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👩‍🎓 | Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology notifies universities etc. of points to note with the third inoculation of the new corona


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology notifies universities etc. of points to note with the third inoculation of the new corona

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In addition, February to March, when preparations are underway, coincides with the busiest time for the university, such as entrance examinations and announcements of results.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is a national and public university corporation, academy ... → Continue reading

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Entrance examination

Entrance examination(Nyugakuken.Old font : Entrance examination) IsAdmissionImplemented to determine who should be admitted from the applicantstest[1][2][3][4][5][6]. For shortEntrance examAlso called (Nyushi)[2][3].. Also, multipleGroupThe entrance examination conducted byCommon entrance examination(Today).

the term

Chinese language

"Entrance examination(Old font : Entrance examination)” isJapanese-made ChineseIs. The actual entrance examination isMeijiIt was from the beginning of the era, but the word "admission test" first appeared (* on the record)作家-Iwatani small wave 1889 (Meiji 22)EnoshimaLong-established storeJapanese innWritten in "Kingamero"Short story"Sister spine (Impotence)” in “Autumn”Army Medical SchoolThere is an entrance examination for[5]it is conceivable that.1894 (27rd year of Meiji)Ordinary junior high schoolIn the regulations,Academic abilityBased on[1]"When applicants exceed the capacity, they will be selected by entrance examination"[4][1].. Since then, based on the results of this entrance examination, a system has been established in which the highest-ranked applicants and the accommodation capacity are determined in order.[4]More than moderate[1]It has come to be used as a method for selecting new students at various educational stages.[4][1].. the sameChinese languageButChineseThen "Entrance examination(Simplified characters : Entrance exam)”.


EnglishThen. entrance examination [Note 2][9]Good,entrance exam [Note 3][11]Is often abbreviated. However, these are used not only for admission, but also for joining a company. The common entrance examination is common entrance examination Good,AcronymThen. CE Is usually[Note 4](*Image in right columnExample[Note 5](There is also CEE when it becomes a constituent like).


"Examination(Juken.Old font : Acceptance)” is[12]It is a Japanese-made Chinese language born in the Meiji era,ChineseIn ChineseConsideration(Simplified characters : Response)” or “Trial(Simplified characters : Response)”. Both mean "take the test". Typical entrance exams today include entrance exams,Entrance exam-Public employee examination-Qualification testand so on[12]. "ApplicationTo take the exam"verbIs not in Japanese, but in ChineseReflection". "Take an examinationstudentIn JapaneseExaminee(Jukensei)," in ChineseStudent(Simplified characters : Corresponding)” etc. "Take an examinationchildrenIn JapaneseExaminee(Jukenshi)”[Note 6], I can't confirm it in Chinese.


It is necessary for those who apply for admission to receive education at the school.Academic abilityIn many cases, an entrance examination is carried out to confirm whether or not the applicant has In addition, if the number of applicants exceeds the enrollment capacity, they are often selected based on the results of the entrance examination.

The entrance examination consists of exam preparations aimed at furthering into the university (study of entrance examinations and analysis of past questions), selection of the desired school,SubjectIt involves a series of activities such as selection and entrance examination. Since it is a big event that affects your life, I hope you can pass itShrineThere are many examinees and their parents who visit the temple or buy lucky items.[13].

New from the beginning of the first yearAdmission"Entrance examination" to do, after the beginning of the first yearTransfer,Transfer"Transfer entrance exam" and "transfer entrance exam" to do someUniversityCarried out inJump into schoolThere is a "jump entrance exam" for students.

Kindergarten,primary school,Junior high school,Secondary school,high school,College of technology,UniversityFaculty,Junior college,Graduate Schools,Vocational school,Various schools,Ministry CollegeIn both cases, there are many cases where an entrance examination is imposed. In many countriesCompulsory educationPublic schools do not impose entrance examinations, but high schools and universities impose entrance examinations.

