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🎁 | Utilization of "vaccine / test package", accommodation campaign for local and neighboring prefectures in Tottori by micro tourism

Kamochi Shrine, which is visited by many worshipers from all over the country in search of prosperous business, good luck, and good luck.

Utilization of "vaccine / test package", accommodation campaign for local and neighboring prefectures in Tottori by micro tourism

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Namiki Kawashima, a goodwill ambassador for tourism, said, "The seafood market" Tottori Port Seafood Market Karoichi ", which is right next to the fishing port and is known for its auspicious name, is visited by worshipers from all over the country. There are many places to visit in Tottori, including the Kamochi Shrine.

Tottori prefecture, which is called "Crab prefecture" in winter after the special crab, has a "wel crab campaign" in the local area and adjacent to it ... → Continue reading

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Kamochi Shrine

Kamochi Shrine(Kamochi Jinja)TottoriHino-gunHino TownIn the richShrine.Old companyIs a village shrine.


Because of its auspicious name, it is widely worshiped as a shrine for praying for good luck and good luck.Because of this, jumboLotteryThe number of worshipers increases during the release season.

In the olden days, rich peopleJade steelIn the production area ofFri(iron sandThere are many valleys where you can collectholdIt comes from the fact that it was.It is older than the neighboring Kanayako god, but newer than Susanoo god.

810/(DatongFrom 5 yearsHirohitoFirst year)Izumo OfPriestThe second son ofIse ShrineThis place (at that time) for worshipHokokuAfter passing Kamochi-go, Hino-gun)AmuletIt is said that the boulders that he wore as a palace suddenly became heavier and he built a palace here.Kamakura Period~Northern and Northern DynastiesOverMilitary commander-Mr. RichIt is said that his faith was serious.

境内In the XNUMX selections of famous trees in Tottori prefecture,Japanese Spanish mackerel,ChanchinTwo trees are planted.OmenRich chopsticks (350 yen) and gold luck cases are on sale.

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