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👩‍🎓 | University Entrance Examination Center, Tsunami, stab injury incident to carry out additional examination


To carry out additional examinations at the National Center for University Entrance Examinations, tsunami, and stab injury

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Mental upset caused by the incident is also the reason for accepting the additional examination, and the National Center for University Entrance Examinations has already approved it for one examinee, and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is considering some kind of remedy for the stabbed examinee.

The National Center for University Entrance Examinations is in front of the tsunami caused by the eruption of a submarine volcano in Tonga in the South Pacific and the Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. → Continue reading

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University entrance examination center

National Center for University Entrance Examinations(University Center,British: National Center for University Entrance Examination,Abbreviation: DNC) IsUniversity entrance common testCarry outIndependent administrative agency.Ministry of educationHas jurisdiction over.

With abbreviationDomain nameIs in JapaneseRomajireading(Daigaku Nyushi CIt is taken from enter).


Many university entrance tests are currently availablePrivate universities,Junior collegeBut it has been adopted.

Location / Transportation Access

AdjacentKomabano ParkWith the formerTokyo University of EducationLocated in the school grounds.

Successive directors and directors

Director (in front of an incorporated administrative agency)

  1. Mutsuo Kato (1977-1982,Tohoku University(President)
  2. Atsuo Kosaka (1982-1985, formerOkayama University(President)
  3. Yoshihisa Uten (1985-1988, formerKobe University(President)
  4. Mikio Arie (1988-1992, formerHokkaido University(President)
  5. Ryohei Takahashi (1992-1996, formerKyushu University(President)
  6. Hiro gravity (1996-1999, formerHokkaido University(President)
  7. Maruyama work (1999-2001, formerChiba University(President)


  1. Kosaku Maruyama (April 2001-4)
  2. Masaaki Arakawa (2004-2007, formerNiigata University(President)
  3. Takashi Yoshimoto (2007-2013, formerTohoku UniversityPresident)
  4. Hiroki Yamamoto (2013-2022, formerShimane University(President)
  5. Hiroki Yamaguchi (2022-, formerSaitama University(President)

High school code

At DNC, each high school (College of technologyとSpecial school"High school code" in (including high school), a 5-digit number and a single digitThe alphabet (Check digit) Are assigned and used for business.In addition to each high school, a "high school code" is also assigned to examinees other than Japanese high school graduates (passers of the high school graduation examination, foreign high schools, specialized high schools, etc.).High school code table on DNC's websitePDFPublished in[2].


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  1. ^ [Everyday] January 2012, 1"University Entrance Examination: Center Re-examination One person paying in advance, one-time transfer examination Director apology" Inappropriate judgment ""[Broken link]
  2. ^ High school code table (PDF) --University Entrance Examination Center

外部 リンク


Relief(Chusei,English: salvation) Means improving (leaving out) an unfavorable state and changing (reaching) to a desired state for a certain subject. Religious salvation also means that the devastating state of the world is resolved or ameliorated by religion. variousReligiousThe religion that emphasizes salvation is also called, and when we call "salvation religion" usually "salvation", the existence itself of this world isLivingas well as the deadIt generally indicates that there is some form of decisive improvement in the existence area beyond the above.

Classification of relief types

  • Classification by Place of Relief: Afterlife Relief Type vs. Present Life Relief Type
  • Classification by Relief Target: Individual Relief Type vs. Group Relief Type
  • Classification by how to be relieved: Self-help type vs. other-help type

There are two types of salvation: "life after life", where the living, dead, and soul go to "that world" such as heaven, paradise, and utopia. There is a "present life relief type" that appears. In addition, "personal relief type" that is relieved on an individual basis,Religious communityThere is a "collective relief type" in which relief is provided in groups such as people, races, nations, and the entire human race. In addition, there are "self-help type" by faith, penance, abstinence, enlightenment, and good deeds (≒"causal theory type"), and "other power relief type" by the grace and mercy of God, Buddha, Bodhisattva, and savior.

Relief in Christianity

キ リ ス ト 教theologyIn particular, it is the central concept of "the theory of salvation" (soteriology).キ リ ス ト 教Is a typical salvation religion, and salvation in Christianity is based on the grace given by the grace of the Atonement of the Cross of ChristcrimeIn the transcendental world, after being released from the blame and bondage of the神Received the patronage ofEternal lifeIs to Eternal life can sometimes be interpreted as a different kind of spiritual life in the world than biological life.

In the Roman Catholic Church, those who have sinned but have the potential to be redeemedPurgatoryWill be sent to.

Also, when the world ends in the future, God will judge peopleLast refereeThere is also the idea of. At that time, in a world of confusionイ エ ス SaviorIt is said that he will come again and take the throne. Dead people get up from the grave (traditionallyCremationI did not do this because I have to have a body that can be revived at this time.) Who were faithful to the faith天国To the sinnerHell (Christianity)Well, the world ends once before Jesus' second coming, but at this time people are saved and there is hope for a new world. (Millennium Kingdom)

Relief in Gnosticism

GnosticismRelief inView of the worldMore clearly,evilIsDarknessFake神Away from the "world" ruled byfleshTake the bondage ofSpiritAs,永遠world of(Pleroma) Means to return.In Gnosticism, evil forms the body, but there is also a myth that good also buried a piece of light (soul) in the human body.When the believer dies, he realizes his true Father and tries to return to Pleroma, but evil (ArconeWe have to break through the hindrance of our team. This process is also a recovery of light fragments from the whole.

