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🎁 | "One Plus One" Limited attendee gifts for 2 consecutive weeks


"One Plus One" 2 weeks in a row limited attendee gift decision

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It will be sold in limited quantities at some theaters, and will be available at Shinjuku Piccadilly, Human Trust Cinema Yurakucho, and Theater Umeda.

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Human trust

Human Trust Co., Ltd.(English company name: HUMANTRUST Co., Ltd.)TokyoChiyoda WardVarious businesses headquartered inRecruitmentWork,Worker dispatch business, A comprehensive human resources service company that operates recruitment websites.In this item, the political issues that arose over the advertising planning articles by the company, the companyNaming rightsHas acquired (naming rights)Movie theaterIs also described.


Established by Masayuki Sakamoto and others who were employees of a temporary staffing company at that time.Currently, Sakamoto is in charge of management as CEO and President of Human Trust Holdings.[2].

Business contents are various outsourcing business (BPO business, light work contract, sales agency, sales support, sales support, recruitment agency, call center), recruitment agency business, temporary staffing business, personnel consulting business, operation of recruitment site "Urgent recruitment.COM" ..

Mainly office work dispatch business (equivalent to scheduled referral dispatch, paid employment placement, and so-called regular work) and short-term dispatch (so-called spot work) such as "day labor" including one-day work centered on on-site work It is roughly divided into "daily introduction" (employer is the company where you work), which is a short-term introduction of business and employment.Some of the short-term employment mediations (daily referrals are not covered because they are contracted directly with the employer) provide a "CYURICA" service that allows you to withdraw a portion of your salary on the day of employment (see below).

Attendance notification, etc. will be made from the mobile phone website.Apart from that, a site called "My Page" [2] is prepared for registered staff.Spot registration staff are not available, and if the desired job is on the site, the branch office will be requested to work by telephone.If you are not registered as a spot, you can apply directly from "My Page".In addition, registration information can be changed via My Page, but in the case of spot registration, it is necessary to go to the branch office.

As a welfare service for registered staff, there is a special treatment of Human Trust Cinema.

Humantrust has introduced "CYURICA", a "same-day salary payment service" that gives a part of the salary equivalent amount on the day of work, in some spotwork (day labor / short-term employment) businesses.This is because when you make an attendance report including the employment approval code sent from the dispatched company on the CYURICA service site after work, you will immediately receive about 24% of the salary within the prescribed working hours from the company's affiliated ATM that operates 365 hours a day, 60 days a year. With a system that allows you to withdraw (commissions are deducted from your salary separately), the company introduced on the "CYURICA Service" page on its website that "you can receive your salary in cash on the day of work at the earliest without having to wait until the payday." doing[3].

In addition, as a guide for corporate personnel and recruiters, it will take four years compared to before the introduction.[Note 1]Introduced in "The number of members is about 9 times and the retention rate is 1.8 times", it is effective as a countermeasure against the rise in hourly wage unit price and the poor retention rate of part-time workers, and there is no administrative cost for salary payment.[Note 2]And the realization of "same day salary payment" without changing the attendance system[4].

When this "CYURICA" was introduced on December 2008, 12, Human Truss Last Co., Ltd.consumer loanCompany'sAcomThe service was to be launched in partnership with[5][6].. Then eachbankThe alliance with2014 From August 4Seven Bank[7][8],2016 From August 4Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ[9],2017 From August 7AEON Bank[10]Has started to be used at ATMs.

