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👩‍🎓 | [University Admission Common Test 2022] (2nd day 1/16) Science 2 Problem Analysis Bulletin ... Answers and average score When?

Photo [Common Test for University Admission 2022] (Day 2 1/16) Breaking News on Science 2 Problem Analysis

[University Admission Common Test 2022] (2nd day 1/16) Science 2 Problem Analysis Bulletin ... Answers and average score When?

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In addition, Kawaijuku and Benesse Sundai (Datanet) will release the expected average score on the night of the 16th.

2022 (Reiwa 4th year) Common test for university admission (former center test, hereafter, common test) The second day is January 2th ... → Continue reading


The educational environment, university entrance examination reform, and the environment surrounding children are undergoing major changes. Amid the changes of this era, parents' interest in the education and career of children is only increasing. Risemum will transmit accurate and useful information centered on educational information, as a medium that is close to the hearts of parents. We will promptly deliver information that parents are interested in such as education reform, international education, examinations, educational events, STEM education including programming.

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Expected average score

Kawai Juku

Kawai Juku(Kawaijuku) isAichiNagoya cityBased inJapanMajor ofPrep school, And the same prep school (Vocational school-Various schools) RunSchool corporation(Tohoku area only Associate school corporationBunri Gakuin).

Yoyogi Seminar,Sundai Preparatory SchoolLine up withThree major prep schoolsone of.In addition, Kawaijuku's mock exams are famous for the national unified mock exams (general mock exams), and are sometimes called "Mock exams Kawai".The catch phrase is "Everything is for each and every student."The lesson is, "Seek yourself."


