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👩‍🎓 | Pikachu Jet Operated Skymark, Surprise for School Trip Students

Photo: School trip students boarding the "Pikachu Jet" = Ibaraki Airport in Yozawa, Omitama City on the morning of the 27th

Pikachu Jet Operated Skymark, Surprise for School Trip Students

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Skymark's "Pikachu Jet" operates mainly in Haneda-Naha, and the company owns only one.

■ Using Ibaraki Airport Osamu to "Pikachu Jet" painted with the character of the popular anime "Pokemon" ... → Continue reading

 Ibaraki Shimbun Cross Eye

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Sky mark

Skymark Co., Ltd.(English:Skymark Airlines Inc.) IsJapan OfAirlines.. Domestic transport personnel in 2020Japan Airlines(JAL) andAll Nippon AirwaysIt is the third largest in Japan after (ANA)[2].. As of 2021, the on-time performance rate is No. 4 for 1 consecutive years[3][4], Customer satisfaction first place[5]Has achieved the double crown of.

2006 May 10From the former company name "Skymark Airlines Co., Ltd.(Skymark Airlines Co., Ltd.) changed its trade name to "Skymark," which had been established as an abbreviation.In English, "Airlines" will continue to be used.The brand tag line is"YOUR WING."Is[6].


1996 In November (Heisei 8), at that timeHISIs the presidentHideo SawadaEstablished with investment from1986 In the Japanese air transport industry that started in (61)DeregulationNew entry by policy (width fare system)AirlinesIs the first of[7].2011 (23)May 12ToStar flyer TSEIn the second partStock listingUntil then, it was the only stock-listed airline among newly entered airlines due to deregulation.1998 (10)May 9ToHaneda - FukuokaOpen a line with a line[8]..New entry into the regular air transportation business in Japan1963 (Showa 38)Nagasaki AirlinesIt has been 35 years since then.

Simplified in-flight service and normalFareIs reduced to about half the normal fare of other airlines, and the averageLoad factorRecord 80% or more.However, as a result of major airlines taking countermeasures to reduce the discounted fares of their own flights before and after Skymark flights to the same level as Skymark, the load factor of Skymark flights gradually decreases and the average load factor may drop below 60%. Increased and became a deficit management.Then by the companyCopilotAlthough it recovered to a temporary surplus by expanding its educational programs, in-house maintenance, and reviewing airfares, management remained sluggish thereafter.2004 (16)Internet service provider (ISP)Zero Co., Ltd.Chairman,Shin'ichi NishikuboUndertakes capital increase, merges with Skymark, and Nishikubo becomes president[Annotation 1].2005 In (17), operational troubles occurred one after another, and the business condition worsened, but the state-of-the-art aircraftBoeing 737-800The business performance has recovered due to the company-wide and drastic review of the equipment, maintenance, operation, and service system2008 We secured a surplus in the fiscal year ended March.

But,2014 (26)May 7Disclosed in the first quarter of the fiscal year ending March 27Financial statementsThen,Cheap airlineAs a result of an increase in fuel cost burden due to competition between each other and the depreciation of the yen, a deficit was recorded on an operating income basis of 4 billion yen in the April-June financial results.AirbusA large amount of money due to troubles related to purchasing equipment withpenaltyHave been charged (Later) For the two reasons "Going Concern Assumption"There is an important question arises"[PR 4][10].

Among the new entrants due to deregulation, at that timeSpring Airlines JapanAlong withJapan Airlines(JAL) Group andAll Nippon AirwaysJAL and ANA continued their aviation business while maintaining their independence without forming advanced business alliances belonging to the two major companies of the (ANA) Group, but due to the deterioration of management in 2 (Heisei 2014). It became a situation to request support from#Codeshare with Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways(See also) (The remaining Spring Airlines Japan also received an investment from JAL in June 2021 and will be part of the JAL Group).

2015 (27)May 1, Extraordinaryboard of directorsInCivil Rehabilitation LawResolved to apply for application,Tokyo District CourtApplied for[PR 5].

2016 (28)May 3In addition, the decision to cancel the supervision order from the Tokyo District Court and the conclusion of the civil rehabilitation procedure were announced.[11].

Since the end of the civil rehabilitation proceedingsOn-time performance rateとCustomer satisfactionWe are focusing on improving. In 2018 (Heisei 30), it won the 1st place in the regular flight rate and has continued to be the 4st place for 1 consecutive years.[3][4]. Also,2020 (Reiwa2) In January, according to a survey by OAG in the United Kingdom,2019 It was announced that it is the third largest airline in the world on-time performance ranking.Furthermore, in November 3 (2020nd year of Reiwa)Japan Productivity HeadquartersIt was announced that it is the number one domestic airline in the JCSI (Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index) by the Service Industry Productivity Council.




  • 2000 (12)
    • May 5: Listed on TSE Mothers. The capital is increased to 31 yen.
    • July: HeadquartersTokyoMinato-kuHamamatsu Town‭2-4-1-XNUMXWorld Trade Center BuildingMoved to the 3rd floor. We have our own counter at Haneda Airport. Directly manages flight support and pre-departure inspection operations at Fukuoka Airport.
    • September: Aircraft maintenance contracted to All Nippon Airways andGround handlingMoved operations to in-house implementation.
  • 2002 (14)
    • April 4: Haneda- KagoshimaLine service (- April 2006, 4)[12].
    • May: Tokyo-FukuokaAirmailEntered the transportation business. Received an order for a contract from the current month to March 1 for one of 13 round trips per day for the same section[13].
  • 2003 (15)
    • April 3: Haneda- Seoul/IncheonDuring the weekend internationalCharter flightsCommenced service (after which it was discontinued).
    • April 4: Haneda receives all Nippon Airways withdrawal- Tokushima-AomoriLine service (Aomori Line end of November 2003, Tokushima Line closed on April 11, 2006 only).
    • October: Shinichi Nishikubo becomes president. Capital increased to 10 by third-party allotment.
  • 2004 (16)
    • October: Head office moved to the 10th floor of Hamamatsucho Square, 1-30-5 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
    • November: Merged with Internet provider Zero Co., Ltd.
  • 2005 (17)
    • March:Capital reductionIs carried out, and the capital becomes 21 yen. Great for 6315:1Stock splitCarried out.CIIntroduced.Logo-Redesigned airframe painting. Haneda- KansaiLine service (- March 2006, 3).
  • Old paint aircraft. The number of stars is larger than it is now, and each one is drawn smaller. Also, "SKYA MARK AIRLINES" is drawn on the body.

  • Newly painted aircraft that has been used since March 2005. The word "AIRLINES" that had been written up to that point was omitted. The number of stars has become one, and it is drawn larger than before.

    • April: Started code sharing with Japan Airlines (Haneda-Kansai line).
    • April 7: Haneda- NahaThe line is operated by summer seasonal late-night flights.
    • April 8: Haneda- KitakyushuThe line will announce that it will enter the new airport on March 2006, 3, but the airport terminal building side refuses to board the line due to lack of parking space.
    • September: Capital increase to a third party, resulting in a capital of 9 million yen.
    • October 10: Haneda-announced that it will enter the New Chitose Line in April 12. At the same time-Haneda-Kansai line, Haneda-Tokushima line, and Haneda-Kagoshima line is suspended.
    • December: New equipment as Unit 12Boeing 737-800Received the first model (JA737H).
  • 2006 (18)
    • February 2:Kobe AirportOpened Kobe-Haneda Line service. Announced the start of code sharing with Japan Airlines on the same route (April-May 2006)[Annotation 2].
    • April 4: Haneda-New Chitose line service[14][Annotation 3].
    • September: Haneda-year-round operation of the Naha line.
    • October 10: Changed the trade name of Skymark Airlines Co., Ltd. from Skymark Airlines Co., Ltd. to Skymark Airlines Inc.
  • 2007 (19)
    • February: Implementation of transfer services at the time of cancellation.
    • March:In-flight magazineEquipped with "SKYMARK".
    • May 5: Kobe-Announced intention to enter service on the New Chitose Line by 15.
    • July 7: Kobe-Naha line service (summer season operation).
    • April 8: Haneda- AsahikawaAnnounced plans to launch the line around spring 2008.
    • February 11:Chubu International AirportAnnounced the launch of the service.
  • 2008 (20)
    • April 4: Introduced Haneda-Asahikawa route[16](- October 2011, 10).
    • November: Capital increase to a third-party allotment, resulting in capital stock of 11 million yen.
    • December 12: Head office moved to Tokyo International Airport Maintenance Area.
  • 2009 (21)
    • March 3: Fukuoka-Naha line service.
    • April 4: New Chitose-Asahikawa line service (- October 1, 2011).
    • September: Leaseback of Boeing 9-767ER type 300 (JA5D). As a result, all Boeing 767 aircraft are retired.
    • December 12: Kobe-Naha line year-round operation.
  • 2010 (22)
    • February 2: Kobe-Fukuoka line service (- April 1, 2010).
    • February 3:CockpitReceived an unannounced on-site inspection and operational improvement recommendation from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism due to a commemorative photo issue[17].
    • April 4: Kobe- IbarakiLine service.
    • April 4: A male workerHangarAccident that you will be caught in the door and die[18].
    • June 6: At Hyakuri Air Base adjacent to Ibaraki AirportJapan Air Self-Defense ForceConsidering that the operation of the Kobe-Ibaraki line may be restricted due to events such as, it will be canceled from September of the same year[PR 6].
    • July 7: Kobe-New Chitose-Asahikawa line service.
    • July 7: Announced that the Kobe-Ibaraki line will be suspended from September 20st of the same year and resumed on October 9st of the same year[PR 7].
    • August 8: Haneda-Kitakyushu line, Kitakyushu-Naha line service (Kitakyushu-Naha line is October 10, 2010, Haneda-Kitakyushu line is suspended September 10, 31 only).
    • September 9: Kagoshima-Kobe,AmamiRe-service on the line (Amami first service, Amami route for a limited time until October 10 of the same year).
    • September 9: In February 6, the Chubu-Ibaraki Line, Chubu-New Chitose Line, Chubu-Haneda Line were announced.[PR 8].
    • September 9-September 17: Haneda- GuamOperates international charter flights in between.
    • April 10: Haneda- KumamotoLine (via Kobe) service (- March 2014, 3). After that, it went straight from October 31st.
    • November 11: Fall 8NaritaAnnouncement of departure/arrival domestic flight schedule. Expected to be received in 2011 in the spring of 2014Airbus A380Announces plans to conclude a contract for international flight equipment [PR 9].
    • December 12: Announced that a total of 1 retired JAL employees will be hired. Skymark has experience working on international flights in order to respond to the planned entry into international flights in FY470.pilot,Flight attendantAdopt a large number of[19].
    • April 12: Kobe- NagasakiLine service.
  • 2011 (23)
    • February 2: Chubu-New Chitose line, Chubu-Ibaraki line, Chubu-Haneda line, Ibaraki-New Chitose line service (Chubu-Ibaraki line / Chubu-Haneda line is suspended May 1, 2011 only).
    • February 2:Airbus A380Signed a purchase contract for a model machine[PR 10].
    • March 3: Kagoshima-summer line on the Amami line (March-October) only resumes operations.
    • June 6: Chubu-Naha Line service.
    • September 9: Naha- MiyakoLine service.
    • October 10: Narita-Asahikawa line, Narita-New Chitose line service[20](Narita-Asahikawa line is closed on March 2014, 3 only).
    • December 12, Narita-introduced Naha line.
  • 2012 (24)
    • February 2: Narita-Fukuoka route service (-November 1, 2013)[PR 11].
    • March 3: Kobe-Narita line service (- November 7, 2012).
    • March 3: Kansai-Haneda line, Kansai-New Chitose line, Kansai-Naha line service (Kansai-Haneda line is suspended until April 25 of the same year).
    • May 5: Headquarters moved to Tokyo International Airport New Maintenance Area.
    • July 7: Narita-Kagoshima Line, Kansai-Asahikawa Line, Ibaraki-Naha Line service.
    • July 7: Kitakyushu-resume operation of the Naha line (- August 20, 2012).
  • 2013 (25)
    • February 2: Fukuoka-New Chitose Line service (seasonal flights).
    • March 3-March 14: International charter flights between Narita and Guam.
    • March 3: Withdrawal from Kansai International Airport.
    • February 4:Sendai -New Chitose line, Sendai-Fukuoka line service.
    • July 7: Resumed Haneda-Asahikawa route, direct Naha-Kobe-Ibaraki route[PR 12](Haneda-Asahikawa line is closed on March 2014, 3 only).
    • July 7: Narita/Kobe/Naha-Ishigaki Line service[PR 13](Narita/Kobe-Ishigaki Line is closed on March 2014, 3 only).
    • November 11: Tokyo Stock Exchange market changed from Mothers to Part 22.
    • December 12: Narita, Kobe, Ibaraki- YonagoLine service[PR 14].
  • 2014 (26)
    • February 2: New equipmentAirbus A330-300Received the first model machine (JA330A/JA330B).
    • March 3: Introduced Haneda-Naha-Ishigaki line[PR 15].
    • April 4: Haneda/New Chitose/Naha-Yonago line, Kobe-Sendai line service[PR 16].
    • April 4: Chubu-restart of Ibaraki line. Fukuoka-Ibaraki line service[PR 17].
    • June 6: Airbus A14-330 begins operation on Haneda-Fukuoka route[PR 18][PR 19][21].
    • July: It becomes clear that we are negotiating to cancel the purchase of the Airbus A7 we had ordered.[22][PR 20]. Airbus announces cancellation of purchase contract by 29th[23].
    • August 8: Haneda-New Chitose Line begins operation of Airbus A1-330[24][25].
    • August 8: Sendai-Naha route service (seasonal operation until September 9 of the same year)[PR 21].
    • October 10: Withdrawal from Narita International Airport[26].
    • November 11: It is reported that Japan Airlines (JAL) is requesting assistance[27][28].
    • February 11:Akihiro OtaMinister of Land, Infrastructure and TransportHowever, in response to the news of a request for partnership with JAL,CabinetAt a later press conference, "when Japan Airlines forms a business alliance with another airline company, ensure competitiveness based on the aviation law and "about Japan Airlines' corporate revival" so-called "8.10 paper" We will make a strict decision from the viewpoint of ensuring a healthy competitive environment, as we will also be related to slots at Haneda Airport, etc., and we are reluctant to stand alone with Japan Airlines. It was
    • December 12: In response to the statement of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, it is reported that an alliance with ANA will request a partnership centered on joint operation of flights to and from Haneda Airport and investment talks by investment funds.
    • December 12: Airbus notifies the British Commercial Court that it is preparing for litigation regarding the A16 penalty issue.