At the deliberation of the House of Councilors Welfare and Labor Committee on April 2013, 4,Democratic PartyBelongingMember of the House of CouncilorsIsMichihiro IshibashiIn an advertorial article by Mikiko Sakamoto and Tamayo Marukawa (see below), Marukawa pointed out that Sakamoto's introduction of "CYURICA" was excellent and endorsed. After talking about "CYURICA" by Sakamoto, Marukawa said that it is desirable for workers to be protected by fulfilling the agent function that captures the needs of dispatched workers. What is "CYURICA"? I answered that it had nothing to do with it. On the other hand, Ishibashi says that "CYURICA" is a loan using Acom's ATM, and the fee is a considerable interest rate considering the daily wage.[Note 3]However, Marukawa replied that he did not evaluate "CYURICA" at all.[11][Note 4].Japan Communist Party OfTomoko TamuraAlso, "CYURICA" is a system that "actually, Kyurika lends a part of the salary equivalent". "However, in the full-page advertisement (in the form of a dialogue between President Mikiko Sakamoto and Parliamentary Vice-Minister Tamayo Marukawa), which is a problem, and on the website of Hu, it is labeled as" Same-day salary payment. " Criticized[13], The deliberation on the same day revealed the illegality of "CYURICA", but Masayuki Nakano of the Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareLabor Standards BureauChief and Junichi OkazakiEmployment Security BureauThe chief responded to the general theory that a written agreement and clarification of working conditions are required when deducting from wages, and avoided mentioning "CYURICA" itself.[14].

As of September 2013, on the "CYURICA" introduction page on Humantrust's official website, "Same-day salary payment service" and "A part of the salary equivalent of working (omitted) are before the payday. The words "can be withdrawn" and "a part of the reported salary can be withdrawn from the affiliated ATM immediately" are mixed, and it is ambiguous whether the salary is paid or the amount equivalent to the salary is loaned.

Advertising dialogue problem with Marudai

2013 May 2AttachedNihon Keizai ShimbunSo, Mikiko Sakamoto, the president of the company,First Abe Cabinet OfParliamentary Vice-Minister of Health, Labor and WelfareBut alsoLDPMember of the House of Councilors OfTamagawa MarukawaAn article was published in which an advertisement with the phrase "I will lend you a'cat's hand'" was combined with this. In this, Marukawa said, "The principle prohibition of day labor dispatch should be reviewed," but this was in October 2012.[Note 5]Was enforced onLaw Concerning Ensuring Proper Operation of Worker Dispatching Business and Improving Working Conditions for Dispatched WorkersIt is a provision stipulated in (Worker Dispatch Law Amendment Law),May 3 OfHouse of RepresentativesHealth and Labor CommitteeFrom the opposition Democratic Party of JapanMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare"Is it the official view of the Liberal Democratic Party?" "It is strange that the LDP also agreed with the ban." Marukawa initially replied that "review is the view of the ministry", but when he received advice from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's clerical staff (bureaucrats), he said, "(What should be reviewed) is the view of a member of the Diet. I want you to discuss it. The view of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "[15], The House of Councilors Welfare and Labor Committee on March 3 apologized, "I want to avoid misunderstandings after that." He also said that the advertisement "I will lend you a'cat's hand'" "I recognize that there is a point of rudeness to dispatched workers."[16].

Marukawa was approached by President Sakamoto at the House of Councilors Welfare and Labor Committee on March 3 for an interview with Nikkei Cross Media before he took office as Parliamentary Secretary.2012 Said it was November 11th[17].. The dialogue was held on January 2013, 1, and the manuscript of the dialogue article was checked twice by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (February 10 and 2 of the same year), but the content of the dialogue will be posted with the advertisement of Humantrust. Said I didn't understand[17].

In response to this series of issues, the board of directors of the House of Councilors Welfare and Labor Committee unanimously decided on May 5 that Marukawa would be treated as a parliamentary secretary and would not be able to answer.[18].. Furthermore, on June 6, the committee voted against Marukawa with the majority of opposition parties such as the Democratic Party of Japan.Responsibility resolution billWas passed, but the LDP was absent and criticized the resolution.[19].. The board of directors, which decided on Marukawa's "scrupulousness," confirmed that it would continue to investigate temporary staffing companies, including Humantrust, and the draft resolution "prohibits acts that cause public suspicion through contact with related companies. "It violates the three political affairs norms" "Situations that shake the foundation of labor administration" "If you appear free of charge as an individual politician and cooperate with Humantrust's promotion, donate to the companyPublic office election lawIf you just state the violation or personal opinion, Humantrust will take over Marukawa's advertising expenses.Political Funds Control LawIn response to Marukawa's explanation, "Sakamoto contacted Marukawa from the beginning and met the person in charge on the Nikkei side for the first time on the day of the interview on January 1th, so the same article. I was skeptical about the possibility of a false answer saying, "It's hard to imagine that I didn't know that it was an advertorial article by Humantrust."[20], Humantrust, its parent company Humantrust Holdings, and Sakamoto made no comments or official announcements on this issue.

