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🎁 | [Save up to 8,100 yen!] Pizza Hut, "Setsubun Week" campaign where you can enjoy 3 "Oniwari"


[Save up to 8,100 yen!] Pizza Hut, "Setsubun Week" campaign where you can enjoy 3 "Oniwari"

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All of them are for Pizza Hut nationwide except for some stores.

The pizza chain "Pizza Hut" developed by Nippon Pizza Hut has three "Oniwari" easy from January 1th to February 28rd ... → Continue reading

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Pizza hut

Pizza hut(British: Pizza Hut) IsAmerica Ofpizza,pasta,Buffalo wingEtc.deliveryとTake-outTo sell atFast foodchain.TexasPlanoHeadquartered in Japan, the world's largest pizza chain operates more than 7200 stores in the United States and more than 90 stores in 5600 countries and territories worldwide.[1].


Of the parent companyYam BrandsIn addition to Pizza Hut, the famous fast food chainKentucky Fried Chicken,Octopus belland so on. These brands are the same for each region.FranchiseeOften run in. There are also multiple stores that offer pizza hat products and KFC and Taco Bell products in the same store.

Logo mascot

"Pizza Hut" written on the red roof and hutlogoIs used.Illustration of the roof and the company nameLogo typeThe positional relationship of is changed depending on the way of posting.

emblemMimics the red roof of a hut[2]..Often misunderstood as a "hat with a brim," it is a "roof."[3].. In the past, the roof was symmetrical and the company name wasRoman bodyBased onletteringI was doing1999/Both have been changed to freehand style and a yellow horizontal line has been added.2017/The logo was changed again to a logo with a freehand style roof and letters drawn in a red circle, the yellow horizontal line was abolished, and the "i" point was changed from green to the same color as other letters.


Deployment in Japan

1970 eraLanded as a suburban pizza restaurant. The restaurant-type store closed in 2015YamagataTsuruoka store is the last. Currently, Nippon Pizza Hut Co., Ltd. is the master licensee of Pizza Hut.

The store names are similar in JapanesePizza Royal HutIs irrelevant.

Pizza Hut Natural

Unlimited time and quantitypizza,pasta,salad,DessertYou can eat and drink, etc., and pizza and pasta prepared according to your order were provided. Closed May 2016, 5Ario Kawaguchi店[10]However, it became a store that was open until the end. The company that operated this business formatNatural diningSee.


As of September 2014, 9 directly managed stores,Franchise212 stores are operating[11].

As of 2021 month,Gunma,Fukui,Shizuoka,Mie,Yamaguchi ,Kochi,Saga,NagasakiIs unexpanded[12].

Mascot character

Point program

2011/Point program from May 5TipAre participating in.


Since 2006, with anime and gamesTie-upThen, products, packages, advertisements, etc. are exposed and delivered in a pizza box with a notice or a special pizza box, a gift for online order users, a wallpaper for PC and a wallpaper for mobile phones for Pizza Hut members.

Osaka stationMade bySecretariatThere are many works in charge of. Especially since 2008, most of them areMBSAre involved.

The tie-up example is as follows. The main person prefers Pizza Hut's pizza, and collects a wide variety of goods from the Cheese-Kun family, such as "Cheese-Kun Plush Toy" that does not actually exist in the play. In the play, Pizza Hut's pizza, delivery bikes, signboards at the station premises, advertisements on trains, stores in the amusement park, etc. have appeared.

Tie-up work list
Title of workperiod
Code Geass Lelouch of the RebellionMarch 2006, 10-March 5, 2007
Emil Chronicle OnlineMay 2006-June 6, 23
Kaiketsu ZororiMarch 2006, 11-March 6, 2007
Yes! precure 5May 2007-June 7, 2
DARKER THAN BLACK -Black Contractor-May 2007-June 7, 5
Rebuild of Evangelion: IntroductionMay 2007-June 9, 6
Ragnarok OnlineMay 2007-June 11, 5
Yes! precure 5March 2007, 11-March 5, 2008
Monster Hunter Portable 2nd GMay 2008-June 2, 14
ONE-PIECEMay 2008-June 3, 1
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2March 2008, 4-March 6, 2008
Macross FMay 2008-June 5, 12
Yes! Precure 5 GoGo!May 2008-June 7, 7
Sky ChloraMay 2008-June 7, 31
Tales of the abyssMay 2008-June 9, 8
KannagiMay 2008-June 10, 14
20th anniversary of Momotaro Electric RailwayMay 2008-June 11, 10
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle
Echoes of Time
May 2009-June 1, 9
Girl on the universeMay 2009-June 3, 9
Sengoku BASARAMay 2009-June 5, 11
Evangelion: XNUMX You Can (Not) AdvanceMay 2009-June 6, 8
BakemonogatariMay 2009-June 7, 6
Iron line barrelMay 2009-June 8, 10
Monster Hunter 3May 2009-June 9, 7
A Certain Scientific RailgunMay 2009-June 10, 13
Movie version Macross F void song princess-Itswarino Utahime-May 2009-June 11, 9
Phantasy Star Portable 2May 2010-June 1, 7
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1stMay 2010-June 2, 1
Master of EpicMay 2010-June 2, 16
So La No Wo ToMay 2010-June 3, 8
Movie version "Literary Girl"May 2010-June 4, 12
Break bladeMay 2010-June 5, 10
Angel Beats!May 2010-June 6, 7
Sengoku BASARA XNUMXMay 2010-June 7, 5
Let's go play!May 2010-June 8, 9
Mr. wolf and his seven friendsMay 2010-June 9, 6
My sister can't be so cuteMay 2010-June 10, 4
Amagami SS2010/May 11 - May 12
A Certain Magical Index IIMay 2011-June 1, 6
Theatrical Version Macross F Koifure Tsubasa -Sayonara no Tsubasa-May 2011-June 1, 31
Phantasy Star Portable 2 InfinityMay 2011-June 3, 7
DOG DAYSMay 2011-June 5, 30
Sacred SevenMay 2011-June 7, 25
Rebuild of Evangelion: QMay 2012-June 10, 22
Doraemon: New Nobita's Great Magic-Peko and the Expeditionary Team of 5May 2013-June 7, 22
Monster Hunter Frontier GMarch 2013, 11-March 25, 2014
lovelive!May 2014-June 2, 24
Aikatsu!March 2014, 10-March 27, 2015


2013/March 8Japan KFCIs the Pizza Hut Takaido store (TokyoSuginami) A male part-timer of theTwitterI announced that I was posting to[13][14].. The image was taken after the store closed on May 5, and the pizza dough used was to be scrapped. The clerk posted it on the dawn of August 9, and it was discovered after receiving a report from the outside in the morning of the same day.[15].

Global expansion

U.S. ForcesContracted withbaseIt is open at a stand (PX). The location of the store is a battle zone (eg:アフガニスタン OfKandahar International Airport), For soldiers far away from their home countrySoul foodContinue to provide[16].. Within the Chinese language, it is written as “winners”.


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