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👶 | How much does it cost to raise a child from pregnancy / childbirth to 3 years old?In total ...


How much does it cost to raise a child from pregnancy / childbirth to the age of 3?In total ...

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I also bought baby bottles and accessories made in Japan.

Questionnaire on "childbirth and childcare costs" conducted by the Parent and Childcare Lab for about 14 mom members ... → Continue reading

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baby bottle

baby bottleWhat is (Hyunyu bottle)?infantToミ ル クUsed when giving (lactation)bottle[1].


NippleIn a bottle with milk (meltedPowdered milk,Liquid milk for infantsOrBreastmilk) Is used. It is a device that uses the sucking reflex of the baby, but it is difficult to substitute a plastic bag etc. because the baby bottle is designed to generate an appropriate pressure difference.[1](Note that there is a method to substitute a paper cup or spoon in an emergency such as a disaster.[1]).

JapanAccording to the regulations of theHousehold goods quality labeling methodIs subject to application, and there are provisions in the quality labeling rules for general merchandise industrial products.[2].

When breastfeeding is difficult or absent, the baby's appetite is secreted, and there is a shortage of milksickAnd for injuriesAntibiotics(If you are taking) is not suitable for breastfeeding, when the mother is absent and is used with milk. Also in advancemilkingIt is also used to feed breast milk that has been refrigerated and frozen.

Also, not only for milk but also for infantsfruit juice,teaIt is also used when giving.

Incidentally,PeopleBesides, household pets and zoo animals (mammalian) May be used for children.


Although there are various theories regarding the time and place of invention of baby bottles, it can be considered that they were born in the world at the same time. The materials vary depending on the region and cultural background, and there are bamboo and glass in the main body. Later made of light plastic.

Steam engineThe invention of 19th centuryIndustrial revolutionThe invention of baby bottles was considered to be about the same time. These factors overlap and in just over a hundred yearsWorld populationUp to 4 timesPopulation explosionBrought in.

Structure and material


The body is structurally mainly divided into a nipple and a bottle. This body has a lid[3].. The nipple has a small hole in the center for feeding. Some bottles are cylindrical and some are dented for easy grip.


Nipple materialNatural rubberとsiliconeIs the mainstream.

The bottle is glass or plastic (Polycarbonate) Is the mainstream, and all have heat resistance, so disinfect and use repeatedly. There are also polypropylene disposable baby bottles on the market that do not require cleaning or disinfection when going out or in the event of a disaster.[4].

how to use


Insufficient cleaning of leftover drinksSalmonella,Sakazaki fungusEtc. breed and when used next timeFood poisoning,InfectionMay cause For this reasonJapan OfMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareIt is,whoDisseminate the guidelines established by (WHO) etc. to the prefectures and thoroughly wash themSterilizationAre seeking. It has been pointed out that the problem is that parents are burdened with careful disinfection every time, especially at night.Pediatrics,MidwiferyExperts say there is no need for excessive cleaning, especially after the first 3 months of life, when the baby's immune system increases.[5].

There is a method of putting a baby bottle and water in a special container or bag and heating up the range for about 3 minutes, and a method of putting water in a special container and putting it and the baby bottle in a microwave oven and heating for about 5 minutes.
Put a baby bottle in a pot filled with water and bring to a boil. It takes about 6 to 20 minutes depending on the book, and the nipple is added later.
Soak in chemical solution for at least 1 hour. ChemicalSodium hypochloriteIs often the main component. This is the same component of milkWedとSaltIt is said that it is completely harmless to the human body if the concentration is about the level of antiseptic solution. Because of)

Keep warm

There is a warmer only for baby bottles[3](Bottle warmer).

注意 点

Survey of Tokyo[6]According toSodium hypochloriteAs long as you use an aqueous solution at the recommended concentration,Bisphenol AAlthough it does not affect the elution of bisphenol A, the amount of bisphenol A eluted is increased when heating and drying the product with the oxygen-based bleaching detergent and dishwasher detergent remaining adhered due to insufficient rinsing during washing. Since it was found to increase, (Polycarbonate(For baby bottles)Avoid using alkaline cleaners". It also recommends the complete removal of sticky milk before cleaning.


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