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Program offer

Kanto local
Kansai local

Human Trust Cinema

2008 , Japanese entertainment agencyAmuseAnd Japanese movie companiesCine canonWas operated byTokyoShibuya Ward OfMovie theater(Mini theater) "Cine Amuse"Amuse CQN"Naming rightsGet. same yearMay 12The name of the building is "Human Trust Cinema』(HUMANTRUST CINEMA) was renamed.

Bunkamura Street will be closed on October 2009, 10 (see details)Cine AmuseSee section). From December 12th of the same yearChiyoda WardYurakucho"Cinequanon Yurakucho 2-chome" was renamed to "Human Trust Cinema Yurakucho". CurrentlyTokyo TheaterManagement has been handed over to.

All screens in Shibuya and YurakuchoSurround EXとDLPIt corresponds to.

Human Trust Cinema Shibuya

Shibuya Ward, TokyoShibuyaMovie theaters on the 7th and 8th floors of the Cocochi Building.2004 On April 11stShibuya Amuse CQN(AMUSE CQN. CQN is Cinequanon [French: Cine Quanon] Abbreviation) Open as. There are 3 screens.TOHO Cinemas ShibuyaBefore the renewalTohoWorks of the system ("train man""Ikigami""Homeless junior high school student""Bend! Spoon, Etc.), but very rarelyMarunouchi PiccadillyIn addition to showing a few series of works, it used to be2013 May 6The release "Hard rushFromShibuya TokyuWith the closing ofMarunouchi RubleThe series of works were also screened.

  • Location: 150-0002-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 23-16 Cocochi Building 7th and 8th floors
  • Number of seats
    • Theater 1 (8th floor): 200 seats
    • Theater 2 (7th floor): 183 seats
    • Theater 3 (7th floor): 60 seats

Human Trust Cinema Yurakucho

"" in Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, TokyoYurakucho ItoshiaThe movie theater on the 4th floor of Itocia Plaza.2007 May 10,Cinequanon Yurakucho 2-chomeOpened with the opening of Yurakucho Itoshia.2009 May 12Renamed to the current building name. There are 2 screens.

  • Location: Yurakucho Itoshia Itoshia Plaza 100th floor, 0006-2-7 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1-4
  • Number of seats
    • Theater 1: 162 seats
    • Theater 2: 63 seats
  • Manager: Hidenobu Kojima (as of 2012)[22])

Group Companies

Current group company
Past group companies
  • VIS Soken
    • Marketing research company. Belongs to the company group since 2006. In 2009VIS marketingThe business was transferred to, and by 2010, it was removed from the group companies.


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注 釈

  1. ^ The time when this text was written is not specified, but it will be 2012 or 2013 when calculated back from the time of introduction.
  2. ^ Instead, the user pays Humantrust the basic service usage fee for "CYURICA".
  3. ^ Humantrust has not disclosed the amount, but according to Tamura, it is 1 yen each time. In Tokyominimum wageIf you work 850 hours with an hourly wage of 8 yen, the daily wage is 6800 yen, and if 80% of it is eligible for "CYURICA", the amount will be 5440 yen and the commission will be 3.86% of the applicable amount. If you work 5 days a week under the same conditions and then use a lump sum salary transfer at a financial institution and pay 210 yen, which is the same amount as the "CYURICA" usage fee, the amount is 0.62% of the weekly salary.
  4. ^ Until March 2014, 3 yen / time including tax was deducted from salary as CYURICA usage fee.In addition, as of April 315, the salary from the workplace where Humantrust is the employer is 2014 yen / time including tax, and the salary paid by companies hired by daily referrals via Humantrust is tax-included. 4 yen / time is deducted from monthly salary[12].
  5. ^ By Democratic PartyNoda CabinetAt that time, the Liberal Democratic Party also agreed and was established.


