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👩‍🎓 | [Junior High School Examination 2022] Kansai 1/15 Entrance Examination Ban, Deviation Value Information, etc ... When is the breaking news?

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[Junior High School Examination 2022] Kansai 1/15 Entrance Examination Ban, Deviation Value Information, etc ... When is the breaking news?

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In addition, Rakunan High School, Kobe College, Shitennoji, Rakusei, Hakuryo, Rokko Gakuin, Takatsuki, and Nishiyamato Gakuen will be delivered in January.

On January 2022, 1, a private junior high school in Kansai reached the unified entrance examination day.This year, the second year of the junior high school exam in Corona, Kansai ... → Continue reading


The educational environment, university entrance examination reform, and the environment surrounding children are undergoing major changes. Amid the changes of this era, parents' interest in the education and career of children is only increasing. Risemum will transmit accurate and useful information centered on educational information, as a medium that is close to the hearts of parents. We will promptly deliver information that parents are interested in such as education reform, international education, examinations, educational events, STEM education including programming.

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Rokko Gakuin Junior and Senior High School

Rokko Gakuin Junior and Senior High School(Rokkogakunchugakko / Kotougakko,British: Rokko Junior and Senior High School) IsHyogoKobe CityNada WardLocated inHigh school consistent educationI will provide aprivateBoysJunior high school-high school.

High school does not recruit studentsComplete middle and high school integrated school[1].2016/The name was changed from "Rokko Junior and Senior High School" every time.


JesuitsBy1937/(Showa12) Established Rokko Junior High School.The old Rokko Junior High School opened the following year.It is the first secondary school established by the Jesuits in Japan.Before that,1913/(Taisho2 years),TokyoToSophia UniversityHas been established.

At the time of its establishment, the military was glaring at it as a Catholic school in a world where wartime colors were getting stronger.[2], Persecuted[3], Was once in danger of abolition[2]..In such a situationNational soldiersIt is said that he continued to pray for education that values ​​each person without flowing into totalitarianism, and finally fans were born in the military as well.[3].

1947/The new Rokko Junior High School and Rokko High School will open in 22, and will be an integrated middle and high school education.In the 30's of the Showa era, there was a time when the competition rate fell below double due to poor academic achievement, but the second principal, Schweizer, changed the first grade from 2 classes to 2 classes, strengthened young passionate teachers, and built the school building. And remodeled to expand the career guidance department.at that time,Nada Junior High School / High SchoolIt was so successful that it was said that it would line up with[3].

After the 3rd principal, he returned to his conscience, not only in intellectual education but also in "training".キ リ ス ト 教A true interpretation of the absolute values ​​ofJapaneseThe foundation of the Rokko spirit was laid to become a person who can contribute to society.

Hankyu CorporationRokko StationIt's about 25 minutes up the hill.It's a steep slope with an altitude difference of 150-200m, but the scenery of Kobe is unobstructed.Seto Inland SeaCan be seen.

Shortly after school1941/(Showa 16), a reinforced concrete school building was built.This yearPacific WarIt was the year of the war, and the construction of large-scale buildings was regulated by the control, so the hardships of school officials were considerable.[4].

2012/(Heisei24 years), the year of the 75th anniversary of the founding,2037/With a view to the 100th anniversary of the school, a new school building was completed with the aim of making it safer and more convenient for the times.2010/The old school building was demolished in Japan, but the tiles in the corridor inside the school building follow the design of the old school building.2013/4The renovation work of the auditorium building (atrium) was completed, a religious department classroom and a dining room were newly established, and the relocation of the music room and home economics room was completed.In addition, the second ground where the temporary school building was builtArtificial grassThe school has changed significantly due to the 75th anniversary commemorative project.

2016/In April, four sister schools, including Rokko Gakuin, the founder, for the purpose of realizing and deepening Jesuit education.School corporationEikoen,Hiroshima Gakuin,Taisei Gakuen TheSchool corporation Sophia GakuinMerged with[5]..At the same time, the school name was changed to "Rokko Gakuin Junior High School" and "Rokko Gakuin High School".The school emblem has also changed.After the merger, each school corporation will be dissolved, but each school willSophia UniversityIndependent management is maintained without becoming an affiliated school[6][7].