Bankruptcy, delisting

  • 2015 (27)
    • January 1: The extraordinary board of directors resolves to apply for the Civil Rehabilitation Law and applies to the Tokyo District Court[PR 5]. President Nishikubo retires, Takashi Ide, who was Chairman of the Board, becomes Chairman of the Board, and Masakazu Arimori, who was Director, becomes President.[PR 22]. Tokyo Stock Exchange gives Skymark on January 1Organized issuesAnnounced that it was designated.
    • January 1: Sapporo-service on the Naha line (seasonal operation until March 29 of the same year).
    • February 2: Suspension of operations by A1 aircraft due to business reconstruction and reduction of flights in winter schedule by March 330.
    • February 2: First creditor briefing held.
    • 2月12日:当初1月29日予定していた2014å¹´4-12月期(第3四半期)決算発表を2月5日へ延期後、再度延期。
    • March 3: TSE First SectionDelisted.

Business reconstruction

  • 2015
    • March 3: Withdrew from Miyako and Ishigaki to rebuild the business.
    • March 3: Lease return of A31 aircraft stored at Haneda Airport begins.
    • April 4: It is reported that the company is considering changing the company name or logo to rebuild the brand. "SKY bee" as candidate for new company name, new logo is hornet[Annotation 4]The motif is[29].. The company name has not been determined at this time, but the name "SKY" will remain.[30].
    • May 5: Deadline for submission of rehabilitation plan by civil rehabilitation procedure.
    • August 8: At a creditors meeting held in Tokyo District CourtANA HoldingsA revival plan for support was passed (the US leasing company "Intrepid", which was against it, had proposed it.Delta AirlinesThe plan to be supported by the government has been rejected), and the Tokyo District Court has approved the rehabilitation plan on the same day.[31][32].
    • September 9: On September 1, we received a total investment of 9 billion yen from the sponsor company and officially announced a new system of six directors that will be launched on the same day. Become the largest shareholder with a new investorInvestment fundIntegral[PR 3](Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)Nobuo SayamaChairman, formerDevelopment Bank of JapanMasahiko Ichie, who is the managing director, will take office as president, and ANA Holdings will bear 16.5 billion yen, or 29% of the investment amount, and will also include two directors. The first repayment to creditors will be carried out on November 7,000th[33].
    • October 10: Due to time schedule revision, the Kobe-Sendai line is suspended and the Kobe-New Chitose line is increased[34].

Closing civil rehabilitation procedures

  • 2016 (28)
    • On March 3, it was announced that the Tokyo District Court has decided to cancel the supervision order and the civil rehabilitation procedure has been completed.[11].. Simultaneously formulating the 2016-2018 Medium-term Management Plan[PR 23].
    • February 7:United arrowsSupervised byFlight attendantas well as the Ground passenger staffAnnounced the renewal of the uniform[PR 24], Introduced from the fall of 2016.
  • 2017 (29)
    • July 7: Ordered additional 7 Boeing 737-800s. One will be introduced in 3 and two will be introduced in 1.
  • 2018 (30)
    • February: Haneda- Seoul/IncheonBetween23rd Olympic Winter GamesWill be used in"Downtown bobsled"An international flight after a failure recovery for the first time in 19 years on the 23th outbound route and the 6rd inbound route for transportation of personnelCharter flightsResuming operation[35] .
    • April: Three leased Boeing 4-737 aircraft in operation “JA800NC”, “JA3ND” and “JA73NU” are purchased and switched to own ownership before the lease deadline[36].
    • August: Kagoshima-Chubu, Amami (8 round trips each)[37], Amami route is reintroduced.
    • Received B737-800 "JA73AA" for the first time after applying the Civil Rehabilitation Law.
  • 2019 (31/First year of Reiwa)
    • March: Narita-Saipan charter flights operate from 3/3 to 22.
    • May: Operated charter flights between Narita and Saipan to GW. /B5-737 "JA800AB" received.
    • July: Received B7-737 “JA800AC”. This was the last aircraft in the passenger-type 73NG series manufactured by Boeing. / Announced that regular flights to Saipan are delayed. It is expected to be around the end of November.
    • August and September: Narita-Saipan charter flights.
    • October 10: Brand tag line "YOUR WING." Is newly established.[6].
    • November 11: Narita-Saipan (First Skymark international scheduled flight)[38].
  • 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)
    • February / March: A total of 2 charter flights between Narita and Palau are operated.
    • March 3: Saipan Line, which went into service at the end of 26, will be suspended due to reduced demand due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection and strengthening of government quarantine in the Northern Mariana Islands (Saipan Island).[39]
      (There was no description at the time of the announcement of the summer timetable of the same year in January 2021, and it seems that the route abolition was notified together with the Narita-Chubu line of the connection operation that also disappeared.[40]).
    • April 4: Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, all in-flight services including in-flight sales were suspended.
    • August 8: Flight SKY29 (Haneda-Fukuoka) encounters a bird strike.Reported to the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on the following 021th, and was certified as an aviation accident.[41][42].
    • February 10:Miyako Shimojishima AirportIn service.Simultaneous opening of three routes, Kobe, Haneda, and Naha[43][44]..Haneda LinePolicy contest frameWas approved as[45].
    • November 11: Among the largest customer satisfaction surveys in Japan, the "5 JCSI Survey," we won first place in the domestic aviation category for eight airlines operating domestic flights.In addition, it ranked first in the domestic long-distance transportation sector, including the Shinkansen, and was a feat of Skymark's long-cherished wish.
  • 2021 years (Ryowa 3 years)
    • January 1: Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the in-flight magazine that had been suspended was renewed as "Sky Footprints" and resumed.[46].
    • July 7: According to the statistics released by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the scheduled flight rate ranked first for four consecutive years.[3][4].

Owned equipment

Most areGECAS,ILFCIt is a leased equipment from a company such as.In addition, there are some equipment owned by the company in the form of purchasing some of those leased equipment.Competitors such as Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways also operate a large number of leasing aircraft, and finance leasing and operating leasing of operating aircraft are not uncommon in the aviation industry.However, while Japan Airlines and others place orders and receive new aircraft in-house and place them in the name of the leasing company after receipt, Skymark does not place orders and receive in-house.

The alphabet of the last digit of the registration (register) number of Skymark-owned aircraft is generally in alphabetical order. However, the letters "I", "O", "S" (es) are similar to the numbers "1" (one), "1" (zero), "0" (five), respectively. JA5A-JA737G (Solaseed Air), JA737J (Japan Airlines) and JA330C (individually owned) may not be available because they are already in use, and after the introduction to JA737Z, JA73NA to N ~ are registered and used in alphabetical order.The equipment introduced after the business restructuring is registered from JA73AA to A in alphabetical order.

Operation equipment

* Painting etc. is as of June 2021.Winglet marks change frequently due to parts replacement, etc.[47].

List of Skymark Airlines operating machines (as of June 2021)[48][49]
Aircraft symbolModelSerial numberDate of receiptleasing companyWinglet markRemarks
JA737NBoeing 737-8HX368452007 0OctoberALC (Air Lease Corporation)Unmounted machine
JA737QBoeing 737-8HX352282008 0OctoberALC,heart
JA737RBoeing 737-86N356302008 0Octoberア バ ロ ンheart
JA737TBoeing 737-8Q8352902009 0OctoberAercap(OldILFC)heart
JA737UBoeing 737-8FZ296802009 0OctoberBBAM (Nomura HDGroup company)Heart (left) / Red diamond (right)ETOPS
JA737XBoeing 737-8AL366922009/11BOC Aviationheart
JA737YBoeing 737-8FZ296632009/12BBAM → Own ownership switching purchase (2020.08)heartETOPS
JA737ZBoeing 737-82Y407122010 0OctoberMC Aviation Partners
(Mitsubishi Corporation(Affiliated aircraft leasing company)
Green clover (left) / heart (right)
JA73NABoeing 737-8HX368492010 0OctoberAviation Capital GroupBlue diamond
JA73NCBoeing 737-8FZ317432010/10BBAM→Purchase in-house purchase before lease expiration (2018.4)CherryETOPS
JA73NDBoeing 737-8FZ334402010/11BBAM→Purchase in-house purchase before lease expiration (2018.4)ヒ マ ワ リETOPS
JA73NEBoeing 737-82Y407132010/12MC Aviation PartnersEighth note
JA73NFBoeing 737-86N380192011 0OctoberGE Capital Aviation Service(GECAS)heart
JA73NGBoeing 737-86N368212011 0OctoberGECASheart
JA73NJBoeing 737-86N394052011/11GECASheartETOPS
JA73NKBoeing 737-86N380232012 0OctoberGECASheartETOPS
JA73NLBoeing 737-8HX381042012 0OctoberAWAS Aviation CapitalheartETOPS
JA73NMBoeing 737-81D394212012 0OctoberAWAS Aviation CapitalHeart (left) / Blue Heart (right)ETOPS
JA73NNBoeing 737-81D394222012 0OctoberAWAS Aviation Capital
→Changed to Macquarie Air Finance (2015.12)
JA73NPBoeing 737-8HX381092012 0OctoberAviation Capital GroupheartETOPS
JA73NQBoeing 737-81D394322013 0OctoberAWAS Aviation Capitalheart
JA73NRBoeing 737-8FH399272013 0OctoberSMBC Aviation Capitalheart
JA73NTBoeing 737-86N412642013 0OctoberGECASheart
JA73NUBoeing 737-86N380462013 0OctoberGECAS→Purchased in-house switching before lease (2018.4)heart
JA73NXBoeing 737-86N380452013 0OctoberGECASheart
JA73NYBoeing 737-86N412632013/10GECASNo mark
JA73AABoeing 737-8AL634132018/8[50]BOC Aviation[51]Cherry Blossoms[52]Slim sheet, outlet, USB specifications[53]
JA73ABBoeing 737-8AL634082019 0OctoberBOC AviationCherry BlossomsETOPS
Slim sheet, outlet, USB specifications
Special painting machine "Pikachu Jet BC"[54][55]
JA73ACBoeing 737-8AL634102019 0OctoberBOC AviationCherry blossoms (left) / hearts (right)ETOPS
Slim sheet, outlet, USB specifications
737NG series passenger type final manufacturing machine
  • The Boeing 737 NG series will be the second introduction for an airline in Japan. In September 2, we completed the model transition from the Boeing 2009-9ER.
  • Optional equipment for the aircraft received in the early stageBlended WingletWas not installed, but it has been installed from JA2008Q received in June 6.
  • For the aircraft after JA737Y, the seat surface has been changed from the conventional dark blue to beige.
  • The aircraft after JA73NF isLED lightingIt has a new interior "Boeing Sky Interior (BSI)" that improves the cabin environment compared to the previous model.[56].
  • Some aircraft require twin-engine aircraft for long-distance ocean flightsETOPSWe have obtained certification and have a history of operating charter flights to Guam and other countries. The relevant equipment is on the front wheel storage door at the noseEquipment registration numberAnd "ETOPS" are also written[57].
    September 2019, 9 According to the Narita Airport flight permit application submission materials from Skymark, of the 19 aircraft owned, 29 were international flight specifications.[58].
  • With the introduction of the same type of aircraft, the new entrants have taken a step back in terms of the number of aircraft they own and the scale of their routes.
  • Due to the civil rehabilitation procedure on January 2015, 1, operation of the A28 aircraft was suspended from February, so the number of aircraft continued to be maintained for the time being.
  • 2018.Introduced a total of 2019 aircraft in 3. In March 2019, President Masahiko IchieKobe newspaperIs expected in the futureKobe AirportIn preparation for the expansion of arrival and departure slots due to the deregulation of
    In the same year, two additional aircraft will be introduced, one of which will be allocated to the Kobe serviceNarita-SaipanPlanned to be assigned to the line[59].