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Related item

外部 リンク

Tokyo Theater

Tokyo Theater Co., Ltd.(Tokyo Theater,English: Tokyo Theaters Company, Incorporated) IsMovie distributionandMovie theaterOperation, restaurantOperation,Real estateFocusing on the rental businessJapanese movie company.. Long time agoSaison GroupUnder the umbrellaWestern environment developmentWas a subsidiary of.In that relationshipParco,Seiyu(LIVIN-WALK),Seibu Department StoreFormer Saison GroupCommercial facilityWas outsourced to operate a large number of movie theaters.


1946 Established as Tokyo Kokou Co., Ltd.1949 January,TSEStocks upon resumptionListingTo do.1955 May 11Movie theater "Theatre Tokyo"GinzaOpened at the same timeTokyo Theater Co., Ltd.ToCompany nameI am changing. Movie theater,cabaret,Bowling alleyHas been involved in the operation of the main business.However, after that, due to the end of the bowling boom and the slanting of the movie industry, the business fell into a slump.[1]..Theater Tokyo too1981 May 10It came to close with.

Therefore, with the aim of building a stable management base, the then president Kiyoaki Shimizu told us when redeveloping the site of Theater Tokyo.Saison GroupGeneralSeiji TsutsumiRequested cooperation and reached an agreement[1]..According to the agreement, Seiyo Urban Development (later) in 1983Western environment development) Increased capital and acquired 37% of Tokyo Theater shares.Responsible for redevelopment1987 In January, on the siteHotel Seiyo Ginza,Ginza Saison Theater, Ginza Theater Seiyu moves inGinza Theater BuildingWas completed[2]..As a result, Tokyo TheaterToho Life InsuranceBecame a co-owner of Ginza Theater Building[1].

1989 Until then, Western environmental development ranked second in Tokyo Theater after Toho Life Insurance.ShareholderWas, but thenSaison GroupConsolidating the holdings of each company, Tokyo TheaterLargest shareholderIt became.As a result, Tokyo Theater will develop the Western environment.subsidiaryJoined the Saison Group next door[2]..With joining the Saison Group, within the groupSeibu Department Store,Seiyu,ParcoWas entrusted with the operation of the movie box office that was individually operated by[3].

1999 Toho Life Insurance Co., Ltd., which was a major shareholderBusiness stop orderReceived and collapsed.Next time2000 Western environmental development also goes bankrupt.The loss of a major shareholder has had a major impact on Tokyo Theater, and in addition to purchasing land and buildings for the Ginza Theater Building from Toho Life, it is new to take over the business that the Saison Group was engaged in.LoanReceived during peak hoursDebtThe total amount exceeded 220 billion yen.AlsoStable shareholdersDue to the bankruptcy of a major shareholder, a large amount of stock was released to the market, and the stock price also plummeted.[4].

Owned by myself since the completion of Ginza Theater BuildingRed light district OfTenant buildingWith leisure-related real estate leasing businessHotelOperation was the pillar of sales,World financial crisisDue to the recession2009 から2013 We have made many business arrangements. Hotel Seiyo Ginza closed in May 2013[5], Ginza Theater Building was sold in June of the same year[5].

On the other hand, buy second-hand condominiums and sell them after remodeling.Renewal apartmentEntering the business,Hokkaido"Kushidori" centered around the insideJapanese cuisine tavernIn addition to the existing movie theaters, the movie department was commissioned to operateCine LibreとCine canonThe movie theaters are being incorporated into the chain of the "Theatre Cinema Group", and the distribution and screening of movie works centered on independent works and works of distribution companies are being carried out.


