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💼 | Is it difficult to change jobs from a factory? 400 experienced people talk about it


Is it difficult to change jobs from a factory? 400 experienced people talk about it

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And the reasons why it didn't go well were "I wasn't used to PC and had to get a qualification" (42-year-old female at the time of changing jobs / changed to a clerical job), "Skills acquired at the factory were other It is not evaluated at work ”(59-year-old male at the time of job change / changed job to warehouse management business).

On November 11, Bizhitz announced the results of a survey on "reasons for changing jobs from factory work to other occupations."The survey is 26 ... → Continue reading

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Clerk(Jimushoku) is a slang term for occupations that mainly perform duties on the desk.


Companyin the case of,accounting,General affairs,Legal affairsManagement departments such as and indirect departments () correspond to this.bookkeeping,AccountingMay also be included in this.Also,OL TheFemaleIt is used to refer to clerical work, but from the perspective of gender equality, it is sometimes called clerical work instead of office lady.

Sometimes, "SalesMay be used as.

In modern times, there are various clerical jobs, and various names such as IT clerical work, accounting clerical work, medical clerical work, and school clerical work.[1]There is.


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