  • 1933-An English literary scholar with an educational philosophy of "Everything is for each and every student."Iji KawaiOpened as "Kawai English School".
  • 1937-``Kawai JukuRenamed.Sakurayama school (Nagoya city) opened.
  • 1955- School corporationReorganized as Kawaijuku.
  • 1956-Meieki school opened.Since then, the school building has been expanded in Nagoya city.
  • 1964-The second son of IjiKunito KawaiIs appointed as the chairman. Established "Gakukyo Co., Ltd."
  • 1968- チ ュ ー ト リ ア ルThe birth of the system.
  • 1970-Opened "Kawai Juku Educational Institute for Talent Education" (currently "Dalton School") and established "Nagoya English Conversation Center" (currently "Trident College for Foreign Languages, Hotels and Bridal"). "Maki Kindergarten" opened. "Art University Advancement Course" (currently ""Kawai Juku Art Research Institute")Newly established.
  • 1971 --Renamed the night club supplementary course to "Green Course".
  • 1972-Established "National Advancement Information Center".National unified mock exam (Full-scale trial)start.
  • 1973 --Kawaijuku Educational Research Institute Kawaijuku Educational Institute (currently "" "") is established by making the Kawaijuku Educational Institute independent.
  • 1974-Publishing business started.Japan's first specific university mock exam "University of Tokyo Entrance Examination Open" ("University of Tokyo Immediate Response Open") held.
  • 1977-School buildings have been expanded all over Japan since entering Tokyo (opening of Komaba school)[Annotation 1].
  • 1978 --The school corporation was established separately from the school corporation Kawaijuku, and became the first vocational school in Aichi prefecture.
  • 1979 --The first university-wide academic ability test (currently the National Center Test for University Admissions) has started, and self-scoring (currently "Center Research") has started.
  • 1982-Established "Kawai Memorial Scholarship Foundation" (currently "Kawai Memorial Scholarship Foundation").Iji's eldest sonKawahitoBecame the president.
  • 1983 --Started developing community-based classrooms. Established "Kawaijuku Educational Research Co., Ltd." and "Kawaijuku Green Academy Co., Ltd."
  • 1984-Established "Kawai Cultural Education Institute". "Nagoya Information Processing College" (currently "Trident Computer College") opened.
  • 1987-Full-scale entry into the education business for working adults and university students, and the education business for returnees and the international student business (currently "Overseas Returnee Course") started.
  • 1988-"Kawai Satellite Course" started (Japan's first satellite course).Large examination (current high school graduate certification test), correspondence high school student support course "COSMO" newly established.
  • 1989-"Professional School Trident School of Design" (currently "Professional School Trident School of Design"Trident Design College") Opened. 「株式会社"Co., Ltd.Kawai PublishingEstablished.
  • 1996-"" is newly established.
  • 1997 --Newly established "MEPLO" for top-level junior and senior high school students.Started "Kei-Net", a site that provides information on university entrance exams. ""Newly established.
  • 1998-"Active student classroom" is newly established.
  • 1999-Newly established "Active Hall".
  • 2000-Established "Go to School.com Co., Ltd." (currently "KEI Advanced, Inc.") and "Test Research Center Co., Ltd."
  • 2001-Obtained exclusive use rights for Little Scientists.
  • 2002-"Dalton School Nagoya" is approved by miscellaneous schools.
  • 2003-``National Test Management Center Co., Ltd.Established.
  • 2004-School corporationSapporo Preparatory AcademyManagement participation in.
  • 2006-Merged with "School Corporation Sapporo Preparatory Academy".School corporationBunri GakuinEstablished "Bunri Learning Co., Ltd." and "Kawai Juku Manabis Co., Ltd." "Kawai Juku Wings" is newly established.
  • 2008-Established "Nichinoken Tokai Co., Ltd."
  • 2009-Established "Hapiral Test Solutions Co., Ltd."
  • 2010-Established "KJ Holdings Co., Ltd."
  • 2011-"Dalton School Tokyo" is approved by miscellaneous schools.Capital and business alliance with Mainichi Comnet Co., Ltd. Opened "UCLA Extension Tokyo Center".
  • 2012-"Gakushinkan" is newly established.Kawaijuku Hamamatsu relocated and approved as a vocational school as Hamamatsu school.
  • 2013 --Capital and business alliance with e-Communications Co., Ltd.Kawaijuku Nagoya School relocated.
  • 2014-Established "Japan Education and Research Innovation Center" (JCERI).Capital and business alliance with Riasec Co., Ltd.Grouped Will Seed Co., Ltd.
  • 2015-"K-pro" and "KAWAIJUKU English School" are newly established.Grouped Japan-US English Academy Co., Ltd.Capital and business alliance with Eole Inc.Established "WS PARTNERS PTE LTD" in Singapore.
  • 2016 --Started offering "Learning Mirai PASS", a new academic ability measurement and integrated assessment.
  • 2017-"Kawaijuku Wings High School" newly established. Formed a capital and business alliance with IBC Publishing Co., Ltd.Grouped Seven Seas Co., Ltd.
  • 2018-``Dalton Tokyo Gakuen Middle School / High SchoolInstallation approval from Tokyo. Established "Reperio Co., Ltd."
  • 2019-"Dalton Tokyo Gakuen Middle School / High School" opened, "Kawaijuku One Co., Ltd.", "Pick and Mix Co., Ltd." and "Camp Manavis Co., Ltd." established. Grouped "EEA Co., Ltd."
  • 2020-Hideki Kawai becomes chairman on June 6st.Former Chairman, but became Chairman of the Board[3]..Formed a capital and business alliance with Kyoiku Holdings Co., Ltd. Grouped "Kyoiku Holdings Co., Ltd.", "Kyoiku Co., Ltd.", "Medical Lab Co., Ltd.", and "Unfan Co., Ltd."

Jewelry business

Preparatory school for university entrance exams

Yoyogi Seminar,Sundai Preparatory SchoolIt is counted as one of the "three major preparatory schools" alongside.Partly because he focused on improving school facilities, editing textbooks and mock exams, and teaching liberal arts, the nicknames "Kawaii of the desk," "Kawai of the text," "Kawai of the mock exam," and "Kawai of the liberal arts." have.

Under the name of Kawai Satellite Course, we started the satellite broadcasting business among the major prep schools.[Annotation 2]..The feature is that the lectures are recorded in the studio, and it is possible to visually explain by making the best use of its advantages and using abundant CG and experimental videos.It is distributed not only to Kawai Juku school buildings nationwide, but also to affiliated cram schools, private cram schools, and high schools.

Since the 3s, ahead of other schools among the three major prep schoolsActive studentThere are important routes, and we are also focusing on the "Green Course" for active elementary school students, junior high school students, and high school students, the "University of Tokyo Active School-MEPLO-" for junior and senior high school students, and the "K-kai" for top-level high school students. There is.

