by Twitter users was 8% for "meaningless tweets," 41% for "conversations," and 38% for "news."[158].

The Pew Research Institute announced on April 2019, 4, a representative sample of 24 adult Twitter users in the United States, and extracted it.annual income,Educational History,FurthermoreRace,ImmigrationAccording to a survey of opinions on such issues, Twitter users in the United States are generally younger, wealthier, more educated, and politically more than non-users.liberalTurned out to be[159]。また、49歳以下の成人はTwitterユーザーでは4分の3近くを占めたのに対し、全米の成人では54パーセントであり、大卒者は前者では42パーセント、後者では31パーセントであり、年収7万5000ドルを超える者は、前者では41パーセント、後者では32パーセントだった。

Not all Twitter users tweet the same way. According to a Barracuda Labs survey, 73% of Twitter users have posted less than 10 tweets since they created an account[160].. And 34% never posted. Also, according to the Pew Institute research mentioned above, the top 10% of users who frequently send information on Twitter send 80% of all tweets.[159].. Sixty-nine percent of the users who tweet most often say they've tweeted about politics, and only 69 percent of all Twitter users say the same.[159].

Japanese survey

According to Twitter Japan, the number of monthly users in Japan has exceeded 2017 million as of October 10, 27.[161].. According to a Nielsen survey, on SNS, 2% of heavy users occupy 8% of the total usage time.[162], Of the communication directorNaoyuki SatoFrom thereParade lawIt is said that Twitter has 800 million heavy users occupying 8% of the total usage time[163].. At the Ambassador Summit 2019 held in 2019, Naoyuki Sato said in a keynote speech "How to increase fan base fans in the company", "Heavy users of Twitter in Japan are 22%, 990 million people. It occupies 82% of the time." "It is difficult for "buzz" on Twitter to reach the remaining 1 million people"".[164].. In addition, according to the monthly fixed point survey of mobile and social media (October 2017), 10% of the users of Twitter are those who "post themselves frequently and watch the timeline frequently".[165].. According to the MyVoicecom Internet survey conducted from December 2018st to 12th, 1, 5% of Twitter users "registered, not only read/follow but also post or reply" there were[166].

According to Nielsen's survey, Twitter users account for 18% of males aged 29 to 62 and 30% of females aged 39 to 36.4.[167].. Among women, 18-29 years old accounted for 69.4%, and 30-39 years old accounted for 36.3%.[167].. According to the ``FY30 Information Communication Media Usage Time and Information Behavior Survey,'' the usage rate of Twitter by occupation was 70.2% for students and students, 38.1% for full-time work, and 28.9% for part-time work. 21.4% were full-time housewives (husbands) and 18.5% were unemployed[168].

According to Twitter Marketing, Twitter usersintrovertBe careful,MillennialsTo be like a mainstream person[169].. Correspondence analysis of millennial SNS personalities shows that Twitter users are other SNSFacebook,InstagramCompared to other users, "I'm more of a "loser" rather than a "winner"" "I don't think marriage is meaningful" "I'm not very interested in dating a heterosexual group" "Resisting to meet people online There are features such as "No", "Determine purchase after checking reputation on the net" "My time is more important than socializing"[169].

According to Twitter Japan, what users are seeing on Twitter are diverse interests and concerns related to life.[170].. Female users tend to see a lot of information on internet technology and current affairs, while female users go to gourmet, beauty, fashion, and cooking.[170].

Nihon Keizai ShimbunThe data economy interview groupFujio ToriumiAssociate Professor of Data Analysis CompanyHot linkIn 2020 in collaboration withTokyo governor electionPosts containing keywords related to candidates were extracted and analyzed in the period overlapping[171].. From the result of analysis of the retweet status of posts with high attention, it became clear that there is a certain number of accounts with similar information collection methods, and it was confirmed that there are 300 communities in total, large and small. Among them, 5 communities that have a large number of retweets and are considered to have a large influence (liberal-Maintenance-Expert-Media-Subcar) Received attention. The number of retweets for each was 109 million for liberal, 26 for maintenance, 17 for professionals, 7 for media, and 6 for subculture. Regarding the breakdown of retweets, the rate of retweets of posts outside the community (outgoing degree) was 97% for subculture, 95% for media, 84% for experts, 67% for maintenance, and 47% for liberals. The lower the degree of outwardness is, the higher the degree of inwardness is, which indicates that the person has a strong interest in posting values ​​that are similar to his/her own, and has a strong tendency to receive inner circles.Echo chamber phenomenon). The number of accounts in each community was 32 for media, over 20 for experts, about 15 for subculture and maintenance, and 11 for liberals. It is said that there are about 1389 million active users who actively retweet on Twitter and actively collect information, and the number of accounts in each of the five major communities is about 5 to 1% of the total. Posts (retweet rate) in which active users had a high response were shown in the order of expert (2%), subcult (59.4%), media (58.6%), liberal (52.7%), and maintenance (49.5%).

User history

2007 の全世界の1日ツイート数は約5,000回ほどであったが、2008年に入ると一気に1日30万回に増加し、2009年には1日のツイート数が250万回を超えるようになる。さらに2010年に入ると前年比1,400%の伸びとなる1日3500万回を記録し[172], In January 20102010 FIFA World CupDue to the effect of the event, the number of tweets worldwide exceeded 1 million times a day. This shows that there were 6500 tweets per second[173].

2009 May 6According to the report ofIran presidential election (2009)Participants in the protests kept in touch on Twitter as one of the few communications missing from regulation[174].. July 12 of the same yearDNSRecord breached, claiming Iran's cyber armycrackerOn TwitterFalsificationAnd Twitter became temporarily unavailable[175].