JesuitsBecause of the school, the anniversary of the foundingFrancisco XavierAnniversary ofMay 12.

Jesuit officials from all over the world may visit.2004/IsEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euCity people in JapanMinister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and TechnologyA person equivalent to is visiting for inspection.

There is Rokko Hakuyukai as an alumni association.

Educational Philosophy

Man for others.(To humans who live for other people).Other schools in Japan established by the Jesuits (Eikoen,Hiroshima Gakuin,Sophia Fukuoka) Share the same idea.

The Rokko Gakuin mission statement was created on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of its founding.

A Catholic boys' school, with a strict discipline education, a spirit of caring for others, a cozy and caring "real" education that keeps in close contact with parents, and an education that teaches "discipline" through subjects. , It is a school spirit.In addition, we will provide 21st century education, try social studies going out of school, try in Japanese language based on group work, etc.Active learningIs working on.


School clothes

So-calledNavySergeantWith a moldUniversity of Tsukuba Junior High School,Haijo Middle School/High SchoolNavy blue similar toStuffed collarSchool uniformHowever, you have to change into white "school clothes" in the school.



All grades consist of 4-170 students in 200 classes (recruitment capacity is 192 students), and the total number of students in all schools is about 1,100.It is a complete junior high and high school, and as a general rule, high school entrance exams are not held except for filling vacancies.[Note 1].


The characteristics of the lesson format are α, β, γ (advanced “most difficult university level”, intermediate “difficult university level”, beginner “Kobe University level”) for high 3 literary common mathematics, and A, S, B for English. (Advanced "Most Difficult University Level", standard "Difficult University Level", basic "Kobe University Level") and 3 classes are offered at the same time, and different teachers teach with different texts.Choose the one that suits you from them.

Textbooks provided in English classes ("Progress in English, "Rokko's English")Kyoto UniversityIt is made with this in mind.Created by "Progress in English"Robert M. Flynn(Jesuit Father, former teacher), "Rokko's English" is an English teacher.Previously, "Progress in English" was used in all grades of junior high school and high school, but in recent years it has been used only in junior high school, and "Rokko English" is used in high school.In addition, "Progress in English" isJoshigakuin Junior and Senior High School,Shirayuri Gakuen Middle / High School,Seisen Jogakuin Middle / High School,Kobayashi Sacred Heart Academy Middle / HighThere is also a track record of adoption at other schools. It has not been used since the 82nd grade (2019).

Proffesional system in junior high school was abolished in the latter half of the 90's.The criteria for admission from junior high school to high school are not strict, but of the approximately 184 students enrolled in Rokko Gakuin Junior High School, some have dropped out or transferred to other high schools.

Starting in 2021, there will be a 7-hour class day on Fridays for long homerooms from time to time.This is because of the balance with the progress of the lesson.

Unique task

In order to train both physically and mentally, it has many aspects that can be regarded as old-fashioned from the viewpoint of modern educational and social conditions.

Intermediate gymnastics

During the 2nd and 3rd class, all run on the ground with their shirts naked.However,UVThe period from the end of the athletic festival in early June to the end of the cultural festival in late September will be canceled in consideration of the adverse effect on the health of the students.In the past, we all did Rokko gymnastics after running on the ground. It has been canceled since 6.Also, except for the committee members, it is basically canceled to be naked. ((New coronavirusfor).

Cleaning activity

Cleaning is done by the hands of the students.