AichiSeparation of management regarding private junior high school entrance examsNihon LabThe joint venture "Nichinoken Tokai" (established in January 2008) will be in charge.

General examination business

Mock exam (general mock exam)

National unificationPractice exam(Full-scale trial) Is sponsored.

Center test pass / fail judgment system

We carry out "Center Research", a service that collects and analyzes the self-scoring results of the center test and judges the possibility of passing (Center ResearchSee section).

Publishing business

For the purpose of publishing and selling exam-related booksKawai PublishingEstablished a corporation.Handles various reference books, problem collections, past entrance examination problems, etc.

Commissioned test work

The management pointed out the problems of the National Center Test for University Admissions and the university entrance exam questions, and in 2003, "Creation of various exam questions and overall examination work"National Test Management Center"(NEXA) was established.当初は河合塾と人材派遣業のInitially Kawai Juku and temporary staffing businessPasonaEstablished with the investment of JEOL Ltd., and then invested by JEOL Ltd.Kawai Juku's full-scale mock exam is also carried out by the National Examination Management Center and the group company "Hapiral Test Solutions", which creates questions, manages the examination venue, and scores.[Annotation 3][4].

Entry into the operation of the English test

Cambridge University English Examination OrganizationAnd the school corporation Kawai Juku jointly established the Cambridge Assessment Japan Foundation on July 2018, 7. 13年度入試から始まるBeginning with the 2021 entrance examUniversity entrance common testIt sponsors the "Cambridge English Examination" used in the university entrance examination English grade provision system in Japan, and is in charge of public relations and sales activities to popularize the Cambridge English Examination in Japan.

Collaboration / absorption merger with other prep schools

Under the umbrellaNational Advancement Information CenterHas a network with preparatory schools in various places through mock exams.Kawai Juku Bunri (formerly Bunri Preparatory School,) which is a Kawai Juku groupAssociate schoolBunri GakuinOperated by) from 2006Kawai Juku Sendai SchoolHowever, the independence of the corporation is maintained, and it is basically the same as the previous Kawai Juku Bunri.

School corporation from 2005Sapporo Preparatory AcademyParticipated in the management of the school, and the school was renamed Kawai Juku Sapporo School.Furthermore, in 2006, the Sapporo Preparatory Academy was absorbed and merged, and the Sapporo school became a local school building directly managed by Kawai Juku.

From 2008, Co., Ltd.SEGIn partnership with Hongo School and Kojimachi School, SEG's mathematics instructors are in charge of both textbooks and classes for the mathematics of the "University of Tokyo Premium Course" and "Ishin Premium Course" for ronin.

School corporation business other than preparatory school

In addition to Kawai Juku, which operates the main body of Kawai Juku, it is responsible for managing vocational schools such as Trident.Kawai Juku GakuenThere is.In addition to this, there are many affiliated companies such as Kawai Juku Shingaku Kenkyusha Co., Ltd., which operates the Kawai Juku Active Hall.From early on, we entered the education and cultural projects (Kawai Cultural Education Institute) other than prep schools, such as vocational schools, qualification courses for working adults (), and cultural studies.

In the vocational school business, starting with the opening of the Nagoya Foreign Language College (currently Trident College of Foreign Languages) in 1976, we have been aggressively expanding in the Nagoya area where our headquarters are located, but in 2003 Is a well-known computer Nihon Gakuin Vocational School (currently, which has been widely advertised mainly in Kansai.Trident Computer College Osaka) Has been taken over from the school corporation Japan Information Academy and is being expanded to the Kansai area.[Annotation 4].


Kawai Juku ALUMNI

Kawai Juku has an alumni association such as Kawai Juku ALUMNI for alumni and OGs.In the past, only Kawai Juku OB / OG could join, but in recent years, non-OB / OG can also join. ALUMNI is an SNS site, where OBs and OGs interact with each other through SNS, part-time jobs of the Kawai Juku group such as mock exam directors, and job hunting events for university student members are being recruited.In addition, a questionnaire is delivered to members, and points are given when they answer the questionnaire, and each point can be redeemed in units of 1 yen.In recent years, in order to revitalize ALUMNI, a part-time job was recruited from student members, and the student management department Alumni Youth Committee (AYC) was established, divided into the Kanto, Tokai, and Kansai areas, and job hunting events and products from the student's perspective Development planning, self-development events, etc. are held.