  • 1946 --Established Tokyo Kokou Co., Ltd. and opened Theater Ginza.
  • 1949- Tokyo Stock ExchangeToListing.
  • 1955- Tokyo Theater Co., Ltd.ToCompany nameChanged, Theater Tokyo opened.
  • 1957-Theatre Shinjuku opens.
  • 1973- Shinjuku wardKabukichoOpened the cabaret "Club Heights".
  • 1981 --Theatre Tokyo closed.
  • 1984 --Kineka Omori opens.
  • 1987-Ginza Saison Theater (laterLe Theater Ginza by PARCO), Ginza Theater Seiyu (later Ginza Theater Cinema) opened.
  • 1988-"Babbitt" at the same time as the renewal of Theater Shinjuku to a mini theaterLabelTo startWestern paintingStarted purchasing and distribution business.
  • 1990 --Opened Theater Umeda.
  • 1993
    • 2 month - SeiyuMore movie theaters 8 theaters 13 screens,Seibu Department StoreEntrusted with the operation of 3 movie theaters and 4 screens[5].
    • 9 month - ParcoEntrusted with the operation of 3 movie theaters and 6 screens.
  • 1999- ShochikuFrom the group "Movie version Anpanman series』Transferred movie distribution rights (* described later).
  • 2007 --Purchased all shares of Ad Hoc Debt Collection Co., Ltd. to become Theater Debt Collection Co., Ltd.
  • 2009
    • February --Closed Kabukicho Club Heights.
    • 4 month - NikkatsuEntrusted with the operation of 5 movie theaters and 19 screens[5].
    • 12 month - Cine canon(following yearbankruptcy) Entrusted with the operation of 2 screens in 5 movie theaters[5].
  • 2011
    • May --The Theater Diamond is closed.
    • June --Closed Ikebukuro Hotel Theater[5].
    • September-Parco Chofu Kinema closed[6].
  • 2013
    • February-Sapporo Club Heights closed[5][7].
    • May-Hotel Seiyo Ginza closed[5].
    • June-Sold Ginza Theater Building[5]. 


The founder, Shigezaburo Yoshioka (1883-1969),OsakaBorn as the third son of Kanzaburo YoshiokaOsaka Higher Commercial SchoolActive as a baseball catcher while attending school, in 1909Minoh Arima Electric Orbit(Hankyu CorporationJoined the company and was in charge of sales, and was built by the company in 1915.Toyonaka StadiumNational secondary school championship baseball tournament (currentlyNational High School Baseball Championship) Was proposed and held[8][9]..Founder of Hankyu Hanshin Toho GroupKobayashi IchizoServed as one arm of Tokyo Takarazuka Theater for over 40 years (laterToho) President,Korakuen StadiumPresident,NikkatsuServed as president (1941-45), in 1942DaieiHe was active in the prewar movie, theater, and leisure worlds, including being listed as the founder of[10][11]..After the end of the warBanishment of public officeHe lived a retired life next door, but in order to enrich the devastated mass life after the war, he established Tokyo Theater and worked hard to establish his own movie theater while mediating movies and plays. Opened[10]..At that time, there was a jinx that movie theaters would fail in Ginza, but it succeeded by showing the US release works and introducing first-class equipment.[10]..Viscount to the son-in-law of the eldest daughterUmekoji regular lineSecond son, Sadami (1911-1984,Kyoto University(Graduated from the Faculty of Economics), Sadami Yoshioka succeeded Shigezaburo and served as president and chairman of Tokyo Theater.[12][13]..To my nieceChigusa KitaniThere is[14].

Successive presidents

  • Shigezaburo Yoshioka
  • Sadami Yoshioka
  • Sannosuke Mihashi
  • Kiyoaki Shimizu
  • Yasushi Mihashi
  • Isamu Wakita
  • Yuyuki Takishima
  • Haruhiko Matsushita
  • Minoru Maeda
  • Kazuhiro Ota

Related Companies

Consolidated subsidiary

  • Sapporo Development Co., Ltd.
  • Theater Dining Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Theater Remodeling Co., Ltd.
  • Theater Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Affiliated company in the past

  • Media Box Co., Ltd.