Japanese entrance exam

When entering high school or university, basicallygraduateOr expect graduation (only if enrolled in the highest school year). If you have not graduated, you often have to take an entrance qualification test. For middle schoolJunior high school graduation certification test(Chuo, Chuko), in case of high schoolHigh school graduation degree certification examPassing (high endorsement) is considered equivalent to graduation. In high school/university, those who have excellent skills in schoolwork and sportsRecommendation entrance examinationMay be adopted in. University, graduate school. At vocational schools, an increasing number of schools carry out adult entrance examinations for those who have a career history (work history, etc.).

Those who are planning to take the entrance examination and those who are going to take the entrance examinationExamineeSay. Candidates enrolled in the highest grade of schoolActive studentIt is said that the examinees who have already graduated from schoolPast studentIt is said that. Aiming to pass the exam of the next year, graduating without passing the examPrep schoolStudents who have been preparing for another year at home, at home, etc.GraduateorLifeIs said. Speaking of graduates, once you get a jobsocietyAlso refers to those who are aiming for the exam.

The entrance examination is often held during the period from the end of January to the first half of March.Middle school examIn recent years, it has become more frequent during the period from the end of December to the middle of January of the following year. In addition, it is customary for schools in the same area to take the junior high school exam all at once on the same day. The entrance examination is generally done in the morning, but some junior high schools do it in the afternoon, and in some cases it is possible to apply in parallel.[14].

For university entrance examsUniversity entrance examination center examinationExcept for the above, the examination dates are not intentionally unified, but in the general entrance examination, private universitiesOctoberIn the first half, the first half of the schedule of national public universities often concentrates in the second half of February.

Entrance exams are conducted on a school-by-school basis, but in the pastHigh school examIn order to prevent disparities between schools and excessive competition for exams, entrance exams are conducted in multiple school units and successful applicants are sorted according to their place of residence and academic ability.Comprehensive selectionWas also carried out.This system was abolished in all districts where it was implemented due to problems such as the inability of successful applicants to freely choose the high school they want to attend and the significant decline in the university entrance record of high schools that adopted comprehensive selection. ..

In addition, the problem of the entrance examination isMathFormula itself in the problem of,Social studiesExcept for the case of the historical fact itself in the problem ofCopyrightIs supposed to occur[15].. Nevertheless,2019 (31) English for University Entrance Examination Center ExamListening testAppeared in the problemcharacter(Common name:Listening Four TennoAbout immediately after the testコ ラ ー ジ ュThe phenomenon that images and videos are produced one after another without permission[16].

In particular,2000 eraSince then, in Japan, mistakes in questions and scoring mistakes have been reported in entrance examinations at high schools and universities.HyogoPrefectural high schoolで2009 The entrance examination conducted in (21),OsakaPrefectural high schoolで2013 In the entrance examination conducted in (25), scoring mistakes were reported in many high schools.[17][18].


Entrance examination outside Japan

Chugoku, South Korea,SingaporeSuch asAsiaEven in some eastern countries, common examinations and individual examinations of each university are imposed as entrance examinations at universities.Educational HistoryIn Korea, which is a society, there are candidates who are likely to be late for the entrance examination.Police carA scene such as sent byTraditional poetryHas become[19].

EuropeThen,International BaccalaureateQualification scores are often imposed as a requirement for entrance examinations at higher education institutions such as universities.

