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🛋 | Convenient to have! Easy and rich breakfast making with "prepared frozen hamburger steak"


Convenient to have! Make a rich breakfast with "Fresh hamburger"

I use a variety of pre-made frozen steaks because they last a long time, but the one that comes in handy at home is the hamburger steak. ... → Continue reading

 re: sumica

A home is a place where you and your family can feel most like yourself, and it is also a place for communication that creates family bonds and memories. "Re:sumica" is a web magazine that conveys various ideas for making our home a more comfortable and enjoyable "family power spot", examples of interior coordination and renovation, and new information related to living at home. ..

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Portrait of Manet by Nadar (around 1867-1870)

Edouard Manet(Edouard Manet, 1832May 1 - 1883May 4) Is19st century OfFrance Of画家.. He portrayed the modernized scenes and figures of Paris without being bound by the conventions of traditional painting, and became a leader in the innovation of painting. Especially the masterpiece released in the 1860s "Lunch on the grass"When"Olympia』Has caused a scandal in the painting world.印象派Since he also influenced the painters of the Impressionists, he is positioned as a leader or pioneer of the Impressionists.

Born into a wealthy bourgeoisie family in Paris. My father wanted Manet to become a lawyer, but from junior high school he became interested in painting, partly due to his uncle's influence. After failing the naval academy entrance exam twice, his father gave up and allowed him to become an artist. ......

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