Special painting machine

  • From July 2014, 7 to October 19, 10, the animation ``ONE PIECE”, a special design machine with 5 machines (JA73NF,73NG,737U,737N,737T)"One Piece Jet"To launch a campaign[PR 25], After the campaign, it returned to normal painting.
  • From May 2016, 5 to the end of October of the same year,Professional baseball SE League"Hanshin Tigers], 2 special design machines (JA73NL, 73NM)"Tigers Jet"Operate and deploy campaign[PR 26], After the campaign, it returned to normal painting.
  • From May 2017, 5 to September 14,Professional baseball Pacific League"Fukuoka Softbank Hawks], a special design machine for one machine (JA1NJ)"Taka Girl Jet"Operate and deploy campaign[60], After the campaign, it returned to normal painting.
  • From early July 2017 to October 7, 2018, we collaborated again with the professional baseball league "Hanshin Tigers", this time one special design machine (JA10NK)"Tigers Jet (2 generations)"Operate and deploy campaign[61], After the campaign, it returned to normal painting.
  • From December 2017, 10 to January 6, 2018,Shitamachi Bobsleigh Network Project Promotion CommitteeIn collaboration with, one special design machine (JA1NT)"Downtown Bobsled Jet"Operate and deploy campaign[62].
    International flight by the same aircraft in February 23 for transportation of people involved in bobsleigh scheduled to be used at the 2018rd Olympic Winter Games in the projectCharter flightsFlight between Haneda and Incheon on 19th outbound and 23rd return[35], After the campaign, it returned to normal painting.
  • From September 2018, 9 to October 4, one aircraft (JA2019NQ) special design aircraft celebrating the 10th anniversary of service and recruited internally"Starry sky jet"To operate and launch a campaign. "20th Anniversary" is on the left, and "20" is on the right.[63].. After the 20th anniversary, it will return to normal painting.
    In addition, a special decal aircraft with different 8th anniversary decals attached to the right side of the boarding gate on 18 aircraft owned by Skymark (including "Starry Sky Jet") will also operate from August 20 of the same year.[64].
  • From December 2018, 12 to January 1, 2020, we collaborated three times with the professional baseball team “Hanshin Tigers” three times, and one special design machine (JA1NR)"Tigers Jet (3 generations)"To operate and launch a campaign. On the left side of the aircraft, the tiger symbol, which is the symbol of the team, is maximized, and on the right side of the aircraft, the official mascot character of the Hanshin Tigers ``Truckee","Keita], "Lucky" is drawn[65].. After the campaign, it will return to normal painting.
  • From March 2019, 3 to August 19, 2020, the Professional Baseball Pacific League "Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters], one special design machine (JA1NX)"Fighters Jet"To operate and launch a campaign.
    "HOKKAIDO PRIDE" on the left of the aircraft and "Flep the Fox" which is a member of the Fighters mascot team and imagines Kita Fox, the right of the aircraft is designed with the "FIGHTERS" logo[66][67].. After the campaign, it will return to normal painting.
  • From March 2019, 3 to December 5, 2020, we have been affiliated since 12.B.LEAGUE』Collaboration with one machine (JA1NY) cartoonistTakehiko InoueSpecial design machine with Mr. Mr.'s illustration and league logo drawn"B.LEAGUE JET"Operate and deploy campaign[68], After the campaign, it returned to normal painting.
  • From April 2019, 4 to May 11, 2020, in collaboration with the professional baseball Pacific League "Fukuoka Softbank Hawks", one specially designed machine (JA5NU)"Taka Girl Jet (2 generations)"To operate and launch a campaign. Based on pink, "Taka Girl TAKA GIRL" near the door in front of the aircraft and "SoftBank HAWKS" on the port side of the fuselage are used to express the design of the 2019 Taka Girl uniform "flare of light". On the starboard side, the batter's silhouette is divided by a bat and marked as "TAKAGIRL". The logo is outlined on the right of it, and a heart-shaped one-point design is given to the top of the injection ports of both engines.[69].. After the campaign, it will return to normal painting.
  • From May 2019, 5 to January 14, 2020, Kobe, which is in service as a "west base", is shared by "community coexistence", which is one of the corporate missions.J League"VISSEL KOBE], signed an official gold sponsorship contract with one machine (JA1X) of another design machine"Visseljet"Operate and deploy campaign[70], After the campaign, it returned to normal painting.
  • For about 2021 years from June 6, 21Pokemon Co., Ltd."I want you to feel the joy of traveling and the joy of traveling again when you can do free activities again while many people are away from the fun of going out." In support of the "Soratobu Pikachu Project","Pikachu Jet BC"(JA73AB) operates mainly on routes to / from Okinawa and develops campaigns[71].

Equipment to be introduced

  • Boeing 737 MAX
    • 2013th on June 6, 17Paris Air ShowAnnounced the first day to introduce the same model in Japan[PR 27].. Although it is said to be introduced as a successor to the Boeing 737-800 model, no official contract has been concluded and the prospect of introduction is uncertain due to subsequent business failure.[72].
    • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayLion Air Flight 610 crashHappened, and five months later on March 5, 2019Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashOccurs. Since the Boeing 737 MAX was hit by consecutive accidents, the Boeing 737 MAX stopped operating and orders were canceled one after another (Flight Problems with the Boeing 737 MAX). In response to this, Chairman Nobuo Sayama replied to an interview with Aviation Wire that he could not investigate the cause and could not contract (370 MAX) when 737 machines stopped.[73].
  • "Equipment Planning Committee" established
    • After the bankruptcy in 2017, the lease contract of the aircraft used will be gradually expired from 2019, so it is the first time since the company was established to consider procurement of new equipment and extension of contract.Flight crew,Flight attendantIt was reported that an "Equipment Planning Committee" composed of members across the company will be established to consider plans for increasing the number of the same model including the refurbishment of existing equipment and updating to other models with longer cruising range.[74].
    • In April 2018, President Masahiko Ichie responded to the interview, saying that "there is a possibility that there will be about 4 seats" and that "it is more important that the airplane is always in operation than that it is slightly more fuel efficient" to consider based on the number of seats increased commonality of the machine, risk If you do not stand a prospect that can be tightly the "maintenance system is high for wide-body (wide body) machines, such as the A200, which had a hard time introduced before bankruptcy operations. May be 330 to 5 years from now"[75].

Equipment whose order has been canceled

In 2014, Skybus canceled payment contract due to non-payment due to Skymark[23].. Discussions such as damages claims for Skymark are being held[23][77].. Along with the cancellation of the aircraft contract, a contract was made for the onboard engine and its maintenance.Rolls-RoyceHas been canceled[78].
  • On November 2010, 11, a major European aircraft manufacturerAirbusSigned a basic agreement with A380 to introduce AXNUMX[PR 9].. And on February 2011, 2, we signed a formal purchase contract for 17 machines (6 machines are optional)[PR 10].
    • Initially, AirbusA320Was sold to Skymark, but the president Nishikubo was interested in the A380 listed in the Airbus catalog and fell in love with it, which led to the order.[79].
    • Compared to Skymark's sales scale (2010 billion yen in the fiscal year ended March 3, net profit of 414 billion yen), the introduction price was too high, so the stock price stopped at the time of announcement.[80].
    • At the time of ordering, there were voices from the aviation industry, including within Airbus, wondering if Skymark could introduce the A380.[79] Others wonder if there was a technology that could work on new introduction even if it could be introduced.[81].. Still, Airbus reached the contract conclusion,BoeingIt was pointed out that there was a purpose to break the situation of the Japanese market, which had become the stronghold of[79].
  • The first Japanese aircraft to be manufactured by Airbus, 4Wide body machineA380 that was to be introduced[PR 10][PR 28].
  • It was sequentially received from August 2014, and it was planned to operate it as an international flight dedicated aircraft and enter the international scheduled service business. At one time, it was reported that 8 additional aircraft will be newly introduced (9 aircraft in total).[82] However, the actual contract has not been reached.
    • On board in June 2014GalleyDue to delays in parts supply, it was announced that the receipt would be delayed about two and a half to six months from the original schedule, and the opening of international flights would be delayed.[83].
  • Tokyo/Narita- ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クLine service has been announced, and Narita- UK,FrankfurtAnd planned Western routes such as[84].. Therefore, a special spot that can use A2 was newly added in advance to Narita's Terminal 380 in preparation for the Skymark service, but after the introduction was canceled immediately, other airlines could use it. I have no choice.
  • At the time of the contract cancellation, two aircraft were in production (one of which was a test flight), and JA2A,B,C,D,E,F for 1 aircraftAircraft registration numberWas reserved. In addition, except for most of the fuselage, the vertical tail had already been repainted in the Skymark color. We are currently in discussions regarding the delivery of these aircraft being manufactured to another existing customer.[85]There was a rumor that ANA, who offered reconstruction assistance for a period of time, purchased it in a transaction with a major creditor Airbus to become a major force at the creditor meeting, but in May 2016Emirates AirlinesWas announced to have purchased[86], Both were delivered to Dubai in 2018 and are in operation at the company.
List of Airbus A380-800 manufactured and ordered by Skymark
ModelSerial numberAircraft symbolAircraft symbol (planned for Japan)Remarksreference
Airbus A380-841162A6-EVB (in service)JA380AAfter the first flight in April 2014 After waiting for maintenance in Toulouse, France
2018 Emirates delivery operation
Airbus A380-841167A6-EVA (already in service)JA380BAfter a temporary flight in Hamburg, Germany after the first flight in October 2017
Emirates delivered in April 2018, in service from 4th of the same month
  • As of May 2014, 5, Skymark's planned investment for the six aircraft totaled 15 million yen in the financial statements for the first quarter of the fiscal year ending March 6.[PR 29]By April 2014, 4 billion yen had been paid, but payment has been stopped since the discussion on delivery receipt started.

Retired equipment

Since Skymark has many leasing machines, it is often returned to the leasing company (leaseback) even if the company retires and used by other companies.

  • After the introduction of A330, 737 will be a surplus, so early leaseback was performed regardless of age.
    • Early leasebacks have been postponed since the A330 was suspended.
Aircraft symbolModelSerial numberDate of receiptErasure dateRemarks
JA737HBoeing 737-86N342472005/122013/9
JA737KBoeing 737-86N342492005/122013/10
JA737LBoeing 737-86N326942006 0October2014 0October
JA737MBoeing 737-86N326832006/122014/10
JA737PBoeing 737-8HX296812008 0October2016 0October
JA73NBBoeing 737-8HX368482010 0October2014/11
JA73NHBoeing 737-8HX381012011/102015 0October
  • Introduced in 2012. Receipt and operation started in 2014, and operation ended in January 2015[89].
  • According to the announcement in February 2012, 2 aircraft were introduced.[PR 30], It has been changed from 2013 with the introduction of 10 aircraft. It was scheduled to receive 2014 aircraft in the same year from February 2 and 6 aircraft in 2015[PR 31][90]. After May 2014, Haneda-Fukuoka line, Naha line, New Chitose line was sequentially introduced, it was planned to replace the 5-1 which will be in service on the same line over a year and a half. All seats consist of "green seats", which are advanced classes with a wider front-to-back spacing than the 737-800. (See below)
  • The aircraft logo used to be written as "SKY" until then, but on the A330 it became the type labeled "SKY MARK".[91]. This was introduced on the A737, which has a longer torso than the 800-330, due to the design reason that "SKY" does not fit well.[92]. Even in the A380, which was discontinued after that, it had a fuselage that exceeded 70 m, so it was planned to have the letters "SKY MARK" as with the A330.[91].
  • No in-flight entertainment facilities were installed, and PC power supplies were installed in all seats[92]. From August 2014, 8, after the 7rd unit (registration number JA3D)Panasonic Avionics CorporationLaunched "SKYMARK FREE Wi-Fi", a free internet connection service using "eX Connect". All A2014s will support Wi-Fi service within 330[PR 32] However, in the end, the two aircraft (JA2A and JA330B) ended the operation without supporting Wi-Fi service.
  • GalleyIn terms of equipment and aircraft performance, it is possible to operate on international flights[92]Also expected to operate international charter flights by A330[25].
  • Prior to operation, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism announced on January 2014, 1 that Airbus wasType certificationWas issued.
  • The A330 has reserved aircraft registration numbers up to JA330K, L, M, N, and was manufactured at the Airbus factory up to JA330L (No. 8).
  • Originally planned to be launched on the Haneda-Fukuoka line from March 2014, 3. After that, due to a delay in approval of the maintenance shop, etc., it was postponed again on April 25, and further preparation was delayed on May 4. After that, it was decided that it would take some time for training before the start of the flight, and the final departure date was June 18, which was the third postponement. It has been pointed out that the company had a lack of related documents and training as it proceeded with the introduction of the A5 on a schedule with a day of service, and the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, which is the supervisory agency, did not permit the application.[93].
  • 2014å¹´6月6日の営業運航直前に初号機(JA330A)がテスト飛行中に落雷を受け、前日の13日までに運用許容基準(MEL)に適合する応急整備で就航日に間に合わせ14、15日は運航したが、本格的な整備を16日から18日に実施し、19日から運航に復帰した[94].
  • Introduced on the Haneda-Fukuoka route from June 2014, 6, and on the Haneda-New Chitose line from August 14, 8.[24] However, due to delays in training A330-certified mechanics and delays in repairs due to Wifi service support, the number of A330 service destinations did not expand as planned.
  • The civil rehabilitation procedure on January 2015, 1 announced that the equipment will be re-unified to 28 for the purpose of drastic management improvement. Along with this, the aircraft of the same type will stop operating from February 737, and after that date, all but the No. 2 (JA1G) will be retained at Haneda Airport and maintained (stored) (JA6G has an Airbus factory.ToulouseStore at). The aircraft is not considering a leaseback, but is considering subleasing the equipment.[89] However, about one month after the suspension of operation and about one year after the first aircraft was received, March 1, 1, the sublease destination could not be found and canceled the lease contract, and returned early, so that the leasing company newly compensated for damages. It is reported that there is a possibility that[95].
List of Airbus A330-300 owned by Skymark (includes only orderable equipment)
Aircraft symbolModelSerial numberDate of receiptleasing companyRemarks
JA330AAirbus A330-34314832014 0OctoberIntrepid Aviation Partners
(IAP: Intrepid Aviation Partners)
[2] N113NT (Holder: BANK OF UTAH TRUSTEE) → EI-FN (Return to leasing company) Y → TC-LOA

