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👩‍🎓 | Anthropology: The use of wild chimpanzee tools may be socially learned


Anthropology: The use of wild chimpanzee tools may be socially learned

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Koops et al. Believe that chimpanzee culture is very similar to human culture and can develop through learning within social groups.

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Social group

Social group(Shakaishudan,British: social group,alone: Soziale Gruppe) IsA humanAtInteractionRegularity and sustainability can be seen inGroupRefers to.Blood relationshipBased on relationship家族, Same言语Based on the use ofPeopleIs this.It also includes the public and crowds.

Abduction issue,Separated familyEven before I brought up the problem, family ties are hard even if I think about it on a daily basis,East Germany SocialismAs soon as I abandonedUnification of GermanyThe ties of the people are also tight.

Not only humanityChimpanzeeNevertheless, it has been confirmed that there are social groups equivalent to the same family and ethnic group.

Population type

The basic group is a small group based on intimate relatives, such as a family.They have generally been associated for many years and often meet face to face in close proximity.

The second group is a large group as opposed to the basic group, and the member relationships are publicly institutionalized.This group can be disbanded in less than a year.Much of the formation of the basic population occurs within the second population.

Almost universally, people have a bond of how they are viewed by the group to which they belong.By associating the concept of individual groups with oneself, goals and values ​​as part of his / her self-identity are formed and planted.

Examples of group forms are as follows.

  • Peer group A group of people with similar ages, social statuses, and interests.In general, members have equal voice during discussions.
  • Creek An informal, thinly connected group created in high school and university.Share common interests.At most gatherings, a shift in power structure is formed.
  • ク ラ ブ Generally, it is a member-based group.Many clubs are created for specific activities such as sports.
  • Household A group of people living together in the same house.family
  • Board People with commonality.Sometimes they have more than one thing in common.
  • Franchise In many cases, an organization that develops business in multiple locations.
  • gang Gangs are usually groups in cities formed in a particular area.Often they hang out with each other.It behaves like a club, but it's not as formal as a club.
  • 群衆 Usually a group of people who try to reflect their opinions in the law.Usually gather for a special reason temporarily.
  • 班 A small working group, usually formed by 3 to 8 people, to achieve the goals of the group.
  • OUR TEAM Similar to a team, but may include more members.

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