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👩‍🎓 | Corona 禍 About half of people in their 20s who "closed their family distance"

Photo of own family love score (Gibraltar Life Insurance)

Corona Sorrow "Family distance has shortened" About half of those in their 20s

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In addition, "Family Love Survey 2021" publishes interesting survey results such as "Family fights" and "Family filial piety".

In December 20, Gibraltar Life Insurance said that about half of people in their twenties had shortened their family distance due to the corona sickness. → Continue reading


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Filial piety

Filial pietyWhat is (this)?ConfucianismInTraditionTypicalVirtueWith one of the eyeschildrenIs ownparentPreach that you should respect and supportmoralIt is a conceptual concept.familiar家庭MoralorderTo maintainCountry社会Confucianism, which is positioned as the beginning of managementTokuharuFirst of all, as a virtue that should be protected at home,AHas been emphasized for a long time. Used in combination with "Koetsu", "Koetsu isJinIt is also referred to as "a book to do".Others as described belowReligiousAlthough there are similarities that define the parent-child relationship, otherSocial normsSuperiority toVenerationAs a target for parents to doAncestor spiritIncludingPatriarchyIt should be noted that it has characteristics different from the general moral concept of parent-child relationship, such as being integrated with.


In ancient ChinaAncestor worshipBased on the idea of, blood relatives live together and share a household budgetPatriarchyThe family was a constituent unit of society.ConfuciusHowever, he respects his parents, reassures his parents, preaches that they should be worshiped according to their gratitude, and about social crimes, "the father hides for the sake of the child, and the child hides for the father."[1]Said.Eventually, Takashi said, "Book of Filial Piety』, Metaphysically as the root of morality, the principle of the universe, unconditional obedience and father-son Aigakure were clearly stated in the law[2]..Filial piety is also an important principle for ancestral rituals.

When asked Confucius for filial piety, he said, "Parents are worried about their child's illness."Tamemasasecond).つまり健康でいることが孝行といっている(『論語抄』史跡In other words, being healthy is said to be filial piety ("The Analects" historic siteAshikaga schoolPublished).また門人のAlso of the discipleYan YanWhen asked, "In the present world, nourishing (visible form of service) is called filial piety, but then even dogs and horses nourish (serve) people. If there is no respect, how can we distinguish them from dogs and horses?" (From the interpretation "The Analects").

"Behavior to protect filial piety"filial piety(Oyakoukou) "is highly evaluated, and people who practice this are called"Filial son(Koshi) "was called.孝子として有名な儒教のConfucianism famous as Takakosaint TheShunAndConfuciusIn the disciple ofZengziIs said to have been excellent in the practice of filial piety.Zengzi said,Book of Filial Piety』It is said to be the author.

"The virtue of the princesFaith"Sometimes there is a discrepancy,Chugoku,KoreaThen, in many cases, "filial piety" was considered more precious than "chu".For example, if you give up on a prince who does something off the road three times and you can't hear it, you should leave under the prince, but you have to give up on a parent who is off the road three times and you can't hear it. For example, he had to cry and fall asleep and obey.有能な大臣が、自分の親のA competent minister of his parents喪It also happened that he was accused of being unfaithful for serving inside and was dismissed.

Takashi has an influence for a certain period of time even after the death of his parents.Argument"It is filial piety not to change my father's way for three years," and he wrote, "Japanese later]Emperor HanmuWhen the era collapsed, the era name was changed to "DatongIn response to the change, the feelings of the children and vassals are that they will not endure having two ninjas within the year, so in the same yearChangeThere is a description that criticizes that it is against the courtesy even though it does not ("Goki").


JapanThen laterZhu ZixueSince its introduction, the idea of ​​emphasizing "loyalty" rather than "filial piety" has become central.Meiji RestorationAfter that, under the slogan of "Filial piety", the idea of ​​filial piety as an adjunct was nationally advocated (the idea of ​​"Filial piety" itself is from the Edo period.FaithSee).

After the Meiji RestorationEducationDue to huan etc.Royal family,Country, The reverence for parents was publicly permeated.またAlsoCustodyStrong Meiji Civil Code (1908/Established) and "Parricide murderWas institutionalized, and reverence for parents became a social common sense.

Showa 48IsSupreme Court ruling unconstitutional for "parricide"Came down.

Differences in interpretation of each country

JapanWhen,ChugokuWhen, South Korea,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThen, the content of "filial piety" may be slightly different from each other.

ChugokuThen, there is a saying, "If you have no children in the third year, you will leave (divorce from your husband)." There was an idea that the idea that the woman to leave was correct (even if it was not her wife) was ethically correct.[3].. this is"MenciusIt can be seen from the statement on Rirou that "There are three unfaithfulness. No successor (joint) is the (maximum) greatest."Nobuyuki KajiFilial piety is a wide area whose target is death.[4],MeijiSubsequent Japanese filial piety is "moral filial piety" for the living, and is different from "religious filial piety" for the Chinese dead.

In ChinaXinhai RevolutionWhen the Kuomintang era arrives,Lu XunHowever, filial piety is based on the principle that "people eat people," and criticisms of filial piety erupted, such as accusing Takako, who had been praised until then, of being horrifying.孝は共産党時代が到来すると全面的に否定され、「忠」がFilial piety is totally denied when the Communist Party era arrives, and "Tada"Cultural RevolutionButMao ZedongThis was in contrast to what was said to be a positive word as loyalty to.