I left Japan on April 2015, 4,Arizona(English edition)Keep in
August 2017, 5,Turkish AirlinesHelise.

JA330BAirbus A330-34314912014 0OctoberIAP[3] N114NT (Holder: BANK OF UTAH TRUSTEE) → EI-FNZ (Return to leasing company) → TC-LOB

Departed from Japan on April 2015, 4 and stored at Pinar Airfield, Arizona
Leased to Turkish Airlines on May 2017, 5.

JA330DAirbus A330-34315422014 0OctoberIAP[4] Wi-Fi service support

N115NT (Holder: BANK OF UTAH TRUSTEE) → EI-FSC (Return to leasing company) → TC-LOC
Departed from Japan on April 2015, 4 and stored at Pinar Airfield, Arizona
Leased to Turkish Airlines on May 2017, 3.

JA330EAirbus A330-34315442014 0OctoberIAP[5] Wi-Fi service support

N116NT (Holder: BANK OF UTAH TRUSTEE) → EI-FSD (Return to leasing company) → TC-LOD
Departed from Japan on April 2015, 4 and stored at Pinar Airfield, Arizona
Leased to Turkish Airlines on May 2017, 4.

JA330FAirbus A330-34315742014/11ITCA330-343-cn 1574 Wi-Fi service support

OE-IDI (return to leasing company[96]) → EC-MHL
After leaving Japan on March 2015, 3 and ferry to Vienna, Austria,
SpanishTeruel AirportStored in[96]
Then in July of the same yearAir EuropeIs leasing and operating the aircraft without changing the interior[97]

JA330GAirbus A330-3431592Unclaimed
(Completed in February 2015)
IAPA330-343-cn 1592 Wi-Fi service compatible,

Shutdown of A330 immediately before delivery of the aircraft
Stored at the Airbus factory in Toulouse with the "SKY MARK" logo erased[98]
N117NT (Holder: BANK OF UTAH TRUSTEE) → EI-FSD (Return to leasing company) → TC-LOE
Leased to Turkish Airlines on May 2016, 12.

JA330KAirbus A330-3431607Unclaimed
(Completed in February 2015)
ITCA330-343-cn 1607 Wi-Fi service compatible,

Stored at Airbus factory without delivery
The vertical stabilizer and engine were painted with Skymark specifications, but the fuselage had no logo.
Test cash register: F-WWCS → EC-MIL, then from November 2015
After Air Europa leases the aircraft without changing the interior, tail and engine paint,
Leasing to Wow Air from June 2016

JA330LAirbus A330-3431624Unclaimed
(Completed in February 2015)
ITCA330-343-cn 1624 Wi-Fi service compatible,

Stored at the Airbus factory without being delivered.
The vertical stabilizer and engine were painted with Skymark specifications, but the fuselage had no logo.
Test cash register: F-WWYR → EC-MIO, then from November 2015
After Air Europa leases the aircraft without changing the interior, tail and engine paint,
Leasing to Wow Air from June 2016

  • The equipment used since the beginning of service in 1998. Before going into service, the 4th unit (JA767D)bankruptcy officialOkinawa OfRequios AirlinesWas ordered with the aircraft symbol JA01LQ.LCD ScreenWas also equipped.
  • There was also an optional AAAA type door on the door of some Boeing 767-300ER equipment.
  • At the beginning of the service, one horizontal row was added to the standard Boeing 767 seat layout to make it 1-2-4-2.AbreastIt became a hot topic, but after the 4th unit (JA767D) it became a standard 2-3-2 7 arest,Seat pitchAlso 32inchIt was said that the room was spacious.
  • Immediately after the service, some aircraft were painted with advertisements and earned income from them, but it has not been done since the painting was changed by the introduction of CI in 2005. AdvertiserDirect TV-J-PHONE-Microsoft[99]-Yahoo! JAPAN[100]-USEN[101] And so on.
  • The Cygnus class service ended on August 767, 767 due to the retirement of JA2008A and JA8B.
Aircraft symbolModelSerial numberNumber of seatsDate of receiptErasure dateRemarks
JA767ABoeing 767-3Q8ER27616F12 / Y2971998 0October2008 0October
JA767BBoeing 767-3Q8ER27617F12 / Y2971998/102008 0October
JA767CBoeing 767-3Q8ER29390F24 / Y2302002 0October2008 0October
JA767DBoeing 767-36NER30847C12 / Y2972003 0October2009/10
JA767EBoeing 767-328ER27427Y2622004/102007 0October
JA767FBoeing 767-38EER30840Y2712005 0October2009 0October
  • Only one aircraft is enrolled.All Nippon AirwaysMore leased and operated. After retiring from Skymark, it was converted into a cargo plane,ABX AirIn operation.
Aircraft symbolModelSerial numberNumber of seatsDate of receiptErasure dateRemarks
JA8255Boeing 767-28123434Y2342003 0October2004 0October

Boarding music

Mine KawakamiThe composition "SKY BLUE" has been appointed.


Regarding international service,Official website checking ...

In-flight service

Since serviceSoft drink(5 mini PET bottles, pack juice),In-flight magazine,Paper towelIn addition,candyAnd chocolate,Okaki) Was provided free of charge on board.

As a result of the management policy change, which was announced on October 2005, 10 and was positioned as the “second founding,” we have drastically reduced freight rates from February 12, 2006. Service simplification was done. The in-flight service is limited to blanket and picture book lending for young children, distribution of company timetable, distribution of in-flight magazines, hand towel distribution to applicants, provision of beverages and tea confectionery, lending of newspapers, magazines, etc. are all abolished It was

After that, as a response to the situation where no drinks were offered onboard regardless of charge, after trial sale on the Naha line, from February 2007, 2, 1 yen soft drinks / 100 mini PET bottlesGiraffe"Nodogoshi" and 300 yenKobe wineRed/whiteIn-flight salesStarted, leading to the service style as of 2015.

2017 year 7 month,Soft drinkandAlcoholIs available for in-flight sales.PET bottlesWith soft drinkscoffee,SoupAll items are 100 yen. Alcohol with snacks is less than 500 yen (as of February 2016), and the price is simple and inexpensive. Also, although it is limited to some routes, it is reviving the free service of Nescafe Coffee.

From October 2016Nestle JapanIn partnership with, the original design "KitKat" is sold free of charge on all routes, and "Nescafe Frazier" is sold for 1 yen (tax included) per cup.In addition, although "Nescafe" was provided free of charge on some routes, it was temporarily suspended due to measures against the new coronavirus.[102].

Resumed free coffee service of "Nescafe Gold Blend" from October 2020, 10[103].

In collaboration with "Medicom Japan", which was distributed free of charge from July to October 2020, we will sell 12 masks similar to those distributed on board and antibacterial mask cases of Skymark original design. start[104].

Nestle service

In collaboration with Skymark Airlines and Nestlé Japan, KitKat and coffee services were launched on October 2016, 10 as a "air travel project that makes you want to ride again."Initially, KitKat, coffee, and related cups and milk were all offered by Nestlé, but now Skymark offers services except for cups, muddlers, and sugar. (Including KitKat, coffee, etc.)

  • Original design KitKat (all routes)

Original design with Skymark's destinationKitKatMinis are distributed to all passengers on all routes.Of the manufacturerNestleHas been downsizing the KitKat Mini for regular sale since September 2020.[105], The production for Skymark was the same size as before. From January 2021, 1, the size will be reduced as well as for sale.15 types of service destination designs after size reduction (New Chitose, Sendai, Ibaraki, Tokyo / Haneda, Nagoya / Chubu, Kobe, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Amami Oshima, Naha, Miyako Shimojima) Saipan before size reduction And Narita's design was also distributed.

  • Gold blend hot coffee (excluding some routes)

Coffee service is not available on short flight routes.Not applicable routes are New Chitose-Ibaraki, Ibaraki-Kobe, Haneda-Kobe, Nagoya / Chubu-Kagoshima, Kobe-Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Naha-Miyako Shimojishima routes are only kit cut distribution and in-flight sales.

In-flight sales menu

Currently (December 2021) All prices include tax[106].

  • Cold drink (100 yen)
  • Hot drink (100 yen)
  • Sweets (100 yen)
    • Pretz salad flavor (Ezaki Glico)
    • Amami Famous Confectionery Mamebokkuri (Saigo Matsumotopo)
  • Original goods (500 yen)
    • Mask / Mask Case Set (Medicom Japan)
  • Special painting machine collaboration goods (JA73AB / Pikachu Jet BC)[107]
    • Pikachu Jet BC boarding commemorative medal (1,000 yen)

In-flight magazine

In-flight magazine"SKYMARK" was republished on April 2007, 4 with the cooperation of the Planning and Advertising Cooperative. Issued monthly, passengers are free to take it home.

Renewed as "SKY FRaU on MARK!" From May 2018, 5.Kodansha OfFRaUWas in charge of editing[108], Suspended from the June 2020 issue to reduce the risk of infection with the new coronavirus.After that, it ended in the form of renewal without restarting.

From 2021 year 1 month 1 day"Footsteps of the Sky"Renewed as[46]..The origin of the name is "sky = sky, footprints = mark".Editing will be centered on Skymark's public relations.We reduced the size from A4 size to B5 size with an awareness of improving the take-out rate.[109].


Blankets can be rented, candies, and hand towels can be provided free of charge to those who wish. We also lend out picture books and provide coloring books to children.

From July 2020, 7, in response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, disposable masks were distributed to all passengers in partnership with Medicom Japan.[110].

Due to the shortage of mask supply by Medicom Japan, the distribution of masks will be temporarily suspended on October 10, and the timing to resume is undecided.[111].


Ordinary seat

The Boeing 737 aircraft has 177 seats in all economy class, 3-3AbreastIt is equipped with ordinary seats. Although the seat pitch and number of seats are the same, there are currently three types of seats mixed.

RestroomIs common to all models, and is installed in a total of three locations, one in the front and two in the rear.A diaper changing table is attached to one place in the front and the restroom on the left side (L side) behind.[112].. Only the four JA737X, JA73AA to JA73AC have diaper changing tables installed at the rear two locations.

JA737N ~ JA737UWEBERNavy blueIt is a little narrow because it is thick. There is no outlet equipment. Due to the position of the table and seat pocket, the etiquette bag, safety card, and in-flight magazine are set in a bent state.
JA737X ~ JA73NYRECARObeigeStandard specifications installed on most Skymark models. All seat rows are equipped with outlets between seats (around the back of the knee).
JA73AA ~ JA73ACRECARObeigeIt is 3 cm slimmer than the above RECARO seat, and the seat pocket is installed above the table, so the space under your feet is wider.In addition to the outlet, a USB port was added, and the position was changed to under the front seat instead of the back of the knee.The seat belt is about 6 cm shorter than the existing RECARO seat.

