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💳 | Up to 50% of d points will be returned on the spot! "D payment" lottery campaign


Up to 50% of d points will be returned on the spot! "D payment" lottery campaign

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In this campaign, when payment of 500 yen or more is completed at "d payment" member stores (some stores and products are not eligible), an automatic lottery will be held within the "d payment" app, which is one-fifth. There is a probability that d points will be won.

NTT DoCoMo will draw up to 12 for those who have paid 7 yen or more by "d payment" at the target store on December 500th ... → Continue reading

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d point club

d point club(D Point Club,d Point Club) IsNTT DoCoMoNo admission fee or annual membership fee provided byPoint program[1].. With a similar service for corporationsDocomo Business Premier ClubThere is. The former name wasDocomo premier club(docomo Premier Club)was.


1998 Started in NovemberClub DoCoMo"(Club docomo) is the predecessor. Initially, there were no membership requirements, and the point service was only for Club DoCoMo members. By presenting the membership card, services such as discounts were received at affiliated stores.2001 Starting in April, we started the "docomo point service" for all subscribers of the company's mobile phones. "The usage amount for the last two months per line was 4 yen or more per month"Family discountI have a contract with 5 lines or more." To differentiate, the Docomo point service offered "500 discounts for 1,000 points", while Club DoCoMo offered "500 discounts for 2,000 points" (the point grant condition is 100 for every 1 yen spent) point).2004 May 4After removing the membership requirements, the club was renewed as a DoCoMo premier club. As a general rule, Club DoCoMo members are converted to Docomo Premier Club members. It is a user site on Docomo's PC,My docomoYou can apply for membership and check points from the site.

FOMA,Xi,Wide star,Packet communicationFor individual users of, we are offering points and preferential services for members. There is no admission fee or annual fee, and there are no admission requirements. Enrollment is voluntary, but unless stated otherwise, in most cases, you are enrolled at the same time as a new contract. There is also a "Business Premier Club" service for corporations.

2015 May 12In addition, due to the name change from docomo point to d point, the name of this service was changed to d point club.Parakeet(There is also the theory of a parrot[2]) Brother character "Poinco brothers(The voice isRoch2 people) orNakajo AyamiOr, with some of the people who appear in the CM as a reporter covering DoCoMo, d point ·d cardTV commercial series of[3][4].

On June 2016, 6, the point card used for this serviceMobile walletIn response to the above, member stores equipped with compatible devices can now collect and use points by holding their smartphones over them. When you get points with Osaifu-Keitai, a point-picking sound "Pipo" sounds[5].

From July 2019, 7, the registration target has been expanded to foreigners visiting Japan and overseas residents (as already mentioned, some points were already exchanged with some affiliated overseas point businesses).

On October 2012, 10, a questionnaire survey of the "National Opinion Poll House of Representatives Election" was conducted for registrants.

d point

Formerly Docomo Point. 1 point 1 yen (consumption taxIt can be used for purchasing mobile phones and accessories in units of 100 points (108 yen). Members can also exchange for various products (travel course, entertainment course, gourmet course, living goods course, docomo original course).

Members are given stage points (SP) according to the usage record of the previous year, and the annual cumulative SP determines the stage from April to March of the following year, and the grant rate for every 4 yen spent. From April 3, the continuous use period has also been added to the stage decision conditions. From the grant in April 100, the number of points for all stages except unregistered and premier stage + α has changed[6].

From December 2015, 12, the name was changed to d-point, and it was changed to a common point service that can be used by member stores other than DOCOMO. The d point club stages are as follows[7].

stageDocomo line continuous use periodNumber of d points earned (cumulative for 6 months)
platinumMore than 15 years10,000d points or more
4th10 year to less than 15 yearsMore than 3,000d points and less than 10,000d points
3rd8 year to less than 10 yearsMore than 1,800d points and less than 3,000d points
2nd4 year to less than 8 yearsMore than 600d points and less than 1,800d points
1stLess than a yearLess than 600d points

Basic charges, additional service usage charges, excess free calls are granted,consumption tax-i-modeDoes not include information fees, various fees, and past-due interest.

d Points Points will be awarded for responding to a questionnaire (/questionnaire) on the club site. The points differ for each questionnaire.

  • Members who are the sample of the survey are called, and segmented by gender, age, region, etc., so that the survey can be performed according to the purpose.
  • According to Article 5 of the d-Point Club Terms of Use, there is a notation "implementation of survey/analysis and guidance or suggestions based on the results", which allows optimal sales promotion based on the survey results.

You can exchange points earned at partner companies such as various credit cards and internet sites for d points. The exchange rate depends on the partner company.