キ リ ス ト 教

キ リ ス ト 教,JudaismEven in, Takashi (Takaai) is precious, and the teaching isThe Old Testament OfTen CommandmentsCan also be seen in[5].

Honor your parents.Then you can live long in the land given by the Lord your God. Fourth commandment Exodus 20 · 12

Although it is said that it should be lowered below the first commandment and should not be obeyed when it is against God, basically filial piety to parents is an important virtue and rule.Book of RuthIn many parts of the Bible, it is depicted that those who were filial to their parents received the blessing of God, while those who were unfaithful lived an unfavorable life.[6].

Catholic churchThen, if you adhere to this rule, you will not only get spiritual fruit, but also peace and prosperity, which are the fruits of this world.[7][8]On the contrary, it teaches that unfaithful human beings suffer punishment not only in this world but also in this world.[9][10].

In addition, it is the duty of descendants to respect and pray for their ancestors, including their parents, not only during their lives but also after their death.[11]In a broad sense, filial piety includes not only parents but also close relatives, nations, ethnic groups, and other people who are related to them.[12][13].

The reason for this is that parents are second only benefactors to God and agents of God, and it is said that swearing or disrespecting parents is a respect for their parents, and they disregard their orders. Contrary to that is said to disobey obedience to parents[14]..また、親を殴るような行為はAlso, the act of hitting a parentDeadly sinAnd in the proper wayRepentanceIf not,Eternal hellIt is said that it is an act that deserves to fall[15].

On the other hand, the church teaches that parents, because their children are entrusted to them by God, will be punished by God depending on how they are treated.[16]..健康に注意して、自らの子を育て、身分に応じてその将来の幸福を図り、しかしただ愛に溺れるのではなく、霊魂上のことを考え、悪を戒めて、進んで良い模範とならないといけないと教えるPay attention to your health, raise your own child, plan for future happiness according to your status, but do not just drown in love, think about spiritual things, warn of evil, and do not be a good example Teach me that I shouldn't[17].

Compared to Confucianism, Christianity preaches filial piety, but it is said that the subject begins with parents but extends to all those who are related to themselves, such as neighbors, society, and nations.[18][19]And its importance was placed under love for God, and its significance was explained in its relationship with God (it was only valuable in its relationship with God).[20]..As a result, although filial piety was considered sublime and important, its significance did not grow as much as Confucianism, and it was spared the contradiction and offsetting effect with other social virtues.

Anecdotes in the Bible

BibleIn the book, it is depicted several times that a person who was filial to his parents gained happiness and a person who was unfaithful suffered disasters, but among them, "Ruth" is famous.according to it,SaibanEra ofBethlehemFamine, with ElimelechNaomiCoupleMoabEscaped to the land of.The couple's two sons are Moabite women, respectively.OrpahとRuthWas my wife.However, Naomi's husband will soon die, and her two sons will die within ten years.

Naomi is aging and has no one to rely on in a foreign country, so she decided to return to her hometown, partly because she heard the end of Bethlehem's famine.I also got two brides.Naomi felt sorry for the situation of the two and advised them to go home with all their words, but they cried and asked to accompany them.

However, going to Bethlehem together does not mean that there is any future prospect.Naomi, who feels sorry for the two young people, tries to force her to return home.Orpah finally followed the words and went back to his parents' house, begging for time to cry.But only Ruth never leaves.

Don't force such a terrible thing to abandon you and turn your back on you.I will go where you go and stay where you will stay.Your people are my people, your god is my god.I will die where you die and I want to be buried there.If you die and say goodbye, or if you do anything else that leaves you, Lord, please punish me multiple times. Ruth 1 ・ 16-17

I will follow my poor, old mother-in-law, go forever, and will not hesitate to take any trouble.Naomi was also impressed by her beautiful heart and took her back to Bethlehem.

The two arrived in Bethlehem at the time of barley harvesting.Jewish custom at the time allowed Gentiles, widows, and poor people to pick up fallen ears after the reaper.

Therefore, Ruth went out to pick up the fallen ears with Naomi's permission, but fortunately, the field owner is a relative of Elimelech.BoazIt was a wealthy farmer.Boaz went around the fields and was impressed by Ruth's enthusiastic work.In the daytime, I called him to eat it with other peasants, and I dared to drop the wheat ears and pick them up without hesitation.

Ruth, on the other hand, worked until nightfall, picked up a ton of wheat, and brought back the rest of his lunch to please his mother-in-law.After that, he goes to the Boaz field every day, works hard, and keeps cultivating Naomi for a day.Boaz was deeply impressed by the beauty of Ruth's intentions, and finally took Ruth as his wife and gave birth to a boy named Obed.このオベドの子がエッサイであり、その子は有名なThis obed child is Jesse, who is famousKing DavidAnd from its descendantsイ エ スWas born.

In this way, in "Ruth", a story is drawn in which a person who prepared himself for adversity and served an unhappy parent turned around and gained extra happiness, and a filial person is in this world and in the world Teach that it is not too much to say that you will receive great grace.[21][22]


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