Providing materials by TV broadcasting

"National Breaking News! National Center Test for University Admissions Border Score"

From 1982 to 2004 immediately after the completion of the National Center Test for University AdmissionsThursdayMidnight (laterWednesday) At midnightTokai TVA two-hour wide program in which the instructors of Kawai Juku introduce the dividend scoring of each subject and the borderline that draws out the passing score of each university.関東のKantoFuji Television Network, Inc,Kansai TVFor the convenience of organization, it was broadcast by staggered transmission.Initially it started with a few stations, but in 1985 it became a network of 13 stations, and in a blink of an eye it became a complete network nationwide.In areas where there are no Fuji TV affiliated stations, stations outside the affiliated stations had a time shift network. The program has not been broadcast since 2005.

Aichi Prefectural Public High School Entrance Examination Breaking News

AichiWill be held in MarchPublic high school general entrance examinationIn the evening of the dayNagoya TV BroadcastUntil 2004, we provided materials such as answers to the breaking news program that was broadcast live on.

Gifu Prefectural Public High School Entrance Examination Breaking News

GifuBut on the evening of the day of the public high school general entrance exam, there was a breaking news programGifuhosoThere was a time when it was broadcast on.I did it at least in the mid-80s.

School building

Vocational schoolandVarious schoolsIs operated by "Kawai Juku"[Annotation 5]..We have a university entrance exam department and a high school green course[Annotation 6][Annotation 7].

Vocational school (general course)

For school buildings that have been approved as a vocational school, see "Vocational school Kawai Juku ○○ schoolBecomes the official name[Annotation 8].

地区School building[Annotation 9]Address[5]Opening school[6]
TohokuSendai school[7]MiyagiSendai city2006/
KantoHongo schoolTokyoBunkyo2008/
Kojimachi schoolTokyoChiyoda2005/
Shinjuku schoolTokyoShinjuku2005/
Ikebukuro schoolTokyoToshima1986/
Jiyugaoka schoolTokyoMeguro2004/
校 川 校TokyoTachikawa1988/
Machida schoolTokyoMachida-shi1996/
Yokohama schoolKanagawa横 浜 市1985/
Omiya schoolSaitamaSaitama1993/
Kashiwa schoolChibaKashiwa2016/[8]
Tsudanuma SchoolChibaNarashino-shi2001/
Mito schoolIbarakiMito2014/
Central partHamamatsu SchoolShizuokaHamamatsu city1992/
KyusyuFukuoka schoolFukuokaFukuoka City1981/
Kitakyushu schoolFukuokaKitakyushu1990/

Various schools

The school building in Aichi Prefecture, which is the base of the school, is a miscellaneous school.

地区School building[Annotation 10]Address[5]Opening school[6]
HokkaidoSapporo school[Annotation 11]HokkaidoSapporo2006/[9]
Central partChikusa school[Annotation 12]AichiNagoya city1966/
Famous station school[10]AichiNagoya city1956/[9]
Toyohashi schoolAichiToyohashi1977/
Gifu schoolGifu(I.e.1979/
KinkiOsaka school[Annotation 13][11]OsakaOsaka1984/
Uehonmachi schoolOsakaOsaka1991/
Tennoji schoolOsakaOsaka2006/
Kyoto schoolKyotoKyoto City1989/
Kobe Sannomiya School[12]HyogoKobe City2007/
ChugokuHiroshima schoolHiroshimaHiroshima city1979/

Kawai Juku Shingaku Kenkyusha management school

The following school buildings are operated by "Kawaijuku Educational Research Institute Co., Ltd."The name of the school building where the university entrance examination department is set up is "○○ buildingThe name of the school building specializing in active students depends on the area.○○ Active Hall""Active student classroom ○○Is different.

