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💼 | Annual income of 1400 million yen for "university failure → vocational school → study abroad" Career of a man in his 40s in the glacial age


Annual income of 1400 million yen for "university failure → vocational school → study abroad" Career of a man in his 40s in the glacial age

If you write the contents roughly
"Of course, I'm a university graduate, but I was promoted to a managerial position in the shortest time without any handicap of changing jobs.

When I fall into my first choice university, I sometimes worry about whether to go to a ronin or a vocational school.Calicon News's "Study ... → Continue reading

 Calicon News

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Management(Kanrisoku)EnglishManagerJob is at the workplaceWorkerCommand組織Refers to the person who manages.

Unless otherwise noted below,JapanI will describe the case in.

Manager Definition

government officialabout,National Civil Service LawThere are provisions such as administrative staff according to Article 108-2 Paragraph 3, specificallyHR rules17-0 (July 41, 7) defines the range of administrative staff. This may be the case for general staff. The “management staff” referred to in the “management staff special duty allowance” is not related to the management staff referred to in Rule 9-17.

Labor union lawInBoard Member,Hiring,Dismissal, Promotion orTransferIs authorized as a labor union if it permits the participation of workers in a supervisory position with authority regarding Managers oftenUnionInterpreted as having no right to join or form. However, even if the term “manager” is used in a word, the actual situation varies, and it is necessary to actually consider whether or not a person can become a union member. As a labor union for managers,Tokyo Management Union(Kanto)-"Nagoya Management Union" (Chubu) "Management Union Kansai" etc. are organized.

Private enterprisesandAdministrative position OfCivil servantThen "ManagerThe above applies to this,EducationIn the civil servant ofhead teacher-Professor(Chief of Education(Some prefectures include) are applicable. Also, as a school employee, he is a representative of the office workmanagerIs also a manager.

Differences between managers and managers

The provisions of this Convention apply to those who are in a management position.
Or, do not apply to those who handle confidential office work.
ILO Convention No. 1 Article 2 (a)

Labor Standards Act“Person in supervisory or management position” referred to in Article 41 No. 2 (generallyManagers and supervisorsOf the lawworking time,Days OffSince the provisions regardingovertime work-Holiday laborYou canPremium wageNo payment required.

This management supervisor is a completely different concept from the managerial positions explained in this section, and is notified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.[1]It is said that it will meet the conditions such as "one position with the manager", "freedom to work and leave", "treatment appropriate to the position", etc... However, the “manager” and other jobs that are merely internal systems are treated as “management supervisors”,Long working hoursIn 2006, 7% of companies did not have the "overtime leave" allowance for overtime pay in the XNUMX survey.[2].. See belowManagersIn response to the problem, we issued a notification in 2008 "Regarding the proper range of managers and supervisors in retail stores, restaurants, etc. that operate in multiple stores."[3]The scope of management supervisors at retail stores was clarified. Although managers do not have overtime pay, managers who do not have overtime pay refer to people with large discretion who can go to the executive positions.Time-cardIt is highly illegal for people who are time-managed to not get paid overtime[4].

Required ability

Although there are variations depending on the type of industry and organizational form, an example is given as the main ability required for managers.

Major abilities required of managers
PositionRequired ability
ManagerVision/policy planning ability, strategic thinking, leadership
ManagerManagement/development ability, leadership, problem formation/solving ability of subordinates
ChiefBusiness performance/knowledge,communicationAbility, problem formation/solving ability

Note: The survey target is 2,858 companies arbitrarily selected by the survey body. 133 companies (recovery rate 4.7%) answered. Survey period October-November 2007
Source: Corporate and Human Resources January 2008th, 1th, 5 (AIST

Number of years until getting a position

Although there are variations depending on the type of industry and organizational form, new graduatesPositionThe number of years until reaching is given as an example.

Number of years until getting a position
PositionaverageMost layers
(5 year break)

Note: The survey target is 2,858 companies arbitrarily selected by the survey body. 133 companies (recovery rate 4.7%) answered. Survey period October-November 2007
Source: Corporate and Human Resources January 2008th, 1th, 5 (AIST

The problem of "namely managers"

“Management supervisor” is a person who has a position to participate in management as described above.overtime payIs not obligatory, butCompanyIn some cases, for the purpose of reducing labor costs due to overtime pay, "managers" who are merely internal company systems are regarded as "managers" and no overtime pay is paid.[5].. In this way, it is considered that “namely manager/supervisor” is a more accurate expression than “namely manager/manager” in that the person who has a job that does not originally belong to manager/supervisor is regarded as manager/supervisor. , "Name managers" have higher name recognition, so in this section, the expression "unity managers" will be unified. These "namely managers" are assumed to be "managers" without sufficient experience.Long working hours, And low compared to laborwageThere are many people who get sick in these "namely managers" who are overused by companies (such as managers described later).[5].. In a malicious case,EmployeeGive everyone a title and treat them as "managerial",Labor Standards ActThere are some cases in which the regulation of[6].. Since such "namely managers" are not paid overtime pay, the salary amount is often lower than that of unemployed employees, and there is a continuous situation where companies that misuse it can continue. Are[2].

The problem of such "namely managers"LawsuitOther than that,社会Strong criticism from[7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15].. In this situation,convenience storeLargestSeven-Eleven JapanHowever, there has been a movement to announce that the manager of a directly managed store, which had not paid the overtime allowance as a manager, will pay the overtime allowance (however.At the same time, drastically reduce the length of the storeIt is said that the amount of salary does not change much since[16]. AlsoAoyama TradingStarted paying overtime pay, and McDonald's Japan also had a dispute with the manager who is said to be "a managerial manager"trialIn the first trialDefeatAfter that, he announced a policy to pay overtime pay to the manager. HoweverJapan McDonald'sWill not increase total labor costs,Service overtimeSome point out that it will only increase[17].

Training for managers

The following are well known as training for managers.


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