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👶 | My wish has passed! ??A XNUMX-year-old son with a big appetite explosion who ate baby food for the first time in a few weeks |


The wish came true! ??A XNUMX-year-old son with a big appetite explosion who ate baby food for the first time in a few weeks |

If you write the contents roughly
When I looked it up, it seems that there are quite a lot of children who suddenly stop eating baby food.

Miikunpapa (@ miikunpapa0920)'s recent worries.It's a baby with a 1-year-old son Hi-kun ... → Continue reading

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Baby food

Baby food (baby food) isinfantIt is a food for.Baby FoodSome people confuse it withBaby food is a term that refers to all processed foods for babies among baby foods.Is.また、1歳6ヶ月までの子供をAlso, for children up to XNUMX year and XNUMX monthsinfantTherefore, in a narrow sense, baby food is limited to those intended for older age groups.

Purpose of baby food

Baby food is defined as "infant" and "baby"An infantWith the growth ofNutritionIt is a weaning supplement manufactured for the purpose of supplementing and gradually adapting to general foods (according to the definition of the Japan Baby Food Council).At the same time, it also has the purpose of making the baby feel the movements such as squeezing and drinking, and the sensations such as taste and texture.In addition, although the categories are different depending on the manufacturer, the types are divided according to the growth stage of the baby.When selling baby food at the store with the indication "for babies",Minister of Health, Labour and WelfareAuthorization is required.

Background of baby food industry development

  • Social dimension

JapanInYoungerDespite this, the baby food industry is growing year by year.The Japan Baby Food Council estimates that the market size in 2018 was 440 billion yen, the highest ever.その社会背景にはIn that social backgroundWorking togetherIncreasing households, less psychological resistance to using baby food and more willingness to spend less on children, can be carried on the goRetort pouchThere is development of products that can be used even after entering or over 1 year old[1].Baby FoodCooking is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive task, and they are the main caregivers.motherIt was a burden for me.When it comes to balancing childcare and work, it is a considerable effort.In turn, baby food, which is a ready-made cooked product that can save the trouble of cooking, has come to be useful because of its convenience.

  • Nutritional aspect

Behind the expansion of baby food useNutritionThere is also great anxiety about.Knowledge of nutrition is absolutely essential for childcare, and if you do not eat a balanced diet, it may hinder your child's growth.However, baby food is difficult to make, and even if it is made, how much nutrition is it?saltIt is difficult for an amateur to calculate nutritional intake.That's why they tend to use pre-nutrition-labeled cooked foods, so you can quickly calculate when and how much nutrition you've taken.In addition, in the case of cooked foods, many of them are designed so that the nutritional balance is not biased, so that reliable nutritional intake can be achieved.これらベビーフードは大体、メーカー直属のMost of these baby foods report directly to the manufacturer.NutritionistIs instructing.Because the food is taught by nutrition professionals, consumers are confident that they have a way to get nutrition.

  • Safety aspect

And today, food safety is also an important factor.一般に出回っている食品類はThe foods on the market arePesticide residue,Antibiotics,BacteriaKind,Food additiveIt is hard to say that it is safe for babies in terms of such things, and adults have developed various internal organs that decompose, filter, excrete, etc. these toxins, but in babies it is underdeveloped, so there is a certain risk. Accompanied by.Also, because the adult diet is heavily seasoned,salt,SugarThere is a risk of becoming abundant.Therefore, we place the peace of mind and trust in baby food and use it.

The baby food council made by each baby food company isFood Sanitation Act,JAS method,Health promotionBased on the above, we have set very strict safety standards.

First,Food additiveKind is rarely used. Salt and sugar are also considerably reduced,sodiumA specified value is also set for the content. Besides thatEndocrine disruptor(Generally sayEnvironmental hormonesThere are very strict rules such as causative substances) and safety standards for the containers used.