Buddhist salvation

BuddhismRelief inEnlightenmentGot輪 廻Out of (Liberation), that it is a painful (essentially painful) world that will never be born again (not reincarnated).

In other words, the salvation in Buddhism is "ReincarnationBuddhismBrahminism"Concepts" about the mechanism of the world, inherited from (View of the world) Is originally assumed.

And "reincarnation" is premised on the concept of "incarnation". And "reincarnation" is "something" (in Brahmanism "Art man"In Buddhism,CausalityIt is based on the concept of ") existence."

However, in Brahminism and Buddhism, such "reincarnation" perpetuates (revolves) like a ring (ring), so that "reincarnation" itself is not "salvation," but "bitterness." (Ring) = It is a more twisted (developed) structure in which deviation from the reincarnation is called "rescue".

Those who are enlightened (commonly) are called "Buddha" (traditionally "BuddhaAs a historical figureBuddhaAnyone (possibly) can be a "buddha".

Originally, BuddhismEnlightenmentBy getting輪 廻It started from the activities of "individual relief" and "self-help" that try to deviate fromMahayana BuddhismWith the rise of the situation, the direction to rescue not only myself but also others (subsent) appeared.

またAmitabhaFaith orKannonFaith orMaitreyaFaith orJizoFaith,Buddha,BodhisattvaThere is also "other power salvation" that is rescued by, but this is impossible from the original logic of "self-help salvation" of Buddhism.Zoroastrianism-Mithraism-NestoriusChristianity·ManiismEtc.), the aspect of the long-awaited savior's long-awaited ideology that has been covered by Buddhism.

Incidentally,Maitreya BodhisattvaIs said to be descended after 56 billion years, but 7000 million years are correct from the description of the early scriptures. This is a calculation of the life expectancy at Kabutoten, which Miroku has reincarnated and is currently training.

Heian periodToBuddhaExterminationLaterEnd lawIs it because of the anxiety that the future of the world will come and the war is over, reflecting the humanity seeking relief after the end of life?JodoHas penetrated.

This kind of "other power relief" of Buddhism (which cannot be the original logic of Buddhism) isキ リ ス ト 教It cannot be denied that it is linked to the acceptance of.

Relief in Confucianism

Confucianism is also called Confucianism in Japan, and is regarded as a kind of moral law and political theory, but Confucianism is a respectable religion that places a metaphysical worldview at the foundation of its morality and politics.

ConfucianismThere are both personal and global aspects to salvation.

As a personal aspect, there is a ritual ceremony involving the ancestors of the clan. In the view of the world of ancient China,spirit) Was received from aboveSamuraiIt consists of (Konpaku) (the soul points to the spirit, and the hak points to the body). After death, the soul rises to the heavens. It is said that the mace descends and goes (returns) to the ground. (Since the mackerel stays/dives with the body and bones,BurialIs done). When the soul and the samurai are reunited by the ritual ritual, humans are said to be resurrected and regenerated (=saved). And it is said that this ritual for the revival and rebirth can be performed only by the descendants. In Confucianism, if there are no descendants, ritual rituals cannot be performed, and ancestors and themselves cannot be revived or regenerated. In Confucianism, it is the descendants, not the transcendent beings of God or Buddha, who save themselves. Therefore, in Confucian morals, the fact that a child dies before his/her parent is a pity to his/her parents and ancestors even in the sense that there is no one who worships the ritual. To be emphasized. The founder of ConfucianismConfuciusHe was born by his mother, whose ritual ritual (funeral shop) was his business.

On the whole, Confucianism (especially Confucius)You-ShunThe ideal is the royal road and Tokuji politics, which emphasizes Rengi and Tadataka, by the ancient Holy King, and the political and religious purpose of Confucianism corrects the disordered world and reproduces the reign of Holy King in this world. To return to). In this way, Confucianism develops morality centered on ritual rituals that enshrine ancestors, and through deification (education), houses, countries, and the whole world (world) are formed continuously, including individuals who have learned Confucian morality. By this, peace (world unification by Confucian order based on Confucian morality) is achieved, Tokuji is carried out, and the people can live happily, and the whole is saved. In addition, there is a logic of circulation and complementation that if the world becomes peaceful, the family line will not be interrupted by war, etc., and the ritual ritual will be performed by the descendants, and the relief of their ancestors and themselves will be guaranteed. ..

Therefore, Confucianism is both a personal salvation religion and a group salvation religion.

Also, like other religions, Confucianism has an eschatology. That is, when a politician (monarch or emperor) loses virtue (based on Confucian morals) and becomes a tyrant, and acts as a violent tyranny, the people suffer, the world is disturbed, and strange things and natural catastrophes occur. This is the end of the world in Confucianism. Then,day(Transcendent Supreme Being in the View of the World of Ancient China) selects a person with virtue as a new candidate for politics (destroy the natural life), a rebellion occurs, the rebels defeat the tyrant and destroy it, By establishing a new dynasty by becoming a politician (monarch/emperor), the world will regain peace and order, cure strangeness and natural disasters, and be reborn again. This (Apocalypse) is another salvation theory in Confucianism. However, (a descendant of) this new politician will soon fall and become a tyrant, and a new politician will stand up. In this way, the view of history (world view) in Confucianism is a "circular view of history" in which the "fall and regeneration of the world" is repeated forever.

Relief business

Business to provide relief.United Nations Palestinian Refugee Relief Agency (UNRWA)Palestinian refugeesRelief projects are well known. As a typePoor peopleRelief business,OrphanRelief business,unemploymentRelief business, variousvictimThere is a relief business.

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