2009May 7,Japanese Government TheDemocratic Party OfKenzo FujisueHouse of CouncilorsLegislatorQuestion formAgainstElection campaignTo use Twitter onPublic office election lawThe view that it corresponds to the distribution of illegal document drawings prohibited by[176].. In addition, we examined the lifting of the ban on Twitter during the election period in the debate on the revision of the Public Offices Election Law, but an example where spoofing was rampant during the debate was taken up, and the ban was postponed because the possibility of election obstruction was extremely high. Are[177].

2010 (22) The total number of posts exceeded 5 billion at the end of May, and the 150th post was from Japanese users.[178].. There were 2 billion more posts in the next two months, and at 50:8 AM on August 1, Japan time, the number of 0 billion posts was again posted by Japanese users.[178][179].

2010 May 7, French research firm Semiocast has released a survey that summarizes the number of Twitter posts in regions around the world. In June 2010, the United States, which accounted for 6% of the world's total, ranked first in Japan, and second was Japan, which accounted for 25% of the total (after 1rd place,Indonesia,Brazil,The United KingdomAnd continues[180]). Also,Net RatingsIn a survey compiled by the end of June 2010, the number of Twitter users in Japan has reached 6 times that of the previous year as of 2010, and it is already overtaking the United States as far as the actual number of users is concerned.[178].

2011 (23)May 12, Which was broadcast in JapanFriday road show』(Nippon TV) 『Castle Laputa in the SkyThe number of tweets per second reached 25,088 TPS (the number of tweets per second) at the moment of the line "Barusu" that appeared in the end of ", and set the highest TPS record at that time.[181][182].. The second place is the American female singer on August 2, 2011.BeyonceOf 8,868 TPS when pregnancy was announced, the highest record in a sporting event was made on July 2011, 72011 FIFA Women's World CupIn the finalNadeshiko JapanWas 7,196 TPS (3rd place overall) at the moment that decided to win[183].

2012 (24)May 11Recorded inEzaki GlicoConfectionery productsPockyEstablished a brand name TPD (tweets per day) record. Recorded 1 TPD,Guinness World RecordsRecord certified by[184].

2013 (25)May 8The number of tweets was 14 at the moment of "balsing" at Laputa, the castle in the sky, which was broadcast on Nippon Television.[185].

2016 (28)May 2Twitter Japan held a press briefing at and announced the number of users in Japan for the first time[186].. As of December 2015, there are 27 million monthly active users who have logged in to Twitter in a month. This is more than 12% of the whole world.

2018 (30)May 4,JapaneseMetropolitan Police DepartmentMinistry of CommunicationsTraffic enforcement section closedDirect message functionPublic withinvestigationSet up a dedicated Twitter account for the first time in the history of the Metropolitan Police Department[187][188].

May 4Crowded around 5:50 pmShibuya scramble intersection(Shibuya WardJinnanAfter investigating a reckless driving criminal who crossed a scramble crossing) with a passenger car at a red traffic light Widely urged Twitter users to cooperate with the investigation by contacting the investigators individually. About two months after the incidentMay 6The criminalRoad Traffic Lawviolation(Unlicensed drivingIgnore the signal) On suspicionArrestHowever, as a result, powerful information could not be obtained from Twitter, and the decisive factor was the vicinity of the site.Surveillance cameraWith the video of[189], Of the Metropolitan Police DepartmentformulaWebsiteIt was the information sent to the dedicated email address posted in. Nonetheless, investigators said they would continue to use their Twitter account as a means to resolve the case.


  • Official Twitter client-various platforms[Note 10]The official client of Twitter, which has been released to be able to Twitter from. Also includes TweetDeck, which will be described later.
  • TweetDeck -Originally a client developed by TweetDeck. TweetDeck was acquired by Twitter and has been one of Twitter's official clients.
  • TwitPic -Image sharing service. Until Twitter officially launched the image posting service, it was regarded as the main service for handling images on Twitter[190].
  • Mobatui - RecruitmentCompany sponsoredMash up Awards 3rd” special award and several other awards.

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  1. ^ Translated by Hiroki Eda of DG Incubation Co., Ltd.It is said that it was expressed as "tweet" as a word with a meaning similar to "tweet" that can be used by humans.[19].
  2. ^ Media (Communications) # Various forms of communication mediaSee.
  3. ^ With a major renewal around 2010 https://twitter.com/#!/(ユーザー名 URL has come to be used, but due to speedup with the renewal around June 2012 #!/ Was removed (“Twitter.com loads faster and cuts to 5/1”. ITmedia. (May 2012, 5). オ リ ジ ナ ルArchived as of October 2012, 6.. https://web.archive.org/web/20120602035228/http://www.itmedia.co.jp/news/articles/1205/30/news051.html October 2012Browse. ). The site for mobile phones http://mobile.twitter.com/(ユーザー名) .
  4. ^ This could damage authorized official accounts, regardless of the average user. Twitter apologized for this and was working to unlock the account by uploading a document that can be verified to support.
  5. ^ "New idea" is born from the stimulation of Twitter Interview with media journalist Daisuke Tsuda vol.2 | Soichiro Tahara's Nippon Reform | Contemporary Business (Kodansha) Archived August 2010, 5, at the Wayback MachineTry to keep it within 160 characters, including the SMS specifications. However, if you have 160 characters, you do not know the user name, so take the 20 characters from the user ID and say 140 characters.
  6. ^ Depending on the client, it may not be supported or it may be set not to add
  7. ^ The image also hits because it is a URL.
  8. ^ Commercially availableDVDvideo,MusicCDIncluding the contents of.
  9. ^ You can also browse the account timeline, see tweets, follow, DM.
  10. ^ Twitter for iPhone / iPad / Android / Windows Phone / BlackBerry / Firefox OS / Mac / Windows etc.


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