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🛋 | Dogo Onsen Main Building is closed for XNUMX% of the year due to the effect of the annual cleaning work [Ehime]


Due to the annual cleaning work at the Dogo Onsen Main Building, "soot payment" could not be seen, and XNUMX% of the year will be closed this year [Ehime]

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This is an account for "TV Ehime" (Fuji TV series) news.

The Dogo Onsen Main Building is a year-end general cleaning on the XNUMXth.We've cleaned up the year and are ready for the New Year.cleaning… → Continue reading

 TV Ehime

"TV Ehime" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news in Ehime Prefecture.

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Fuji TV series

Fuji TV seriesWhat is (Fuji TV Keiretsu)?Fuji TelevisionTheKey stationToBroadcaster Ofnetwork.


There are two networks in the Fuji TV series.one Fuji News Network(Fuji News Network, FNN), and the other isFuji network(Fuji Network System, FNS).The former isNEWSThe latter aims to supply programs, and the latter to supply other broadcast programs.

All member stations are TV-only, and become FNN / FNS affiliated stationsLatteThere is no station[1].

List of Fuji TV series

Terrestrial wave

Satellite broadcasting


[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ Incidentally,Fuji Television(CX),Tokai TV broadcasting(THK)Radio stations(RespectivelyNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.とTokai Radio Broadcast) To an affiliated company.In stations that had an affiliated relationship in the pastKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(in factNETseriesCross net.At that time, ANN and FNN / FNS as an organization were not established)Sapporo TV Broadcasting(NTV seriesCross net with.Fuji TV series is not a member of FNN.The radio division was spun off after the unification of Nippon Television Network System) was also operated as a latte.

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TV Ehime

TV Ehime Broadcasting Co., Ltd.(TV Ehime,Ehime Broadcasting Co,. Ltd.) IsEhimeTheBroadcast target areaAndTelevision broadcastingDoing business,Specific terrestrial backbone broadcaster. Fuji TV series(FNN-FNS) Station.


From the beginning of the station to September 2004"Ehime Broadcasting Co., Ltd."(Ehime Hosou) was the official company name.But from the beginning"TV Ehime"Because it has been familiar to the citizens of the prefecture under the nickname of2004 May 10The official company name is "TV Ehime," which has been used as a nickname."TV Ehime Co., Ltd."Changed the trade name to[Note 1]..For many years, mascot characters have been used by a group of fairy characters and have been loved by the citizens of the prefecture.The predecessor who was born later "VividThere was a time when it was used in parallel, but it was discontinued in July 2004, just before the company name was changed.The current "Vivid-kun" uses the second generation, which was renewed to coincide with the start of terrestrial digital broadcasting.

Abbreviation isEBC, CallsignJOEI-DTV..The catch phrase is"Bibitto! EBC"..Apart from this, there are cases where "Fuji TV", which is a catch phrase of Fuji TV, is changed to "EBC", such as "What was the trigger?".

Celebrating the 2019th anniversary of the opening of the station on December 12, 10Fuji TV seriesIt is also the first broadcasting station to open in the Shikoku area of[Note 2].

In Ehime prefectureTV Tokyo seriesBecause there is no loved stationTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.A part of the program is broadcast with a time difference.

About us

  • Company Name-TV Ehime Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
  • Headquarters (performance hall)- EhimeMatsuyama CityMasagocho 119 (〒790-8537)
  • Master station (transmission station) --Ehime PrefectureIyo CityMiyashita character Togoku end 2262-2
  • President and CEO-Makio Otani[1]

Head office / branch office / branch office location

TV station

Digital broadcasting

Remote control key ID 8

  • Matsuyama JOEI-DTV 27ch 1kW
  • Niihama 43ch (unlike analog,Nankai BroadcastingIt is annexed to the relay station of
  • Kawanoe 43ch
  • Uwajima 29 ch
  • Matsuyama Hojo 27ch
  • Iyo Nakayama 33ch
  • Yawatahama 49 ch
  • Three desks 58ch
  • Uwaishi Castle 29ch
  • Ozu 29ch
  • Uchiko 27ch
  • Minamiuwa 19ch 10W
  • Yura Iyo 36ch
  • Uwa 44ch 1W
  • Nomura 31ch 1W
  • Omishima 31ch 3W
  • Kumakogen 27ch 3W
  • Mikawa 23ch 3W
  • Kikuma 27ch 10W
  • Kawauchi 23ch 1W

Analog broadcasting (end of broadcasting)

Chuyo district

(Matsuyama City)

