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👶 | Yuko Ogura's bento looks delicious!Yakisoba and Daigakuimo are also IN, and you can shorten the time by using frozen foods.


Yuko Ogura's bento looks delicious!Yakisoba and Daigakuimo are also IN, and you can shorten the time by using frozen foods.

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Simple omelet using only eggs is delicious, but vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, carrots, okra, and parsley, cheese, ham, canicama, seaweed, green laver, etc. are mixed with eggs and baked, or on top of spread thinly baked eggs. If you put the ingredients on it and roll it up, it will look gorgeous and you can get nutrition other than eggs.

Talent Yuko Ogura publishes pictures of children's lunch boxes on her blog and Instagram.Kokura ... → Continue reading

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Lightly roasted egg

Lightly roasted egg(Usuyaki tamago)Chicken eggsWas melted, spread thinly and baked.Cuisine.

Shredded thinly roasted eggKinshi egg(Kintamago) is also described in this paper.


Beaten eggA frying panSpread thinly on cooking utensils such as, and bake so as not to burn.Generally, both sides are baked to finish, but depending on the dish, one side may be baked.Seasoning is often not done in particular.Regarding the thickness, from thin things like paper to things that are 1 cm or more, so-called "Thick grilled eggThose that are not considered to be "thin roasted eggs" tend to be uniformly called.

Cooking using thinly roasted eggs


sushiAs if the rice was wrapped in thinly roasted eggsTea sushiThere are also Fukusa sushi and so on.AlsoSushi rolls OfSeaweedMay be used instead[1],Chiba Oflocal cuisine OfFutomaki Festival SushiIs often wrapped in thinly roasted eggs.

Incidentally,Edomae sushiThe "thin omelet" in "Usuyaki tamago" is different from the one used in this article.Tamagoyaki at a sushi restaurant"Thin specifications (thickness less than 1 cm).For sushi using this, saddle (cut into a mountain shape and horseSaddle(Put it like) and Kashiwa (put it like)Kashiwa mochiWrap vinegared rice with thinly roasted eggs), but now there are quite a few stores that handle thinly roasted eggs. [2].

Omelette rice

Omelette rice,ば ム そ ばIs a seasoned cooked rice or noodle dish wrapped in thinly roasted eggs.

Iron plate Italian

Nagoya cityLocal cuisine aroundItalian spaghetti(In other regionsNeapolitan) Is poured into a heated steak plate and the beaten egg is poured into it is called an iron plate Italian.[3]..The beaten egg spreads on an iron plate and is heated to form a thinly roasted egg.Sauce yakisoba,stir-fried udonThere is also an example in which this cooking method is applied.

Spring Roll

KeihanshinCentered onWest JapanThen friedSpring RollUse thinly roasted eggs as the skin.

Pork egg

OkinawaSeen in the dining roomPork eggIs cannedLuncheon meatAnd thinly roasted eggsSet meal.

Kinshi egg

Kinshi eggs are thinly chopped eggs.LiterallyNishikiIt has this name because it has a bright color like the thread of.

How to make Kinshi Egg

See how to make thinly baked eggs.Let it cool and settle, then chop it into small pieces.

Cooking using Kinshi Egg

chirashi sushi,chilled Chinese noodlesIt is indispensable for such things.Other small bowls and bento boxes, unatamadon,Tile soba, Chilled udon,Okinawa soba,Somen NoodlesIt may also be used for tools such as.Conger Eel,chickenAlong with the dishes spread on the surface of the rice bowlKinshidonSometimes called[4].

off the shelf

CurrentlyFoodCompanies and others sell thinly baked eggs before cutting called "Kinshi Egg Sheets" and those that are cut and packed in packs, and are widely used in the restaurant industry.is thismicrowaveUse formicrowaveIt is cooked and dried by the product, and it is very thin and is finished just like a thread.


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