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👩‍🎓 | Kawajima Town, Saitama Prefecture Comprehensive Promotion Plan, Reflecting the Opinions of Meiji University Students


Saitama Prefecture Kawajima Town Comprehensive Promotion Plan, Reflecting the Opinions of Meiji University Students

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In response to this, Kawajima Town is in the process of improving the progress management of the plan.

Students from the Ya Nishimura Seminar of the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University cooperated with the 6th Kawajima Town Comprehensive Promotion Plan formulated by Kawajima Town, Saitama Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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progress management


Kawashima(Kawajima Machi) isSaitamaLocated in the middle ofHiki-gunBelongs totown.

The population is about 2.



In the townArakawaIt is located in the basin of the Arakawa River, and the countryside is widespread with active agriculture that makes the best use of its location.Along the old highwayNational Route 254The number of houses is increasing mainly along the old road, and in recent years, the neighboring municipalitiesKawagoe Station,Wakaba StationNew housing near youHousing complexAnd factories are also being developed.

Rivers and lakes



  • Mayor: Kazuo Iijima (inaugurated on January 2015, 1, second term)

Wide area administration

Some office associations
Partial-affairs association established in the past
  • : Higashimatsuyama City,Okegawa, 6 towns in Hiki-gun (Namegawa-cho, Ranzan-cho, Ogawa-cho, Tokigawa-cho, Hatoyama-cho, Yoshimi-cho, our town (this town joined on December 27, 12)) and Higashi-Chichibu-mura, Chichibu-gun Established on April 1, 27 by.as well asOversized trashI was planning to build a new facility in Japan.However, ancillary equipment of the processing facility (Hot bath facilityEtc.) The plan failed due to the fact that discussions were not finalized regarding the construction and the burden of management costs after construction.ReiwaThe union was dissolved on March 2, 2020.[5].

Merger concept

2016 At that time, in Kawajima Town, with the neighboring Kawagoe CitymergerPlan is up[6].


Population distribution of Kawajima, Saitama, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Kawajima Town and the whole country (2005)Kawajima Town's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Kawajima Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kawajima Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Agriculture is the center of industry,Metropolitan area central connecting expressway(Ken-o Expressway)InterchangeHas opened, and the attraction of companies has progressed.





  • Sakura nursery school[2]
  • Keyaki nursery school
  • Tonegawa Kindergarten
primary school
Junior high school
Special school

public facility

  • Community center
  • Townsman gymnasium
  • Budokan
  • General athletic field
  • Kyudo hall
  • Townsman Hall
  • Town library
  • 保健 セ ン タ ー
  • School lunch center
  • Environmental Center
  • Elderly Welfare Center
  • Fureai Center Flat Pier Kawajima
  • Work & Like Biko
  • Silver Human Resource Center
  • Heiseinomori Park
  • After-school care "Kappa Club"
  • After-school care "Dorimu Club"
  • Central public hall
  • Nakayama Public Hall
  • Igusa Community Center
  • Mihoya Public Hall
  • Demaru Public Hall
  • Hachiho Public Hall
  • Omino Community Center

Prefecture facilities



Phone Number

Area codeThe whole town is "049".Calls to areas with a local code of "2XX" can be used at local call charges (Kawagoe)MA).The detention station is Kawagoe Kawashima station only.

Postal service

Zip CodeIs "350-01xx" (Kawajima Post Office) throughout the town.In addition, the following post offices are located in the town.

  • Kawashima Post Office (formerly Nakayama Post Office)
  • Kawashima Mihoya Post Office (formerly Mihoya Post Office)



There is no railway line that runs through the town,Kawagoe Station,Wakaba Station,Higashimatsuyama Station,Okegawa Station,Konosu StationAnd via our townTransit BusIs operating.


General national road
Prefectural road
Other major roads

Transit Bus

  • Tobu Bus West
    • Kawagoe 02 Kawagoe Station East Exit --Honkawagoe Station --Hachiman Danchi - Higashimatsuyama Station
    • Kawagoe 03 Kawagoe Station East Exit-Hon-Kawagoe Station-In front of Kawashima Fire Station-Konosu Station- License center
    • Kawagoe 04 Kawagoe StationEast Exit- Motokawagoe Station --Shinmeicho --Yamagayato - Okegawa StationWest Exit (Okegawa Station West Exit-Yamagayato-Shinmeicho garage stop)
    • Waka 01 Wakaba Station-Yawata housing complex
    • Waka 03 Wakaba Station --Hachiman Danchi --Kawajima Town Hall


Taxi business area TheSouthwestern transportation area of ​​the prefectureso,Kawagoe-shi-Tokorozawa-Higashimatsuyama-Hanno-Wako cityIt is the same area as.


Events / famous places / historic sites / sightseeing

Famous people

Mascot character

  • Kawabe- 2010 May 11Make[8].
  • Kawamin (Kawabe's grandson)- 2012 It was established to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the enforcement of the town administration.


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