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👩‍🎓 | IGS is looking for an ESG-type advertising model "ONGAESHI" demonstration experiment that allows you to donate educational expenses when you see the advertisement.


IGS is looking for a working person frame for the ESG type advertising model "ONGAESHI" demonstration experiment that can donate educational expenses when looking at advertisements

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The reskilling materials during the demonstration period are online materials for learning data science and English.

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Online teaching materials

Data science

Data science(English: data science, abbreviation: DS) orData science[1][2]Is an approach that seeks to use data to derive new scientific and socially beneficial knowledge, in which data is handled in information science, statistics, and so on.algorithmAnd so on.

Let's take a bird's eye view of data science from a statistical, computational, and human perspective.Each perspective is an essential aspect of data science, but the organic combination of these three perspectives is the essence of the discipline of data science (Blei and Smyth, 3).[3]).Lack of awareness of the importance of field knowledge in data analysis to date is believed to be the source of widespread misunderstandings about the discipline of data science (Hernan, Hsu and Healy, 2018).[4]).

Data science has a clear application context, has a transdisciplinary aspect, requires clear social accountability for research results, and is for qualitative assurance of research results. Requires additional criteria for quality control in addition to traditional sitting criteria.Heterogeneity of organizations is also important for the effective promotion of data science.Science that meets these requirements is Mode 2 science claimed by Gibbons et al.[5]Can be recognized as a kind of.

The methods used in data science are diverse and as fieldsMath,statistics,Computer science,Information engineering,Pattern recognition,Machine learning,Data Mining,Database,VisualizationAnd so on.

Data science researchers and practitioners are called data scientists.

As an application of data science,Biology,Medical science,engineering,Economics,Sociology,HumanitiesAnd so on.


The term data scienceHas been used for a long time[Source required]But especially in 1974Peter NaurUsed by[6]It attracted attention.Book "Concise Survey of Computer Methods"[7]In, Naua used the term data science in describing data processing methods and their applications.

Since the latter half of the 2010s, there is a global shortage of data scientists, so the development of systems that can be analyzed even by users without advanced knowledge is progressing.[8].

Meanwhile, in 2012,Harvard Business ReviewThe magazine "The coolest job in the 21st century"[9]The word "data science" isBuzz wordSome people see it as.ForbesEven in magazines, there is no clear definition, so learn at graduate school(English editionWas criticized for being simply replaced[10].

Income equality

Income equality is increasing in both developed and developing countries with good data science skills.There is a negative correlation between the country's average skill capacity across domains and the percentage of income held by the top 10% of countries.[11].

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Reference books for learning

  •  Kodansha Data Science Introductory Series
  • Daniela Calvetti and Erkki Somersalo: "Mathematics of Data Science: A Computational Approach to Clustering and Classification", SIAM, ISBN 978-1-611976-36-6 (2020).

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