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🎁 | [Hyogo Prefecture] Held a campaign to experience the “deliciousness” of certified foods at Motomachi Shopping Street

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[Hyogo Prefecture] Held a campaign to experience the "deliciousness" of certified foods at Motomachi Shopping Street

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From December 12st (Wednesday), during the "Hyogo Delicious Encounter Campaign 1nd" held at Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street, you can enjoy a limited-time menu using Hyogo Prefecture certified foods at cooperating restaurant restaurants. I can do it.

Do you know "Hyogo Prefecture certified foods" that you can meet "the deliciousness of Hyogo" from December 12st (Wednesday) to 1th (Tuesday)?Hyogo ... → Continue reading

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Hyogo Prefecture certified food

Hyogo Prefecture certified food(Hyogokenninshoshokuhin) isHyogoBy2004 (Heisei16) Certified by the "Hyogo Food Certification System" established in JulyFood[1].


BSE,bird-flu,Food camouflageHyogo Prefecture has started a certification system for foods produced in Hyogo Prefecture in order to eliminate the growing anxiety and distrust of foods due to problems such as labeling. According to the examination criteria, "Hyo recommended brand"When"Hyogo Anshin BrandIt is classified into two types. It is necessary to undergo examination and certification for each brand, but it is not possible to hold two brand certifications for one product at the same time. The certification mark can be used for certified products. The examination criteria includeHACCP,TraceabilityThe concept of[1][2].

2016 (28) As of the end of March, 3 foods have been certified.

  • Agricultural products: 1,038 Foods (including 716 safe brand agricultural products and 322 recommended brands)
  • Livestock products: 41 foods (including 3, safe brand livestock products, 38 recommended brands)
  • Seafood: 19 foods (including 1, safe brand marine products, 18 recommended brands)
  • manufactured food: 842 foods (including 3 safe brand processed foods and 839 recommended brands)
  • Total: 1,940 foods (including 723 safe brands and 1,217 recommended brands)[1]

Hyo recommended brand

EnvironmentとHealthThe food is manufactured and produced by a production method that takes into consideration the above, and in addition to excellent quality and texture, it uses materials that have individuality, characteristics, and regional characteristics, and has a legal compliance and production management system. It is a condition that it is done. Agricultural products are alsoChemical fertilizer,PesticideIs reduced by 30% or more. There are examination criteria for agricultural products, livestock products, marine products, processed foods and their respective attributes.[1][2].

Hyogo Anshin Brand

In addition to the screening standards for recommended brands, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has been reduced by 50% or more, strict standards have been set for residual chemicals and antibiotics of 10% or less of national standards, and management is based on shipping records. Is required to be done[1][2].


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