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🎁 | Let's go around the town and collect points Stamp rally Mie in Tamaki Town

Photo [Chief Murai introducing the "Tamaki Town Stamp Rally" = at the Tamaki Town Hall]

Let's go around the town and collect points Stamp rally Mie in Tamaki Town

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After downloading Rakuten Check, tap the check-in button of the app in 10 designated areas such as Tamaru Castle Ruins, Genkosha, Tamaru Station, and Aspia Tamaki, and you will receive 1 points and 10 stamp for each location.

[Watarai-gun] "Tamaki-cho Stamp Rari ..." where you can get Rakuten points when you visit sightseeing spots and stations in Tamaki-cho, Mie Prefecture. → Continue reading

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Tamaru Station

Tamaru Station(Tamaru-eki) isMieDokai CountyTamaki TownIn Sata,Tokai passenger railway(JR Tokai)Sangu Line Ofstation.


Station structure

Relative homeInterchangeable with 2 sides and 2 wiresGround station..Each other's homeoverpassI am contacting you at. Line 2 was the main lineOne line throughIt is a structure, and the rapid train that passes through this station passes through line 2 on both the upper and lower lines.For a while, we used to use line 2 for stopped trains, but now, in principle, we use different platforms for each direction (in the case of a crossing with a passing train, both the upper and lower lines stop at line 1 on the station building side).

There is also a rotary on the south side of Platform 2, but there is no doorway and you cannot enter or exit the platform.

Iseshi StationAdministrativeMujin-eki.. Long time agoTokai Transportation BusinessStaff is in charge of businessOutsourced stationso,JR All Line Ticket OfficeWas also installed,2012/May 10Was unmanned.

Bus stop

1■Sangu LineGoing downIse City-Tobaaspect[Annotation 1] 
2Going upMatsusaka-Nagoyaaspect[Annotation 1]Some are on track 1[Annotation 2]

Rapid"MieAs a general rule, "" will pass, but in addition to the ones bound for Ise City at night, which stop at each station on the Sangu Line, "Mie" Nos. 2 and 4 bound for Nagoya will stop.

Usage situation

According to the "Mie Prefecture Statistics", the average number of passengers per day is as follows.[7].

年度Average daily
Boarding personnel

Around the station

Built by Mr. KitabatakeTamaru CastleTracesAsahi ShimbunFounder ofRyuhei MurayamaExhibited the relics ofRyuhei Murayama Memorial HallThere is.

Bus route

Sanko Ise Shima Kotsu


Next station

* Rapid train that partially stops at this stationMieThe stop next toTrain articlechecking ...

Tokai Passenger Railway (JR Tokai)
Sangu Line
Tokida Station - Tamaru Station - Miyagawa station


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注 釈

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  2. ^ In the March 2021 revised timetable, two trains, one for Taki at 3:16 and the other for Matsusaka at 00:17, depart from Line 04.


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