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👶 | [XNUMX] Entered the park with a XNUMX-year-old daughter diaper.Leave the diaper removal to God Kindergarten! ?? Road to graduation from XNUMX-year-old daughter diaper | Mario's childcare manga


[XNUMX] Entered the park with a XNUMX-year-old daughter diaper.Leave the diaper removal to God Kindergarten! ?? Road to graduation from XNUMX-year-old daughter diaper | Mario's childcare manga

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It's really helpful to have toilet training in the garden!

From Mario (@ mario1), the mom of a son in the first grade of elementary school and a 3-year-old daughter ... → Continue reading

 Mama Square

"Mama Square" is filled with daily thoughts such as troubles, worries, fun, relaxed feelings, and things that we solved in this way.
I would be happy if it could be a clue to solving troubles to everyone reading it, empathy and hints for childcare

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Toilet training

Toilet trainingNoToilet trainingWhat is (Haise Tsukunren)?excretionBe involved inToiletTraining on the use of (through practice and practice, how to do itlearnThat).An infantAnd forPetThere are things that are done for animals such as.

Human toilet training

In the case of human toddlersDiapersFrom the state of using all the time, general at your own willWCToilet training is to be able to excrete in.Buttocks disciplineAlso say.Warm water washing toilet seatHas installed家庭Then, it is also the purpose of training to be able to operate and use them by yourself.

It's natural that you can't do it at first, so you shouldn't ask yourself to do everything from the beginning, or scold you hard if you fail to excrete.ParentingIs a universal view of.With an intimidating attitudeInferiority,FearOr the act of excretion itselfSense of guiltIf the child is atrophied, he / she may not be able to convey his / her urge to defecate well, or he / she may suddenly complain of urge to urinate / defecate near the limit without saying it to the limit.The person may not be aware of the urge to urinate or defecate, or even if he / she succeeds, he / she may not continue.enuresisThe process and period until the training is completed varies greatly from person to person, and may even go back.From the beginning to the final stage, it is necessary to proceed carefully and patiently, and it is always explained on many pages in the childcare book.

These trainings are for the personPersonalityConsidered to have an important effect on formationpsychologist(→Freud-Anal stageEtc.), and various methodologies are discussed from the viewpoint of education.However, since excretion is a familiar behavior that everyone does, do not think difficult and build a good relationship between the person and the toilet, such as creating an atmosphere such as "it is fun to use the toilet" or "everyone praises". Things are desirable.

In addition, regarding these failures, the mental burden on the caregiver (→Parenting stress) Or the caregiver loses his composureAbuseIt has also been pointed out that there are cases of rushing into[1]..In addition, the child is a childcare workerstressIt may be atrophied by feeling.For this reason, interrupting training if things go wrong, or reopening when it is enough to be able to go to the bathroom alone by the time you enter elementary school, has been shown as one way to keep calm.


Eiichi Hoashi, Executive Director of the Japan Night Urology Society, points out that it is more important than age to have the following three conditions because there are individual differences in the timing of toilet training.[2].

  1. Can walk
  2. Can speak some
  3. Urination interval is 1 to 2 hours

There is not always one training method or procedure, but the general process is as follows.However, trying to make them all at once is a source of failure.When you are sure that you can complete each step, proceed to the next step.

  1. Show family (preferably homosexual) toilet use.
  2. Before going out, taking a nap, going to bed at night, etc.PottyMake a habit of excreting in the toilet.
  3. Make them express their intention to excrete and encourage patience until they go to the potty or the toilet.
  4. Let them go to the bathroom on their own initiative, take off their clothes and excrete on their own.
  5. Use of paper, hand washing, etc.healthMake management possible on your own (final goal).

Gender difference

Since the body structure differs depending on the gender, the training content also differs.


Standingurination(Standing) It is desirable to be able to do it.Outside the homeurinalThis is because you may have to use.Some even pisstoilet bowlIn some cases, only the toilet is used, or the person sits on a Western-style toilet and only urinates, but if that habit develops, the person may be in trouble later.

When a man pisses, from the front opening of the pantspenisHowever, in the case of pediatric boys, the penis is small and difficult to control, so it is better to undress all the lower body clothes once.When you get used to it, you should lower it by half, and before you go to elementary school, make sure you wear boys' briefs and trunks, and train them to stand up and pull out their penis from the top of their underwear or from the hem to urinate. ..

Stand in front of the toilet bowl, and if necessary, assist with the penis to urinate, and shake to drop drops after finishing.Generally, boys do not wipe with paper when using a urinal.Gradually reduce caregiving and encourage yourself to do it.

If urine is applied to the toilet bowl with an accuracy close to a right angle, droplets are likely to scatter, so make it slightly slanted.It is also necessary to clean up the surroundings so that it is easy to clean because urine may be scattered outside the toilet bowl by failure.Tools (described later) for alleviating such problems are also on sale.


