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🎁 | I want to know the popular "marriage activity profile"!"Only two" points to match your favorite men


I want to know the popular "marriage profile"! "Only two" points to match your favorite man

Hello! This is Asuka, a celebration of the "Fukuoka Women's Marriage" writer. This is the 7th time, following the previous one, with the matching app ... → Continue reading


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6741 formation

Keio 6000 series trainsIt is,Keio Electric RailwayKeio LineForCommuter train.1972から1991304 cars were manufactured in 2011Was operated up to.Toei Subway Shinjuku LineIt was designed to be used for riding, and was the first Keio to adopt a 20 m class car body. After being operated on all Keio Line and Toei Subway Shinjuku Lines,1998From March 2011Business vehicleWith 3 cars that were remodeled intoStatic preservationExcept the one that wasScrapped car-DismantlingWas done.

Santama districtAlong the way by developmentpopulationincrease of,Sagamihara LineBy stretchingTama New TownGetting in, Toei Subway Line 10 (laterToei Subway(Shinjuku Line, hereinafter referred to as Shinjuku Line)BoardingDepending on the concept, the Keio LineCustomerExpected to increase,vehicleManufacturing under pressure to preparecost,MaintenanceThe 6000 series was envisioned as a new vehicle that kept costs down. ......

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