Points are awarded for participation in various campaigns by NTT Docomo and affiliated companies. Discounts are available at partner companies.

By December of the new contract year, 12 points will be awarded for each stage condition (1,000SP, 1,500SP, 2,500SP).

(As of April 2021, 11)
Scheduled member stores

Overseas tie-up points
  • L.POINT -To use at L point participating stores in Korea, you need to set the d point club app.
  • (Chinese version) -To use at HAPPYGO member stores in Taiwan, you need to set the d point club app.

d payment

DOCOMO started in April 2018QR/Bar code paymentService.iDThe difference between and is linked to d points, and points are given every 100 yen including tax when using the Internet, and every 200 yen including tax at actual stores. Payment methods include deducting from the charge balance, combined payment with mobile phone charges, and credit card payment.[8].

It also has a wallet function, withdrawing charge balance (transfer to bank account or ATM withdrawal) and remittance function to docomo phone number.

Long-term use privilege

The following services have ended due to the standard use of the continuous usage period as the stage decision condition.

Continue to use for more than 6 years
  • 500 points awarded as Thanks points (until 2006)
  • Held three times a yearSweepstakesQualification for "PRIME6" is obtained (FY2007)
Continue to use for more than 10 years
  • The chance of winning "PRIME6" is doubled (2)
  • The stage of the previous year is continuously guaranteed, and there is no stage down due to the decrease in usage amount (until 2007)

Peace of mind support

Repair price relief support
The upper limit of the repair price is 3 yen for 5,250 years after the purchase (the replacement price of the model with a built-in battery is not included in the total cost).
Mobile compensation delivery service
If the terminal becomes unrepairable (total damage, submergence, etc.), the same terminal model of the same color will be delivered with a maximum payment of 8,400 yen. An application is required within 14 days of purchasing the device, and the monthly fee is 294 yen or 399 yen.
Purchase support in case of trouble
Mobile phone compensation delivery service If a non-subscriber becomes unable to repair, a discount from the normal selling price (limited to terminals with a sales history at NTT Docomo (purchased at an authorized retailer)).
Free repair service
Spontaneous breakdown is repaired free of charge for 3 years.
Battery pack free service
If you use the same terminal for more than 2 years, you will be provided with a new battery pack or auxiliary charging adapter 01 free of charge.MOVAWas excluded from December 2008, 12.
FOMA battery pack 500 point exchange service
If you use the same terminal for more than 1 year but less than 2 years, you will receive a new battery pack or auxiliary charging adapter 500 for 01 points. Free for those who are eligible for the Premier Stage.

Manufacturer brand relief service

Relief supportBlackBerry 8707h,hTc ZManufacturer brands such as are not covered, but instead, there is support for terminals such as manufacturer brand terminal security services. Instead of selling at a docomo shop, call the support center and send-back maintenance will be performed.

Repair price relief support
The maximum repair price is ¥3 for three years after purchase.
Free breakdown repair service
Spontaneous breakdown is repaired free of charge for 3 years.

Docomo card

NTT Docomo had issued docomo cards in partnership with credit card companies.“The “docomo premier club” and “credit function” have become one”We were able to receive additional services in addition to the above.

2007 May 9The new member acceptance ends.2008 May 9After that, we stopped updating the "docomo card" and discontinued the service.[9].

*Gold card, SaisonAmerican Expressexcept for
* Excluding gold cards
  • Docomo Premier Club stage upgrade
* 1,000 points will be awarded for Premier Stage qualified personnel
  • Docomo points awarded according to card usage
  • Docomo Card DE Mobile Phone Compensation-Compensation up to 10,000 yen for breakdowns and repairs
*Can be applied in duplicate with Premier Club Anshin Support

Both are applied when the payment of mobile phone charges is registered with the Docomo card (Docomo card DE mobile phone compensation is also applied when the excess compensation amount is paid with the Docomo card)

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  • d card -Issued by NTT Docomo itselfCredit card.. Formerly known as DCMX. Docomo points are awarded according to the usage amount. Card brandVISA,master CardYou can choose from two types.
  • SURUGA VISA debit card - Suruga BankPublished by a stock companydebit card.. DoCoMo points are granted at the "NetBank branch docomo premier club support bank" according to the annual amount of VISA payment and the contract status of banking services (amount of time deposit, amount of automatic deduction of utility charges, etc.).
  • My docomo -You can check usage of points, change plans, apply for battery replacement, etc.
  • Business Premier Club -Corporate Premier Club,Business mopera relief managerYou can also receive services for corporations such as and.


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