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👩‍🎓 | Toward Post Corona Think about the meaning of learning with international students


Thinking about the meaning of learning with international students again toward the post-corona

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So to speak, it leads to strengthening the metacognitive ability that is the basis of learning.

Corona APU On September 2021, 9, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) held its 24nd fall entrance ceremony ... → Continue reading

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Metacognition(English: Metacognition) is "メ タAs the word "(higher)" points to,CognitionIt is to be more aware of what it should be.Of the concept of metacognitionDefinitionAnd their activities vary from field to field,Psychotherapy,Cognitive counselingIn general, it refers to the way of thinking necessary to correctly understand one's cognitive behavior, such as whether or not one can correctly understand things and experiences.

Knowledge aspect of metacognition

Metacognition can be described as "objective self" or "another self", and it describes the thoughts and actions of oneself that are currently in progress.TargetTurn intorecognitionBy doing your ownCognitive behaviorIs the ability to grasp.Metacognitive knowledge refers to knowledge for judging one's own condition.Based on metacognitive knowledge, you can notice the contradiction of your thoughts, understand the characteristics of the problem, and then correct the solution strategy.[1].. Human cognitive traits, tasks, and strategies such as "Even if you tell a lot at once, the listener will not remember all of them" and "When you talk about difficult things, it will be easier to understand by showing concrete examples." We have accumulated knowledge about this from experience and utilize each as needed.[1].

Knowing what process you are taking when doing something, or your own思考,communication skillFor itselfobjectiveIt is expressed by the following four functions from the feature of grasping and executing it.

  • Knowledge Monitoring Ability
  • Knowing about knowing
  • Cognition about cognition
  • Understanding what I understand

Active aspects of metacognition

Metacognitive activity is to understand one's state as information by performing metacognition to oneself, and to reflect or correct one's own behavior from that information.Although there are different views depending on the study, metacognitive activity is generally classified into the following two models.[1][2][3].

  • Metacognitive-monitoring-Awareness of one's own cognitive process.To make predictions, inspections, and evaluations of issues.
  • Metacognitive-control-setting goals for cognition.Based on monitoring, select, plan, and modify strategies to achieve the task.

Monitoring and control are in a cyclical relationship, and it is believed that if monitoring results are inadequate, strategy selection and modification in control will also be inadequate.[1].

Metacognition and education

The concept of metacognition also plays an important role in the context of learning and educational support.[4]..Fostering metacognitive ability is modernEducation, Especiallyschool educationIt is one of the important issues that goes beyond specific subject education in the situation of[5]It is expected to objectively grasp one's own thinking process / problem through metacognition, and to improve the attitude of independent learning and problem-solving ability.

On the other hand, although learning incorporating metacognition and its effects are being practiced in various ways, there is also the issue of how to "evaluate" metacognition, which should be an internal activity that cannot be viewed objectively.In addition, practical and applied research such as education is not necessarily based on basic research on metacognition, and the definition of metacognition in cognitive psychology does not match among researchers. It has also been pointed out that research methods dealing with metacognition have not been clearly established.[6].

In a certain school, metacognition is often used in various lessons, and many metacognitions are used in various lessons.[Source required]..At the same school, it is widely recognized as a metacognitive pose to put both hands together.


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