  • Cleaning Director: Most of the cleaning is done by trainees selected from each of the middle 3 to high 3 classes, 2 class roles (chairperson, vice chairman, and secretary), and high XNUMX instructors.[Note 2]Can't finish without supervision and permission.
  • Toilet number: Cleaning the toilet bowl barefoot and with a piece of shorts even in the cold of winter.It is customary to brush the toilet bowl with bare hands without using cleaning gloves or detergent.[8].. Toilet cleaning was outsourced to a contractor from 2020, but toilet cleaning by students was resumed from November 2021.Cleaning with bare feet, a piece of shorts, and bare hands is not currently performed.
  • Missing work: There are penalties for those who neglect to clean, usually on the last day of the mid-term and final exams.This also cleans the special area (outside the normal cleaning area) for about two and a half hours under the guidance of the students.

school event

  • April: Orientation (4st middle, 1st high), entrance ceremony, opening ceremony
  • May: Health Day, Interim Examination
  • June: Sports festival
    A total march is held. It is performed barefoot and shirtless for over an hour.
  • July: Term-end examination, closing ceremony, Maejima camp (former Kumihama camp) (middle 7), Tateyama camp (middle 1), social service work (middle 3-high 3, -August)
  • August: Visit to India (every two years) New York training (High 8)
  • September: Opening Ceremony, Cultural Festival (Middle 9-High 1)
  • October: Off-campus learning (middle 10-high 1), mid-term examination
  • November: Strong walking tournament (Middle 11-High 1)
  • December: Founding anniversary, term-end examination, closing ceremony
  • January: Opening ceremony, ski training camp (1nd grade) Day to think about life, entrance examination for junior high school
  • February: High school graduation ceremony, study trip (high school 2)
  • March: Year-end examination, completion ceremony, junior high school graduation ceremony

Committee activity

The activity period of the committee is divided into the first half and the second half.The first half is April-September, the second half is October-until March next year.

Rokko Gakuin's committees range from old to abolished and recently established. In 2005, the high school committee was abolished, the student organization was established, the junior high school committee was established, and the publishing committee was abolished.

student council

It was established in 1966 as part of school reform to emphasize not only strict school rules but also student independence.It is a representative governing body by students.The main task is to deliberate and consolidate the opinions of students at the unicameral student organization meeting and bring them to the staff meeting.The student council president will be selected by voting from all the candidates from middle 7 to high 1 and volunteers from high 2 in the student council presidential election held in the latter half of July.The candidacy chairman can also appoint a vice chairman and secretary at the same time.The other members are elected as councilors by class elections, two from each high school class.

Training Committee

The oldest committee.His activities range from supervising cleaning, expelling the morning assembly, clearing late arrivals, and managing daily schedules.The committee members will be decided by class election with a few members from each class of middle 3 --high 3 (up to high 2 in the second half).The three roles of the training committee are decided by conducting elections within the training committee.The foundation of training is laid down by in-depth "guidance" by teachers and senior students, warm voices such as "I think I could do more", and guidance and closeness to fighting discussions between students saying "No, that's not the case". There is.

Social Service Committee

Formed in 1981.It conducts monthly fund-raising in India, implements and supervises summer community service activities, and implements and supervises each community service activity.The members are decided by class election from all classes to a few people.The three roles and executive departments of the Social Service Committee hold elections within the Social Service Committee to decide.

Library committee

A committee established in recent years.On the 5th floor of the main buildingLearning centerso,librarian(Specifically, management of collections, lending, etc.).Cultural FestivalOccasionally, a secondhand book collection box will be set up on each floor of the main building, and a secondhand book market will be held together with a part of the collection.The members are decided by class election from all classes to a few people.

From 2013, it is no longer possible to serve concurrently with other committees.

Intermediate Gymnastics Committee

A committee that manages intermediate gymnastics, which is one of the characteristics of Rokko Gakuin.As an intermediate gymnastics committee member, he is selected from high 3 in the first half and high 2 in the second half.There is no strict capacity.During the period when the intermediate gymnastics is carried out, the intermediate gymnastics committee will be in the second or third period.megaphoneTo expel students and monitor intermediate gymnastics.The intermediate gymnastics committee, who teaches the class, is in charge of one class with two people, and takes attendance after running three laps on the second ground.In addition, there is also a committee member who drives out to get them out to the ground by 2 minutes after the end of the last class and patrols the toilet to check if they have neglected to clean.