Regulations on raw materials used are becoming stricter year by year.2002 From baby food maker's cooked foods above the standard valuePesticide residueWas detectedMediaIt was taken up by the public, and the eyes on baby food became strict. As a result, the association and manufacturers were forced to respond, and the safety standards were drastically reviewed. Therefore, the grain used today,Vegetables,seafood,MeatStrict regulations have also been set for raw materials such as, etc., to meet the needs of consumers, and manufacturers have begun to secure safer raw materials (for example, raw materials.輸入Frozen vegetables have been changed to domestically produced vegetables, etc.).

Rather, otherwise manufacturers will lose the trust and trust of consumers. As a prominent exampleMorinaga Milk IndustryHappenedMorinaga arsenic milk poisoning caseAs seen in, manufacturers who once lost their trust will definitely lose the competition and retreat. Consumers have a high level of safety awareness about baby food. As an analogy, we deal with baby food and foodDrug storeThen,Instant noodle,juiceKind etc.Expiration SoonIt is common to lower the price from the store when it approaches half a month, or to sell it at a reduced price with a wagon, but it is common sense to lower the price of baby food from the store two months ago. Assuming you bought baby food that has expiredtrialThere are even cases where it has become a mess.

Types of baby food

Baby food is roughly divided into dry type and wet type. The dry type is a so-called dry food, and some of them are powder dry type.freeze dryThere are types and so on. The powder type is often used in seasonings such as soup stock and cream sauce, and many have an auxiliary role in baby food. In addition, many beverages such as powdered juice and tea are also found. For freeze-dried productsPorridge,SoupBesides the kind, there are dried fruits. The feature of these dry types is that you can use as much as you like when you want.

On the other hand, the wet typeRetort pouchType andbottleStuffing type can be mentioned. Since these features are cooked foods, they have a better nutritional balance than the dry type. In particular, retort pouch type baby food is the most main genre in the baby food industry today, and it is said that the sales here will determine the market share.

Although few manufacturers manufacture the bottled type, the biggest features are safety and long-lasting shelf life. The reason why safety is touted is because of the container. Retort pouches and paper containers are by no means dangerous, but bottles have long been guaranteed to be safe. However, once opened, it is desirable to use up the food in a day. If there is any excess, store it in the refrigerator and use it up as soon as possible. Do not leave at room temperatureAdditive-freeTherefore, there is a high risk of germs breeding, and the tightness of the bottle makes it a hotbed for germs.

In addition, baby food includes beverages (bottles, PET bottle containers, brick packs, etc.), sweets, and ingredients for sweets.

In addition,AllergiesHowever, not all babies are allergic, which causes wheat, peanuts, etc.Specific itemThere are quite a lot of things that use. However, in that case, labeling is always required, and some products do not use the 5 foods that are required to be labeled, so it is unlikely to be a problem for consumers.

Baby food prices

In general, baby food is otherInstant FoodIt is more expensive than the class. This is because the cost of raw materials is high and the cost is high due to development costs due to its delicacy. However, consumers were closing their eyes at some height, hoping that they could buy peace of mind. However, today, price competition is fierce due to price competition at drug stores and baby food specialty stores, which are the main sales channels for baby food, and the market price is 2% to 3% off the suggested retail price, which is less than half the price for advertising products. Is not uncommon. However, this also puts pressure on the profits of manufacturers. In particular, baby food manufacturers place importance on safety, which requires more cost and labor than general processed foods, and it is not possible to reduce raw material costs. Further price destruction in such a situation may lead to quality deterioration due to reduction of development costs. Consumers and retailers should take this into account.

Nursing food

Nursing foods targeting the elderly are applied to baby food technology and the market. The market is still small compared to baby food, but it is a genre with ample potential. The main purpose is to ease the burden on the caregiver. There are many liquid foods, and we are also careful about salt content. But for seasoningUmami seasoningCompared to baby food, the regulations are considerably looser and the standards are ambiguous, so further development is required for future development.

Major baby food manufacturers

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Manufacturers that once existed


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