地区School building[Annotation 14]Address[5]Opening school[13]
KantoAkihabara BuildingTokyoChiyoda2011/
Kichijoji Active HallTokyoMusashino2005/
Chofu Active HallTokyoChofu City2008/
Azamino Active HallKanagawa横 浜 市2005/
Kanazawa Bunko Active HallKanagawa横 浜 市2002/
Atsugi Active HallKanagawaAtsugi1999/
Minamiurawa Active HallSaitamaSaitama2003/
Kawagoe Active Hall[14]SaitamaKawagoe-shi2000/
Chiba Active HallChibaChiba1990/[6]
Central partKariya Active HallAichiKariya city1984/
Okazaki Active HallAichi岡 崎 市1985/
Toyota Active HallAichiToyota City1986/
Hoshigaoka Active HallAichiNagoya city2001/
Tsu Active HallMieTsu City1991/
Yokkaichi Active HallMieYokkaichi1998/
KinkiActive student classroom ToyonakaOsakaToyonaka City2002/
Active student classroom TakatsukiOsakaTakatsuki2018/
Active student classroom Sakai HigashiOsakaSakai City1998/
Active student classroom KishiwadaOsakaKishiwada2002/
Active student classroom KoshienHyogoNishinomiya2003/
Active student classroom MitaHyogoMita2004/
Active student classroom SaidaijiNaraNara1999/
Active student classroom YagiNaraKashihara2001/

Closed school building

地区School building[Annotation 15]AddressOpening school[6][13]Closed[6]
East JapanKomaba school[Annotation 16]TokyoMeguro1977/2008/
Sendagaya school[Annotation 17]TokyoShibuya1982/2005/
Matsudo Active Hall[Annotation 18]ChibaMatsudo-shi1987/2021/[15]
Central partSakurayama school[Annotation 19]AichiNagoya city1937/-
Nayabashi School[Annotation 20]AichiNagoya city1968/1974/
Nagoya school[Annotation 21]AichiNagoya city1974/2021/[10]
Noritake School[Annotation 22]AichiNagoya cityUnknown2000/[16]
Ogaki Active HallGifuOgakiUnknown2007/
KinkiActive student classroom NeyagawaOsakaNeyagawa2001/2019/[17]
Active student classroom IbarakiOsakaIbaraki CityUnknown2007/
Active student classroom KawanishiHyogoKawanishi CityUnknownUnknown
Active student classroom Nishinomiya north exitHyogoNishinomiyaUnknown2011/
Active student classroom KusatsuShigaKusatsu CityUnknown2010/
ChugokuFukuyama schoolHiroshimaFukuyama City1992/2022/[18]
Active student classroom KurashikiOkayamaKurashikiUnknownUnknown
Active student classroom ItsukaichiHiroshimaHiroshima city2001/2017/
Active student classroom KureHiroshimaKureUnknown2018/
Active student classroom ShimonosekiYamaguchi ShimonosekiUnknownUnknown
KyusyuActive student classroom KurumeFukuokaKurume2001/2016/
Active student classroom OrioFukuokaKitakyushu2003/2016/
Active student classroom KumamotoKumamotoKumamoto-shi2010/2017/

Other Kawaijuku Group school buildings (partial excerpt)

  • Kawaijuku Manabis-"Ltd.Video viewing method operated by Kawaijuku ManabisCram school..It has a franchise system and is expanding school buildings nationwide.
  • MEPLO-"Ltd.A cram school run by Kawaijuku Educational Research Institute for junior and senior high school students aiming for the most difficult university.
  • Kawaijuku Wings-"Ltd.A cram school run by Kawaijuku Educational Research Institute.
  • Kawaijuku GRIT-"Ltd.A private tutoring school run by Kawaijuku Educational Research Institute.
  • Kawaijuku NEXT --Bunri Learning (Bunri GakuinA cram school for elementary and junior high school students in the Tohoku region, which is run by a subsidiary of the company.

Kawai Juku Group


Origin of the stage name of the comedy combination tutorial

Comedy combinationチ ュ ー ト リ ア ルThe two of them attended Kawai Juku when they were in high school and ronin, and the combination name is also named from Kawai Juku's tutorial system.