Western style toilet bowlThen let me sit downJapanese style toiletCrouch downurinationLet

Unlike boys, girls wipe with paper even if they only urinate, but many childcare books point out that care specific to girls is required.anus Urethral orifice,vaginaDue to its proximity toStoolIf you have a stool, turn your hand from the back and wipe it from front to back.PeeIf only, insert your hand from the front and wipe only the front.If you neglect thisCystitisな どMiscellaneous bacteriabyInfectionProblems such as may occur.

Japanese every daybathThe frequency of troubles is low because it is relatively clean, such as having a strong tendency to enter, but it should be noted that infectious diseases are not completely eliminated.In the case of countries and ethnic groups that do not have much bathing habits, this kind of "hygiene management by wiping" is especially emphasized.

Equipment used for potty training

  • Potty ――Because infants are small and difficult to use in a normal toilet.
  • Auxiliary toilet seat --A device that is mounted on the toilet seat of a Western-style toilet to reduce the diameter.Toddlers are stable and easy to use.
  • Toilet bowl -Toilet bowls and urinals whose height and width of the toilet seat have been devised so that infants can use them easily.
  • Training pants -It is designed to make your skin feel wet and uncomfortable when you leak urine.With cloth使 い 捨 てSome are made of paper.The function of retaining urine is the same as that of diapers.
  • Picture book-video-Educational toys ――It is designed to be fun to learn.
  • Portable small toilet-Use by hitting the crotch.In case you can't stand the place where the toilet is when you go out.
  • Stepping stone-Used when a boy is urinating and there is a problem with the angle (easily scattered) due to insufficient height.
  • Marker Sticker-A sticker to indicate "appropriate aim" when urinating a boy's urinal.It is commercially available and is also available for adults.
  • Open-crotch pants ――It is worn by Chinese children, but it is no longer used as paper diapers become more widespread.

Toilet training in Japan

In Japan, there are voices pointing out that "the age of diaper removal is increasing."For example, a disposable diaper makerP & GIn 1990, the average age of diaper removal was 2 years and 4 months, while in 2007 it was 3 years and 4 months, an increase of 1 year.[2]..Under these circumstances, disposable diaper makers sell disposable diapers that are larger than conventional ones, and there are disposable diapers for infants and children weighing up to 35 kilograms.[2].

Regarding the tendency of the age of diapers to come off, the Benesse Institute for Educational Research has spread information in childcare magazines saying, "You don't have to rush while watching the development of your child." It is analyzed that there may be reasons such as parents not rushing to remove diapers due to the shift to paper diapers, which is less troublesome than the above.[2].

Childcare without diapers

Childcare without diapers(Diaperless Ikuji) is to raise a baby without diapers to the extent possible.[3].. In Japan,Chizuru MisagoHave been studied by[4]..It is based on the idea that diapers will come off faster if the baby is born with a sensation of stools, sends a sign to the parent, and tries to catch it and let it go.In tropical regions such as Southeast Asia and Africa, childcare without diapers is common. (Paper diapers are widespread in wealthy families.)

Pet toilet training

PetIn the case of, the act of training the owner to excrete in a predetermined position is toilet training.How to proceedAnimalIt depends on the type and living environment of the animals, so please refer to the books that explain how to keep them.Some types of pets are almost impossible to train, and there are individual differences in the types of animals that can be trained.Since animals have their favorite excretion areas depending on the species, various pet toilet products can be found.However, animals in general tend to take longer training periods than infants, as they cannot understand the language and set an example.

The place of excretion will be decided by the owner, but since the animals being excreted are very nervous, it is recommended to install them in a quiet place.In addition, it is better to avoid setting up multiple excretion sites because it may confuse animals that prefer excretion in a fixed position, and it is also better to avoid moving the excretion sites once decided.

There are some kinds of animals that tend to excrete in the same place many times depending on the smell, and if they excrete in a place different from the owner's intention, of course, clean the place thoroughly. It is necessary to deodorize.

birdsToilet training to excrete in place seems to be almost impossible because there is neither the concept of enduring excretion nor the organs for it.

dog,CatIn the case of, training is generally possible.If you make a mistake, you often scold it, but if you succeed, some manuals try to praise you.It is also known to add the smell of excrement collected from these animals to a new toilet in advance.However, each of these trainings does not always lead to success, and various methods have been tried.[5][6].

For dogs(English edition)If you train to finish excretion before taking a walk, you can save the trouble of picking up feces during a walk and it is good for environmental hygiene.Since it is the owner's duty to dispose of dog feces and urine, a manner bag to put feces andPET bottlesIt is desirable to carry something with water in it (sprinkle on urine to eliminate the smell when urinating)[7].

In some cases, training is given to convey the intention of urination and stool to the owner, and training is given to use a portable toilet for pets, but it is difficult to realize depending on the breed / individual.Guide dogAssistance dogs such as these are disciplined to excrete only when the master permits.

There are also training kits for cats to use Western style toilets[8]However, it seems that there are large differences in varieties and individuals as to whether or not Western-style toilets can actually be used.


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