Forward seat (former: foot seat)

The front row 6 seats are sold as "forward seats".We do not accept internet or telephone reservations and can upgrade at the airport counter or on board.Reservations other than the same day are possible at the airport counter.The charge is an additional charge of 1000 yen for all fares.[113].

There is more space under your feet than regular seats, and you can receive priority boarding, one free service from the in-flight sales menu, and priority return of checked baggage.

Until October 2018, 10, it was sold under the name of "Football Seat". In the case of the WEBER seat, the distance to the wall separating the guest room and the galley was too short to reach, and the name was changed because complaints were made one after another in the guest room and at the destination airport.

Green sheet (obsolete)

The Airbus A330 had 271 seats, and was equipped with a high-class class seat called a green seat at 2-3-2 Arest.

Compared to the normal seats of the Boeing 737 aircraft, the seat pitch is expanded by about 18 cm and the seat width is expanded by about 10 cm, and it is reclined about 3 times even with the backrest raised.[PR 33]. This is almost the same size as Japan Airlines Class J[91].

The table is stored in the armrest, not in the front seat. All seats are equipped with power outlets. Seat manufacturer is Zodiac Seat US[114]. It is almost the same type as the seat used in ANA's international premium economy etc.[115].

Although this green seat has a wider seat than the normal economy class and is similar to the premium economy seat, the fare is not much different from the economy class, so it is possible to get a special seat cheaply Although popular, it was virtually abolished as the A2015's operations were suspended in February 2.

Cygnus class (obsolete)

For the Boeing 767-300ER, there was a high-class seat service called "Cygnus Class".

In the same class, during meal timeCurry and riceIn addition to serving hot meals such as, and snacks at other times in a basket, there was also a welcome drink service. At that time, Skymark was the only company offering hot meals on domestic air routes in Japan.

Later due to price reduction of Cygnus classsandwichSimplified to, when the aircraft retired in August 2008, Cygnus class has been abolished.

Ground service


Check-in is done at the airport's automatic check-in machine or at the counter.Online check-in is not supported.The automatic check-in machine can output not only check-in but also checked baggage tags.At Haneda Airport, the company was the first to introduce an in-line screening system that performs X-ray inspection in the backyard after passing checked baggage at the counter.

Airline seat reservation system (CRS) Uses "Jupiter" developed in-house. New airlines funded by ANA (AIRDO,Solaseed Air,Star flyer) Uses ANA's system "able", but Skymark continues to use its own system even after receiving ANA's investment to ensure independence.[116]..As for automatic check-in machines, the above airlines use ANA terminals, while Skymark uses its own terminal "Margaret" jointly developed with OKI.[117].

The boarding pass design has been changed from November 2019, 11.The "SKY" logo was printed on the back, but it was abolished to improve visibility.The design has been changed to an illustration that makes it easy to understand information such as boarding gates and seat numbers.
From January 2021, 3Japan Airlines GroupSolidarity transportation of baggage with Japan Airlines has started, and only baggage with the Japan Airlines Group can be used for transit.[118].


The boarding gate is not ANA's, but the gate owned by the company is used.ManufactureTAKAMISAWAMade[119]..At some airports, ground passenger staff use handheld scanners instead of gates.

Start boarding with priority boarding on all flights.

Target for priority boarding

  • With children under 12 years old
  • Pregnant
  • Those who wish to help when boarding (disability, injury, etc.)
  • Front row "forward seat" users

In order to alleviate in-flight congestion and shorten boarding time, split boarding (separate boarding) will be carried out and boarding guidance will be provided in the following order.

① Priority boarding ② Rows A and H (window side) and 15th and 16th rows of emergency exit seats ③ Rows B and G (center) ④ All seats

boarding passToTwo-dimensional codeIs printed, and you board by holding the QR code over the gate.

Mileage service

As of 2015, at SkymarkMileage serviceHas not been implemented.UFJ cardPartnered withCredit cardAt the time when the "Skymark Card" was issued,PointI was able to save and redeem it for an airline ticket, but the validity period of points was as short as one year. On the other hand, since June 1, we have started a service to provide Skymark flight seats to senior members (medallions) of Delta's mileage program "Skymile" and partner credit card holders.[PR 34][PR 35]. In addition, he announced his intention to introduce a mileage service accompanying the expansion of international flights from January 2014 and the introduction of large aircraft (Airbus A1-330 aircraft) on domestic trunk lines. It is virtually blank.

Post-boarding questionnaire

From 2018, we started a post-boarding questionnaire aimed at improving customer satisfaction.After boarding, the QR code for the questionnaire is engraved on the top of the boarding pass, and you can answer the questionnaire by reading it with your smartphone.After answering the questionnaire, a lottery will be given to those who have registered their e-mail addresses.The product and the number of winners differ depending on the time of year. (PET bottle drinks, cup noodles, ice cream, accommodation coupons, Amazon gift certificates, etc.) Questionnaires can be answered after the in-flight announcement that electronic devices can be used after landing.[PR 36].

From the response on December 2020, 12, to 25 people every monthYukimi DaifukuTheSeven-ElevenYou can get a coupon that can be redeemed for free at[120].

From the answers in November 2020, 11 multiple-choice questionnaires were added and the total was changed to 2 questions.

The questions in the questionnaire have not changed since December 2020, 12, but the notation has been changed to 25 questions including optional free comments.

Questionnaire items for multiple-choice questionnaire (required)

  • Response of ground staff at the departure airport
  • Response of flight attendants on board
  • Overall satisfaction with this boarding
  • Purpose of use this time
  • Skymark usage frequency

Free description (optional)

  • Free comment section

Customer satisfaction

From the beginning of service, we have thoroughly simplified services, but in recent yearsCustomer satisfactionWe are also focusing on (CS).Japan Productivity Center conducts Japan's largest customer satisfaction survey "JCSI" The domestic transportation sector has been the subject of the survey since 2009, from the first survey to 2019Star flyerHas achieved first place for 11 consecutive years[121].. Skymark was out of the ranking until 2014, but won 2015rd place in 3. Received high praise as second place for 2017 consecutive years from 3[122].. Achieved the first place in 2020 by suppressing Star Flyer[123][124].. Domestic transportation sectorJapan Airlines,ANAIncluding,LCCWith airlines includingShinkansenEach line is the target.

Scheduled flight rate / flight rate (cancellation rate)

Cancellation and delays will be minimized in the "Promise to Customers" of the "New Skymark Policy" announced after the business restructuring.[125].. In the past, unlike LCCs, there was no reserve aircraft and many billiard delays occurred, but now we are focusing on on-time performance by securing spare aircraft to cope with the delay.

Skymark will be the number one on-time flight rate for four consecutive years from FY2017 to FY2020 in "Information on Specified Japanese Air Carriers" in "Information Disclosure on Air Transport Services" released by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.[126][127].. The scheduled flight rate in 2020 was 99.14%.

The cancellation rate is also low.According to the statistics, the cancellation rate in 2020 was only 0.57%.

In FY2019, Skymark was the top two in terms of both the scheduled flight rate and the flight rate, but in FY2, it is the third highest in terms of flight rate after Spring Airlines Japan and All Nippon Airways.[128].

Children traveling alone support

A system for children who normally cannot board alone without a companion.The name Sky Kids is given for the purpose of supporting the single boarding of children.[129]..Similar service is JAL[130], ANA[131]It is also done in such places.

If you are not accompanied by a person over 12 years old, you can use it as follows.

ageTarget of Sky KidsRemarks
5 and underImproperIf you are under 5 years old, you cannot board alone because it is not covered by the system.A companion who is at least 12 years old is required.
6 years old, 7 years oldMust be usedNormally, you cannot board alone, so you must use Sky Kids.
8 to 11 years oldPossible upon requestIt is possible to board alone without using this system, but it can be used if desired.

Parents are required to accompany you from the check-in counter to the boarding gate at the departure airport.Skymark staff (ground passengers, cabin crew) will always guide you from the boarding gate to the cabin and from the cabin to the arrival lobby.At the arrival airport, it will end when you receive a signature at the arrival lobby when you make an inquiry with a guardian.

Flight attendant


From April 2009, 4, uniforms for flight crew, flight attendants, and ground staff have been abolished to reduce costs.I have switched to wearing polo shirts and windbreakers.The abolition of uniforms is unprecedented in Japanese airlines, but in the United States andSwitzerlandHas already been implemented by some airlines such as[132].

In 2014, we adopted a miniskirt uniform as a campaign in line with the launch of the Airbus A330. This uniform was worn only by the crew on flights operated by A330s only during the campaign period, after which it returned to wearing a normal windbreaker and polo shirt.

From November 2016, 11, women's Sky Attendant's dresses, shirts, vests and skirts or pants are combined, and a jacket and two types of scarves are worn as a common item. For the men's Sky Attendant, a new uniform with a jacket, shirt, two types of ties and vests, and bottoms of the same color. This uniform was decided after soliciting design proposals from the company, narrowing it down by a project team centered on the Sky Attendant, and conducting hearings at each airport. Although the final design and functional supervision are performed by United Arrows, the base parts are all unique and involve employees.

Sky attendant system (abolished)

Skymark has introduced a Sky Attendant system that doubles as a ground passenger and cabin crew for the purpose of reducing labor costs and making effective use of personnel.Joined the company as a sky attendant and assigned to each airport to work as a ground passenger.After that, training for transition to cabin crew will be conducted.Even after being announced as a flight attendant, he also served as a ground passenger, so airports nationwide were the bases for flight attendants.

This system is now abolished.The business is separated and hired and operated separately.Flight attendants changed their name to Flight Attendants.The bases at all airports have been consolidated in Kobe and Haneda.

Service route

As of 2021

[PR 37]

All routes in service
HanedaSapporo/New Chitose,Osaka/Kobe,Fukuoka,Nagasaki(Via Kobe),Kagoshima,Okinawa/Naha,Miyako/Shimojima
KobeNew Chitose,Sendai,Ibaraki,Tokyo/Haneda, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Naha, Shimojishima
New ChitoseIbaraki, Haneda,Nagoya/Chubu, Kobe, Fukuoka
IbarakiNew Chitose, Kobe, Fukuoka, Naha
Central partNew Chitose, Kagoshima, Naha
FukuokaNew Chitose, Ibaraki, Haneda, Naha
NagasakiKobe, Haneda (via Kobe)
KagoshimaHaneda, Chubu, Kobe,Amami Oshima
Amami OshimaKagoshima
NahaIbaraki, Haneda, Chubu, Kobe, Fukuoka, Shimojishima
ShimojishimaHaneda, Kobe, Naha

Direct flights


  • Tokyo/Haneda -(Osaka/Kobe)- Nagasaki

The stopover is Kobe Airport.For transit routes, flight numbers are assigned to the sections from the start point to the end point and individual sections.For example, on the Tokyo / Haneda-Osaka / Kobe-Nagasaki line, flight numbers are assigned to Tokyo / Haneda-Osaka / Kobe and Osaka / Kobe-Nagasaki in addition to the flight numbers between Tokyo / Haneda-Nagasaki. To.Also, for aviation security reasons, all passengers must disembark at the transit point.

List of major routes

List of major routes
×○○××Central part

Past flight routes

Peach AviationSuch,Cheap airlineProfitability cannot be expected to improve due to intensifying competition with[PR 38], Kansai International Airport departure and arrival routes were suspended as of March 2013, 3.
In 2014, due to penalties related to the purchase of A380 with Airbus Co., Ltd., the unprofitable routes centered on routes departing and arriving at Narita Airport were suspended on October 2014, 10.
On February 2015, 2, we retired from Miyako and Ishigaki on March 27 of the same year to revitalize the company and improve management under civil rehabilitation procedures.[PR 39]Reported to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism that it would exit Yonago from Kobe and Naha routes on August 8, and withdraw from Yonago Airport[PR 40].. Withdrawal from Sendai Airport, which operated only on the Kobe Line from October 10 of the same year[34] And several unprofitable routes were reduced[133], To Sendai in July 2017, Amami in August 7 and Narita in November 2018, respectively.

  • Tokyo/Haneda-Asahikawa, Aomori, Nagoya/Chubu, Osaka/Kansai, Tokushima, Yonago, Kitakyushu, Kumamoto
  • Tokyo/Narita-Sapporo/New Chitose, Asahikawa, Yonago, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Okinawa/Naha, Ishigaki
  • Tokyo/Narita - Saipan[38],Nagoya/Chubu(Although the first international flight was launched after the bankruptcy rehabilitation, the resumption of the infectious disease is undecided after the suspension due to the decrease in demand due to the new coronavirus infection and the strengthening of quarantine by the local government.)
  • Ibaraki-Nagoya/Chubu
  • Osaka/Kobe-Asahikawa, Tokyo/Narita, Yonago, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Ishigaki
  • Osaka/Itami-Sapporo/New Chitose, Fukuoka
  • Osaka/Kansai-Asahikawa, Sapporo/New Chitose, Okinawa/Naha
  • Fukuoka-Sendai
  • Sapporo/New Chitose-Asahikawa, Sendai, Yonago
  • Okinawa/Naha-Yonago, Kitakyushu, Miyako, Ishigaki

Abolition of short-term routes before failure

Before the bankruptcy, the routes were reviewed relatively frequently, and there were a number of cases where the newly opened routes were suspended in a few months.
The following routes were suspended less than 6 months after they went into service.