Movie related business

Movie theater

Facilities operated in the past

Movie theater

Le Theater Ginza by PARCO
TokyoChuo-ku..A rental theater in the Ginza Theater Building.
oldGinza Saison Theater(Saison Group).2007 Transferred to Parco.Hotel Seiyo GinzaAlong with2013 May 5Closed at.
Ginza Theater Cinema
TokyoChuo-ku..A movie theater in the Ginza Theater Building.
1987 May 3open.The name of the building when it first opened was "Ginza Theater Seiyu. "2013 May 5Closed at.
Theater News Theater (Ginza Cinepathos 1)
1950 eraProphase,Miharabashi underground shopping areaToNews movieOpened as a specialized building "Theatre News Theater".Capacity 380.1967 May 10The facility is a Keitsu company (currently:Humax Cinema) And renamed "Ginza Earth".1988 OctoberRenamed to "Ginza Cinepathos 1".2013 May 3Closed in.
Parco Chofu Kinema
TokyoChofu City.Chofu Parco6 floor
1989 May 5Opened with the opening of Chofu PARCO. 139 seats.It was mainly screened for Toho works.
The year before closing2010 In the movie "Chofu City"Gegege's wifeWas released in theaters.2011 May 9Closed with[6]..At the time of closing, "Movie town ChofuWas the only movie theater in Chofu City[6](6 years later2017 May 9 OfTorie Keio ChofuWith the opening[15], In Building CIon cinema Theatus Chofu ”is open[16]).
Ikebukuro Theater Diamond (Theatre Diamond)
Toshima Ward, TokyoHigashiikebukuro
1956 OctoberToIkebukuroOpened as the district's first theater movie theater.1982 May 12ToSunshine 60 street"Daiichi Jisho Ikebukuro Building" ("Ikebukuro Hotel Theater" and tenants along the roadJapanese cuisine tavernReopened on the 1st basement floor (the number of seats at that time was 204).Before renovationTOHO Cinemas Miyukiza,TOHO Cinemas Roppongi HillsIt was mainly screened for related works.
2009 May 5Closed due to further renewal, same yearMay 8Reopened in.The screen (theater) was divided into a two-screen system (2 seats, 143 seats).Mini theater with "Cine Libre Ikebukuro" in the neighborhood management buildingIndependent) Mainly screening of related works.
The same year due to the landlord's building rebuilding plan on March 2011, 3May 5Announced the closing of the museum. Closing from May 5 (RevivalScreening) Hold an event.The final screening work is "Cinema 2 from 15:30"Onijinden(In the Kanto areaFirst run(It is also the final screening), at the closing event from 1:18 at Cinema 15Yasuhiro Yoshiura"The film was screened in the presence of the director.Eve time"Met. "Ikebukuro Hotel Theater" will be held on June 6stCheck out(For staying on May 5st) was closed.
The site isMitsui FudosanIs a commercial buildingMitsui Shopping ParkDeveloped "Ikebukuro Globe".Become an anchor tenantUNIQLO 2014 May 3Opened in[17].
Cine Saison Shibuya
TokyoShibuya WardDogenzaka.The PrimeShibuya 6th floor
1985 May 11open.The opening commemorative screening work is "(English edition)"(directed by:Federico Fellini)[18][19]As it isMini theaterIt was operated as a movie theater,1989 Shibuya for a period from FebruaryTohoRedevelopment of the hall due to aging (later ""Shibuto Cine Tower”) Because of Toho Western-style paintings (mainlyHibiya SCARASystem) was being screened.1990 eraIs so-calledShibuyacinemaIt was responsible for youth culture as a standard-bearer theater. Transferred from Seibu Department Store to Tokyo Theater in 1993.2011 May 2Closed to 25 years of history[18][19][20]..After closing, the facility was renovated in July 2011 and the event hall "CBGK Shivureki !!Is open.
Also, on the same floor as Cine Saison ShibuyaShochikuMovie theater "Shibuya Piccadilly(Formerly "Shibuya Shochiku Central"), but earlier than Cine Saison Shibuya2009 May 1Closed to[21].
Tsudanuma Theater Cine Park
ChibaFunabashi.Tsudanuma ParcoBuilding B.
1985 OctoberOpen to. 315 seats.For the purpose of improving management efficiency2010 May 2Closed when the tenant contract expires.The site is "Tsudanuma"Blood donationIt is a "room".
Theater Times Square
TokyoShibuya WardSendagaya(Shinjuku StationSouth exit).Times Square Building12 floor
The number of seats is 344.Tokyo Theater took over the management of the former "Tokyo IMAX Theater"2002 May 4Opened with the screening of "DOG STAR". "WATARIDORI" "Martha's Happy Recipe''Director Banzai!"SuchMini theaterMany unique Western and Japanese films were screened.
With the expiration of the contract in the facility2009 May 8"Roman HolidayClosed with the screening.The theater equipment was removed and the store opened in 2010.YuzawayaIt is part of the Shinjuku store.
Mito Theater Seiyu
IbarakiMito.LIVIN Mito store6 floor
1988 Opened in April.Theater 4:1 seats, Theater 80: 2 seats.Mainly Toho-related works, but also works for mini theaters were screened.However, after that, in 260, at the south exit of Mito StationCineplex MitoIs open, etc.Cine computerThe loss of customers and the rationalization of management also overlapped.2008 May 8"Ponyo on the cliff''New Cinema Paradise』The screening is closed at the end.By this, "SeiyuAll the movie theaters named "disappeared.The following day, March 2009, 3, the LIVIN Mito store was also closed.[22].
Atsugi Theater Cine Park
KanagawaAtsugi.Atsugi Parco9 floor