Junior high school committee

A committee under the direct control of the Student Organization, which gathers the opinions and intentions of junior high school students and discusses them with the Student Organization and other committees.As a whole, there are 12 roles in all 1 classes of junior high school students (2 chairman, 2 vice chairpersons, 3 secretaries, but only 1 middle school student has 52 role), totaling XNUMX people + α. ..No budget has been allocated.

In most cases, the chairman of the intermediate gymnastics committee is the chairman of the athletic festival, and the intermediate gymnastics committee is the chairman of the athletic festival.


Extracurricular activities

Activities are limited to 3 days a week (not before the official match) to avoid affecting study.Almost all first-year junior high school students belong to some kind of department.There are not many outstanding results such as participation in national competitions, but in rare cases, the Kyudo club and the Go / Shogi club may participate in national competitions.Also, unlike other schools, participation in club activities is only permitted after the end of the athletic festival.

Community service

Man for Others Under the educational philosophy of, various community service activities are carried out.

  • India fundraising: Once a month, donate about 1 yen per person,IndiaSend money to the Damian Social Welfare Center.
  • Social service work: One or more days of labor service during the summer vacation. (Medium 1 --High 3)
  • Day to think about life: January 1 (Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake) Around that time, a lecture on life will be held.
  • MAGIS Day: Held once a month.The whole school morning assembly will be extended by 10 minutes and religious lectures will be held.After school, lectures for those who wish will be held.2011/Until then, the name was "Kato Lab Day".
  • Red feather community chest: Participate in street fundraising on Saturdays and Sundays in early October. (Middle 10 and Middle 1)

Academic record

Every year, around 4% of all studentsTodai,Kyoto University,Osaka University,God UniversityEtc.National universityI am going on to school.Many have passed the national public universities even if their grades are quite low, and more than 8% of the students will eventually enter the national public universities, including the Ronin.Seki Seki SupportThere are many successful applicants, but few students actually go on to higher education.

Keio University,Waseda University,Tokyo University of ScienceHas a designated school recommendation frame for.It is also a sister schoolSophia UniversityThe designated school recommendation frame has disappeared, but the qualification to apply for the special entrance examination for Catholic high school is replaced.


Location of Rokko Gakuin Junior and Senior High School (in Hyogo Prefecture)
Rokko Gakuin Junior and Senior High School


Old system junior high school era

  • 1937- FoundationRokko Junior High School is established.
  • 1938/(13)
    • April 4-The wooden school building is completed, "Rokko Junior High School"(Old junior high school) Opened.
      • Eligibility for admissionOrdinary elementary schoolThe period of study is 12 years, with a graduation level of 5 years or older.
      • Hayato Takemiya is appointed as the first principal.The following staff will start with 15 people.
      • 1 first-year students are enrolled.
    • 7 month - Great Hanshin floodWill damage the school building and school grounds.
  • 1940/(Showa 15) -The martial arts hall is completed.
  • 1941/(Showa 16) -Started the strong walking tournament (53km).Reinforced concreteThe 4-story main school building is completed.
  • 1943/(Showa 18) July 4- Secondary school decreeWith the enforcement of, the period of study will be four years from the time of enrollment.
  • 1944/(Showa 19) June- Education Niseki Sur War Emergency Measures PolicyTherefore, the period of study of 4 years will be applied ahead of schedule from the 1941th grade (students enrolled in 16 (Showa 4)) at this time.
  • 1945/(20)
    • March --A joint graduation ceremony was held for the 3th grade students who enrolled in 4 (Showa 1940) and the 15th grade students who enrolled in 5 (Showa 1941) due to the advancement of the four-year period of study.
    • April-Classes are stopped.HoweverStudent mobilizationContinues.
    • 7 month - Kobe air raidWill be damaged.
    • August 8-End of the war.
    • September-Resumed class.
  • 1946/(Showa 21) April-The period of study returns to 4 years.