Naming rights

Recruited by Nagoya City in 2011Footbridge OfNaming rightsApply for.Hirokoji Dori(Aichi Prefectural Road 60 Nagoya Nagakute Line) Was named "Kawai Juku Chikusa Victory Bridge"[19]..歩道橋自体はネーミングライツ設定以前の1987年に竣工しThe pedestrian bridge itself was completed in XNUMX before the naming rights were set.[20]Since that time, it has been called Kawai Juku Victory Bridge, and Kawai Juku has paid the construction cost and donated it to the city.

マ ス コ ッ ト

"", Which is an affiliated organization, includes ""There is an official character called.このキャラクターは男子高校生で水泳部に所属し、下校後は河合塾マナビスで勉強している設定になっているThis character is a high school boy who belongs to the swimming club and is set to study at Kawai Juku Manabis after leaving school.[21][22].

"AinyanThere is also a character calledLINE stampWe are also developing such as releasing[23].


Unauthorized leakage of personal information by staff


Cannabis trading case at Kawai Juku Fukuoka school

December 2007, 12, at Kawaijuku Fukuoka SchoolmarijuanaAs if you were buying or sellingFukuoka Prefectural PoliceWest police stationWas an 18-year-old student and other students who attended the cram schoolVocational schoolsA total of 5 peopleArrest, With an 18-year-old student who was attending the same schoolKyushu UniversityA total of 1 first gradersDocument inspection official[25].

Regarding this incident, Kawai Juku Fukuoka School commented, "I am surprised at the first hearing. If cannabis was bought and sold in the school building, it should not be, so I would like to hurry to confirm the facts."After that, Kawai Juku said, "If the content of the report is true, we recognize that it should not be an educational institution, and once again consider the" safety and security "of the students as the top priority, patrol the school building, and counseling for the stress of the examinees. We will take measures such as the introduction of the drug and awareness-raising activities that drug use is a definite crime. "[26].

Labor dispute on the grounds of unjustified "stop hiring"

In August 2013, a lecturer who worked at the Tokyo / Machida school and the Kanagawa / Yokohama school distributed a leaflet called "Points for Revision of the Labor Contract Law" to employees, and was unfairly "stopped hiring". We have filed a labor dispute with the Aichi Labor Relations Commission.Two weeks after the act of distribution, the instructor received strict attention in writing, saying that "the leaflets were distributed to an unspecified number of people without permission."In addition, on November 8, the same year, she was informed in writing that she would not conclude a business consignment contract for the following year.[27].


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注 釈

  1. ^ The eldest son of IjiKawahito, Second sonKunito KawaiStarted nationwide expansion (Japanese died in 1983, Hito died in 2005).
  2. ^ This business preceded the Yoyogi Seminar and had already acquired the "Satellite" trademark.
  3. ^ Currently, in addition to all university exams and Kawai Juku's general mock exams, we are also conducting national exams, certifications, creating questions for entrance exams, managing exam implementation, and outsourcing exam implementation scoring.
  4. ^ In addition, it used to develop a vocational school business in the Hiroshima area under the name of "Trident College".
  5. ^ The offices that were once located in Sendai, Kanazawa, Shizuoka, and Okayama have been abolished due to relocation and integration.
  6. ^ At our prep school, the high school graduate course is "University entrance exam, "Active student course"High school green courseI call it.In this item, only the school building where either of these is installed is described, and MEPLO and Kawaijuku Wings operated by Kawai Toki Art Research Institute and Kawaijuku Educational Research Institute, and individual guidance classrooms that once existed in the Chubu area (currently active building) (Excluding the school building that has been renamed to) and community schools are not mentioned.
  7. ^ Regarding the opening year of the school building in the list below, the first opening year is shown without considering the name change or relocation of the school building.
  8. ^ However, the official name of Yokohama school is "Kawai Juku Yokohama school" which does not have "special training school".
  9. ^
    [Relocation of school building functions]
    • Hongo school: Moved from Komaba school.There is no high school green course.
    • Kojimachi school: Transferred medical advance function from Sendagaya school
    • Shinjuku school: Moved from Sendagaya school
    • Jiyugaoka School: Moved the high school green course from Jiyugaoka Active Hall and the university entrance examination department from Azaminokan.
    • Kashiwa school: Moved from Matsudo school
    • Tsudanuma School: Moved from Chiba School.Kensyu GakkanAcquired the school building used as Tsudanuma school and opened it.
    [Transition of school building name]
    • Tohoku Bunri Vocational School (1953 --1977) → Bunri Preparatory School (1977 --1991) → Kawaijuku Bunri (1991-2006) → Sendai School (2006-)
      * From 2006 to 2021, a quasi-school corporationBunri GakuinWas operated by Kawaijuku, but Kawaijuku and Bunri Gakuin merged from 2022, and now it is operated by the school corporation Kawaijuku.
    • Jiyugaoka Active Hall (2004 --2022) [Operated by Kawaijuku Educational Research Institute] → Jiyugaoka School (2022-) [Operated by Kawaijuku Educational Institute]
    • Kawaijuku Hamamatsu (1992 --2012) [operated by Kawaijuku Educational Research Institute] → Hamamatsu School (2012--) [operated by Kawaijuku Educational Corporation]
    [School building renewal]
    • Ikebukuro School (2019)

