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👶 | Cheese sauce overflows!Introducing the most popular "fillet sandwich in cheese" in Kentucky history


Cheese sauce overflows!Introducing the most popular "fillet sandwich in cheese" in Kentucky history

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We use about 3g, which is the highest in KFC history, by combining a cheese sauce that is a blend of three types of cheese (cheddar, cream, and emmental) and a cheese sauce that makes the flavors of garlic and pepper addictive.

At Kentucky Fried Chicken nationwide, a limited number of "fillet sandwiches drowning in cheese" will be available from Wednesday, February 2nd. → Continue reading

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Cheese sauce

Cheese sauce (British: cheese sauceWhat ischeeseAs the main materialソ ー ス.Natural cheese,Process cheeseBoth are used as ingredients, and dried and powdered cheese is also used.[2][3]..There are many variations and there are various ways to eat.Liquid and powder products by many manufacturers生産Has been done.Off-the-shelf cheese sauce is used directly at home and in restaurants, as well asMacaroni and cheeseMix andFrozen foodIt is also used as a raw material for various processed foods.


There are many sauces that use cheese as the main ingredient.

Craft foodsProcessed cheeseSpread,(English editionHas been manufactured in the United States since the 1950s.Welsh rarebitIt was developed so that you can easily create the source of, and now it is from the beginning.bottleBesides enteringSpray canThere is also a product with a pack.Philadelphia cheesesteakIs generally made with Cheez Whiz[13].

Cooking with cheese sauce

Cheese saucepotato chipsAttached to various foods such as vegetables and vegetablesDipWidely used as[14]..There are many dishes and side dishes used as ingredients and toppings,sandwich,Roasted potato,casserole,pasta, Egg dishes, fish dishes, meat dishes,SoupThere are various examples such as[14][15].

Here are some examples of dishes that use cheese sauce.

Industrial products

In many countries including the United States (China, Switzerland, etc.)[26][27]) Cheese sauceFactory productionHas been done.Off-the-shelf sauces in the USGrocerySold in the store(English editionAlso used in fast food restaurants[1][28][29].

Mass-produced cheese sauce is generally(English editionManufactured in cans, bottles,(English editionFilled in a sterilized container such as[30][31]..Some types are sold in spray cans[32]..Both natural cheese and processed cheese are used as the raw material cheese.[33]..Factory-produced products include various types to improve smoothness, viscosity, color, flavor stability and storage stability, improve taste, and maintain freshness.Food additive,preservativeMay be added[15][34]..For typical additives and preservativesCarrageenan,citric acid,Monosodium glutamate,Sodium citrate,Sorbic acid,Xanthan gumThere is[15].

In the cooking process of general liquid cheese sauce, chunky cheese products are crushed andemulsifierPut it into a large processing tank together with materials such as[15][35]..The mixture is agitated into a slurry, heat sterilized in a sterile line to increase fluidity and fill sterilized bottles and cans.[15]..Aseptically processed cheese sauce is generally highly storable and can be stored at room temperature unless opened.[15].

(CardboardCommercial container that combines a case and plastic interior[36]) Is mainly used for cheese sauceFood serviceIt is used in businesses and retail stores.Attach an interior plastic bag that is aseptically packed with cheese sauce to a warmer to keep it at an appropriate temperature.[31], Discharge the sauce with a pump dispenser.Used in foods such as tortilla chips and sandwiches[31][34].

Powdered mixed cheese sauce is also produced[37][38],Instant FoodAs(English editionAnd marketed by packaging in a bottle[39].Dried noodlesThere is also a macaroni and cheese product that comes with a sachet of pasta and sauce mix.[40][41].

Commercially availableFrozen food(TV dinner,(English edition) May be included[42][43]..Fat-rich cheese sauce is easy to separate and(English editionTo goemulsifierNeed to be added to homogenize.Ingredients and degree of emulsification also affect the processing and cooking process[42]..Other processed vegetables from the United StatescanningBut cheese sauce products are used[44][45].

Late 2000sCampbell Soup CompanyChanged the ingredients of canned cheese sauce based on a survey of regional consumer preferences in the United States.According to it, the traditional source isSouthwest-Western partFor the average consumer ofSpicinessIs not enough,eastThen it was too spicy.So Campbell began producing more spicy products at his California and Texas factories.[46].

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