  • Matsuyama JOEI-TV 37ch 10kw (Transmission place:Iyo CityMountain)
  • Chengbei 47ch 10w
  • Hojo 56ch 10w
  • Hojo Tateiwa 51ch 1w
  • Hojo Asanami 49ch 1w
  • Matsuyama Iwaidani 56ch 0.1w

(Toon City)

  • Kawauchi 53ch 10w

(Iyo City)

  • Nakayama 26ch 30w

(Kamiukena DistrictKumakogen Town)

  • Kumakogen 59ch 30w
  • Mikawa 39ch 30w
  • Kumakogen Sugo 42ch 0.1w
Toyo district


(Shikokuchuo City)

  • Kawanoe 53ch 30w
  • Doi 56ch 3w
  • Tenma 36ch 3w


  • Kikuma 28ch 100w
  • Omishima 43ch 30w
  • Yoshikai 26ch 3w
  • Miyakubo 31ch 1w / 62ch (complementary wave) 0.5w
  • Omishima Nonoe 41ch 0.1w

(Ochi-gunUeshima Town)

  • Iwagi Kodori 34ch 0.1w
Nanyo district (Northern Nanyo)

(Ozu City)

  • Ozu 37ch 100w
  • Nagahama 56ch 3w
  • Ozu Yasarai 61ch 0.1w

(Kita-gunUchiko Town)

  • Uchiko 54ch 30w
  • Oda 53ch 30w

(Yawatahama City)

(Nishiuwa DistrictIkata Town)

  • Three desks 43ch 30w
  • Misaki 48ch 3w

(Seiyo City)

  • Uwa 41ch 10w
  • Ishijo 20ch 10w
  • Shirokawa 33ch 10w
  • Nomura 43ch 10w
  • Three bottles 55ch 3w
  • Akahama 58ch 1w
  • Masanobu Uwa 53ch 0.1w
  • Three bottles overnight 57ch 0.1w
  • Mikame Minae 57ch 0.1w
  • Mikamecho Shuki 59ch 0.1w
  • Nomura Atago 40ch 0.1w
Nanyo district (Southern Nanyo)

(Uwajima City)

  • Uwajima 27ch 500w
  • Tsushima 41ch 10w
  • Yoshida 49ch 10w
  • Tsushima Maki 41ch 3w
  • Uwajima Hode 61ch 0.1w
  • Uwajima Shimotakagushi 49ch 0.1w
  • Uwajima Takamitsu 58ch 0.1w
  • Uwajima Yasuda 52ch 0.1w
  • Uwajima Yakushidani 54ch 0.1w
  • Tsushima Arashi 60ch 0.1w
  • Tsushima Yokoura 60ch 0.1w
  • Tsushima Shiosada 59ch 0.1w
  • Yoshida Ritsume 62ch 0.1w
  • Yoshida Nakanoura 45ch 0.1w
  • Yoshida Gotennai 46ch 0.1w

(Kitauwa DistrictOnikita Town)

  • Hiyoshi 52ch 10w

(Kitauwa DistrictMatsuno Town)

  • Matsuno 60ch 3w

(Minamiuwa DistrictAinan Town)

  • Mishou 22ch 100w
  • Saikai 55ch 10w
  • Gusukube Fukaura 42ch 10w
  • Yura 62ch 10w
  • Gusukube Fukaura Naka 62ch 0.1w
  • Nishikai Hisaya 43ch 0.1w

Capital structure

The names of companies and organizations and the titles of individuals are as of the time. Source:[2][3][4][5]


CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
300 million yen600,000 share111
ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
Fuji Media Holdings103,600 share17.26%
Kansai TV broadcasting100,000 share16.66%
Shiraishi unification051,000 share08.50%
Yomiuri Shimbun Group Headquarters042,000 share07.00%

Past capital structure


  • 1968 (Showa43 years)May 11 --Preliminary license granted.
  • 1969 (44)
    • May 1 --Established as "Ehime Broadcasting Co., Ltd."
    • May 12 - Nankai BroadcastingOfficially opened as the second commercial TV station in Ehime prefecture after.
  • 2004 (Heisei16 years)May 10 ――The company name was changed from "Ehime Broadcasting Co., Ltd." to "TV Ehime Co., Ltd."The abbreviation "EBC" is inherited as it is.
  • 2005 (17)May 6 - Digital terrestrial broadcastingIntegrated master update (ToshibaMade).
  • 2006 (18)
    • May 6 --Start of test broadcasting with terrestrial digital broadcasting and SI signal (broadcasting station ID) added (test broadcasting of other prefecture TV stations also started on the same day).
    • May 10 - Digital terrestrial broadcastingStart.
  • 2011 (23)May 7 --Analog broadcasting ends.
  • 2019 (First year of Reiwa)May 9 --With the master update, the data broadcasting has been renewed from the FNN / FNS common format to the original data broadcasting.[6].