    West school building main building → main building
    West school building annex → West building
    South School Building → South Building (closed in 2021)
    • Yokohama school (2018)
      * Integrated the main building and the Green Academy building
  10. ^ [Transition of school building name]
    • Osaka Minami School (1991-2006) → Uehonmachi School (2006-)
    • Sannomiya Active Hall (2007-2014) [sponsored by Kawaijuku Educational Research Institute] → Kobe Sannomiya Active Hall (2014-2018) [sponsored by Kawaijuku Educational Research Institute] → Kobe Sannomiya School (2018-) [sponsored by Kawaijuku Educational Corporation]
    [School building renewal]
    • Sapporo school (2008)
    • Famous station school (1984, 2021)
    * The Nagoya school was integrated with the renewal in 2021.
    • Toyohashi School (2004)
    • Osaka school (2020)
    • Chikusa School (2022)
  11. ^ Originally a school corporation since 1953Sapporo Preparatory AcademyIt is a school building that was run by. Started tie-up with Kawaijuku in 1973 and changed the school name to the current Kawaijuku Sapporo school in 2005.The following year, in 2006, Kawaijuku merged with Sapporo Preparatory Academy and officially became the school building of Kawaijuku.
  12. ^ Also known as the Chikusa Campus, it is the school building where the headquarters of Kawaijuku is located.
  13. ^ Called the Osaka Kita Campus, it has two school buildings: the main building and the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and Ishinkan (for high school graduates only).
  14. ^ [Transition of school building name]
    • Green Academy Fujisawa School (1993-1999) → Fujisawa Active Hall (1999-2016) → Fujisawa Hall (2016-)
    • Azamino Active Hall (2005-2009) → Azamino Building (2009-2022) → Azamino Active Hall (2022-)
    • Chiba School (1990-2001) [Sponsored by Kawaijuku Educational Institute] → Chiba Active Hall (2001-)
    • Kariya School (1984-2003) → Kariya Active Hall (2003-)
    • Okazaki School (1985-2004) → Okazaki Active Hall (2004-)
    • Toyota School (1986-2003) → Toyota Active Hall (2003-)
    • Hoshigaoka Classroom (2001-2009) → Hoshigaoka Active Hall (2009-)
    • Green Tsu School (1991-2003) → Tsu Active Hall (2003-)
    • Yokkaichi Classroom (1998-2004) → Yokkaichi Active Hall (2004-)
    [Relocation renewal]
    • Fujisawakan (2016)
    • Kawagoe Active Hall (2020)
  15. ^ The name of the school building at the time of closure is posted.
  16. ^ It was a difficult university vocational school and was the first school building in the eastern Japan area.It has a university entrance exam course and a high school green course, and all the University of Tokyo specialized courses (university entrance exam course, MEPLO) set up in the school building have been relocated to Hongo school.
  17. ^ The current Shinjuku school and Kojimachi school.Kawaijuku COSMO was also installed.
  18. ^ Opened as Matsudo School in 1987, it was the first school building in Chiba Prefecture, but in 2016 the university entrance examination department was moved to Kashiwa School, and the school building name was changed from Matsudo School to Matsudo Active Hall.The management body was transferred from the school corporation Kawaijuku to Kawaijuku Educational Research Institute. It was closed only on March 2021, 3, and the high school green course was integrated into the Kashiwa school.
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