1994 Opened in March. 3 screens, 3 seats.It was mainly screened in Japanese and Western films of the Toho series.383 due to the closure of Atsugi ParcoMay 2"Invitation from Orion』The screening is closed at the end.
After the Atsugi Parco store closed, Atsugi City purchased the building.Amu AtsugiIt operates as.For the following, "Amyu Atsugi #Movie TheaterSee.
Theater Ikebukuro
TokyoToshima ward1th floor of Minami Ikebukuro 8-chome "Minami Ikebukuro Joint Building".The number of seats is 162.
1980 It was a masterpiece at the time of opening,1989 Or later,Anime movieFrom major Japanese and Western films such as Asian filmsIndiesVarious works including Japanese films were screened and were loved by many fans.Ikebukuro Joy CinemaFor a period after closing, Toho Western-style paintings (mainly Nikki Plaza (currently:TOHO Cinemas daily playScreen 3) series) works at the endShibuya TokyuIt was mainly showing series of works.
Due to poor business performance2006 May 8Closed with.The last day is the anime movie "Girl taking timeAfter the screeningMamoru HosodaDirector etc.talk showWas held and decorated a spectacular finale.The anime movie line at this theater was taken over by Theater Diamond, which was renewed in 2009, but Theater Diamond also closed on May 2011, 5.
Maebashi Theater Seiyu
GunmaMaebashi.WALK Maebashi3 floor
1987 year 9 month,Maebashi Seibu WALK BuildingOpened with the opening of.Theater 1 (56 seats), Theater 2 (152 seats).It was screened widely from Western and Japanese movies with high hit expectations to art-related works. Closed on January 2006, 1 due to the closure of WALK Maebashi.The site was a mini theater and event hall "Cinema Maebashi" (currently, by the citizen group "Maebashi Art Week" on December 29, 2009.Maebashi Cinema House) Has opened.
Cine Saison Tokorozawa
SaitamaTokorozawa.Seibu Department Store Tokorozawa8th floor.
1986 May 4Opened with the opening of Tokorozawa Seibu.The opening commemorative work is "Local hero/ A man who lived in a dream. "Initially it was directly managed by Seibu Department Stores,1993 Transferred to Tokyo Theater.It was popular as a "movie theater where you can go without getting wet" by always showing Western movies and Japanese movies with high hit expectations.2003 May 5Closed in.The site is the event hall "Waltz Hall Tokorozawa".
Theater Kichijoji
TokyoMusashino Kichijoji Parking Plaza1st basement floor.1979 , Opened with the opening of Kichijoji Parking Plaza. 203 seats.mainlyShochikuScreening mainly of related works.After that, the management right was transferred to Shochiku and the name was changed to "Kichijoji Shochiku", and at the end it became "Kichijoji Piccadilly".2000 May 5Closed with.
After closingConsumer electronics store"Laox"Kichijoji storeAV equipmentAlthough it became a sales floor, the store also closed the AV equipment sales floor due to scale reduction.2008 May 12Closed with.The site islive house"Kichijoji CLUB SEATAIt has become.
Hikarigaoka Theater Seiyu
TokyoNerima-ku.Hikarigaoka IMAAmong them, Hikarigaoka Seibu (currently:LIVIN Hikarigaoka store)3rd floor.
February 1987Green raysOpened at. 2 screens (165 seats, 121 seats, 286 seats in total).Hikarigaoka housing complex OfShopping centerFrom the location inside, the screening of family-friendly works was conspicuous, and at the time of the screening of popular works, it was seen that elementary school students came to the museum as school bags on their way home from school.Also in 1988ChristmasIn the summer of the same year, "Our seven days war(The screen is IMA Hall on the 4th floor of the same building), and lives in Hikarigaoka.Hiroshi SugawaraIncluding the director, starringMiyazawa Rie,Kenichiro KikuchiEvent planning was also held, such as giving a stage greeting. Closed in April 2000.
Theater Tokyo
Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
1955 May 11ToSeventh year cheating』Opened at the screening.CineramaAs a movie theater compatible with a large screen of 70 mm and XNUMX mm,Ben Ha''Western Pioneer History''2001 Space Journey''Encounter with the unknown』And other hits and blockbusters were screened,1981 May 10"Heaven gate』The screening is closed at the end.The Ginza Theater Building was built on the site.
Theater Ginza
Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.Annexed to Theater Tokyo.
Theater Shibuya
Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.Shibuya Hyakkendana.. A movie theater opened in December 1947 with a capacity of 12 seats.I was using the facility of "Shibuya Kinema" which had been open before the war (closed time unknown).
Theater Heights
Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. A movie theater that opened in November 1950.Capacity 11.The current Shibuya Ward in the direction of Theater ShibuyaDogenzakaIt was open near 2-18 (closed time unknown).
Theater SS
Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. A movie theater opened in December 1951.Capacity 12 seats.It was open in a place facing Theater Shibuya and Theater Heights (closed time unknown).
Shibuya Daiei Theater
Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. A movie theater that opened in November 1953.DaieiOpening hall.Bunkamura StreetAlong the current Shibuya WardUdagawa TownIt was open near 28 (closed time unknown).