Company history/commemorative magazine

  • Ayumi of Ehime Broadcasting 10 years(Compiled by Ehime Broadcasting Co., Ltd. History Compilation Committee) Published in November 1979, p. 11.
  • TV Ehime Photo History(Edited by Ehime Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) Published in October 1989, p. 10.

Network transition

Major broadcast programs

* Broadcast time is as of June 2021 (Reiwa 3)[7]

In-house program

  • EBC Live News(Live broadcast, Monday-Friday 15:45-19: 00)
  • Hmmm(Live broadcast, Sunday 9: 00-10: 00, Tuesday 1:25-2:25 (Monday midnight) rebroadcast) → Broadcast ends on March 2021, 3.
  • EBC News・ Tomorrow's weather (Monday-Saturday 20:54-21: 00, Sunday 21:48-21:54, etc.)
  • Recommended TV (Monday / Wednesday 22:54 --23: 00, Friday 22:56 --23: 00, etc.)
  • I recommend it! (Tuesday --Friday 11:20 --11:25, Sunday 17:25 --17:30)
  • Wild Bird Love Land (Tuesday 22:54 --23:00)
  • Kansei Art MONOLIZM (Wednesday 0:25-0:30 (Tuesday midnight))
  • White Screen (Thursday 22:54 --23:00)
  • TV version gift magazine YAPPY2 (Friday 0:25-0:40 (Thursday midnight))
  • Emifull ♥ Community (Friday 22:52 --22:56)
  • Good sunlight(Saturday 10: 25-10: 55)
  • (2021å¹´4月3日放送開始。生放送、土曜 11:25 - 11:50、2021å¹´7月24日より毎月最終土曜日は土曜 11:10 - 11:50)
  • Hometown acclaimed variety!(Live broadcast, Saturday 12:00 --13:00, Thursday 1:30 --2:30 (Wednesday midnight) rebroadcast)
  • Basics of cooking with Yasuko Sakudo Tai rice (Saturday 17:55 --18:00)
  • Masuatsu (Sunday 6:15-6:30)
  • The definitive edition! Cho's fishing information(Rebroadcast on Sunday 6:30-7:00, Wednesday 1:35-2:05 (Tuesday midnight))
  • Recommended! + (Sunday 8:25-8:30)
  • Dream + (Sunday 11:45 --11:50)
  • That day, at that place-Ehime 50 years connected by video- (Sunday 21:54 --22: 00) → Ends in March 2020.
  • EBC with you (4th Sunday 6:15-6:30)


And many others

Fuji TV series program (delayed net)

TV TOKYO series program


Internet programs that were broadcast on TV Ehime in the past



TBS system

(Ai TVUntil the opening of the station, ☆ is a program that moved at the same time as the opening of Ai TV)

And many others

TV Asahi

(Ehime Asahi TVUntil the opening of the station, ○ is a program that moved at the same time as the opening of Ehime Asahi Television)

And many others

TV Tokyo

And many others

Independent station

Announcer / Performer / Related Person

Incumbent announcer

現在 現在



  • Nozomi Nagoya (April 2014)
  • Rie Hashimoto(2003-2010, 2017- [22])
  • Mai Yamazaki (2015)
  • Ruri Suzuki (2021)

Transferred / retired announcer



Other than the announcer

Other related persons

  • Tomochi(Laughing. Once a reporter on the show)
    *2011FNS 27-hour TVThen, he appeared as an announcer on TV Ehime (who was given the pseudonym Keiko Yoshikawa).


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ ThisWest Japan(Kansai regionOkayama Broadcasting is the only Fuji Television Network (FNN / FNS) affiliated station in the west) that does not include "TV" in the company name.The company also used the nickname "TV Okayama" from its opening to the transition to quasi-wide-area broadcasting with Kagawa Prefecture.
  2. ^ In Kagawa prefectureMutual access to radio waves with Okayama PrefectureSometimesOkayama BroadcastingIn Kochi prefectureKochi-san TVOpened in 1997 (the second Fuji TV affiliated station headquartered in Shikoku), and in Tokushima prefecture, in the Kinki area.Kansai TVYou can see it through such things, but there is no full-net station.
  3. ^ FM Ehime Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
  4. ^ In addition, "Chosen Sentai RangerThe first month's worth (up to 1 episodes) was broadcast intensively on the service broadcast before the opening of Ehime Asahi Television.
  5. ^ Broadcast on i-Television in the prefecture


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