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👩‍🎓 | KOKUYO "Praise" from the IoT data of "Shukudai Motivation Pen" is effective for making home study habits ...


From the IoT data of KOKUYO's "Shukudai Motivation Pen", "praising" is effective in making home learning a habit ...

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According to the survey results, among children who could only continue home study with "Shukudai Motivation Pen" for one week, about 1% of parents had a habit of wearing flower circles, but it continued for 24 weeks. In the case of children, 15% of parents have a habit of wearing flower circles, so it is thought that wearing flower circles raises children's motivation and leads to learning habits.

KOKUYO is a parent-child communication based on IoT data acquired with the IoT stationery "Shukudai Motivation Pen" ... → Continue reading


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