Commercial facility "PAT"

Fresh foodLife-oriented type centered onthe mall..Both stores1998 Opened in April 2013 and closed in April 4.

Movie works involved in production and distribution

Real estate related business

Through the subsidiary Isaac Co., Ltd.Leisure hotelWas also operated,2016 Closed on January 1th.Withdrew from the leisure hotel business[24].

Hotel Seiyo Ginza
Opened by the Saison Group in 1987 and operated by a subsidiary (HSG).The head office and Le Theater Ginza by PARCO were in the same building.
Closed in May 2013, special liquidation of subsidiary started on November 5, 11[25].
The building on the siteKonamiAcquired by an affiliated company of.Initially planned to be used as a base for the group after renovation, it was dismantled as it was changed to rebuilding.[26].
Ikebukuro Hotel Theater
Located in the same high-rise building as the movie theater Theater Diamondbusiness hotel..As mentioned above, the museum was closed on May 2011, 5.[27].

Restaurant-related business

Until 2013cabaretWas running, but withdrew.In central TokyoRestaurantsAnd "Western Ginza"Half board・ In addition to opening several stores, the subsidiary Sapporo Development has developed izakaya such as “Kushidori”.



注 釈

  1. ^ Joint distribution with Media Box until 2011.Long time ago,Shochiku FujiWas in charge of distribution, but was dissolved at the end of August 1999 and the distribution was transferred to the company.
  2. ^ The 1993 version is Matsutake Fuji, and the 2006 version isKadokawa movieIs in charge of distribution.


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