  • Osaka/Kobe-Fukuoka route: In service on February 2010, 2, suspended on April 1, 2010[134]
  • Osaka/Kobe-Ibaraki Line: In service on April 2010, 4, suspended on September 16, 2010[PR 41](October 2010, 10 Operation resumed[PR 42])
  • Naha-Kitakyushu route: Inaugurated on August 2010, 8, suspended on November 10, 2010 (July 11, 1 Resuming operation as seasonal scheduled flight)[PR 43])
  • Nagoya/Chubu-Ibaraki Line: February 2011, 2 service, suspended June 1, 2011 (restarted April 6, 1)
  • Tokyo/Haneda-Nagoya/Chubu: In service on February 2011, 2, suspended on June 1, 2011
  • Tokyo/Haneda-Osaka/Kansai line: Operation resumed on March 2012, 3, suspension on May 25, 2012 (operated as a seasonal scheduled flight)[135]

Seasonal scheduled flights

We have set up regular flights for a limited time, and these routes are called "seasonal regular flights."

  • Ibaraki-(Nagoya / Chubu)-Naha (July 2014, 7-October 18, now a direct flight)
  • Sendai-Naha (August 2014, 8-September 9, 9)
  • Sapporo/New Chitose-Naha (January 2015, 1-March 29, 3)

Route topics

  • In 2008, the Kobe-Naha line's seasonal operations were canceled due to a shortage of flight crew.
  • From April 2009, 4, one round trip between Tokyo / Haneda-Asahikawa (morning flight from Asahikawa, afternoon flight from Tokyo / Haneda) will be via Sapporo / New Chitose, and only between Sapporo / New Chitose-Asahikawa will be a new route. It was established as.Fares in the same price range as direct flights were set for via flights, but the operation of via flights ended in three months.The flight departing from Asahikawa at 1:1 ended in 3 months.
  • At Ibaraki Airport, which opened on March 2010, 3, as a flight to commemorate the opening of Ibaraki Airport, two flights from Kobe Airport to Ibaraki Airport, one flight from Ibaraki Airport to Kobe Airport, and one flight from Ibaraki Airport to Haneda Airport Operated one flight[136].. Started the Ibaraki-Kobe line as the first domestic scheduled flight on April 4 of the same year.[PR 44].. The company is aiming for serviceBoarding procedureWe have been proceeding with discussions with the national government and other parties to realize cost reductions that are unprecedented, such as automation of vehicles, no mechanics, and no cash at boarding counters. There is no boarding bridge at Ibaraki Airport[PR 45].. Actually, it operates in the same way as other airports except for boarding bridges.
  • Announced service on the Kobe-Kagoshima line from September of the same year on June 2010, 6.At the same time, a new service to Kagoshima-Amami was announced, but Amami Airport has been suspended due to the cooperation of the local airport terminal and the inability to secure punctuality.なお、就航当初の奄美空港については、搭乗カウンターに現金は置かない初期の茨城空港方式で運用されていたAt the beginning of service, Amami Airport was operated by the early Ibaraki Airport method, in which cash was not placed at the boarding counter.[137]..Currently, it operates in the same way as other airports.

Route restructuring policy and future plans

We are aiming to expand routes by using "easy-to-understand and simple low fares" that is different from other companies' LCCs. In addition, in the medium-term management plan (2009-2014), Kobe AirportKansaiIt is positioned as "base of". A hangar dedicated to Skymark was constructed at the airport in 2011, and it also functions as a base for maintenance.

Regarding the aircraft, we have reviewed the unification of the Boeing 737-800 and plan to introduce the Airbus A380 for long-haul international flights and the A330-300 for domestic trunk lines. It was decided to use the three models properly and aim for an appropriate equipment configuration according to the route and demand. However, the Airbus A3 purchased canceled in July 380[22][PR 20]The Airbus A330 ended its operation 2014 months and a half after the operation started in June 6 due to the start of civil rehabilitation procedures. From February 7, the Boeing 2015-2 has been unified again to reduce operating costs.

In line with civil rehabilitation procedures, we will review flight routes from February 2015, continue flights departing from and arriving at Haneda and Kobe, and withdraw, suspend flights and reduce flights on other routes to formulate a rehabilitation plan.[PR 46].

2015年3月4日には、2015年9月1日から10月24日までの運航スケジュールとして米子発着の神戸線、那覇線を運休とし、茨城発着の新千歳、福岡線は1日2往復から1往復の運航とし減便、増便としては名古屋(中部国際空港)発着の新千歳線を1日2往復から1日3往復、神戸発着の那覇線を2往復から3往復にそれぞれ増便することが発表された[PR 47].

For international flights, the prospect of the end of 2014,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfJohn F. Kennedy International AirportPlanned to enter[138], After that, we were planning to operate mainly on long-distance routes, but it was blank due to the cancellation of the A380 contract. After the collapse of the bankruptcy, re-examination of international flights began in 2018, and in February, Haneda/IncheonBetweenCharter flightsTo operate. Japan stopped operation in May due to withdrawal from another company /SaipanAbout opening direct flightsNorthern Mariana IslandsIt was revealed in the Saipan local news report that the Governor, the Mariana Government Tourism Bureau and the Port Authority, had discussions with the responsible authorities etc.[139], As wellパラオIn June, it was revealed in an interview with the president that we are considering regular flights from/to Narita with the Saipan line in 2019.[140].

International flights
  • Tokyo/Narita- United States flagNew York/JFK : It was scheduled to go into service after December 2014, but due to the failure of the A12's plan, it was almost blank because there were no operational aircraft.
  • Mid-distance international flights from Tokyo/Haneda (Bangkok, Singapore, Hawaii, etc.)[141] : It was only considered, and the detailed destination was not disclosed. The A330-300 was expected to be used, but the plan was effectively blanked due to the suspension of the AXNUMX-XNUMX.
  • From Narita- Saipan,パラオ : Consulting with Saipan side to open from the winter of 2018 and in service in 2019, Palau line is considered and reported[142].. Start of international charter flights between Narita and Saipan in March 2019 for the first time in 3 years with Narita relaunch[143], Same year Golden Week[144], 8.9 consecutive holidays[145] In September, we applied to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for Narita Airport domestic flight permission application, and in October we received a proper report of operation permission, and started service from November 9, 10.

Midnight and early morning flights

From 2005 to 2007, we operated late-night and early-morning flights in the summer only, and the Haneda-Kitakyushu route that was in service in 2010-2012 and the Haneda-Chubu route that was in service in 2011 were It operates only in the middle of the night.

In Japan, StarFlyer Haneda-Kitakyushu route also operates regular domestic flights at midnight and early morning hours[Annotation 5]Only.

Brand strategy

The brand tag line "YOUR WING." Was established on October 2019, 10."Singular" and "period" are used to represent the one and only existence.

"YOUR WING." Is based on the idea that "SKYMARK will be YOUR WING. (Skymark will be a wing to support you)."It is an image of a partnership formed by one wing of you (passenger or society) and one wing of Skymark, or a wing that gives a big spiritual outline of "pair relationship".

In addition,statementHas been released.These posters are at the airport counter, inside the airport, and on the airport access railroad (Keikyu,Tokyo Monorail) Etc.

Full statement

We will be your wings.

For wings that stimulate your lifestyle.

For smart and easy-to-use wings.

To the wings that expand the possibilities of business.

For wings that you will love every time you ride.

We will be your wings.

In a place where you can see your face

We will search for the optimal solution for our customers.

Rather than imposing common sense in the aviation industry

It becomes a wing with a flexible idea.

We will be your wings.

Ideas that only Skymark can do,

Challenges that only Skymark can do.

New time zones, prices, routes,

All to be your wings.


"Regular fares that are about 40% cheaper than major ones" and "Some seats 5,000-10,000 yen (Web bargain)" are President Nishikubo's strategy to achieve a surplus if the boarding rate exceeds 8%.

When the flight was canceled without liability, only a fee-free refund of the fare or a fee-free change to the company's flight at a later date was canceled, and transfers to other companies, accommodation arrangements, and distribution of meal tickets were canceled.この対処は特にビジネス客には不評だったことから、2007年2月1日より、会社(スカイマーク)側が選択する他社便への振替も可能となったSince this measure was particularly unpopular with business customers, it has become possible to transfer to another company's flight selected by the company (Skymark) from February XNUMX, XNUMX.[146].

Due to poor performance due to A380 penalty issue, the fare system will be changed from the flight on October 2014, 10, and the discount rate will change depending on the seat availability[147][PR 48] It was changed to a flex discount.

  • Normal fare -Adults and children are set to be cheaper than major ones, and children are applicable to children aged 3 to 12 but adult discount fares may be cheaper depending on how to buy.
    • Kagoshima from October 2010 to October 10, 22-Amami route limitedAmami heavy rainAs a support measure due to, the price of the same route was uniformly reduced and applied to all passengers[PR 49].
    • In June 2011, we are carrying out a "Happy Sunday Campaign," which sets the regular fare on Sundays to JPY 6.[PR 50].. The campaign was also held in October and November of the same year.
  • Discounted fares for people with disabilities - DisabilityTarget passengers and their caregivers. The conditions are the same as the regular fare.
  • Dash now --The newest fare introduced from the 2020 winter timetable.You can buy it at a bargain price by purchasing up to 45 days before boarding.Limited number of seats for sale.Reservation cannot be changed.Non-refundable[148].
  • Profitable now -Name changed from flex. You can purchase it up to 3 days in advance. Limited number of seats available. Reservations cannot be changed. The price changes depending on the number of seats left.
  • Profitable -Vacancy linked fare. Within the profitable category, you can change the date and flight by paying or receiving the difference.

Also, on the day of boarding, if there is a vacant seat at the airport counter before the reserved flight, it can be changed by the difference from the normal fare.

  • U21 last minute discount --Renamed from Skymate 1.Passengers aged 12 to 22 can make reservations from the day before boarding to the day of boarding.
  • Senior mate --Discount for 60 years and older only
  • SKY sale -WEB special discount rate for sale for 7 days only (performed on flights of a specific route and period each time) Set flight 20 seats allocated
  • Transit fare --Kagoshima --Reset with the revival of the Amami Line.Departure / arrival point-Kagoshima-Amami can be used at a fixed discount fare regardless of the fare between Kagoshima.There is also a transfer fare for New Chitose-Ibaraki-Naha.In the past, it was also set as the mainland service area-Naha-Miyako or Ishigaki, but with the withdrawal from the two airports, the fare system was abolished.

Abolished fares

  • Adult normal fare -As mentioned above, the fares are around 40% cheaper than major ones. It is the same as other companies in that changes and refunds are free.
  • Normal fare for children -Fares for children up to 12 years old. The conditions are the same as the normal adult fare. Unlike other companies are not set to half the adult price (discount rate is about 15-30%), it may be cheaper to buy a discounted fare for adults.
  • Web Discount 15/10/8/7/5/3/2/1 -Pre-purchased fares. It is set higher than Web Discount 21 below. One of the features is that you can not change the date and flight of pre-purchased fares/Web Discount 21 of other companies at all, but this fare will be paid or received the difference if the reservation deadline is later within the Web Discount type. It can be changed with. For example, changing from Web Discount 10 to Web Discount 10 and Web Discount 10 to Web Discount 8 can be done by paying or receiving the difference. However, you cannot make changes such as Web Discount 8 → Web Discount 10 which requires more days.
  • Free 14/10/7/3/1 -Pre-purchased fares. Reservation can be changed up to 7 days before and after the designated date (7 days before free 10) based on the first reservation date. If there is a price difference before and after the change on the same section only, the difference will be paid or refunded. Also, like the Web Discount, it is possible to change to a type with a slow deadline. Cancellation fee is not required until 7 days before.
  • Free flex -It is possible to change to a flight within 10 days before and after the first reservation boarding date
  • Web Discount 21 -Pre-purchased fares. It will be offered at a discounted price if purchased up to 21 days in advance. You cannot change the boarding date or flight after purchase. The busy season may not be set and may not be sold. Cannot be used alone under the age of 12.
  • Web bargain --Advance purchase type fare. Reservations and purchases are required from 2 months to 28 days in advance.The boarding date and flight cannot be changed after purchase.Skymark's cheapest fare offers up to 20 seats.Available age is limited to 12 years and older.
  • Miyako Wari --Naha-A pre-purchase fare that applies only to the Miyako line. Reservations and purchases are required from 2 months in advance to 6 am on the day of boarding.It is offered at a discounted price.You can change the boarding date and flight within the applicable fare of Miyako Discount even after purchase, but a fee will be required if you change from 10 days before the boarding date. Cannot be used alone under the age of 8.
  • SKY special -Announce eligible flights on the website at fares set by availability. Deadline is 3 days ago.
  • Sky mate -Fares that can be used if there are vacant seats on the day. Targets 12 to 21 years old.
  • Sky flex --A new type of fare that appeared on October 2008, 10, and the fare fluctuates according to the availability of seats. Unlike the dynamic price at JAL's Goku 1 (regular international discount fare), it is determined only by the availability of seats at the time of purchase, so it is profitable to purchase early.Initially, the purchase deadline was the day before the boarding date, from April 14 to one month before the boarding date.
  • Return discount -"The cheapest return flight price". A service in which fares are discounted significantly on the assumption that you purchase a boarding pass for your outbound flight. Cheap price similar to the sky bargain mentioned later. Started November 2008, 11.
  • Advance Discount 15/10/8/7/5/3/2/1 -Pre-purchased fares. It is set higher than Maewari 21 below. As a feature, the pre-purchased fares and advance discount 21 of other companies cannot change the date and flight at all, but this fare can be changed by paying or receiving the difference if it is within the advance discount category. For example, you can change Maewari 10 → Maewari 10 and Maewari 10 → Maewari 8 by paying or receiving the difference. However, you cannot make changes like Maewari 8 → Maewari 10 as the number of days increases. Web Wari 15/10/8/7/5/3/2/1 settings ended on November 2011, 11.