British Commonwealth(United Kingdom(Including home country)General education completion advanced levelThe AS level, which is the first half of the national unified academic ability test (commonly known as A level), is usually taken from 16 to XNUMX subjects about XNUMX months before entering university, and the test results are announced about XNUMX months later. Based on the above, the university of choice and the major subject are decided in consultation with the school.The choice here is very important as you will only be able to attend up to XNUMX universities in the UK in the same year.Most universities have the AS level test results of the examinees, the results of the national unified academic ability test called GCSE taken at the time of graduating from junior high school, the academic ability evaluation by high school teachers, and the rough result prediction and aspiration of the A level test taken just before graduating from high school. Depending on the motivation, set an A-level result, which is an individual university passing score for each examinee, or declare a failure.In the case of Oxford University and Cambridge University, it is necessary to take a written examination and an oral examination separately from the AS level and A level.In particular, the oral examination is a pure academic ability test that tests the comprehension and thinking ability of the subject selected for the major, and is often the most difficult part of the examination.Over the last decade or so, more and more universities (especially if you are aspiring to major in mathematics or medicine) need exams other than Oxford and Cambridge as well as AS and A levels.This is largely due to the fact that the difficulty levels of AS and A levels have dropped considerably over the last XNUMX years.By the way, you cannot take both Oxford University and Cambridge University in the same year except for the special case of organ scholarship students at the time of undergraduate entrance examination, but there is no such restriction in the case of graduate school entrance examination.

AustraliaThen, Year 12 (en), and as a result the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (en,Acronym: ATAR. Translation: Admission rank for higher education in Australia) is selected based on the score called university.

The United States of AmericaThen, with the grade test, high school gradeinterview, Special for each test takerTalentAdmissions are selected for each university. At the same time, it is beyond the scope of taking (effortingly passing) the admission of the highest standard university in the United States,pedigree,congenitalIntelligence, Genius talent, from whomLetter of recommendationThe innate part such as whether or not you have receivedGlass ceiling>[Note 8]Because of this, admission to top-level universities is often difficult.

Season words

俳 句AtEntrance examinationWhat is "(in Japan) entrance examination that is conducted during the period from late February to early March for admission?[20]Is meant,Spring: OfSeason words(Nakaharu no Kigo)[21][20]Is. Classification is personnel/event/life[Note 9][20].. As a child season word,Examination(Take the entrance exam <entrance exam for the above period>)[21][22],Examinee(Take an examinationstudent)[21][23],Examinee(Jukenshi. Take the examchildren)[21][24],Exam period(Period to take the examination)[25],Examination(Failure caused by the examinationWoe)[26],Examination difficulty(Difficulty caused by the examination)[27],Pass(Pass the entrance exam)[28],Failed(Failing the entrance examination)[29],The second(Pass the entrance exam)[30],Failure(Failing the entrance examination)[31]There is.

  • Example phrase- Entrance examination(Nifakushiken) Youngneck(Yawn) Ofgroove(Groove)FluffyKusada Nakamura [29]
  • Example phrase-tomorrowExamination(Jiken)bangs(Eyebrow)Let's go a little ── Miyuki Sakai [32]
  • Phrase-Student cloak Hiruga heshi streetYamaguchi Aon [32]  [Note 10]
  • Excerpt-Taken by test taker, go downhill ── Naoto Hirose "Return" (1972)[33]  [32][Note 11]
  • Excerpt-what to look forExaminee(Jikenshi) OfL(Oh)You're a pupilToshiro Nomura [32][34]
  • Phrases-exam periodjuvenile(Seunen)Make the dog come trueShoko Fujita "On the way" (1955)[34]  [32]  [Note 12]
  • Example phrase-Examination(Jiken)In the hands of the childConfectionery(Kuwashi)In the middle(Monaka) ── Kusatao Nakamura [32]
  • Example phrase-roll on the roof of a difficult examsparrow(Swallow)Momoyama: Hometown of Murayama [32]
  • Example phrase-Pass(Gakufu) OfCelebration(Iha)HinoMother and child trip(Hahakodako)Rashiki ──Ito Shirashio [32]
  • Phrase-Kasumumune forgets the child's failure ──Reiko Soma "Yukimine" (1969) collection [32]


Since the following words are associated with the failure to take the exam,ProhibitionIt has been.

In addition, words such as "Do your best!" are also prohibited because they make students uncomfortable.[36].


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注 釈

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