New junior high school / high school

  • 1947/(Showa 22) July 4- School reform(6/3 systemImplementation) is carried out.
    • Stop recruiting old junior high schools.
    • New system junior high school(Rokko Junior High School), and accommodates those who have completed the 1st and 2nd grades of the old junior high school as the 2nd and 3rd grades of the new junior high school.New systemRokko Junior High SchoolIs launched and recruitment begins.
    • Those who completed the 3rd and 4th grades of the old system junior high school were enrolled in the old system junior high school as they were, and became 4 or 5 years old (it was possible to graduate at the end of the 4th year).
  • 1948/(Showa 23) April 4-School reform (implementation of the 1 system) will be carried out.
    • The old junior high school was abolished, and the new system "Rokko High SchoolWas launched.Inheriting the annexed junior high school, "Rokko Middle School/High SchoolIt becomes.
      • The old junior high school graduates (5th year graduates / enrolled in 1943 (Showa 18)) are accommodated as new high school third graders.
      • Those who have completed the 4th year of the old system junior high school (enrolled in 1944 (Showa 19)) are accommodated as the 2nd year students of the new system high school.
      • A junior high school graduate (three-year graduate / enrolled in 3 (Showa 1945)) is accommodated as a new high school first year.
  • 1950/(25) -Rokko Junior High School becomes a school corporation Rokko Gakuin.
  • 1957/(Showa 32)- Lecture hallgymnasiumIs completed.
  • 1961/(Showa 36) -TateyamaCampStart.
  • 1965/(40) -The school building expansion and renovation (first phase construction) is completed.
  • 1966/(Showa 41) -The science school building is completed.
  • 1967/(Showa 42)- Brute tournamentWas shortened to a 36km course and resumed.
  • 1968/(Showa 43) -To commemorate the 30th anniversary of our foundingPoolIs completed.
  • 1970/(Showa 45) -Implemented Rokko reform.
  • 1971/(Showa 46) -Kumihama Kaihin Gakusha is completed.Village mayor system started (rotation system).
  • 1974/(49) -With the new annexCathedralIs completed.
  • 1976/(Showa 51)- baseballDepartment31st National Athletic Meet(Wakakusu National Athletic MeetSaga) Won the baseball club.
  • 1977/(Showa 52)- IndiaStarted fundraising.The extension of the small auditorium is completed.
  • 1979/(Showa 54) -TateyamaHutteIs completed.
  • 1981/(Showa 56)-ClubhouseKyudo hallIs completed.
  • 1985/(Showa 60)- Indian flag IndiaStart visiting.
  • 1987/(62) -New auditorium (all seats) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the foundingfolding chairThe gymnasium is completed.
  • 1988/(63) -Student training center is completed.
  • 1992/(4)- New Zealand flag New ZealandStarted language training.
  • 1995/(7) June- Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeClosed and shortened classes are held.
  • 1999/(11) -The profile of Rokkosei is completed.
  • 2001/(13) -Started junior high school entrance examination A / B schedule.
  • 2005/(17) April 4- 5 days a weekIntroduced.
  • 2010/(22) -A temporary school building was set up to rebuild the school building.Dismantle the old school building.judoThe place is completed.
  • 2011/(23)
  • 2012/(24) -The new school building is completed.A large number of wasps occur at Kumihama Seaside School (Minatomiya, Kyotango Town), and a spray for extermination is sprayed.
  • 2016/(28) April-School corporationSophia GakuinMerged with[7]. "Rokko Gakuin Junior and Senior High SchoolRenamed.It is decided to withdraw the Kumihama seaside camp and abolish the village mayor.
  • 2017/(29) July --Maejima (Ushimado) camp started.The village mayor system is not inherited.Kumihama seaside camp will be a vacant lot.



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Jesuit affiliated schools


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  1. ^ It was carried out for several years in the 50s, but the results did not improve much.
  2. ^ An officer who teaches middle 1 for one semester and is nominated by a teacher.A total of 1 people, 1 in each class.


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