In addition, from February 2015, 2, a part of the routes will be reinstated on the previous discount 26/7/3. Expanded to all lines from July 1 of the same year, and added 7% of advance rate. Abolished as of boarding on March 17, 14 due to the setting of Tosutoku. (The setting for Maewari 2018 has been discontinued midway, and at the time of discontinuation, only Maewari 3 has been set.)

  • Mae 21 -Pre-purchased fares. It will be offered at a discounted price if purchased up to 21 days in advance. You cannot change the boarding date or flight after purchase. With the setting of Web Discount 21, the setting ends on July 2011, 7.
  • Sky bargain --Advance purchase type fare.In the past, it was a super-discount fare that was uniform for all flights. Reservations and purchases are required from 2 months to 28 days in advance.The boarding date and flight cannot be changed after purchase. When it was first introduced in 2006, it was sold at a super-discount price of 5,000 yen for all domestic flights for advertising purposes.In addition, the number of tickets for one person per reservation was limited, and on the first day of the Sky Bargain sale, which is two months before the scheduled boarding date, it was very often sold out in just a few minutes.The setting was suspended for a while, but from the flight on July 1, 1, it will be revived for a limited period and route. Due to the setting of the Web bargain, the setting was completed on July 2, 2009, but after the Web bargain disappeared and the business went bankrupt, it was revived as "Sky Bargain 7/1" from the boarding on October 2011, 7, but after that. Re-abolished.
  • Kansai Discount -The fare set for routes other than Haneda Line when re-entering Kansai International Airport in 2012. It was a vacant interlocking fare similar to the LCC that started service at the same time, with a price setting equivalent to WEB discount for other routes. From October 2012, the regular fare at the airport will be set at 10 yen, so the setting will be completed in September 12000.

Major scandals

Aviation accident

Crash of a cart on a passenger
On November 2007, 11, on the flight from Kobe Airport to Haneda Airport on Skymark Flight 3 (Boeing 114-767), a cart for serving drinksGalleyThere was an accident in which one passenger broke his leg and one suffered a minor injury to the shoulder.[149][PR 51]..It is believed that he forgot to lock the door of the galley cart.Treated as an aviation accident by the Aircraft and Railway Accidents Investigation Commission[150].
Bird strike
2020年8月29日、スカイマーク021便(ボーイング 737-800、羽田空港17:25発 福岡空港19:25着)が、離陸後にバードストライクによる機体損傷を起こした。乗員乗客に怪我はなかった。翌30日に国土交通省航空局へ報告し航空事故と認定された[42].

Problems related to aircraft operation

Right engine blow and small break
On December 2005, 12, Skymark Flight 1 (Boeing 306-767) broke out of Kagoshima Airport immediately after taking off from the right engine, and the aircraft returned to the airport and made an emergency landing. There were no casualties on the crew or passengers. The engine blades scattered on the grassland around the runway edge and spread the fire to a part of the grassland. It is believed that the turbine blade broke and generated vibration, and the vibration broke the fuel supply pipe, causing fuel leakage and leading to a fire. Burning was seen on the engine case and the core cowl. The root cause of blade breakage is unknown[151].
  • Due to the continuous occurrence of safety hazards from February to May 2012, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism conducted on-site inspections for Skymark from May 2th to 5th and dated May 5nd. Strict attention, instructed to submit improvement plan[152].. What causes a safety hazard?
    1. Flight below the minimum drop altitude when entering Miyako Airport on February 2
    2. Departure from the route when departing Narita International Airport on February 2
    3. Departure from the route on arrival at Narita International Airport on March 3
    4. False runway approach at Hyakuri Air Base (Ibaraki Airport) that occurred on April 4
    5. Wrong operation of wing anti-icing device when departing Narita Airport on May 5
    6. Exceeding the time limits and working hours of flight crews that occurred between April 4th and May 30st
It is 6 cases.

Problems related to aircraft maintenance

  • In March 2006, a problem was discovered in which the aircraft to be radically repaired was left alone for up to 3 months.[153]. Since 2005, pilots who have been critical of management policyConfirmation mechanicIt was pointed out that they had retired from dozens of people and lacked manpower, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism conducted unannounced inspections, raising concerns about the company's safety management system at the time.[Annotation 6]. March 2006, 3, Nihon Keizai ShimbuneditorialAccording to the president NishikuboITVenture companyTypicalResults-orientedIt is said that the introduction of a dynamic personnel system has led to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism launching a special audit team dedicated to the company by seven staff members, and in some cases a review of the management system will emerge. Furthermore, on April 7, 2007, there was a maintenance failure on the aircraft, and it was operated even after grasping[PR 52] However, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is paying close attention to the fact that they are not aware of safe navigation.
  • Installed on the Skymark machine in March 2008Weather radarIt was discovered that he was in service on four flights between Haneda and New Chitose without repairing, even though he knew that the aircraft was out of order.[157]. It was pointed out that the maintenance system was inadequate because there were no radar replacement parts in stock at Haneda Airport.[158].
  • On January 2014, 1, a warning was displayed on the operation instrument of one Boeing 16-737 aircraft that was in flight, and when I checked the aircraft, there was no problem at the relevant part and it was found that the alarm device was broken. I was able to respond by exchanging parts, but since there was no part inventory and it was possible to operate if the certain conditions were met for three days according to the manufacturer's standards, I operated after checking the operation of the control system before departure[159]. However, on January 1th, the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism confirmed that there was no record of January 20th for application for extension of the standard. There were inspection records on 1th-19th and 16th, but on January 18th, there was a recognition that the mechanic in charge had to carry out the inspection work before the start of operation, but other maintenance work was done. Due to congestion, it was unlikely that the maintenance could be carried out by the time of departure, and no particular malfunction was found in the flight control system.Therefore, the aircraft was departed without inspection, and It turned out that 20 business flights were operated. The aircraft concerned was pointed out by the Civil Aviation Bureau on 1th-19th, and was returned to operation after being inspected and checked again for safety. The mechanic in charge removes it from normal work on the 6th and is considering disposal. On January 20th, the Civil Aviation Bureau was a serious problem from the perspective of ensuring the implementation of maintenance, which is a prerequisite for safe operation, and given utmost caution to the company, along with necessary recurrence prevention measures by February 29th Instructed to report[160][PR 53]. On February 2, as a recurrence prevention measure for the entire company, we strengthened compliance education to re-enforce safety awareness and submitted an improvement plan related to strict attention to the reliable implementation to the diplomatic statement.[161]..In addition, director Aiichiro Matsuo, the general safety manager, voluntarily returned 1% of the executive compensation for one month. For the three mechanics in charge, the salary was reduced by 10% per month, and the line maintenance manager was blamed.[162].

Crew related issues

  • 2008 year 6 month,CaptainTwo people retired due to illness, and there was a shortage of crew members, and 2 flights were canceled (cancelled)[PR 54]。6月の運休は旭川線48便、新千歳線24便、神戸線56便、福岡線48便の計168便。7月1日 - 8月31日には引き続き計124便が運休したほか、8月 - 9月に運航予定だった神戸 - 那覇線の季節運航が中止されている[PR 55]. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism demanded that the company provide complete suspension information, and instructed that pilots should be secured immediately. In addition, on June 6, the company's office at Haneda Airport was subjected to a spot inspection by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
  • On March 2010, 3, for the flight 9 from Haneda to Fukuoka, which was operated on February 2, 5, the captain judged that the flight attendants who were in a state where they could not speak out ``difficulty in an emergency escape'' , Asked for a replacement based on safety judgment. On the other hand, it was revealed that the president, Nishikubo, replaced the captain in the form of intervening in the captain's judgment, leaving the cabin crew with a poor physical condition to carry on. The company canceled the captain's employment contract the same day, despite the two-year contract remaining. Top management of Nishikubo and Chairman Takashi Ide were called by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and received strict caution in writing as "an act that could threaten safe operation".[163][164][165].
  • In the same month, the co-pilot and the captain took a commemorative photo during the flight.[166][167] In addition, flight altitude setting error[168] Due to the discovery of such problems, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has been working for three weeks from March 2010, 3 to April 15, 4.Aviation lawConducted a special safety audit based on the management department[169][PR 56]. However, due to the above-mentioned commemorative photo problemDismissalAbout three months later, it was revealed that the co-pilot who had been disposed of was rehired as a ground officer, and an expert[170] Criticisms such as "misleading society"[171].

Other trouble

  • In June 2012, Skymark created a document called "Service Concept" for passengers, saying, "If you have any dissatisfaction, is it a customer service center?Consumer CenterThe Tokyo Consumer Affairs Center protested on the 5th, and on the 6thConsumer Affairs AgencySaid, "We will direct complaints about our services to a public consultation agency operated by taxes, which is unacceptable (Hirohiko FukushimaConsumers Agency Secretary)”, so the above documents will be collected.[172][173].

Business improvement recommendations

April 2010: The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism pointed out that the following points were inadequate in a three-week on-site survey.[174][175].

  • TurbulenceMaintenance and inspection required when encountering
  • If one of the two pilots leavesOxygen maskObligation to wear
  • Number of flight attendants explaining in-flight safety equipment before takeoff
  • Insufficient communication with foreign pilots due to lack of English skills of flight attendants

Publication of company name based on Article 47 of the Employment Promotion Act for Persons with Disabilities

August 2012, 3,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareRegardless of repeated instructionhandicappedThe company name of Skymark Co., Ltd., which was the target company for special guidance in 23, is said to have not improved in the employment situation ofEmployment Promotion Act for Persons with DisabilitiesPublished based on Article 47[176]. Based on the guidance given by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on the assumption that the company name will be announced,[177] Is not a relevant company.


A380 Contract cancellation and accompanying management deterioration

  • On July 2014, 7, it was revealed in an interview with the Nihon Keizai Shimbun that it was discussing a contract change regarding delivery receipt of A29[22][PR 20].. The discussion itself began around April, when the aircraft being manufactured first flew.[77], Skymark had applied to Airbus for the first two postponements and the remaining four postponements indefinitely. On the other hand, the conditions for changing the contract presented by Airbus (being under the umbrella of a major airline) and the penalties were unsuitable, and the negotiations were parting if Skymark could not accept it.[178].. On the 29th, Airbus announced that the purchase contract was canceled due to the deadline[23].. Airbus strongly denies Skymark that it is not seeking a major umbrella[77].. Airbus and the company will continue to discuss the terms of the A380 contract cancellation. As of December 2014, the aircraft that has canceled the Skymark contract has not been delivered to other companies yet.Airliners.netHas been confirmed in[179]On December 12, Airbus reported to the British Commercial Court that it was preparing for the suit, and confirmed Skymark's publicity[PR 57].
  • 2014å¹´7月31日の2014年第1四半期(4 - 6月期)決算短信によると、A380・A330の機材導入に多額の支出をしており、A380の契約解除による影響は、現時点で合理的な金額を見積もることが困難であり、相当金額の違約金負担が発生する可能性を記載し「継続企業の前提に関する重要事象等(ゴーイング・コンサーン)」を記した。対応策としてA330導入による輸送力の強化、高品質座席の提供による顧客の囲い込みとあわせ、不採算路線の休止と金融機関からの借り入れを進め、収益力を強化し経営基盤および財務基盤の安定化を図っていくと発表[PR 58].. Skymark Ministry of Finance on August 8Kanto Finance BureauSubmitted in April-June 2014Quarterly reportIn charge of the companyAudit corporation OfToyo Audit CorporationAlso stated in the report that "there are important doubts regarding business continuity."[180].
  • 2014å¹´10月30日の2014年第2四半期(4 - 9月期)決算短信においても、A380問題は決着できずに引き続き「ゴーイング・コンサーン」が記された。A330に関しては想定していた結果が出ておらず、新機材投入に伴う新規投資や運航の不安定化が収益に影を落とす状況となっており、前回よりも厳しい状況になっている。路線撤退による余剰航空機材となったボーイング737-800二機を返却し、予備エンジンやFlight simulatorIt plans to sell fixed assets such as the above and shift to the leaseback method to secure funds on hand.[PR 59]。 11月14日に関東財務局に提出した2014å¹´4 - 9月期の四半期報告書で、10月31日付でフルフライト・シミュレーター3台(ボーイング737用2台で 4億3100万円、A330用1台で7億9700万円)と作業用車両36台(5億7000万円)を合計約18億円で売却し、11月からはリース方式に切り替えるセール・アンド・リースバック契約を10月31日に締結したことを報告した。大株主上位3者は西久保愼一社長が筆頭株主で持ち株比率9.78% (約893万3200株)、2位はパチスロメーカーのYamasa(岡山県新見市)で 4.56%(416万7400株)3位がエイチ・アイ・エス(HIS)で約1%(約92万6100æ ª)で、9月30日時点の発行済み株式数は9134万200株と報告した。同社担当東陽監査法人は四半期レビュー報告書で「現金預金残高が減少傾向にあり、今後の資金繰りに十分な余裕を確保できなくなる可能性がある」と指摘し、先行きの資金繰りを懸念する文言を加えた[181].
  • In FY2014, the previous forecast was a surplus of 3 million yen, but the final loss was 136 billion yen (a loss of 18 billion yen in the previous year) and the final deficit for the second consecutive year, the full year ending March 2, 27 It announced that it will downgrade its non-consolidated earnings forecast. Severe fuel costs due to yen depreciation and intensifying competition with cheap airline companies have continued tough management.

Code share with Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways

In November 2014, it was revealed that Japan Airlines (JAL) was requested to form a business alliance centering on the A11-operated main line from Haneda to/from Haneda in order to ameliorate the deterioration of management due to penalties for A380 and soaring fuel costs. I chose[182].. However, due to the reorganization of the company, JAL had route plans and investment plans under the supervision of the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism until FY2016 (8.10 paper), and it is unclear whether the Minister of Foreign Affairs will permit it, and Skymark has a large deficit. Since the Skymark side wants to operate independently, JAL will not directly invest in the joint operation (Code share) Was expected to remain a tie-up[182].. After that, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism expressed difficulty with Skymark's request for a business alliance only with JAL, saying that "it is not possible to expand the route only to JAL regenerated with public funds," and only for five years. Company (Skymark, JAL, All Nippon Airways) has shown intention to jointly operate[183][184].. Skymark wanted codeshare with JAL only, ANA wanted codeshare without JAL, but as a result Skymark accepted the intention of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and Skymark flights departing and arriving at Haneda Airport around the summer of 2015 Has decided to discuss with JAL and ANA in the direction of joint operation with three companies[184].. 20% of the seats provided by Skymark will be provided to two major domestic companies through joint operation[184].. Although it is called “joint operation”, JAL and ANA only sell some of Skymark's seats with their own flight numbers, and flexible operation of flight crew members and joint implementation of maintenance are implemented. Not (detailsCode share flightsSee).

The opposition from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism regarding the business alliance with JAL in 2014 was that Skymark would contact the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in advance, so-called ``Cut the righteousnessThere is also a view that it may be because they neglected that. The Skymark press conference took place on November 2014, 11, which wasDissolution of the House of Representativesと47th House of Representatives general electionIt was also the day of the announcement.It exists in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and behind it because there was no prior notice that it will be held on the same day as the big event for lawmakers.Member of the tribeThere is a view that he may have opted for and was opposed by reason.[185].

Apply for Civil Rehabilitation Law

On January 2015, 1, the extraordinary board of directors resolved to apply for the Civil Rehabilitation Law and applied to the Tokyo District Court.[PR 5].. The project will continue and the working capital will be linked and provided by the investment fund Integral.[PR 5].. Nishikubo, the president, retired, Takashi Ide, who was the chairman of the board, became chairman of the board, and Masakazu Arimori, who was the director, became the president.[PR 22].

On January 1, the new president, Arimori, held a press conference.The reasons for the bankruptcy include the increase in the leasing fee burden of the A29 due to the depreciation of the yen and the existence of a $ 330 million penalty for canceling the contract of the A380. Regarding investment from major companies in the same industry such as ANA and JAL Denied from the "third pole" standpoint.Also, from February, the A7, which has a large number of seats and is costly, will be canceled and the number of flights will be reduced on 2 routes, and it has been revealed that it intends to withdraw from Ishigaki Airport and Miyako Airport in Okinawa Prefecture after March 330.On the other hand, code-sharing with ANA and JAL will start from the end of March as scheduled.[186][187][188].

In response to the Civil Rehabilitation Law application, TSE decided to delist Skymark on March 2015, 3, and designated it as a stock to be reorganized on January 1, 1.[189].. In February of the same day, Nishikubo, who was the former president and the largest shareholder in the past, sold the shares. 2 million shares (2%) on the 1702nd, 18.63 million shares (3%) on the 116rd, and 1.27th. Sold 4 shares (80%). In a large-volume holding report submitted to the Kanto Finance Bureau on the 0.88th, the ownership ratio decreased to 6%, and further, the report submitted on February 9.78 that all the company shares held by the 19th were sold in the market Found in the calligraphy. In addition, HIS, which was the parent company and had a stake in the company when it was established, has also sold its shares, selling 2 million shares on the 26th and holding it in the report submitted to the Kanto Finance Director on the 4th. The ratio decreased to 492%. The final trading day was February 6, the day before the delisting date, because it was Saturday, February 1.09, and 2% reduction of capital was reported in February, but the closing price on the final day was 28 yen.

On February 2, a creditor briefing was held, with Airbus and A4 leasing companies as creditors.Intrepid Aviation(#Store equipment), 737 leasing companies GE Capital Aviation Services, AWAS Aviation Capital, etc. (#Operational equipment(See the list of), the Tokyo District Court decided to start the civil rehabilitation procedure, May 5 was the deadline for submitting the rehabilitation plan, it was resolved by the creditor meeting in June, and the rehabilitation plan was implemented in July. Announces the prospect of being done.

On February 2th, the deadline for companies (other than aviation) to support reconstruction was closed, and on February 19, the deadline was for airlines to support reconstruction. ANA Holdings as an airlineAir AsiaOfficially announced support by Delta Air Lines,American airlinesWas reported to be considering codeshare and other partnerships[190]. In addition, we are engaged in aircraft leasing, including the former parent company HIS.Oryx, Trading company handles aircraftSojitz, Handling air cargoFukuyama Transport, Of a major taxiJapan trafficAlso announced support and offered cooperation in each field. In terms of fundingShinsei Bank,Daiwa Securities GroupHas announced support as a financial institution, and other than airline companies, a total of nearly 20 companies have also announced support.[191].

Furthermore, from March 3st, we changed the company regulations for flight attendants to eliminate the traditional "make-up and hairstyle freedom" and "do not require careful wording".False eyelashes,Color contactAlso prohibited[192]. On the 2nd, a "Management and Safety Reform Council" was established within the company to maintain and improve safety and to reform management, and four members under the umbrella of "Business improvement", "Service improvement", "Sales promotion", and "Work environment improvement". Established a meeting. They announced that they would discuss current issues and solutions across departments, with about 4 employees each serving as committee members.[PR 60].

Main bankSkymark, which had no holdings, continued to operate by Nishikubo taking on third-party allocation of new shares and private loans, but it seems that Nishikubo's management decision to make a huge investment could not be put out by others. Some point out[193].

Revitalization plan

SkymarkCivil Rehabilitation LawAnd decided to resolve the reconstruction plan at the creditors' meeting.ANA HoldingsIt was planned that a plan centered onIntrepidWas leasingAirbusCreditors Airbus and Intrepid oppose the reconstruction plan to eliminate the A330-300[194], On the Intrepid sideSky team OfDelta AirlinesIt was possible that ANA and Delta would face each other because it was possible that Delta could take over an airline in the Japanese market that they wanted.[195].

The resolution was initially considered to be advantageous to the Delta side on August 2015, 8, but ANA's reconstruction plan was proposed by ANA side, such as purchasing A5 in the future equipment plan for Airbus, and preferentially adopting Airbus aircraft. To agree with[196], A lump remains in the delta[197]In fact, after that, Delta Air Lines gradually reduced the number of flights operated by Narita, and after transferring the main route to Haneda, there were no flights operated from Narita (the hangar continues to operate as a maintenance base).

October 2019, 10 SkymarkTokyo Stock ExchangeIt was announced on October 10 of the same year that it applied for relisting[199]. However, after that, the infection spread worldwide.New coronavirusANA Holdings andJapan AirlinesAnnounced that it will withdraw from the application on April 2020, 4, judging that the stock price of airline companies such as[200].


  • In December 2004, he announced the management integration plan for Hokkaido International Airlines (currently AIRDO, ADO),Haneda Airport slotsGo aroundLawsuitCaused In April 2006Tokyo District CourtWas dismissed as failing to meet the litigation requirements on which the claims were examined.
  • As of June 2007, 6Nihon Keizai ShimbunAccording to April-June 2007Ordinary profitHad expected a loss of tens of millions of yen, but finally succeeded in making a surplus of 6900 million yen. Furthermore, according to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun on August 8, the actual net profit for the same period was 14 million yen in the black. The lowest demand for passengers in the year April-The final profit and loss in the June quarter was in the black for the first time since its establishment. However, this is largely due to the yen's depreciation and foreign exchange gains from the strong dollar.
  • On January 2008, 1, on the routes competing with SKY (Fukuoka, Chitose, Naha routes), All Nippon Airways (ANA) disregarded profitability only for flights in the same time zone and unreasonably reduced prices (Dumping)Fair Trade CommissionSubmitted a written opinion. ANA claims that full-service ANA offers seats at the same fare for Skymark, which has a low fare but simplified service content, will promote an oligopoly in the airline industry in Japan. There is. This is because ANA also drastically reduced some fares when ADO entered the market in 1998, and ADO collapsed. A similar opinion was submitted in 2002, when ANA and Japan Airlines (JAL) canceled the fare reduction. Also, the day after this announcement, it announced that it will further reduce the fares for the Fukuoka and Chitose lines.[PR 61].. However, on April 2008, 4, ANA announced that it will introduce a discounted fare for the first time at the Haneda-Fukuoka line in June 23, which is cheaper than SKY.
  • In the September 2009 interim results, sales were 9 billion yen, down from the previous year, but operating income, ordinary income, and net income were all in the black of about 210 billion yen, and these profits of Japanese airlines It was the biggest one. As a result of sales efforts such as cost reduction,World financial crisisIt was in good contrast with JAL and ANA, who suffered from losses.
  • Boeing 2009 in September 9simulatorIn October, flight attendant training facilities were set up in-house one after another, and they are embarking on training their own flight attendants.
  • January 2010Japan Airport BuildingThere was a request from Tokyo International Airport to raise the fee for using the airport facilities.[PR 62], January 2011, 1 SKY of the Airport Passenger Terminal BuildingBoarding bridge (PBB) Refusing to collect surcharges on behalf of users for price increases, arguing that there is no rational basis for price increases such as low usage frequency[PR 63].. In response, Japan Airport Terminal has filed a lawsuit seeking payment of approximately 7 million yen for the unpaid airport facility usage fee, and in November 2012, the Tokyo District Court fully acknowledged Japan Airport Terminal's claim. Decided to pay Skymark the full bill[201].. Skymark paid the full amount without appeal.


Brand concept

Brand tagline "YOUR WING." And statement were enacted from October 2019, 10.[203]..Brand posters were posted at Haneda Airport Terminal XNUMX, each airport counter, the nearest station to the head office facility, and the new maintenance facility.In press releases, etc., a new logo mark that adds YOUR WING. To the existing logo is used.There is no change in the company logo mark or aircraft painting.

Old catchphrase

Skymark once used tocatch copyWas using[Source required].

  • Make the sky more casual. (Founding-January 2006, the longest used copy)
  • The challenge of new skies continues (for a short time around 2005)
  • We love Sky (February 2006, 2, used only before and after the Kobe Line service)
  • We are Sky (April 2006, 4-from before and after the New Chitose line is in service)
  • Let's go on a star plane. (Around December 2008)
  • Let's rewrite the common sense of the sky. (Around October 2014)


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